LeSean McCoy renews hostilities with Osi Umenyiora

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A lot of time has passed since Eagles running back LeSean McCoy and Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora started feuding with one another during the lockout in 2011, but time has not healed any wounds in this particular case.

The public animosity began when LeSean McCoy tweeted that Umenyiora was soft, overrated and just the third-best defensive lineman on the Giants. Umenyiora responded by calling McCoy “she” and “Lady Gaga” before moving on to “Twitter gangster.” Things died down for a while, before Umenyiora reopened things by wishing McCoy a “Happy Mother’s Day” in May of this year.

In an interview with ESPN, via Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News, McCoy said that he wanted to respond to Umenyiora at the time but refrained because he was working on his contract extension and coach Andy Reid asked him not to say anything back to Umenyiora. McCoy got that deal done and now he’s decided to get things going again ahead of this week’s game against the Giants.

“Now that that’s over I can let you know how I really feel,” McCoy said. “Osi, to be honest, he is a good player. I think he thinks he’s better than what he really is. I think he’s a ballerina in a Giants uniform, but other than that that’s all I got to say about Osi.”

McCoy also had some words for anyone who thinks that this is just a little game between two players who really don’t have any hard feelings toward one another.

“I don’t know how he feels. He might think it’s a game, but I don’t play them type of games,” McCoy said. “So every time on the field I would say stuff to him like ‘You is a bum … You are the third best defensive lineman on the defense.’ Which I didn’t lie. Wait, I did lie. He’s the fourth now, so I actually did lie.”

Umenyiora responded without much bombast, but it doesn’t take much reading between the lines to see the dig at McCoy and the Eagles.

“I might be a ballerina in a Giants uniform,” Umenyiora said. “I’m lucky I got the contract. I’m lucky to be playing 10 years in the league, to have won two Super Bowls. All that is pure luck and I’m happy for him, I’m happy he got his contract and I’m happy everything is working out well for him in Philadelphia.”

McCoy’s got five more days to throw some more fuel on the fire before he and Umenyiora take the field on Sunday night.

46 responses to “LeSean McCoy renews hostilities with Osi Umenyiora

  1. These two girls are funny.

    They should pair them up on dancing with the stars, they both crave attention.

  2. We will see who is Top Dog Sunday night. The Giants are for real and the Eagles are in shambles.

    Time to munch on these sour cheese steaks, Vick on the menu, Yummy!!!

    All In…

  3. The way the egals O line is playing no one on that team should say anything to piss off the Giants D.

    And Osi is right two rings to none need he say more.

    Vick has been getting a beat like a under performing pitbull what do think is going happen when the Giants front 4 come to town.

    I wonder what the over under is on Vick making it to half time ?

  4. iced107 says:
    Sep 25, 2012 4:06 PM
    “I find this pretty entertaining”

    Me, too. It adds spice to a game where coaches are usually afraid to say anything critical of other teams or players for fear of it ending up on another team’s bulletin board and where players shake hands and hug players on the opposing team after games. I’m not saying that players shouldn’t do this, but it’s good to know that it isn’t ALL business, that sometimes these guys really DON’T like each other.

  5. Since this BS started, Osi has added another Superbowl ring to his collection.

    Shady has added an 8-8 season last year, and his team looks terrible this year.

    Case closed. McCoy, you sound like a moron. Osi is WAY, WAY more accomplished than your entire franchise – so stick to pass protecting your terrible QB and keep it moving.

  6. When Osi Umenyiora twitted McCoy a “Happy Mothers Day” it was game over and he won! That is some funny stuff.

    But of course the most important game is on the field. If McCoy wants to get him back he just needs to shut up and play.

  7. Andy Reid and Tom Coughlin are getting tired of this back-and-forth. Each coach is trying to hire replacement tweeters to represent their guys, to free them up for more Jacuzzi time and film study before the game. (Because replacements tend to work out so well).

  8. Well Mccoy can talk all he wants it’s not like Reid is going to give him the ball anyways.

    Seeing as the Eagles are 7-1 in their last eight games against the Giants Shady is probably feeling confident.

  9. @nohopeleft – Lighten up there chief. Nothing wrong with a little trash talking. Makes the game more entertaining.

    @logicalthinkersays – You are the perfect example people can’t stand Redskin fans. Your team is 1-2 and your defense is horrible.

    Say what you want but McCoy has backed up his talk against NY. Love innocent trash talking like this as it makes the buildup to the game so much more interesting.

