Mike McCarthy: “I’ve never seen anything like that in all my years”


After his team suffered a stunning loss on a Hail Mary on the last play of the game — a Hail Mary that it appeared his team intercepted — Packers coach Mike McCarthy tried to walk the fine line between ripping the replacement officials and avoiding making excuses for a hard-fought loss.

But McCarthy said that his players told him that Packers defensive back M.D. Jennings had intercepted the pass in the end zone, and that the officials were wrong to rule it a game-winning touchdown catch for Seahawks receiver Golden Tate. McCarthy seemed stunned by the officiating, which was questionable from the start of the game to the very end, when the officials first left the field, then ordered the teams back for the meaningless extra point in the Seahawks’ 14-12 victory.

“I was told M.D. Jennings had the ball,” McCarthy said. “I’ve never seen anything like that in all my years in football.”

McCarthy said the game — in which a total of 24 penalties were marched off — was unlike anything he had ever experienced.

“Very unusual,” McCarhty said. “Most unusual football game that I think I’ve been a part of. I know it’s been a wild weekend in the NFL and I guess we’re part of it now.”

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was, of course, in a much better mood after the game. Carroll praised Tate for reaching in and grabbing the ball in the end zone, even though it appeared that Jennings had a firmer grasp on the ball.

“It was a simultaneous catch, that’s how they called it,” Carroll said. “Good call.”

Carroll smiled as he described his emotions.

“What a Monday Night Football game,” Carroll said. “Tremendous night.”

A tremendous night for the Seahawks. But not for the Packers. And not for the officials.

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  1. If you saw the end of the Monday night game you would know that you have to get this situation resolved, Packers clearly got robed. That was not a Touchdown! Seattle does not deserve that win. Let me ask you a question what if that was a championship game? the winner would not deserve the trophy. Owners if your team lost because of a BS Call would you pay the refs? Pay them after the fact, after losing the ring or the championship. How embarrassing lose a championship over a bad call ridiculous this lock out must be fixed ASAP. Clearly a bad call.

  2. As a head coach, how can you take a win on a game winning play, when its clearly the wrong call?

    The NFL is a joke. I thought last night was the tipping point, and after this mess, just pay the refs already.

    I’m done with the NFL until it happens.

  3. bantry1234 says:
    Sep 25, 2012 12:15 AM
    Fat and drunk is no way to go through life.

    Speaking from experience…?

  4. Remember how bad everyone thought the officiating was in the Steelers/Seahawks Super Bowl?

    That was officiated 100 times better than this game was.

  5. All this offseason the mantra was Saints get the asterisk.

    Who would’ve thought the reality is

    2012-2013 NFL Season*

  6. Well, it finally happened. Was defending the replacement refs, but my god. They changed the outcome of a game in black and white.
    They will not be on the field next weekend.

  7. I’m a Seahawk fan so I have an bias but did any of you watch the Chancellor pass interference on 3rd down they called on Finley. That call let to the TD for the Packers to take the lead. Maybe that could have been called a pick but when I watched it live I thought Tate and the DB both had the ball going to the ground. Seahawk D is legit. Bruce and Clem tore Rogers up

  8. last time i checked if both players have hands on the ball @ the same time the possession goes to the offensive player. check the jets vs cowboys game from last year with miles austin & cro. the “almighty” regular refs called the exact same thing….just saying

  9. Mike McCarthy: “I’ve never seen anything like that in all my years”
    Must be talking about the “Go Lite” part of the Applebee’s menu.

  10. Peter Carroll needs to show some respect to the real game of football and be humble in this “win”. Jumping around, laughing, being overly happy at his press conference. That shows a lack of character and respect for the game to me.

  11. Pete Carrol is a fraud and a coward. It’s amazing he can give his take with a straight face. He sure got outta USC at just the right time with no idea of the sanctions that were about to be handed down. He’s the Coach Calipari if the football world, AKA he’s a scumbag.

  12. But Goodell is concerned with protecting the integrity of the game. Right, Roger?

    This season is becoming a farce.

    Goodell has totally nuked a contending franchise for what was not an uncommon practice.

    And now he is nuking the entire game with these replacement refs.

  13. What a joke the scab referees are. This is very sad and destroying the integrity of the NFL.

  14. Can’t say I agree with the call, but the right call was made in this situation. Maybe there was offensive pass interference (it looked like Tate pushed off), but no ref is gonna call that in a jump ball situation.

    When both players possess the ball, aka a “simultaneous possesion” aka the receiver and defensive back had possession. In that case, the “tie” goes to the offense/wide receiver. Hence, it is a TD.

    That’s the rule.

  15. Congrats NFL, you got exactly what you wanted and anticipated. The perfect storm. The face that cannot be saved. And this is coming from a Ravens fan who saw his team win last night, despite bad calls on both sides. Enjoy the next few weeks of PR hell. Karma can sting.

    Bring the refs back now if you want to keep this an entertainment business and not a sloppy, trashy, taped together mess of game after game after game…it’s gotten to the point where we talk four times as much about this crap than we do the actual games, which still somehow shined through this darkness of clueless action.


  16. It’s time fir all fans to boycott the next game – leave every stadium empty – and let the money hungry owners eat the cost of no revenue – it’s time to act now

  17. The referees were negligent. But Pete Carroll jumping around like an imbecile about the win is disrespectful and not the behavior a head coach should embrace. Despicable day in sports.

  18. Funniest part is that the packers suffered the indignity of having to assemble for the extra point. Gooddell basically rubbed their faces in it. I’m glad it wasn’t the Giants. I’m trying to feel bad, but it’s hard.

  19. Can’t stand either team but the packers got jobbed to no end on the final drive. League needs to do the right thing and overturn this game. The side judge that ruled TD couldn’t even see the play and Jennings’ body was in between tate and the ball. How the hell they gave Tate possession is beyond me

  20. Unbelievable…. The wrong team won this game, it’s a shame that these officials determine the outcome of these games…

    Question is when will the madness end?

    You have to wonder what these teams records would be with the good refs in…. Goodell your ruining the integrity of the game do something about it


  22. The ref made the wrong call no doubt, but you have to place some blame on Jennings for not doing the correct play and knocking the ball down instead of foolishly trying to intercept it.

    Why even give the receiver a chance, you should know better. That also falls onto the Packers coaching staff.

  23. I am a Viking fan and I actually feel for the Pack. That was a terrible call!
    This may be the call that brings the two sides together. This cannot go on. Wow, I am still shocked! Packer fans should be ticked. The obvious understatement of the night.

  24. How about all the teams just have a lottery during pregame and if they draw your seat number, you get to officiate the game. And, if it’s your birthday you automatically get to be the head ref.

    Hey, couldn’t really be any worse than what we are using right now, right?

  25. I would not have sent my players out for the extra point attempt if I were Green Bay. What is the worst that could happen to them? They lose the game?

  26. LOL…all that needs to be said.

    The last call is the only one that should be be disputed.
    All the other horrible calls were pretty even, no matter if Pack fans and others are going to do a laundry list because of that last one.

    Full credit to Seattle defense. 9 sacks of Rodgers, and on the field for 25+ minutes in the second half, and only 1 TD (after a dubious 1st down call itself) at the Seattle goal line.

  27. Boycotting NFL. You guys are serious losers. As ‘consumers’ we need to do something about this – that is how the NFL makes its money. Just like a company on the stock exchange, the only way to change something like this is to actually do something about it.

    I will, and I know many will (GB and others) boycott the NFL until something can be deemed truth. This wasn’t “controversial” heck, it wasn’t even a question, it was and it was NOT. That’s all there is to the story.

    I’m the guy that can enjoy controversial calls to end a game – “a push in the back (wink, wink), a missed holding” – fine, but when you have time to REVIEW the play in slow motion, that’s a courtesy no REAL working man/woman gets in their job, AND you still F*#$ it up??!

    Like I said, accountability is in every aspect of life, let’s make sure the NFL is held accountable for something as absurd as this.

    Oh yeah, then there’s Jim Harbaugh…

  28. STOP watching and it will resolve this. In the meantime . . . does this season even count? I haven’t watched games for two weeks but did watch tonight. This is insane. This isn’t a football product. This is a really bad reality show.

    I just no longer care about this season or my team and I’ve watched for 50 years. What a joke.

  29. Always thought American Football was stupid. The refereeing of this game was the icing on the cake. Feel sorry for GB. They were completely ripped off.

  30. Let’s be clear though that this last play wasn’t a major problem with the officials. It wasn’t an easy call and the guy signaling a TD can’t be expected to be perfect on every play and see ever call.

    The real problem here is that the rules don’t allow video replay and common sense thinking to make things right. Not only was the catch poorly established, but considering he had to completely clear a guy out with a huge push just to get that chance should be part of the consideration to somebody who is reviewing the play in the booth.

