NFL statement: Result final, Tate should have been flagged

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The NFL has issued its statement on last night’s Packers-Seahawks game, saying that Golden Tate should have been called for pass interference, but the result of the game will not be reversed.

From the league’s release:

“Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson threw a pass into the end zone.  Several players, including Seattle wide receiver Golden Tate and Green Bay safety M.D. Jennings, jumped into the air in an attempt to catch the ball.

“While the ball is in the air, Tate can be seen shoving Green Bay cornerback Sam Shields to the ground.  This should have been a penalty for offensive pass interference, which would have ended the game.  It was not called and is not reviewable in instant replay.

“When the players hit the ground in the end zone, the officials determined that both Tate and Jennings had possession of the ball.  Under the rule for simultaneous catch, the ball belongs to Tate, the offensive player.  The result of the play was a touchdown.

“Replay Official Howard Slavin stopped the game for an instant replay review.  The aspects of the play that were reviewable included if the ball hit the ground and who had possession of the ball.  In the end zone, a ruling of a simultaneous catch is reviewable.  That is not the case in the field of play, only in the end zone.

“Referee Wayne Elliott determined that no indisputable visual evidence existed to overturn the call on the field, and as a result, the on-field ruling of touchdown stood.  The NFL Officiating Department reviewed the video today and supports the decision not to overturn the on-field ruling following the instant replay review.

“The result of the game is final.”

299 responses to “NFL statement: Result final, Tate should have been flagged

  1. Now everyone knows how Redskins fans feel. Constantly getting screwed out of victories for YEARS. We should be 3-0 but alas the NFL hates us. Glad GB fans walked a mile in our shoes.

  2. Had GB taken the field goal rather than the 2 point conversion fail they could have taken a safety and punted the ball.

    Seattle would have been at their own 30 rather than on GB’s side.

    Seattle got 1 xtra timeout week 1

    now this….the fix is in

  3. This is a typical NFL weasel move. The issue was not OPI … the issue is that this WAS NOT a “simultaneous catch.” Jennings clearly caught the ball and came down with it, as was seen from nearly every replay angle.

    So they’re pointing to the non-call as the issue rather than admitting that the league representative in the replay booth CLEARLY blew the replay call.

  4. thanks alot NFL. That doesn’t make us feel any better. Figure out this ref mess or this season will go down as an asterisk.

  5. I guess we can conclude that no game could ever be overturned if this one wasn’t, not that anybody expected it to be anyway.

    Also, its crap that it WAS reviewable and they still got it wrong.

  6. Fine…But it was CLEARLY not a simultaneous catch. It was an interception, plain, clear and obvious.

  7. How many times have GB Suckers committed penalties and was not called? Results CHawks over Packers…Final…
    Packer Fans move on to next week…

  8. Refgate.

    I thought I was watching an NBA game last night.

    BTW, I don’t watch the NBA, since the game six debacle of the Western Conference Finals when the refs demonstrated they were either incompetent or corrupt.

    And Goodell expects us to take this?

    I am finished watching the NFL until the real refs come back.

    Ban Goodell for life, please. And to think, I used to be a league guy, for the owners and the commish. Now, I despise the tyrant Goodell.

  9. One day someone will teach the NFL a lesson. Unfortunately, it won’t be any time soon. No1 is truly going to boycott watching the NFL due to this.

    If only this happened to a team with an actual owner maybe something would happen, but in this case, there is no owner to complain to the other owners

  10. What a joke, that’s the last time I take time out of my day to watch a team that isn’t the Redskins.

    Improve the product on the field (real refs) and that will change.

  11. We are calling for a boycott of the NFL Network on Thursday, October 4th, including the airing of the Cardinals – Rams game. It’s time to hit the NFL in its wallet.

    Please join us, NFL fans!

  12. Goodell should be forced to resign….he is a joke. The NFL clearly has no respect or appreciation for the fans to spoon feed us this garbage.

  13. “The NFL Officiating Department reviewed the video today and supports the decision not to overturn the on-field ruling following the instant replay review”

    Wow amazingly stupid by the NFL to admit they agreed with the call. This will only make matters worse. Just admit they fudged up. Epic fail NFL.

  14. That’s the correct call! Jennings did not fully possess the ball coming down. Tate did push off, that’s indisputable.

    They both had control, and every situation that I’ve seen when both players have control over the football, the possession always went to the offense.

  15. Awful call by the refs but I’d be willing to say that there’s at least 1 pass interference penalty in every hail mary scrum that goes uncalled. These refs definitely ruined the game but I’m not going to start nitpicking at stuff that never gets called with the current refs.

  16. I have no more time to waste on this thing that used to be the NFL. I feel for GB fans for obvious reasons and for the select few Seahawk fans who might rightly be a little embarrassed by this “win”.

  17. The NFL would never want to set a precedent by overturning a game result or suspending a coach for a full year …… oh, wait!

  18. Yeah and Jordan should have been flagged against. Stockton, but we have gotten over it. It happens in all sports.

  19. “This should have been a penalty for offensive pass interference, which would have ended the game. ”

    Two paragraphs later…

    “The result of the game is final.”