  10. Seems like McCoy thinks about Osi way too much. I have a feeling the first thing he asked the fat walrus after his contract was signed was if he could tweet Osi back. He won a super bowl and called you a woman and you responded with broken English. Where’s ocho when you need a good child please?

  11. dennisund says: Sep 25, 2012 4:19 PM

    Since it’s an individual battle, McCoy is far better at his job.


    FALSE. He had one good season, and hasn’t won a single playoff game in his career.

    Mark Sanchez has done better than Shady McCoy.

  12. Whatever. I understand the frustration from every other fanbase that they don’t have RGIII. Don’t lash out on me for that. We have the best offense in football and we’ll bounce back when our defense stops messing around.

  13. @logicalthinkersays, seriously dude your being run by Shanahan and Shanahan the kid will be so confused by the end of the season he won’t even know what sport he’s playing he is already digressing from what he learned at Baylor.

  14. n0hopeleft says:

    FALSE. He had one good season, and hasn’t won a single playoff game in his career.

    Mark Sanchez has done better than Shady McCoy.
    One good season? You don’t know what you are talking about. He had a great rookie season backing up Westbrook with over 900 yards as a backup. Also Check out his 2010 stats when he had over 1,500 yards averaging over 5 yards a carry which was just his second year. We all know what he did in his 3rd year with 20 TDs. This kid is only 24 years old and is an absolute stud and if Reid ever gave him the ball enough he would dominate stat wise. Nobody says you have to like him as a Gaint Fan, but don’t late your hatred blind you to the fact that he is a stud RB and one of the top 3 in the game.

    Sanchez has done better then Shady? Dude get real….

  15. Relax people. These are just jokes and banter. I’m an Eagles fan, but thought it was hilarious when Osi said, “Happy Mother’s Day.” I like that players on opposing teams don’t act like best friends.

  16. Cowboys Fan here, my hatred for these teams goes without saying , in regards to shady , I personally believe he’s one of The best elusive backs in the league right now , but for whatever reason in our and the rest of the NFC Easts favor they don’t use him enough at all.

    Either way can’t beat the fun trash talking , between NFC East rivalry Bouts, always brutal and unpredictable outcomes

  17. n0hopeleft says:
    Sep 25, 2012 4:48 PM
    FALSE. He had one good season, and hasn’t won a single playoff game in his career.

    Mark Sanchez has done better than Shady McCoy.
    Actually McCoy had 2 good seasons in his 3 year career and barely got the ball his rookie season.

  18. I love it! Totally entertaining and amusing! The Mother day tweet? hilarious! Ballerina in a giants uni, I literally laughed out loud! This stuff makes the games more interesting and proves how much these guys actually care about the game, they’re not just collecting paychecks. I love this rivalry!

  19. Shady talks about osi’s personal game, but osi can’t comeback with anything besides his team’s accomplishments(largely without him). Osi is a bum. Shady is a top 5 running back

  20. Let’s be real, McCoy is the most underused beast in the NFL. Andy Reid won’t give him the ball anyway. As it is the iggles do seem to have my giants #. however I’ll take 2 Super Bowls rings over the regular season wins any day…

  21. phillyson says: Sep 25, 2012 9:28 PM

    Shady talks about osi’s personal game, but osi can’t comeback with anything besides his team’s accomplishments(largely without him). Osi is a bum. Shady is a top 5 running back

    You dolt. He was integral in both Super Bowl runs. Countless sacks at critical junctures. HE FINISHED McCoy with that. And a smile and snarky tone at that.

  22. How are Eagles fans even talking about any New York Giant right now?

    We win when it matters, you dont.

    Osi has two rings, your entire franchise has ZERO, over 50+ years of failing.

    Nothing else matters.

  23. @nohopeleft,

    They are talking because they are playing each other in 4 days. They are also talking because they he beat the Giants 7 out of 8. So they will continue to talk and you will continue to get annoyed. Get over it dude.

    “We” win when it matters? Hey, what jersey number do you wear??

  24. We win when it matters mean The Giants and their supporters WIN but Beagle fans wouldnt kno anything abt that since the Beagles get to 4 straight NFC Champioship games and lose. Since they make Tom Brady look like Joe Montana in the SB. Listen I’ll take another 7-8 losses to the Beagles if that Propels Osi and the Gmen to 2 more SB’s. LOL be happy with your lil highlights Beagles fans, even if the Gmen dnt make the playoffs I kno the Beagles will fold in the Postseason. The Beagles can never go 4-0 in Jan-Feb. LMAO!!!!! It will be a Win for the Gmen regardless if Mike Vick doesnt make it past halftime!!!!!! Bring on Nick Foles, Beagles!!!!!!

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