    Finding justice needs to have the proper mechanisms and rules to avoid these types of travesties, and it’s NEVER going to be perfect as long as humans keep being forced to guess with no logical way to resolve any mistakes.

  31. Also, if the call is so blatantly wrong then whey didnt the booth official fix it? The people in the booth aren’t replacement officials.

  32. UNACCEPTABLE…… I’m a Bears fan, and even I’m completely sickened by that game ending call. It’s nothing short of a travesty! The refereeing in the NFL is as upsetting as the last 4 years under “King Obama”!!

  33. Not just the Packers that were robbed, but the 49ers, Cards, and Rams get screwed by this Seattle gift too.

  34. Sorry, but with all the years of calls going the Packers way, it’s pretty difficult for me to have any sort of pity here. Are things like this bad for the good of the game? Yes. Do the Packers, who normally get favorable calls (many phantom) overall, deserve a the retribution here? Absolutely, now you know how it feels.

  35. Shame on the NFL for letting this happen! NFL is a billion dollar a year business and they don’t want to pay out $10 mil for referees that can call a fair game. Makes me not want to watch this great game!

  36. Refs didn’t hold Green Bay to 14 points.

    Make excuses all they want.

    Its a witch hunt against the replacement refs. Now, the ‘locked out’ refs will continue to demand more. I cant wait for the ‘real’ refs to return and work under the same scrutiny as the current ones.

    Half the players are taking advantage of the replacement refs, and the other half is bitching and moaning because they aren’t.

    People acting like this is completely different than the past refs.

    I’m in the side that want the regular refs back – but they better be spot on.

  37. Pisses off Packers team, coming off a loss = Saints 0-4.


    At this point, the Saints would do better to get the best draft pick they can. No coaches. But they will be back next yr.
    Who cares anyway, this year has been a disgrace for the NFL.
    Whoever wins will not be legitimate.

  38. it is sweet to see the packers get one called against them i will be LOL for a very long time jab jab haha

  39. hardh3ad says:
    Sep 25, 2012 12:19 AM
    last time i checked if both players have hands on the ball @ the same time the possession goes to the offensive player. check the jets vs cowboys game from last year with miles austin & cro. the “almighty” regular refs called the exact same thing….just saying

    Well moron… if both players would have had thier hands on the ball, your dip ship comment would be valid!!

  40. Ok its taken three weeks of this crap to prove the point .ringBbg back the real refs now i cant take this anymore! Cant eveb tpye so angry!!! Waste of my time watching!!! Might as well fight with my wife right now to get the same enjoyment of watching this frustrating “thing” we call the NFL! I want Roger to resign now! WtF!!!

  41. Given the sheer amount of bs calls that routinely go in their favor, I’m not going to cry for the Packers.

  42. Was McCarthy talking about the end of the game or the first half?

    You played with fire and you got burned, Green Goblin

  43. Godell is an ass for letting this go on til week 3! NFL owners have more money than FORT KNOX and won’t pay the professionals that REGULATE their product. GREED!

  44. So every score is automatically reviewed, right? Are the review officials replacements, too? Seems to me it’s on them.

  45. You people are blind.. Stop listening to ESPN! They both had possession of the ball at the same time! Just because one guy had one hand and the other had two hands doesn’t mean they both didnt have possession. Its a TD and I am a packer fan. but wait here it comes I must be a bandwagon Favre loving packer fan because I see it clearly. Thumbs down all you want. It’s a Touchdown! Plain and simple. When you give up 8 sacks in a half. When your offense looks scared, you deserve to lose anyways. The D did their job for the most part. This is on Rodgers and the offensive line. stop trying to be the Anti Favre and throw the damn ball! Pathetic Performance. I can hear other packer fans angrily clicking thumbs down as we speak lol

  46. It seems fitting that a game officiated as poorly as this one should end with an incomprehensible call. It wasn’t even close to being simultaneous possession. As a Seahawk fan, I must point out that this one doesn’t feel very goo.

    At the same time it is ridiculous for the Carroll haters to spew at him. Do you expect him to admit it was a bad call and refuse to take the win? This cannot continue another week or fans will rightfully tune out.

  47. Even if the Pack would have won tonight they still don’t look like the same dominating offensive team of past seasons. There are problems in cheese town.

  48. Most NFL fans can point to a game where their team was wronged by officals–full-time officials no less. But it’s only a problem now that it’s happened to the friggin’ Green Bay team. Face it Packer backers, you’ve had it good for decades. Now that it doesn’t go your way one time, shut up and be classy about it. Every other pro football fan can’t hear your gripes because they fall on deaf ears.


  50. Guaranteed something gets done now. The NFL’s beloved Packers have been wronged. The ref thing will be solved by the end of the week and the Packers will go back to getting every call.

  51. Me neither. I’ve never seen more atrocious O line play than that of your squad tonight, Mike. What did they give up–30 sacks?! Look in the mirror bro. Your team got whupped long before that fiasco in the endzone.

  52. Actually, I think I take back what I said about Green Bay not going out for the PAT. I would have sent my guys out, and told them to jump offsides. About 50 times. Made the PAT take an hour or two.

  53. The call was bad enough, but I can’t believe the reaction of the hawks. No one should want to win like that yet Pete was jumping around like they just won the superbowl. Kind of a jerk move.

  54. Not sure DaBears can beat the Pack this year, but I sure don’t want it to be like this. I feel for you, Pack fans (wow, it took replacement refs to get me to say that).

  55. If Carroll was smart, the moment he knew the game was over he could have changed his tone. But no, the fraud started 10 years ago continues with him.

  56. And somewhere the regular refs are collectively smiling with dollar signs as pupils (like the cartoons).

  57. I do not like the Packers but that was the biggest BULLSH!T call that I’ve ever seen.
    My heart goes out to the Pack Nation.
    Mike McCarthy has huge stones for coming out after refs spat on his face and Pete Carroll running to locker room instead of shaking his hand was proof enough that he KNOWS his team lost and couldn’t look the other coach in the face. Classless.

  58. Man if people thought this game was bad, you should have seen the officiating of the Vikings/49ers. Luckily the outcome didn’t change in that game, but it was worse than this!

  59. I thought there was NFL official at each game to avoid what happened tonight. These guys don’t know the rules as much as legit NFL fan. How do they screw up after seeing replays. It’s unfathomable. Seahawks deserve to lose a lot of games for saying it was a joint catch. Carroll is still a dirt bag and will always be a dirt bag.

  60. Awful.

    BTW, official who blew the TD call was the same who made that atrocious PI call on the previous series.

  61. If you don’t know, I am a die hard Viking fan and I was rooting for the Seahawks all the way. But that was wrong. Granted, there were bad calls on both sides, and arguments can be made that this would have been different or that would have been different, and if you ask me, if the Packers were as good as they were supposed to be, they should not have been in that situation, but still…… That game should not have ended like that.

    This is not the first time that a game has ended on a bad call or a false call. Regular refs have been making bad calls ever since the inception of the league. the fact that these were replacement refs…..I won’t say that it for sure wouldn’t have been screwed up anyway. All I will say is that this goes way up there in the worst, bad call/no call finishes to an NFL game of all time.

    Heads up, Packers. Take this blow and move along. I really don’t want to see the Packers fold up because of this.

  62. And to think, the refs weren’t doing that bad of a job officiating the game till the last play. This had to happen, I needed at least 19 fantasy points from that bum Rodgers. Classic MNF

  63. Before everyone jumps on the Hawks please remember they were on the wrong end of the worst officiating fiasco in the history of pro sports (SuperBowl XL)

  64. After the Monday Night game the regular NFL referee’s just pulled their current offer off the table. They now want their own Franchise. It’ll be called the Los Angeles Spectacles and all profits will go to fund the most powerful union in the country.

  65. I admit to liking the Pack a bit, but I am beside myself in fear of what these replacement refs may do to my team. To anyone reading this, what about your team? They have now cost a game, and I am gonna use that term “integrity of the game”. I would be honestly happy for Seattle had they won legit – it’d be a GREAT win for them. This is bull and I am wondering what we can do as fans? This is getting bad, bad, bad. Fix it, NFL! NOW!

  66. HAHAHA. Hey Packer fans, remember how “funny” it was when the Vikes got jobbed in the NFCCG against the Saints?

    Well, you got robbed, and I think it’s delicious.

    At least it was a regular season game, and not a berth to the super bowl.

    Yeah, you were robbed, get over it.

  67. I know everyone is pissed. Hell I am and it isn’t my team but this situation is much more the refs greed vs the owners greed than Goodell. They still need to give him a green light on any deal. THEY are paying for it he is not. In fact they pay him too lol

  68. In all his years? I saw something like that 2 weeks ago in McCarthy’s own stadium where the Packers had an obvious illegal block to the back, yet there was no call and the Packers got 7 points from this, JUST like how the Seahawks got 7 points.