    So we have an admission of a mistake- one that would have rendered the outcome of that play useless…yet they stand BY THAT ERROR and the result it caused.

    What a freaking joke.

  20. They left out the block in the back before he threw the pass by the O line that most likely been would of been a sack

  21. It may have been inconclusive to see who had the ball at the bottom o the pile, but its easily conclusive that Jennings came down with the ball in his hands before Tate wrestled him for it on the round, Williams came Down two feet in bounds with possession.. Clear pick!!

    Never mind the obvious blown PI Call, that alone should have ended the game… Can we stop arguing about money now goodell and just get back to football now???

  22. Yes, the packers were robbed however I still want the NFL to ride out the rest of the season with the replacement refs. Let me explain why. Everybody reading my comment is most likely a hard working individual struggling to make ends meet busting their a$$ day in and day out. The old refs want 250K to work part time and benefits on top, that is eggregious, and an embaressment and slap in the face to every good hard working honest human being in the world. Do I want the old refs back? Yes, but at that price sometimes teaching these old refs a lesson they’ll never forgot is more worth it.

  23. Translation: The refs screwed up, but not as bad as everyone thinks.

    Reality: The NFL is covering themselves to make sure they don’t lose leverage against the NFLRA.

    Integrity of the game has gone out the window. The efforts of the 53 men on both teams are being wasted when the game is as mis-officiated as this game was.

    Time to watch a different sport until this mess gets resolved.

  24. what a crock. I don’t know what replay they were watching, but they all need to have their eyes checked. it was clearly Jennings’ ball.

  25. Take it Packers. How does it feel to be on the other side of Karma?

    Go ahead and waste your time protesting at the field where the Giants knocked you out if the playoffs last year. Because nobody cares you stupid fools.

    But don’t worry you beat yourselves.

    I cannot wait to watch the Giants defensive line knock Aaron Rodgers out cold.

    8 sacks in the first half, really? The Green Bay quarterback gets sacked more than Jenna Jameson…….lol

  26. What did you expect them to say – “Oh we made a mistake and yes we are wrong” No way in hell the NFL would admit such a thing. That would be pointing a finger at themselves for having wanna-be refs calling the game in the 1st place instead of manning up and settling the reg. refs dispute BEFORE the season started. They make millions on these games yet are too tight to run the thing with any smarts. Time for Goodell to get another job – he has really screwed things up enough here.
    The Packers got robbed, and Hawks win should forever carry an * in the win column.

  27. good explanation. Kudos to the NFL for explaining and even admitting some errors. Let the td’s begin….lol…

  28. What an absolute joke. Unbelievable that the possession was actually reviewable. There is absolutely no way that this catch can be given to golden tate. I wish I could post a picture on here. I have a freeze frame of Jennings holding the ball with two hands and Golden tates one hand on jennings arm and the other one behind jennings’ back.

    Clear as day

    the NFL is a joke

  29. Travesty…NFL is handling this like MLB would, which is to say..poorly. Your fans are not stupid Goodell…right now you have one fan base that feels absolutely raped…without the Real officials, soon you will have more. Get a deal done.

  30. This whole thing is so overblown. no one could possibly convince me that if the “real” refs were there, there isn’t at least a chance they would have made the same call. give me a break, this whole thing is rediculous

  31. Well. Roger, i have supported you through the NFLPA last year, and up until now have supported you with the officials.. I am joining the growing list of people that would like to see you fired.. The statement is pure baloney..just like you..

  32. Great job NFL of avoiding the mention of the referee lockout while at the same time naming the replacement official at fault. I doubt he’ll get any death threats…

  33. how convenient for the NFL that there was interference otherwise they would have to rule on the catch and that of course would call the scab refs into question and we all know they don’t want to talk about that subject.

  34. I don’t understand why we neuter the ref’s ability to get a call correct during a review.

    Why can’t he call pass interference if it’s clear as day?

    Why can’t he call a retroactive penalty if it’s obvious? What harm is caused in doing so?

    Why limit what the ref can and cannot reverse?

    It seems so arbitrary and confining.

  35. Let me get this straight.

    The TD that didn’t happen by anyone that saw it, EXCEPT the NFL, shouldn’t have counted because of the penalty that occured before it did…but will count because the penalty that occured before the TD that shouldn’t have happened, isn’t reviewable and will stand as its called….but the TD that shouldn’t have happened but did because it was ruled on the field that it did, was reviewed and there was no evidence to overturn the original call, which was a TD that didn’t happen according to anyone that saw it, except the NFL?

    That right?


    That is exactly what I said in 2 previous posts.
    “When the players hit the ground, BOTH players had possesion of the ball.

    Just cause Jennings had the ball in his hands first doesn’t mean anything. He was still in the air, and that means the ball was still in play.
    Until Jennings lands on his feet, inbounds, and maintains control of the ball, then the ball is STILL IN PLAY.
    Tate got ahold of the ball before Jennings landed on his feet , thus creating a SHARED possesion when they hit the ground.
    The NFL reviewed it last night and agreed, they reviewed it today and STILL AGREED.

    Quit whining and griping. Seahawks won fair and square.

    If one of my sons had acted like many of the pompous Packer players, I would have marched onto that field, grabbed em by the ear, led them off, and told them they were forbidden to play again until they proved a vast improvement in sportsmanship.
    The Packers players have embarressed themselves by showing all they are poor sports, and sore losers.

    for the last time. TIE GOES TO RECEIVER. And the league AGREED 3 TIMES NOW!!!!!

  37. What a f’ing joke. Not indisputable? 49 out of 50 states in the union disagree.

    Screw you NFL. I’m done this year — not watching another game.

    I blame the Packers offense for the loss. But on principle, I blame the NFL for this pathetic debacle involving the referees, and for this insulting refusal to admit what everyone knows to be the truth — that was an interception.

  38. Stop whining you big babies , how does it feel to be on the wrong side of one of these calls for once after YEARS of getting away with murder. Get over it.

  39. umm at what point did Tate have the ball exactly?

    because i have a screenshot that clearly shows M.D. Jennings with the ball.

  40. Way to open up a whole ‘nother can of worms with that statement.

    Probably should’ve left that interference part on Tate out of your explanation.

    NFL has a serious problem when even Packer fans are considering a boycott of a team they ‘own’.

  41. I thought the replay review was actually done by the replay official in the booth, not the on-field replacement ref? What the hell is going on?

  42. the officials determined that both Tate and Jennings had possession of the ball

    Yeah.. problem is Tate didn’t have possession… Jennings did.

    (and who has ever been called for PI on a Hail Mary.. get out of here with this)

  43. It’s not the first time the refs have failed to make a call for interference or the opposit that has cost a team a game and it probably won’t be the last even after the lock out is over with. It has happened on numerous occasions under the “Real Refs” watch in the past too. Now can we please move on?

  44. WHAT A JOKE!!! What else would they say? Not like they would admit it was wrong! Like NIKE would give Tiger Woods a bad golf ball because they won’t pay for the material to make his, then say, well he’s playing bad because of the crappy ball we gave him because we’re greedy and stubborn!!!


    I’m starting to find the NFL and league office to be a bunch of hypocrites. By no means am I a saints fan (in fact they’re an old rival), but how can you claim to punish a team harshly because “they lied to us” but then turn around and lie to the fans, owners, and players?

  46. The result is that Roger Goodell sucks.

    “When the players hit the ground in the end zone, the officials determined that both Tate and Jennings had possession of the ball.”

    The rest of America determined that it was an INT.

  47. Has anyone ever seen OPI, or DPI called on a hail mary? I happens on every one of them, and the regular refs never call it.

    Packers fans, and everyone else might be right on the pick, but no one is saying anything about the bad call on 3rd down that kept the Packers only TD drive alive. Seems like they evened out the bad calls.

    When you give up nine sacks and can’t score a TD without the officials helping, you can’t really complain when they help the other team.

  48. Short of stating that the regular Refs were back, there is not much else the NFL can say. You can’t reverse the outcome as Pandora’s Box would be opened with such a move. Yes the OPI should have indeed been called….

  49. bullsh*t…. they just took the easy way out. They know that the OPI is NEVER Called on that play… saying it should be called is a crock of sh*t….

    that review ref was NOT going to overturn it even if Tate was 7 yards away from the ball… no one in striped shirt would’ve made it out of the stadium unscathed….

    way to bitch out NFL…

  50. At least they admitted the offensive pass interference, but this is just plain messed up. It’s wrong to acknowledge that the play shouldn’t have been a touchdown, but then say “too bad”. I’m officially boycotting NFL football until the REAL refs come back…I just can’t take it/defend these refs anymore

  51. Wow, like I said before it’s a proven fact hat a few of these refs were big time gamblers before so what makes anyone think that they would not have money on these games?
    Look at The Steelers Raiders game those Refs tried everything in their power to have the Steelers win.

  52. “When the players hit the ground in the end zone, the officials determined that both Tate and Jennings had possession of the ball.”

    So is control only control once the player(s) come back in contact with the ground?

  53. “We officially declare that the Green Bay Packers are hereby screwed. Furthermore, there is no procedure for them being unscrewed.

    Have a nice day and don’t forget to tune in to Thursday Night Football on the NFL Network!”

  54. I’ll cancel my Sunday ticket today until the integrity of the game is brought back. I’m just no longer interested in watching these street gorilla ball games.

    I’m not buying what the NFL is selling.

  55. ‘Referee Wayne Elliott determined that no indisputable visual evidence existed to overturn the call on the field’.

    BS – a blind monkey could have seen disputable visual evidence.

    ‘The NFL Officiating Department reviewed the video today and supports the decision not to overturn the on-field ruling following the instant replay review.’

    Again – total BS…just the NFL trying to save face. Enough already, end the ref lockout.