  69. unbelievable. the lack of intelligence, objectivity and ability to analyze an obviously poor play call by 99% of the losers posting on this site is frightening.

    can the fall of western civilization be far behind?

  70. Shouldn’t really have mattered whether the receiver (lets call him 81 blue) or the CB (43 white) caught the ball since it was pretty much the most obvious offensive PI on 81 blue that you’ll ever see on a hail mary play.

  71. I doint think this was even the worst call in the game where calls went against both defenses. The refs robbing the Packs of the first INT with that ridiculous roughing the passer call was the worst. Remember Ben scramblingt and getting his ankle broken on Thursday Night Football last year. This was a similar situation and it is not a penalty to try to tackle a QB low when he is scrambling.

  72. Agree the replacement refs are out of their depth…..that said, let’s remember that they didn’t cause the situation. They stepped up and are filling in while the real guys are on their couches. Some games have been tough to watch with the replacements. The alternative is watching no games, with no refs. Most people seem to have lost sight of this…at least during the game the announcers did mention once that the refs were doing their best. Be nice if Peter King and others who devote entire columns to how bad these guys are at least acknowledge that it’s not their fault.

    League and real refs need to work this out…..as I understand, the difference is $3-4 mil. I know that is peanuts to the league, and the easiest thing to do is just pay up to the refs. And yes, to some extent, the refs are upset about cutbacks to their benefits.

    What I just wonder (apperently I’m the only one) is what precedent it sets for the NFL to just cave….are part-timers supposed to be paid more than many full-time employees? In what industry does that happen?! And what happens in 5-8 years if the refs decide they’re underpaid again, and strike?

  73. Oh c’mon the superbowl a near decade ago has NOTHING to do with this game. It isn’t proper justice what is wrong with you Hawks fans? I would be ashamed to accept this win

  74. Welcome to the New NFL Folks. Everybody will blame the refs but the regular refs dont do much better. I’ve seen the steelers get jobbed by the regular refs that have cost them games. After all the babbling, it will be move on to the next week and be forgotten.

  75. I didn’t think the reversal on Rodgers getting the first down that lead to the Packers TD was clear cut either. No measurement after the replay at the one yard line. So, both teams were given a TD. Sounds like a fair result to me. The Packers deserved to lose for being so arrogant in the first half to keep trying to pass, for thinking every call should go their way, for mugging every receiver they’ve ever met, and for going for an interception on a Hail Mary!!!!!! Suck it Packer fans! And you still have to wake up and live in Green Bay in the morning! Enjoy your work day!!!

  76. Tate had far more possession than the broadcast crew was giving him credit for. Having said that, I would be upset if I were a Packer or their fans.

    But considering the holding that was going on with the Pack o-line the entire second half, coincidentally when the Packers were finally able to move the ball, and the bogus PI that kept the Packers touchdown drive alive, I’d say calls sometimes have a way of evening out.

  77. packfaninvikeland says: Sep 25, 2012 12:29 AM

    You people are blind.. Stop listening to ESPN! They both had possession of the ball at the same time! Just because one guy had one hand and the other had two hands doesn’t mean they both didnt have possession. Its a TD and I am a packer fan.


    Dude. You’ll never convince anyone because we saw what happened. Jennings clearly had the ball in both hands against his chest while on the ground. The rule for POSSESSION is GRASP AND CONTROL OF THE FOOTBALL. Tate at no time came even close to grasp and control. It’s a freaking joke.

  78. I’m a lifelong Bears fan, so there’s no team I’d rather see get screwed over than the Packers, but this call was complete garbage. The Seahawks D played great all day, and all this game will be remembered for is the last call.

    Time for the lockout to end, Roger.

  79. BOYCOTT THE NFL, no one watch a game until they bring back the real reffs. This will make a statement to the league that the game is played for us, not the owners greed!! I for one refuse to watch a NFL game until the ref lockout is ended. BOYCOTT This is not football this is fraud!!

  80. Some of you guys’ reactions to the ref lockout are priceless. You act like no one ever had any problem with refs until now. No matter who is donning the stripes people are going to complain about them and think they cost their team the win. The refs are always out to get whichever team and people are always in disbelief as to how obvious calls were missed.

    You know something I’ve never heard from fans regarding the regular refs…

    ‘Wow, I have to hand it to those guys. They really called a perfect, fair game. No missed calls at all. Looking back its clear my team just blew it. It’s all their fault. They just blew it.’

  81. The quality of officiating on the last play of the game was completely consistent with the quality of officiating throughout the entire game, garbage. Penalties were called that shouldn’t have been and not called when they were desperately needed, on both sides of the ball.

    I’m a Seahawks fan, I hate what I just saw. Not in just the last play, but the entire game. Pete running around like a kid on Christmas, McCarthy pulling his team off the field, phantom PI calls, non calls on blatant holds and personal fouls… the whole game was a joke and the replacement ref’s are solely to blame.

    I want the NFL back, not the s**t-show that I just saw.

  82. There are only 32 flavors of this brand in the entire world.

    I’m truly shocked that the owners have not demanded that Rodg get this fixed before irreparable damage is done.

  83. Since I am neither a Packer nor a Seahawks fan, I don’t “have a dog in this hunt” but I think that was one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen. The defensive player CLEARLY had control of the ball against his chest when he landed on the ground and the receiver just had one arm reaching over to the ball. I understand that a “tie” goes to the offense but they were NOT both hanging on to the ball equally. Terrible, terrible call….and to have the outcome of a game resulting from that call is unacceptable.

  84. “Part time officials” is the biggest misnomer. First of all, it’s not like they work 3 hours a week any more than the players only work 3 hours a week. And, as is pretty clear now, the officials aren’t paid for the number of hours they work, they are paid for their knowledge and skill level.

  85. As a Seahawks fan, first let me apologize to Packer fans, welcome to “2005 Super Bowl refs screwed us club”. Second, this game was called horribly from the start. Non holding calls, two roughing the passer calls(one against both teams) and, that 3rd down PI call against Chancellor that lead to the Green Bay go ahead TD were all ridiculous. This game should have been decided by hard play and effort, not yellow flags and incompetence. Lost in all this was the outstanding play of the Seattle defense, they are for real, and the ability of Rodgers to lead his team back in the face of constant pressure. Well played game by the teams, ruined by zebras. Sorry Pack fans, we’ll take the win but, shouldn’t be like this.

  86. I guess all of the Packer haters conveniently forget the ’98 non fumble call against the Niners and the non face mask call in ’09 against the Cardinals —both in the playoffs—that ended the Packers season. The Packers have never won a playoff game or championship because of the refs. Enough with the jealousy cretins.

  87. By the way, the regular refs are a joke too. Hopefully, some good will come out of this and the regular refs will agree to let their bad refs get benched because the regular refs are resisting that. Their whole argument of being superior toi replacement refs goes to waste if they are refusing to let the NFL bench bad regular refs.

  88. Oh by all means give in to negotiations, that will help you in the long run. There are plenty more part time employees of the NFL looking on & next ref contract will be a treat too.
    How about everyone tell the refs that they get paid better than most everyone watching for the work they do & get up off your greedy ass & get back to work?

  89. 3 weeks into the season and its become…?
    I can’t find the word(s).
    My team has a bye next week so have fun watching your teams game getting screwed up by officiating my fellow sports fans.

  90. As you know, my predecessor left the NFL in pretty bad shape and I’m gonna need more time to fix it. – Barack Goodell

  91. Goodell and the NFL owners have lost their collective monkeys in attempting to “protect the shield” and rule with an iron fist.
    Memo to the NFL: You “HAD” the best thing going in the whole world and are totally flushing it down the toilet. Think of the gamblers who had Packers -3 tonight. Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, the allure of the NFL is the shadow economies it stimulates and you are losing ALL credibility.

  92. garza0080 says:Sep 25, 2012 12:15 AM

    If you saw the end of the Monday night game you would know that you have to get this situation resolved, Packers clearly got robed. That was not a Touchdown! Seattle does not deserve that win. Let me ask you a question what if that was a championship game? the winner would not deserve the trophy. Owners if your team lost because of a BS Call would you pay the refs? Pay them after the fact, after losing the ring or the championship. How embarrassing lose a championship over a bad call ridiculous this lock out must be fixed ASAP. Clearly a bad call.


    I know what you mean! Kind of like when the Vikings & Packers played two years ago and the regular refs incorrectly took away a Vikings’ TD that would have given them the win. A call that if made correctly would have kept the Packers out of the playoffs and thus preventing them from winning the Super Bowl.