  56. Translation: As long as the league continues to rake in profit, they couldn’t care less about integrity, safety etc. All that matters is the almighty dollar, even if the results of games are affected.

  57. Roger Goodell is a destroyer of worlds.

    He inherited a great sports league, but is quickly ruining it.

    He issued an effective death penalty to a highly competitive, and one of the fun teams to watch (the Saints) with overzealous punishments.

    Now he’s ruined the integrity of the entire game by stupidly locking out qualified officials.

    He’s gotta go…. NOW!!!!

  58. ” The NFL Officiating Department reviewed the video today and supports the decision not to overturn the on-field ruling following the instant replay review.”

    What a joke! How can the NFL say that with a straight face?!

  59. Unbelievable. To support a call that even Trent Dilfer said was horrible, and even the papers in Seattle describe as a gift is indescribable.

    The league must really think we are stupid.

  60. I’ve looked at the hail mary play in slow-motion and stopped it right when the ball hit their hands. Jennings had two hands on the ball, and Tate had one (between Jennings chest and the ball) and then the other one as they came down to the ground.

    It was clear that Jennings had more control of the ball than Tate, with it up close to his chest, but Tate still had his hands on it, and Jennings was not able to tear it away from him.

    We know that the rule says simultaneous possession goes to the passing team. But is that simultaneous possession?

    If you had to prove that Tate did not have any possession whatsoever for it not to be simultaneous possession, that’s a hard case to make.

    Tate committed unquestionable offensive pass interference prior to that, which could have easily been called, but frequently is not on hail mary plays.

    Other questionable calls at best include the PI call on Shields a couple plays earlier, and a call against Seattle that allowed the Packers to continue what turned out to be a touchdown drive.

    Bottom line, up until the hail mary pass, the bad calls were about even in their effects on each team. And you could make a case either way for the hail mary possession.

  61. This has been my stance the whole time. I agree with it including the OPI should have been called. There where a lot of bad calls and no calls in this game. The way GB was moving the ball in the second half it should not have been close enough for this play to mater. Let’s move on… 🙂

    Go Hawks! Bring the “real” refs back!

  62. Wow. Its obvious Goddell cares more about money than the integrity of the NFL. The NFL constantly talks to players about “protecting the shield” and that the players need to have integrity in their lives. This situation screams “HYPOCRITES”.

    Wow, maybe the Saints, their players and their fans are right……………

  63. Bring the real officials back and when you do FIRE THE NFL OFFICIATING DEPARTMENT and hire new people.

  64. The NFL is never wrong…according to the NFL. This statement should piss off fans more than the debacle last night.

  65. NFL – defending the indefensible.
    This is making a bad situation even worse.
    So I guess what we saw WAS justifiable?
    I’ll walk on the NFL like I did NASCAR if they keep screwing up.

  66. It all came down to the call on the field, had they ruled INT there is no way they could have overturned it either. According to the rule they ruled correct but do I believe it was right call Heck No!

  67. Here was the conversation in the replay booth:
    Official 1: “Man that was a serious pass interference and it looked like the ball was intercepted – should we overturn it?”
    Official 2: “I have a wife and kids”
    Official 3: “Tate is on my fantasy league team”
    Official 1: “I’m with you fellas”

  68. I am unbiased..That was a very difficult call to make. No matter what you call, many people will be upset. At least, no “new” rule was created to justify it.

    ie..Calvin Johnson did not have complete control

    …Tom Brady was in the process of tucking

    ..the Steelers lost the football with a fumble in the end zone and we don’t have indisputable evidence that the other team had it, even though they were seen running with it from the pile.

    The ruling was..they both caught it, so tie goes to the receiver.

    They should have called Golden Tate on Pass interference, but that is rarely called on a scoring play. Unless of course you are the Ravens and it can reverse the game versus the Eagles.

  69. The NFL is like a crazed lover. They are absolutely blinded from seeing what literally every other person in the world sees.

    How many video still and screen shots do they need to prove that GB caught the ball? I’ve seen several already today that shows GB intercepted it. This is insane.

  70. Packers fans, feel free to hop on the “I Hate Roger Goodell Bandwagon” that Pittsburgh started and that we here in New Orleans boarded this off-season. There’s plenty of room!

  71. They are saying this.

    1. There should have been a PI

    2. The ref blew the call of simultaneous catch to begin with

    3. They could have corrected it under review but didn’t

    4. They don’t care

    5. What are you gonna do watch WWE

    6. Go F&^$% off

  72. these officials are a disgrace to the NFL. The NFL needs to come to an agreement with the regular officials, even if that means then giving up a smaller % of their profit in a multi-billion dollar industry.

  73. kattykathy and the NFL are both a bit self-righteous and obviously in denial… The questionable PI call gave the seachickens 30+ yards and enabled the drive that ended in this farce. Too many blown calls, too many obviously blown calls… How can any seachickens fan be happy or consider that game legitimate??? And how can Carroll and his players say they got the call right with a straight face?? Ridiculous.