    That’s a great example of what you’re talking about. I mean, other than the fact that it benefitted the Packers and it was done with the regular refs…

  93. Gotta love the interviews with the Seahawks. Acting like they actually made a great play to win the game.
    Asked Tate, who “caught” the touchdown if he pushed off…he said, “I don’t know what your talking about.” Nice.
    Rodgers said he was given a kicking ball on the two point attempt. Real nice.
    These refs suck!

  94. Oh so you think that was a bad call huh?

    If you dont want to be put in that position again you can do 1 of 2 things – (1) next time, swat the ball instead of trying to be a hero or (2) score a heck of a lot more points during regulation. Its no different than when a kicker loses a game for you, the guy shouldnt have been put in that position to begin with!

  95. I’m convinced that the referee who called touchdown made the mistake of thinking Green Bay was on OFFENSE and so he thought he was giving Green Bay a touchdown?

    I mean Jennings is sitting there with the ball, sorta.

  96. “Dear NFL fans: Pardon our lack of sympathy for bad officiating. None of us have forgotten Superbowl 40. Sincerely, Seahawks Nation.”

    Oh please, stop the whining bigbaldpapahawk. THe worst ref call wasn’t even in the SB that year. It’;s been 7 years. Steelers got jobbed of a call that is worse than any of your marginal calls in the SB. Remember the iNdy game where Polamalu got robbed of an INT and Steeler still beat Indy. YOU LOST BY 11 POINTS IN THAT GAME. ELEVEN. And the last bad call came with a quarter to spare where you had enough time to mount a comeback. Your offense did very little in the second half of that SB. GB lost by 2 points and didnt get a chance to overcome the ref error. Sure, Seattle D got some calls against them too but Seattle had a chance to overcome them at the end. The first interc4eption reversal offset the prior bad calls. The second INT being ruled a TD was too much good luck in a game decided by 2 points.

  97. The booth official didn’t overturn it because possession CANNOT BE OVERTURNED. They were simply confirming the ball never hit the ground or if tate never even got a hand on it. The mistake was the side judge overruling the official standing right there

  98. you think this Godell’s fault. The owners tell Godell what to do. He works for them and they have decided to not offer more $ to get this right. There is one thing more important than “integrity of the Game” from the owners’ perspective: “How much is my share?”

  99. Seahawks Nation? First you steal “12th Man” from Texas A&M, now you’re gonna steal the Raider Nation thing? Get your own nicknames.

  100. Dreadful from start to finish. Phantom calls, non-calls, missed calls, dumb calls… Clearly the NFL thinks we’ll buy anything. I ignored them for 5 years after they used replacement players – I’m certainly not watching anymore until there are professional refs to call the games and maybe longer. I hate being played for a sucker and that’s what the nfl is doing.

  101. cball77 says:Sep 25, 2012 12:36 AM

    Before everyone jumps on the Hawks please remember they were on the wrong end of the worst officiating fiasco in the history of pro sports (SuperBowl XL)


    Please. Seahawks moaning about that game was so overdone.

    You want to talk all-time screw jobs:
    – Tuck Rule
    – Immaculate Reception
    – Rob Lytle fumble in the 77/78 AFC Championship game

    It’s not a stretch to say the Raiders could have three more Super Bowl wins if not for horrendous officiating.

    And a million awful calls every week of every year since I’ve been a Raiders fan. There is no team in any sport who has had to deal with 1/10th of the officiating B.S. the Raiders have had to deal with over the years. So, frankly, I’m offended by that comment.

  102. Cheaters do win. Golden Tate doesn’t know what Lisa Salters was talking about when asked if he pushed off. Way to man up with your Notre Dame education, glad they taught you hiw to cheat AND get away with it.

  103. Watching the end of that NFL game truly felt like watching a Wrestlemania event where everyone on earth knows exactly what happened, but the guy dressed as a referee had his back turned.

    Not good.

  104. What’s even more embarrassing is the fact that they reviewed it and STILL GOT IT WRONG! Pathetic! Ironic isn’t it? Goodell expect everybody to protect the brand and yet it’s okay for him to take a dump on it! Complete joke!

  105. If you watch the play in slow motion Tate actually takes his hands off the ball and repositions them in Jennings arms before he hits the ground. Can’t be simultanious possession if that happens. Totally unbelievable……..

  106. From my understanding, the problems with the labor issue with the real refs is not about the money, but the fact that the NFL wants full time refs, backup ref teams, and the ability to pull refs mid season who are doing a bad job. Its about getting the best product on the field, ie best refs. But until that happens we will have the best available high school/small college refs. Which means we have refs that have no chance of success. Its like asking a 16 yr old to compete in a Nascar race.

  107. The ref that called it a touchdown was also in a perfect position to call offensive pass interference on Golden Tate for the push in the back of Sam Shields…. which was very obvious. So not only did he not make that call which he should have, he then compounded it by calling it a touchdown for Seattle, while the other official signaled it was a touchback due to the obvious interception. All the post game announcers saw it as an interception and a botched call. Just horrible! The ref who signaled a touchback was in a better position to see who actually had control of the ball. The call was wrong!

  108. I rarely ever post, but the outcome of this game was CLEARLY A BAD CALL. How can you miss something that was so blatantly obvious?

    However, over 80% of the public was on the Packers covering tonight. Vegas absolutely bankrolled tonight. Those replacement refs must be on Vegas’ payroll.

    Aside from the theory above, the Packers were absolutely robbed. This will only add fuel to the fire when they visit the Saints.

  109. This season is a joke!! These refs are rodeo clowns and need to get back to those jobs their more qualified for. Until then, maybe the fans need to send a message to the NFL and boycott this garbage.

  110. It is a very subjective call… Jennings clearly had possession from the catch, to the ground… if Pinning the ball into the defender’s chest is considered control, then yes, they both had possession(Tate was still adjusting his hands, even on the ground). I hear a lot of BS being spit on here, per usual, but in the end, this (bad) call literally won/loss a game. I didn’t even think it was possible. Seahawk fans should not feel proud about this, they should feel relieved. Merry Christmas.

  111. i’M DONE, I’m not renewing my seats, and this weekend we are going camping and burning our NFL gear. I was with the NFL if the refs were ok, but this weekend they got worse and worse. This game tonight was awful. NFL and Goodell should be ashamed.

  112. i have been vocal on my support and love for the replacements, and hoping they become permanent, but tonights game sealed their fate…..First off the packers interception that was taken away, when the guy is running away….you can go low when the is taking off running…..pass interference on a 2 and 30 is a classic call the old refs would have made against the raiders, that or illegal contact….but that call was horrendous, and the final call after they got to review is a travesty.

  113. So I think that what this game shows isn’t that replacement refs suck… it’s that refs in general kinda suck. A bunch of guys running around the field trying to figure out these calls in a multi-billion dollar business can’t be the best way, can it? If they sign this ref deal immediately then the NFL is stuck with them for years and years. With technology today, I think there could be a better, more objective way to make calls. Yes, the regular refs prolly wouldn’t have screwed this game up this bad, but they still screw up games all the time…

  114. Actually these clowns are responsible for my team being 2-1. All you Eagles fans know that
    Flacco’s pass was not Offensive Pass Interference. Come on man, be honest.
    Nnamdi was completely burnt on that play and everybody knows it.

  115. Yes that was a bad call but if you are going to call that call bad then Packers need to realize that 3rd down situation and a pass interference was called when it was clearly not a pass interference. As for the officals in the booth they cant determine who has the ball up there and the rule has to be made on the field in which it was but if you watch closely both players have possesion of the ball clearly and 99% of the time it will goto the offense so blame GB for not batting the ball away and shame on Aaron Rogers for knocking that camera guy down when he was just doing his job bad sportsmanship !

  116. There is something that no one is talking about right now….. Neither ref who arived on the scene were in a position to actually see the ball hit the hands of Jennings and Tate. Watch the replays again and see where the refs are coming from and how long it took them to get there. They were judging the situation on what they could see when they arrived. And, as they said in the broadcast, possession cannot be determined by replay. Bad call, made because the refs were not in a position to see the play.

    Just saying….

  117. As a hardcore NHL fan who dealing with a pointless lockout I’ll say this to everyone, Goodell works for owners, blame it on the 32 owners. Goodell just does what he is told to do by the 32 owners.

  118. I don’t blame the replacement ref’s. They’re hired to do a job and they’re doing the best they know how.

    I blame the league for letting it get to this point.
    How much $ does the NFL pull in, exactly?

    Roger, get it done.

  119. I think it’s awfully ironic that the NFL fined Fox and Del Rio for their antics last week towards the refs.

    Instead of fines, maybe they should listen!

  120. why is no one talking about the pass interference call that allowed the packers to score the go-ahead touchdown to begin with? that was just as bad of a call as the last play of the game. it all even’s out….

  121. Even the most hard core Vikings fan has to admit their rival got screwed over. That said, aren’t defensive back taught to knock the ball down instead of trying to get in the statistics book or get points for his fantasy team?

  122. To all of you claiming simultaneous possession, listen to Stuart Scott read the rule. It was not simultaneous possession. The wrong call was made.

  123. Now Green Bay fans know how Saints fans feel, but you got unfairly screwed for only one game instead of a whole year.

  124. NFL is in lime for lawsuits. I am in a pay for customized league for fantasy football. As the commish I have to disband based on this weekend’s games. A decades old league can’t be reconciled. the NFL is at fault and will be sued class action wise for their promotion and support of this system and having no credibility with horrible officials. they will pay more than is being negotiated by the bargaining process once they understand the betting local and Vegas they have impacted.

  125. @themackstrong says:
    Sep 25, 2012 12:19 AM
    I’m a Seahawk fan so I have an bias but did any of you watch the Chancellor pass interference on 3rd down they called on Finley. That call let to the TD for the Packers to take the lead. Maybe that could have been called a pick but when I watched it live I thought Tate and the DB both had the ball going to the ground. Seahawk D is legit. Bruce and Clem tore Rogers up


    Did you not see that roughing the passer and defensive pass interference that handed you 50 yards? You are absolutely ridiculous. You’re going to excuse the game on a 7 yard call? Wow. I know we are all fans of our teams, but dear god….

  126. FAN BOYCOTT!!! Spread it to your friends. NFL thinks that we will do nothing and takes the fans for granted. Time to stand to up and show that their customer base is not happy. BOYCOTT ALL NFL GAMES THIS WEEK.

  127. I am usually not the one to complain about the refs but this game was beyond ridiculous. How in the world did they not notice Golden Tate blatantly pushing Sam Shields aside, literally. And to rule it a touchdown even though Jennings had complete possession? Pathetic.

  128. Let’s just have Obama be the official for these game ending calls…. it’s out of his jurisdiction, but he’s the KING of the United States, his word is final. 🙁

  129. I agree that the refs gave bad calls to both teams.. GB got that TD dou to that bad PI call against them.. BUT.. things shouldve been even out after that interception that was called back.. and then the 30+ yard PI against GB on the same drive was just a lil extra for seattle.. that last call was just horrendous.. they missed the PI and the INT..

    BTW.. ppl that are saying that is the rule.. the real is IF BOTH PLAYER HAVE A SIMULTANEOUS CATCH.. NOT simultaneous possession. the ball was caught with both hands by Jennings and tate hardly had one hand on it when they went down.. play was over once Jennings hit the ground.. any shoving after taht should not count..

  130. “Tie goes to the runner!” (Refs)

    “THIS IS FOOTBALL!!!” (Pete Carroll)

    “ummm…one minute please…” (Refs)

    Refs huddle for five minutes.

    “Upon further review…we’re at the wrong park calling the wrong sport…our bad!” (Refs)

  131. Gee … just this morning I posted “I’ve never seen anything like that in all my years” referring to the fans chanting “Bullsh**” for several minutes on live TV last night. Who knew 24 hours later we’d all be saying that yet again! The real question here is why the guy in the replay booth didn’t overturn the call. He’s not a replacement. So what’s his excuse?

    Much respect to McCarthy for handling this situation with impeccable manners and to those Packer players for coming back onto the field for the kick. I don’t know that many people would have been able to show that much grace under the circumstances.

  132. Thank you Roger Goodell.

    You have officially destroyed the NFL.

    You destroyed the Saints out of pettiness and vindictiveness with zero evidence.

    Karma is a Bitch. And it is Grand.

    What a moron.

  133. I can’t wait until Jerry Jones Cowboys lose a game like the Packers did. As they say , you get what you pay for, SCABS in SCABS out, are we happy now Green Bay, hey! Wait, next week another team gets there turn in the barrel, as Bob Dylan sang ” how does it feel “. Bill

  134. Just like any business, the NFL is in it to make money… lots and lots of money. A extremely large portion of this money comes from deals with the TV networks. Ravens fans gave me an idea on how we can protest the horrible replacement ref’s in a way that might make a difference.
    From now on… at EVERY single game…every single fan should chant “Bull-s#*% for extended periods of time. Do it throughout the game. The FCC will put pressure on the networks, who will have to: repeatedly cut their audio until the chanting has subsided, or risk huge fines. This will not make the networks happy, and they will pressure the NFL to end this farce and bring back the real officials.

  135. Baseball’s Commissioner can act in ‘the best interests of baseball’…if the NFL Commissioner wants this to go away…overturn the outcome…it can be done…the int was on the final play of the game. The top sport in the US might become a joke…and that would be sad.

  136. I love the new referees! Now other NFL fans can see and feel how the Raiders have been getting jobbed all these years. I love it! Give these referees a raise!

  137. This has just turned ridiculous on too many levels. That call right there just made me despise the NFL with no means to fix it. Bring back the real refs and try and save any dignity you might still have. Until then…


  138. It’s not like they were biased, they were just wrong. Alot of bad calls against all teams the past 3 weeks but this was the straw that broke the camels back. The camel in this case being the NFL’s integrity. Have to boycott all products that advertise with the NFL and all merchandise.

  139. Rule “If a pass is caught simultaneously by two eligible opponents, and both retain it, the ball belongs to the passers. It is not a simultaneous catch if a player gains control first and an opponent subsequently gains joint control”
    The pass is caught when a player has his hands on it and his feet (or elbow, etc) land inbounds. Jennings got his hands on the ball first but by the Time he got his feet down, Tate also had feet down and hands on the ball. It’s definitely a close call and could have gone either way since Tate appeared to take his hand off the ball at one point, but I don’t think this is defining mistake of the replacement ref era.

  140. Worst series of officiating I’ve ever seen !!?…. Interception taken on a faulty roughing the passer call , the PI on Shields for 38 more yds then the so called “simultaneous catch” for the game … I’m upset an I’m a vikes fan

  141. I’m already sick of hearing the “simultaneous catch” rule. There was no simultaneous possession!!! It was a flat out interception!. On a side note Pete Carroll is a complete tool. I get he is happy getting a win, but this d-bag acts like the refs did a great job all night and he made the catch in the endzone.

  142. As a Packers fan, I’m absolutely livid. But a dramatic example was needed to force the NFL to get a deal done and bring the real referees back. If this doesn’t lead to that within the next two weeks, I’m not watching any NFL games until it happens. My pathetic rebellion I’m sure won’t make a bit of difference, but I refuse to watch the game I love be smeared in crap and made a mockery of.

  143. about f…cking time someone said the thruth . Totally agree with (blacknole080) GB got there ass kicked tonight, and no one wants to admit to it. sooooo many missed calls. From my seeing, on the GB side of the ball. Rogers was flustered, and they could not run the ball. That last catch, by Tate, as by rules, was given to the offense. It’s so socking how American, acts so amazed, that the fav didn’t pull it out. shows how the underdog never has a chance. GB was out played tonight, no matter how you look at it. Nationally game tonight, and the fav didn’t win…. boo hoo., if they were sooooo good, way didn’t they win by 20 points?????????????????????

  144. As a packers fan you can’t expect to win the game giving up that many sacks. I give my hats off to this defense they have played lights out this year.

    When you hire scab labor you get junk labor. This is each and everyone of our faults for letting roger and the nfl go on with these scab refs. We should of boycott from the start.

  145. headonaswivel says:Sep 25, 2012 12:45 AM

    Currently there are 545 idiots voting on this thread.


    Luckily your pure genius is here to offset the idiot fest, huh?

  146. Sorry guys we will have to wait till afte the election, ref scandal is part of privatecorporations trying to kill unions in usa! and who supports unions needsto win in november!

  147. The NFL owners are just a bunch of selfish rich businessmen who only care about themselves. We pay for their stadiums and they put this cheapskate act on the field. They think we are suckers, and we are if we keep quiet, call you team headquarters, bitch loud enough to b e heard. All teams will get hurt by poor officiating at some point……..hope its not my team next week.

  148. So where were you packer fans at when bad calls where made against the vikes in the 09 NFCCG? Where were all the criticism from ESPN? From NFL network on the horrible calls? It doesn’t sting til it happens to your team now does it? Lol!!!!! Just like ya told us GET OVER it!!! The last whistle was blown already games over ya lost.

  149. I think someone needs to explain to the replacement referees that all calls must favor superstars like Rodgers, Brady, and Manning or else everyone — including the announcers — will whine and cry about how sucky you are at officiating.

  150. Was it a bad call? Yes

    Still doesn’t excuse Green Bay being outplayed all night long and having the game come down to being decided on a judgement call by scab referees in an opponents home field.

    No amount of whining, conspiracy theories or faux protests will change that.