  74. A bunch of BS from the league to heap onto the pile of crap that this referee situation has become. Seahawks clearly won the first half. Pack clearly won the second half. The fact that a crew of completely in over their head refs decided this game is really, really sad. “Referee Wayne Elliott determined that no indisputable visual evidence existed to overturn the call on the field.” What was the call on the field? Two refs standing 2 feet apart looked at each other and then made two different calls. The head ref never announced a call. How can replay review overturn a call when none of the refs really know what the call was? Very sad.

  75. Nothing will change. Only when the NFL shield and their owners’ wallets get hit, by fans or sponsors, will we see change.

    There is NO WAY the call was a simultaneous catch. The Seahawks get screwed in the SuperBowl by the regular officials! But this call was much worse. This is only a regular season and the backlash is huge; just imagine if this was an NFC Championship game.

  76. So basically, the refs were wrong three times on a single play:

    1. Refs on the field were out of position and missed the incredibly obvious push off by Tate.
    2. Refs on the field made the wrong call on the catch in the end zone.
    3. The replay review ref in the box failed to correct the wrong call made on the field by the replacements refs.

    Thats a whole lot of wrong right there.

  77. Everyone who doesn’t like this play needs to come to terms with the fact the play was called as the rule states.

    I agree a PI was missed, but the catch was called to the rule as it states now. That is a good reason why in that situation coaches tell player to just batt the ball down.

  78. Dirty little secret- everyone wants to see this weekly train wreck, it’s simply more interesting and compelling to watch, even if it does drive us nuts, you’ll watch MORE because of it, not less….TV ratings next Sunday will be through the roof, the league will continue to lock them out. Watch and see……..

  79. Roger Goodell has, with the approval of 31 of the greediest individuals imaginable, turned a beautiful game into a pile of manure. Such arrogance from him and his bosses. Whitlock is right though; their brand of justice won’t stop any time soon. They ruined the Saints, they ruined this season, but the money is still pouring in and that’s the bottom line. Get used to it.

  80. Well, that’s it. I’m done. I guess I will be watching golf on Sunday. I will not be watching anymore NFL until the replacement refs are gone.

  81. Drew Pearson pushing Paul Krause. The refs missed the call again. Unlike the Packers, were used to getting hosed by the refs. Too bad! Ha-Ha good for you guys. Chumps.

  82. The NFL is now an extension of the officiating. This may not be the last time they have to (feel compelled to the follow-up) go through this process.

    Thinking about the issues, the real difference between the current replacements and the regulars is the 10% of the calls where the regulars earn their $$$. Right now the replacements cannot make these calls (e.g. game is too fast, rules are not well understood, lack of experience with world-class athletes, etc).

    As the season progresses, getting closer to the playoffs, when jobs (head coaches, coordinators, etc) are on the line, the 10% of the calls become more and more critical to be called correctly, assertively, with a solid grounding in the process.

    I also heard that the NFL has hired the replacements up to and including the 5th game.

  83. Only because the Officials would not have made it off of the field when that crowd found out they had lost.

    We talk a lot about the failures of officials right now because we are putting them under the microscope. Its important to note 2 things:

    1. This isn’t the first NFL game decided by a bad call; see the Ed Hochuli debacle in San Diego and the Calvin Johnson ruling from 2 years ago in Chicago. These are only 2 examples

    2. The NFLRU by all accounts are asking for far too much, and since this lockout they have only increased their demands, based solely on fan reaction. This will not get resolved until the NFLRU accepts regular reviews of their aptitude, a reasonable pay (they are part time workers that currently receive $8000/game on avg). Now they are currently asking for back pay for the games they are missing. This is ludicrous!

    Keep the replacements….They may not be perfect, but at least we get football. The players need to man up and start acting like the professionals they are. Their treatment of replacement officials during games is abhorrent and until they grow up they deserve everything they get. Not even going to talk about coaches, they need to take a page out of Mike McCarthy’s playbook and start leading by example…..I’m talking to you Bill Belichek, Kyle Shanahan, John Fox and John Harbaugh. You should all be ashamed.

  84. Lt. Col. Frank Slade says

    I’ll show you out of order! You don’t know what out of order is, Mr. NFL! I’d show you, but I’m too old, I’m too tired and the Ref’s are too F’N blind. If I were half the man I was five years ago, I’d take a FLAME – THROWER to this place! Out of order!!!

  85. a simple photo of your middle finger would have been just fine after this statement Goodell… This was your chance to apologize for the travesty you have created in the first three weeks of this season.
    Ive waited all year to watch these games, and three weeks later… well its just getting hard to watch. I was a rabid NBA fine until it became to questionable to tell if it was legit. with the amount of money on the line in vegas and the comments of refs as fans or fantasy owners… well its too easy to think that these refs who know they have a part time job might be willing to make a little extra money on the side. please, before this becomes another NBA bring the refs back! too many of us are starting to question the integrity of the game. Fix this before it becomes just another NBA.

  86. The ruling was correct. The language of the rule fits with simultaneous catch based upon actual definitions of the words and phrases that describe the rule. The Joint Clause is not what transpired here and the result should be a TD according to the rule.

    The problem is the rule is not well defined and needs to be tweaked in addition to what is allowed to be changed during a replay. It’s a silly nonsensical rule to not allow a ref to call the pass interference when it’s that blatant in the replay, or to have any discretion and power that could get interfered with on account of a poorly written rule when it seemingly will allow for a common sense unjust result.

  87. The North korean Football League commissioner Kim Jong Goodell approves this message. All praise the dear clueless leader.

  88. so they pinned the entire thing on the incorrect initial call of Touchdown by the replacement ref. Then they took none of the blame and say that the NFL’s side of things was handled right based on the initial call of the replacement ref….

    impeach Rodg. the result is laughable, but even moreso is the level of stupidity they treat the fans with!

    Thanks for the summary of what happened Rodg, none of us had ANY idea last night, live.

  89. Now that the game is final, I think it’d be funny if Carroll and Golden Tate said “Yeah, it was totally an obvious interception, man these replacement suck.”

    Because what is the NFL going to do about it, and it might help get the regular refs back sooner.

  90. I know it’s going to piss people off- but I think the NFL statement is correct. The offensive pass interference was blatent and should have been called – the duel possession not NEARLY as clear cut as everyone is making it out to be. Having not watched it live and having heard the uproar- thought it would be worse.

    Sorry Pack but:
    1. How can you not knock that ball down?
    2. How can you not make ANY attempt to wrestle it away once your on the ground? If Tates hand comes off for even a second, game over – as it is he sat their limp and left it a tough call for officials.
    3. Your offense cannot score 12 points in an NFL game and expect to win…not with your talent. Sorry. D played great – but 12 points! With Aaron Rodgers in his prime? What is going on with them?

  91. You can all get lathered up and rant all you want. The only way to truly show the NFL how you feel is to not go to the game and to not turn on the tv on Sunday. If that happens you will see the regular refs back immediately.

  92. Falcons owner Arthur Blank, who chairs the compensation committee said, “I speak on behalf of 32 NFL club owners in saying we are fortunate to have Roger Goodell as our commissioner.”

    Blank continued with, “NFL ownership recognizes his already significant list of accomplishments and is fully behind his strategic vision for the future of our league.”

    Tell your team owners what you think of their contintued support of Goodell.

    Get the real deal refs back!

  93. Love how the league spins it LOL!!!

    So the game should have ended on a offensive PI call negating the TD catch.

    But, they agree with the catch being simultaneous. So in other words backing up the reff on his decision of ruling it a TD.

    Absolute joke!!! Any logical unbiased educated NFL fan seen it was a interception. There for the offensive PI call would have been a moot point & declined anyways.

    The league is acting like parents who think their kids can do know wrong & defending these reffs at all costs. Nice spin job Rog!!!!!

    P.S. The real reffs suck too!!!

  94. Wow Packer fans are mad but guess what if it were not for some very suspect calls against the Seahawks on the final TD you guys scored you probably would have lost straight up. You were lucky to be in the position you were in to begin with……9 sacks!!!!!!!!!

  95. Ahh, the old politically correct route. Their statement should have read

    “We apologize that the integrity and outcome of last night’s game suffered due to our lack of foresight to handle the lockout with the referees. We knew we took a risk by hiring officials who were fired by the Pac-12 conference for poor performance and other small college football conferences who have never dealt with the speed of Division 1 football, much less the NFL. We can not repair the harm caused by our stubborn inability to work towards a resolution until one was mutually agreed upon with the referees. From this day forward we will continue to meet and resolve our differences until none remain. That is our vow to you the fans and the players alike.”

    And then I wake up…

  96. For all the people basically asking for a boycott of football, it’s simple, demand for NFL is inelastic. There will be no decline in attendance next week or next month and ratings will still be sky high. It sucks, but it’s the truth. Goodell knows this and any leverage the current refs have gained is minimal.

  97. I think we can all agree that we need a 5’2″ lawyer to defend our right to blah, blah, blah, blah.

    This is a travesty… and an encumbrance on our ability to maintain a fee simple non-gelubrious relationship with entities aforesaid.

    That having been said, absent fiduciary exigencies to the contrary not-withstanding , in re callous, legubrious utterances, de facto, in entirious, …well… you get my drift.

    Bring on the mini- factotum.

  98. Maybe the NFL got sick of listening to Seattle fans bitch about the SB against the Steelers, and decided to throw em a bone?

  99. Even if I buy this explanation of simultaneous possession (which I don’t), what about the 5-6 bad calls (on both teams) that led up to that final play?

    What some people don’t seem to understand is that other plays are important too, not just the final play. There were phantom pass interference calls, roughing the passer penalties, calls that weren’t made, etc. All of them had an impact on the game…

  100. ive seen interceptions where the defender rips the ball out of the hands of the receiver. i look at this call like that, golden tate begins to gain possession in the air, and by the time they hit the ground they have joint possession. the tie goes to the receiver.

    now, the real argument is whether there was joint posession. but if you isolate this catch, and remove the circumstances (end of game, in the end zone, obvious offensive pass interference, intense scrutiny of the replacement refs) this is a judgement call that could go either way every time.

    i understand and agree packers fans were robbed, but you gotta look at the facts.