  151. blackcatnfl says:
    Sep 25, 2012 1:17 AM
    I thought the Packers lost the game giving up 8 sacks in one half of football, but what do I know?
    About as much as the replacement refs.

  152. The tate td wasnt even the worst call of the game… at least it was a little bit of a grey area. Similar situations have had similar results in the past….

    If this game was called with any integrity it wouldve resulted in a 7-6 seahawks victory. It was bs all night. Its been bs the last 3 weeks.

    If your gonna suspend players and coaches and change rules to keep the game clean, at least try and keep the reffing at a pro level too.

    Nfl brass needs to quit being a bunch of chumps. They need to come out of their pockets and share the wealth. Get the refs back.

  153. It wasn’t clear cut either way. Jennings had better possession, but if any possession that is simultaneous goes to the offense, it seems the call would be correct. Considering all the scrutiny, the official demonstrated some cohones to make it. Non replacements in the booth confirmed it. The regulars have more to loose, and likely wouldn’t have the guts to call it that way. Hard fought games often turn on quirks like this. Is is still a game, isn’t it?

  154. With 8 sacks in the first half GB didn’t deserve the win but got robbed in the end. It was offensive interference and an interception. Officials screwed everyone.

  155. It would get settled till after election, its a lobor dispute and private rich business men dont want nothing for middle class! Support the unions! Stop deleting my posts its the truth! The election will decide!

  156. No 1 seems to be discussing the point spread. Seattle beat the spread on that play as well. There will be so much pressure from Vegas and everyone else over this call that they have to bring the refs back. Can you imagine if this game was played in Green Bay? The fans/stockholders would have caused a riot. This game was a disaster.

  157. I don’t even like Mike McCarthy but he has every right to be appalled with a few of the calls.

    1. The INT robbery at the end.
    2. The PI call that should have been called on Rice.
    3. And I know that Roughing the Passer call was on a low hit, but come on, if a guy is a mobile QB and moving away from you, you may end up hitting him low. It’s just how it is. As long as the hit doesn’t come to long after the throw, it’s fine under certain circumstances in my opinion. So I believe they were robbed of another INT on that play.

    That doesn’t change the fact, that from a football standpoint, McCarthy’s offensive play calling in the first half was horrible (he even says it himself). In the end if you are going to call a game like that on the road in Seattle, against that D, you deserve to lose.

  158. tony1381 says:
    Sep 25, 2012 12:17 AM
    As a head coach, how can you take a win on a game winning play, when its clearly the wrong call?

    The NFL is a joke. I thought last night was the tipping point, and after this mess, just pay the refs already.

    I’m done with the NFL until it happens.


    Be serious. See you next week. With or without the real officials.

  159. Definitely NOT a simultaneous catch, but that was more obvious to us watching it slo mo on TV….regular refs could have blown this call as well, but you’d like to think they would have hustled to get a better look at the play and make a more decisive decision…..

    That said….anytime you play poorly enough to leave the other team within a score and with the ball at the end of the game, you leave yourself open to this type of thing…..sure that will be a large part of the Packer narrative this week…..

  160. Since McCarthy dnt like giving the Giants credit for beating them in the playoffs, the refs gave him a better excuse to use other than we beat ourselves. LOL

  161. All 200 of u obviously don’t know the rules to football. Every time I’ve ever seen both offense and defensive players hold on to the ball at the same time, ONLY THE OFFENSE BENEFITS from that. End zone or midfield, a WR and a safety catching the ball at the same time, you’ll NEVER hear a defensive interception. Its always a catch made by the offense. Seahawks won fair and square. Let it go.

  162. The refs are clearly throwing games all around the league and this isn’t the first one. The media is completely ignoring other calls that have changed the outcome of games over the past 3 weeks. A perfect example of that is 2 touchdowns that the officials robbed the Saints of in a game where they lost by 3 points. And I find it very coincidental that there are 2 teams in the NFL that have a player who was involved in the ALLEGED “bounty program” the Browns and the Saints, and both those teams are the only 0-3 teams in the NFL. Very interesting. I am not a Saints or Browns fan, but I do not trust the NFL and I think something very fishy is going on here to say the least. Idk if the NFL is changing the outcome of games to create more parody in the league or what, but there have been way too many controversial calls in EVERY game around the league that have swung momentum or kept drives alive or in this case blatantly changed the outcome. Somethings going on and the media won’t go anywhere near it. Maybe now they will, but like I said, this is not the first bogus outcome of the year.

  163. I know everyone here is pissed about the Refs, but I’m starting to worry about the 10% of the people in the poll who thinks Tate actually caught that ball. There is no way they were watching the same game as the rest of us. I mean, it’s just not possible to come away with that conclusion unless you purposely deny reality.

  164. I wanna know where all you crybabies were when the real refs hosed the Seahwaks in Superbowl 40? Where was everyone screaming foul on that one? I wasn’t convinced the real refs did a great job in the first place. But oh my god, the refs screweed up a game against the Packers?! Well this cant stand! Nevermind the atrocity that Superbowl 40 was.

    If the refs handed Seattle a win every week for the rest of the season it still wouldn’t be even for what happened in SB 40. Go ahead and let the dislikes rain, but Chancellor should not have been flagged for a PI resulting in a punt, Rodgers should not have been rewarded a first down at the 1 resulting in a TD.

    If these refs called this perfectly Seattle still wins (10-9 at worst) so keep crying. The real shame is the Seahawks crushed Rodgers the whole first half. The refs then hosed Seattle the whole second half and waited until the last play of the game to make up for it. No one will remember the Seahwaks sacking Rodgers 8 times in one half, people will just whine about the end result.

    Seattle won this game rightfully so either way, but these refs need to go back to High School JV where they belong.

  165. There were 2 possible correct calls to that play, and neither one resulted in a touchdown.

    Possible call #1: Golden Tate caught the ball by rule, but there was offensive pass interference byt him making it a penalty, loss of yards and maybe a replay of that down.

    Possible call #2: Pass was intercepted by Green Bay, game is over.

  166. Oh but wait, I thought Goodell was all about the sanctity of the game, just trying to keep the players safe? His focus couldn’t be about money or his ego bigger than life, right? He cares deeply about the players, coaches and fans?

    I am truly sorry Packers fans are having to experience this. It’s horrible to have zero control. It stings.

    The fan of an 0-3 Saints team, and the NFL just filed a motion to suppress all evidence from Vilma and his lawyers. Goodell is scum.

  167. I agree the Packers got what they deserved by playing down to the Seahawks but honestly that was the worst call by officials I can remember seeing EVER. Anyone who calls that simultaneous possession if either completely blind or crazy.

  168. If the Green Bay Packers didn’t have every call going their way for the last 10 years, I might care. Sometimes I think the regular refs are all Packer fans, so this doesn’t bother me at all. But yes, the Packers got screwed.

  169. Seattle fans please stop feeling bad about the Win over the Packers. It may not feel just right because how it went down but its a W. The Steelers aren’t sending us a Super Bowl trophy anytime soon because the Refs bet us over. Stop being too nice. It just looks bad because there is so many Packers fans right now. If it were the Jags or the Browns then we wouldn’t be talking this much about it. Seattle tries to be too nice.

  170. As a Seahawks fan…all I’m gonna say is this:

    It was a horrible call to end the game, but the Packers had ALOT of calls/no calls go their way.

    1. HORRIBLE Pass Interference on Kam Chancellor that led to the Packers only TD (otherwise they would have had to punt).

    2. Blatant holds that were not called all second half long.

    Lots of bad calls went both ways that I’m not even gonna get into, but as far as I’m concerned, we (Seahawks) got jobbed in a friggin Superbowl and all we heard from the League and other fans was “get over it and stop whining”.

    Welcome to the club Packers fans…I’m sure getting over a Week 3 loss won’t be quite as painful.

  171. If the call would have went the other way the Seahawks would have been screwed. This is controversial no doubt but unfortunately it really could have gone either way.

  172. ajchargers says:Sep 25, 2012 12:24 AM

    I’m not a Packers fan. But this was and will be the Worst Call in NFL history.

    anywho123 says:Sep 25, 2012 12:25 AM

    NFL has lost control of this debacle! Worst call ever!


    You people haven’t watched much footbal then. This call probably doesn’t even crack the top 500 or so. It wasn’t like Tate didn’t have any possession of the ball.

  173. I do not wish death upon Rodger Godell and his 31 stringmasters, but I hope they fall down a set of long stairs or something like that. Thanks for ruining this season, and this nations best sport with your greed.

    They also need to shut up about player safety, and the fan experience being a top priority of the leadership of the NFL. It is obvious you do not give a damn about anything but money.

  174. This was one of the greatest defensive battles I’ve seen in a long, long time. To decide the outcome on a few very, very poor ‘calls’, well, it just sucks.