  101. Bottom line, the Packers lost. They can complain about the calls all they want, and Seattle fans will point out all the bad calls that helped them score a TD, but result is still the same.

    There are any number of things the Packers could have done differently that would have taken away the possibility of the game being decided on a hail mary pass.

    Time to get over it and move on. Or should we start bringing up all the past games that the Packers won on bad calls? Don’t wanna go there Packer fans.

    In the meantime, I hope a deal gets done fast to bring back the regular refs, as the replacement refs have lost all credibility among coaches, fans, and players.

    The NFL cannot do this by itself. It needs the help and cooperation of the NFLRA to come to an agreement. If the NFLRA cannot agree to back-up refs, a 401k, and six-figure salary for a part-time job, then something is seriously wrong there. At least come up with a one-year solution and accept binding arbitration for future years.

  102. This is an outrage. The REAL refs never missed a pass interference call! I shall tender a stern letter to my congressperson and I will cc: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell detailing my outrage and demanding that the Green Bay Packers be awarded a win.

  103. The more I watch it, and put team pride aside, the more I believe it was the right call.

    I know people won’t like it, but if Tate didn’t have good strong hands on the ball, how didn’t he pull the ball away? Just because he twisted his body after he hit the ground, doesn’t mean he had stronger control of the ball.

    Fact is, it doesn’t matter who touches the ball first, it matters that both players had hands on the ball when they hit the ground. It sucks for the Packers, but that’s the rule. It doesn’t matter if Jennings has more control, that’s not determinable from a rules stand point. All that is determinable is that both players had hands on the ball when they went to the ground. In that case, it’s a TD for the Seahawks…. Sorry Packers, that’s the rule.

    Sometimes rules are bad, this may be the case with this one, just as is the case with the “Calvin Johnson Rule”. But, if going by the letter of the law, until they change the rules, both calls are correct. As a Lions fan, that makes me really mad, which is why I think rules need to be changed so that it’s not always the letter of the law but common sense can be used as well, as in the “TD” last night. Until they do, that was the right call last night.

  104. This bunch of drama queens would be better off watching Lifetime instead of football.

    Boycott away, just shut up about it. Watch The View or something like it instead.

  105. Watch Packers fans blow another gasket when the league starts to hand out the big fines that are definitely appropriate from this incident.

    First and foremost should be the fine and suspension of TJ Lang. The NFL has warned against this kind of reaction and Lang was way out of line.

  106. “This isn’t the first NFL game decided by a bad call; see the Ed Hochuli debacle in San Diego and the Calvin Johnson ruling from 2 years ago in Chicago. These are only 2 examples”

    True, but look at how often this is occurring. You had bad calls like this one or two times a *year* (and usually it was a result of some problem or ambiguity in the rule itself).

    Now these things are happening three to four times a *week*…

  107. Would the NFL really go through the motions of issuing an “official statement” if all this was about was some bush league ref missing a PI call? All the “official statement” has done is put a solid “*” beside the outcome of this game, and any and all playoff implications it may affect.

    What a joke… There is absolutely no integrity in the league anymore. Goodthing Sunday huntig is legal in Ontario now. What the hell is the point of staying up to midnight on a Monday night and getting 4 hours sleep before coming to work, when a team can be this easily robbed of a win by a bunch of incompetent zebras and an idiot commissioner who thinks he’s god?

    I really knew the season was going to be this bad before I bought tickets to the Pack/Lions game this November. At this point, it just seems like a complete waste of money. If I wanted to watch fixed outcomes, I’d tune into the WWF.

  108. wow, some one could now pay officials to fix a game for bookies, and the nba, sorry nfl would just shrug their shoulders, with no one the wiser.the nfl games can now be fixed with out penalty.

  109. Doesn’t surprise me. The NFL rarely admits its wrong even when 90% of fans and impartial commentators can see its wrong. There is precident here. They did the same thing with the Calvin Johnson process of making a catch rule which forever change how catches were determined in the NFL. It will do the same now to simultaneous possession. All someone has to do after a player intercepts is wrap up that player (even from behind) and come down with his hands near the ball. That one call will now alter the rule for all 32 teams.

  110. I was an ardent fan of football and baseball until strikes/lockouts ruined my interest. I survived the football lockout, but this is a joke. Not just last night (although that was the most egregious example in that it decided a game on not one but two wrong calls on the last play) but the entire first three weeks has been a travesty.

    I admit I’ll keep watching the Pack, but if the NFL thinks they won’t lose money they are insane. I was going to get NFL Rewind this week, now I won’t. I won’t be watching any non-Packer games at least until the playoffs, and quite possible for the indefinite future. And I sure as heck won’t be purchasing any more memorabilia – I can make the Jersey I own and other t-shirts last a damn long time.

    Throw in not buying tickets (was planning to go late in the season after going to Family Night in the preseason) and that’s about $1,000 the NFL is out this year from my family alone.