    Great. So now we get Nawlins and their 0-3 record. Both end up 1-3.

  175. I hate to say this but after watching this weekends slate of games it seems as if the officials are intentionally influencing games. Don’t believe me? Ignore your favorite team next week and watch games that you have no vested interest in. Watch the line play and corner play see who gets the holding calls and the interference calls amd otice how many go the other way.

  176. 1) Lousy Call
    2) Rodgers and McCarthy’s job was to make sure the game didn’t come down to a final play. When your first three trips to the red zone end up as FGs, something is wrong.
    3) Seahawks defensive front four may be the best in football, and that would have been the story had the ending been clean.
    4) Pete Carroll got jobbed by a ref who missed Vince Young’s knee being down on a 4th down play during Texas’ final TD drive. Refs blow calls, whether replacement or full-time.

  177. In fairness to Mike McCarthy, this article headline and quote are misleading if not outright wrong. McCarthy did say what he is quoted as saying, but that was a response to a question about being called back on the field for the eventual PAT. He did NOT say it in reference to the bad call at the end of the game or any other bad call by the refs.

    Give him his due.

  178. droyer85 says: Sep 25, 2012 2:04 AM

    There were 2 possible correct calls to that play, and neither one resulted in a touchdown.

    Possible call #1: Golden Tate caught the ball by rule, but there was offensive pass interference byt him making it a penalty, loss of yards and maybe a replay of that down.


    Did you happen to see that other Seahawk receiver in the endzone get run over? Watch the replays. Charly Martin gets interfered with also by a bunch of Green bay players. There was PI on both teams if they ever wanted to call it on a hail mary.

  179. As Fans, it is time to boycott next weeks game. It is the only way the owners/NFL are going to do something about these scabs, by hitting them where it hurts, the pocketbook!

  180. Why blamed the refs …. they went upstairs to confirm the call.
    Actually both of the Seahawks TDs should have been called back … the first one was a joke … the Seattle players tackled Clay Matthews and the second was a joke.
    Wilson looks like a star … two ints taken off the boards and 2 gift TDs for the stats sheet.

  181. garza0080 says:
    Sep 25, 2012 12:15 AM
    If you saw the end of the Monday night game you would know that you have to get this situation resolved, Packers clearly got robed. That was not a Touchdown! Seattle does not deserve that win. Let me ask you a question what if that was a championship game? the winner would not deserve the trophy. Owners if your team lost because of a BS Call would you pay the refs? Pay them after the fact, after losing the ring or the championship. How embarrassing lose a championship over a bad call ridiculous this lock out must be fixed ASAP. Clearly a bad call.
    Not a Packer or a Hawk fan but I do believe that the Packers got jobbed.
    But, I have to say one thing: none of the owners are reading crap on this web site or any other sports site either….

  182. In the replay, you can clearly see it’s an interception, but at live speed that would have been a tremendously difficult call for any referee to make.

    Just because the replacement refs didn’t get the right call on the field, doesn’t mean the other refs would have either.

    After all, I even thought it was a jump ball catch during the instant replay, but when the image was paused I could then clearly see that Golden Tate only had part of his one arm over the defender’s arm with the ball.

  183. kiefs85 says:Sep 25, 2012 12:44 AM

    I guess all of the Packer haters conveniently forget the ’98 non fumble call against the Niners and the non face mask call in ’09 against the Cardinals —both in the playoffs—that ended the Packers season. The Packers have never won a playoff game or championship because of the refs. Enough with the jealousy cretins.


    First, it wasn’t a face mask against the Cards in ’09. The rule states the mask must be pulled, yanked or twisted; and as the league explained, it wasn’t in this case.

    Second, you are absolutely incorrect when you say the Packers have never won a championship because of the refs. During the ’10 season the Vikings had two scoring plays that went against them that the league confirmed were incorrectly called. If either of these are called correctly the Vikings win and the Packers are kept from the playoffs. The blown calls made the Packers eligible for a Super Bowl run that they shouldn’t have been. It may be indirect, but it most certainly happened because of blown calls by the regular refs. But that’s the way it goes sometimes and the Super Bowl victory is theirs.

  184. I don’t get why everyone gets angry at Golden Tate, I know it was a bad call by the refs but ultimately it’s Golden Tate’s job to grab the ball and that’s what he did

  185. Tate’s right hand was clearly on Jennings right hand then even took hand completely off the play before getting his right hand in there on the ball. What a shame. Not to mention the most blatent Offensive Pass Interference in recent memory. #RIPNFL

  186. Come on Pack fans you should be outraged that you got a TD after one of the worst PI calls ever against Chancellor..but not a word from you.

    Right and Left tackles should be in prison for unlawful detention the way they were holding in the second half.

    Horrible PI call in favor of Rice..then two phantom calls against the Hawks on the next two plays to make up for it.

    Replacements are horrible, no doubt..but please, this one call wasn’t the only bad one and all the bad ones didn’t go against the Pack

  187. McCarthy is a class act.

    Mike Shanahan could learn a lot from watching how this guy reacts to adversity. Instead I have to watch the red faced Kebler elf screaming his lungs out all weekend. And people wonder why the Redskins arent mentally tough.

  188. the NFL clearly has a problem at this point. Too many games are starting to have their outcome affected by the officiating. That should never be the case. I dont like some of the things the real refs are asking for. They need to find a way to get a deal done because the league cannot go on like this. Its starting to turn off the fans and thats a huge problem

  189. Certainly the worst call I have seen since the refs handed the Packers a touchdown against the 49ers. (By the way, anyone remember the Packers whining about the replacement officials then?)

    At least the replacement ref issue will now get some attention since the Packers were on the short end and it was on Monday Night Football.

  190. You do know that the replay official is not a replacement ref right?

    That was a B.S. call, wasn’t a TD.

    The Packers have benefited before from certain TD’s called incomplete against them just ask Shaincoe and Favre.

  191. I love the call. The Pack got a call like this vs Jets 2 years ago. Granted it was not as bad as this.

    If you guys feel so strongly about the refs, why don’t you boycott the NFL until Goodell brings back the real refs. Will you whiners do that? No.

  192. that ref had to be paid off…… think about it, these guy’s know they are going to lose thier jobs soon so why not make a litte money on the side. that same ref made the ( what should have been offenseive ) interference call 4 play’s earlier. on the last play the other ref is signaling turnover.

  193. Regardless of what all the posters are saying Green Bay should really be disappointed that they had only at 12 points at the end of that game. The bigger issue is how quiet the media has been on the details that are keeping the NFL and the “real refs” from settling this whole dispute. It is hard to take a side when very few of us know the real sticking issues. However it is now clear how tough it is to be an NFL ref.

    In the old days of US labor the player’s union would not play the games to support the Refs union but that is ancient labor history.

  194. If only they would give the same effort to getting the Pro Refs back that they are to punishing anyone who “abuses” the replacement officials (and we all realize they are doing the best they can, it is not their fault) then maybe there might be some resolution? Can you imagine if that disgraceful call happened to Belichick? Or either of the Harbaughs, or that clown in Detriot? This might get messy folks. In the meantime thank the a-holes who could not get this done for ruining a great “product” as they all like to call it. I wish someone would punch Goodell and that carnival-barker-scarecrow faced Jerry Jones right in the face. Really. I do.

  195. Yes, officiating is bad. But the word is out now, so the players, coaches, etc have to deal with it. For the time being, it’s just as much a part of the game as the coin flip.

    I am one who can’t stand people blaming things on the officials. If you don’t want the officiating to dictate the outcome, win by multiple touchdowns. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that what Aaron Rodgers and the Packers did all last year? It’s not the same dominant team.

    If you execute and win convincingly, this isn’t an issue…

  196. As a Bears fan, I find it funny that Packers fans who said last week in the Bears Packers game that us Bears fans should shut our pie holes about the horrible officiating has the shoe on the other foot now.

    Karma sucks doesn’t it boys? After all the no-calls and horrible reversals of that game, you got screwed this week. As much as I feel bad for you, I don’t because your team got back what they didn’t get hit with last week.

    It all balances out. But you know what, the NFL owners need to man up and pay the real refs what they want. I think I read somewhere the amount of money that this affects is .11% of revenue.. I mean its nothing… just pay the guys!

  197. Clearly a thrown game by the officials. And I feel sorry for Green Bay – they out played the hawks, they won the game and wanna-be refs threw the game – wonder if they are getting paid extra for those lousy calls. Not only the last play, but even the interference call that got the hawks on that end of the field, was a bad call. The announcers even told the story right yet it got swept under the carpet. Goodel has to go, to continue allowing this sort of mockery of the NFL take place, then on prime time in front of the whole nation to witness is a joke.
    Green Bay got robbed by punky hawks and crooked wanna-be refs.

  198. Boycotts wont work (we cant do it and we know it) What we need is a SINGULAR symbol of our disgust with this. Someone out there smarter and with more means than me, design a logo/symbol that represents our disgust with Goodell the handling of this whole matter. Tweet, FB, get this out there and lets get behind whatever it is. If they see the millions of us unifed, it MIGHT make a difference to them. Although I am now convinced that Jerry (because he keeps opening that hideous plastic mouth) Jones and Goodell are both so arrogant and stupid, it may not.

  199. I turned the game off after the guy jumped and grabbed Hawk by the foot just as he was about to get a sack right in front of the ref. So he goes and complains and the next play there was a mystery holding call.
    This is the norm in about every game played this year. Just pathetic.

  200. That’s one of the best officiated games I have ever seen! About time the Packers got the crap end of the stick. Skol.

  201. Sure you’ve seen this before McCarthy. Thing is, your team normally benefits.

    Nice to see Green Bay screwed. Couldn’t happen to a better bunch of people.

  202. since my links were deleted, please go check out the 2 “interceptions” GB got against the Jets in 2010. I didn’t hear GB complain about those similar calls that went for them.

  203. Jennings clearly caught the ball in the air with BOTH HANDS. Jennings came down grasping the ball to his CHEST with both hands. Upon landing, Jennings’ torso was BETWEEN the ball and Tate; Tate had to reach AROUND Jennings to even touch the ball. PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for Tate to have possession. Only way this call could have been worse is if this was a playoff game or the SB.

  204. themackstrong says: Sep 25, 2012 12:19 AM
    I’m a Seahawk fan so I have an bias but did any of you watch the Chancellor pass interference on 3rd down they called on Finley. That call let to the TD for the Packers to take the lead.

    I’m not a fan of either team, but I do enjoy watching football when I can. But I’m guessing you didn’t see the phantom roughing the passer call on Green Bay once they intercepted the ball. Since when is tackling a QB by his legs roughing the passer? It’s not like he took more than 1 step before tackling him. You also must have missed the Defensive Pass Interference call on GB when Shields was clearly looking back at the ball and Rice was draped all over Shields. I agree the PI on Chancellor was not there, but GB got screwed on a lot of plays that would have given them the ball back.

  205. Hey Hey, Ho Ho – Replacement refs gotta go! Man what a disgusting ending to a football game to have the replacement refs blow such an important call. It was obvious offensive pass interference as Tate pushed #37 to the ground, it wasn’t just a little pushing it was blatant pushing the defender to the ground.

    Thanks replacement refs for showing kids that cheating pays off. Tate is now the poster boy for cheating.

    As to the bad call on tie goes to the receiver I’m not so sure Tate had control of the ball when it should have been called a TD, the worthless replacement ref made that decision long after the catch was made and Tate stole the ball away from Jennings.

    Roger Goodell do you need any more proof that the real NFL refs are worth paying more?

  206. Another food for thought. The Pack now have to go play a hungry 0-3 Saints team. If they lose that game and go 1-3, there season is for the most part over with.

    They will surely lose at least once to the Lions, Bears and Vikes. If they lose twice to any one of those teams they are 8-8 at best not counting losing to any other team this year. Realistically, the Packers season probably ended last night in the endzone.

    If you knew right now you were out of the play-offs pretty much due to a bad call, how hard would you play the rest of the season. I play cautiously trying not to get injured.

  207. I have never seen anything like that in my 23 plus years of being an American Football fan. And I have seen tons of calls that clearly could have gone either way, but this is not one of them. The ironic thing is, yesterday’s last, “game winning” play, is exactly what the league was trying to prevent by implementing the instant replay.

    Wow, nothing against the replacement refs but they really blew this one. Never mind the Packers fans, never mind the Seahawks fans, but just go with what everyone saw. Yes, if the call on the field was a TD, there has to be clear, undeniable evidence to overturn, otherwise the call stands. But I don’t know if it can get any clearer than what was showed to the audience.

    I understand they are just doing their job and are making a living like every one else, and thank God, because in my line of work, when you make an erroneous call, it can cost someone’s life.

  208. Tate clearly interfered flagrantly on #37 of the Pack before attempting the catch, and then he didn’t simultaneously catch the ball. He latched onto it after it was already in the hands of the defender. For a catch to be simultaneous, both the defender and the offensive player must gain possession at the same time. That didn’t happen.

  209. You guys might want to go read the actual rule before you get too crazy. I really didn’t like the feeling of the way this game was ref’d – but reading the rule, which I did after the game, makes it that the refs made a call based upon that rule. Check it out, you may think differently.

  210. adventistgroup says: Sep 25, 2012 10:34 AM
    You guys might want to go read the actual rule before you get too crazy. I really didn’t like the feeling of the way this game was ref’d – but reading the rule, which I did after the game, makes it that the refs made a call based upon that rule. Check it out, you may think differently.

    You need to read the rule. That was not a simultaneous catch. Jennings had it first, brought it to his chest. Tate forced his arm in there once on the ground and tried to gain control. Thus it’s not simultaneous. And the ref that made the call couldn’t see the play. The guy who had the right angle made the right call and he was over turned by somebody with no vantage point.

  211. I’m sure the 8 sacks had nothing to do with the outcome of the game. That or GB being on their 4 yard line and giving Seahawks the ball back close enough for that pass. Or that the GB defender could have swatted ball away. Yep. Nothing to do with that.

  212. Being a Packers fan, I hated to see it. As a objective Packers fan — being fair — I have no problem with the call on Tate’s touchdown being ruled an offensive reception. (I do however think they completely blew it on the obvious offensive interference call, however as the announcers noted offensive interference never gets called on Hail Mary’s even by the regular refs.).

    Here’s a question whose answer you should know from all your many years of watching the game: On any reception or interception, what constitutes establishing control of the ball? The obvious answer is that one must A) have physical control the ball, B) have two feet on the ground and C) make a move. Control is not established until all of those three requirements are met, not only one of the three. Control is also not established simply by touching the ball first.

    In the case last night, Jennings had physical control of the ball, but by the time he had met the requirements of B and C, Tate also had two hands on the ball — contrary to how the ESPN analyst announcing the game tried to spin it — and he also controlled it. No matter if Jennings initially drew the ball to his chest, Tate had at least enough control of the ball to prevent Jennings from ripping it away from either of Tate’s hands.

    At the point that Jennings actually met requirements B and C and — by rule — established control of the ball, there was already a situation of simultaneous possession with Tate. Both controlled the ball because neither could rip it from the others’ hands. In that case the offense wins — also by rule.

  213. jonny42671 said: “It happened to the Vikings against the Saints in the Championship game.”

    bantrysaid: “And when the ‘real’ refs come back and pull this exact same crap, which they do every year, who will you complain to then?”

    Those comments outline the real problem, which is that the NFL does not really care about incompetent/biased officiating BECAUSE THERE IS NO REAL, ADVERSE CONSEQUENCES ARISING FROM IT. Generally, one set of fans (of the team which benefitted from the bad/biased call) agrees with the call, another set of fans (of the team which suffered from the bad/biased call) disagrees with the call, and a third set of fans (the apologists) merely shrugs and says that the refs are human and will occasionally make bad calls. Next week, the bad/biased call will go the other way, and the fans will take the opposite positions. All the while, the fans just keep attending and watching games, and the owners keep running to the bank with their pockets full of cash. IF YOU HATE INCOMPETENT/BIASED OFFICIATING, YOU MUST LOUDLY COMPLAIN TO THE NFL ABOUT IT AND START BOYCOTTING GAMES, IRRESPECTIVE OF WHETHER OR NOT YOUR TEAM BENEFITTED OR SUFFERED FROM THE BAD/BIASED CALL! Only by doing so will the NFL take proper action against bad/biased officiating and implement procedures and technologies that could virtually eliminate bad calls.

  214. I don’t get all the complaints, it was the right call. Jennings grabbed it in the air (he didn’t catch it because his feet weren’t on the ground yet) and then Tate got his hands on the ball while still in the air and both men had claim to the ball at that point when they touched the ground (this is called a simultaneous catch). By RULE, the simultaneous catch goes to the WR. The only thing messed up on this play was missing the PI call on Tate and that call gets missed most times in Hail Marys.

    All this boycott stuff, is just for sore losers. The real refs make just as many mistakes, they just make it look like they didn’t mess up. I’ve seen the “real” refs cost teams games and give other teams games too.

  215. hey Frenzy,

    You might want to go watch the tape again, your argument is inaccurate. Tate had his hands on the ball before they went to the ground. And, if he didn’t, the real and experienced officials in the booth would have called it right.

    But the bigger point there is why blame the replacements when their decision was confirmed by people (replay official etc.) that have been doing this for over 20 years in the NFL?

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