    -A Packer fan and ex-NFL fan

  111. Wow, what a statement. It took them all night and half of the morning to come up with that? They would have been better off saying nothing.

    Instead, they said “We acknowledge that Green Bay should have won the game. However, they got jobbed fair and square by our pathetic amateur hour refs, and getting jobbed by the refs is part of the long and glorious tradition of the game.”

    How, exactly, is that better than just saying nothing at all, which is what they should have said unless the statement included something along the lines of “the normal refs will be back in week 4.”

  112. Thank your Godell for this mess! How can people still argue that he’s a good commish? The nfl flourishes in spite of him not because of him!

  113. Laughable response. The rule is clear on what does and does not constitute simultaneous possesion. The defender clearly intercepted the ball first, had it against his chest with both hands for the entire duration of the play. Tate subsequently got a hand on the ball, and at times only had one hand on the ball.

    Just like the Hochuli call, the replay rules in place, don’t allow for making the correct call, which is the intent, and purpose of replay to begin with. Hochuli knew he made a bad call, but the asisne rules in place would not allow him to make it right.

    That is absurdity in action. Either take the handcuffs off of replay, and use it to its potential, or get rid of it.

    And while they are at it, could the league possibly clarify what does and does not constitute pass interference, and instruct the officials to stick to the standard they come up with.

    As Gruden said, PI should call itself.

  114. I think it was a bad call and the Packers got hosed. That said, the call was not as cut and dried as everybody is claiming. The refs claim that both players had possession and the replay would have to be indisputable to reverse it. There is an argument to be made that Tate also had the ball (but to me it looked like the Packer player had more control) Had the opposite been called on the field that wouldn’t have been reversed either. The main issue I have is that the refs were not in an adequate position to make the call immediately (not saying he was not where he was supposed to be, just that where he was was not the best place to view the play as it was happening). Maybe the regular guys would have been better positioned but they could have easily made the same call as well. When the ref gets there late it looks like the Packer player is pulling the ball away from Tate after they hit the ground…if that is what the official sees it is not ridiculous for the call to be TD.

    The missed OPI is the bigger problem but even the old refs would NEVER call that. I have seen several interviews where former refs all say they are told not to call that on hail mary plays)

    The Packers got screwed but stuff like that has happened in the past. How many plays were wrongly called but the inadvertent or quick whistle prevented justice from being done? Similar thing here. Sucks.

  115. This is a total JOKE!!! the NFL has been stained enough thru the first two weeks, but letting this stand makes the league look worse than ever!! I hope every team takes note of what can happen when sub-standard officiating is allowed to decide a game. As far as I am concerned the “official” who signaled touchdown, after not calling the offensive pass interference, should be fired and fined for either being blind or stupid!!

  116. Getting harder and harder to plunk my kids down in front of this stuff, particularly given all the other entertainment options they have these days. Just throwing that out there, NFL.

  117. The Seattle blinded fans and pete caroll and golden tate need to act like men. Enjoy your tainted victory , but at least say something like we can’t control the officaiting it is what it is and move on.. Don’t flat out lie like you did to the usc fans and the recruits parents..

    This just doesn’t effect the packers how about if the nfc west comes down to 1 game how will the niners cardinals and maybe rams fans feel

    In defense of Seattle many of their fans agree thisis bogus, .

  118. Everyone is over looking one huge fact. The ball should not have been catchable. The defender should of done his job and swatted it out of the end zone. Instead he gets greedy and goes for the pick. Then the officials would not have mattered. That is the one and only true mistake made.

    So packers fans, be mad at Jennings not the refs.

  119. davikes says: Sep 25, 2012 12:38 PM

    Has anyone ever seen OPI, or DPI called on a hail mary? I happens on every one of them, and the regular refs never call it.


    DaVikes is right, you know. Referees rarely, if ever call pass interference on a Hail Mary. The regular referees could have easily made the same calls, and though Packer fans would still be upset, the rest of us probably wouldn’t have noticed.

    Actually, I would have noticed because the Packers suck…

  120. People need to think about the other side of this. The refs are asking for a ungodly amount of money. I personally would rather see a crap product for a year then be forced into paying a ransom. Just because the NFL makes money doesn’t mean we should spend all they have. Learn from Americas past mistakes. Yes, these refs need to make more money but not at what they are asking.

    Also people are pissed at Seattle and its players. The only one you should be pissed at is Browner for that BS hit. Carrol is excited that he just beat the packer on the last play of the game. He doesn’t see what happened, just that the play was upheld. What do you expect players to say. “We lost the game”. You are lying if you were in that position and not say the same thing as them.

  121. logicalthinkersays says: Sep 25, 2012 12:28 PM

    Now everyone knows how Redskins fans feel. Constantly getting screwed out of victories for YEARS. We should be 3-0 but alas the NFL hates us. Glad GB fans walked a mile in our shoes.
    Voice of reason/logical thinker:
    The fact that you relate this to the Redskins is so illogical it makes me wonder whether you have the mental capabilities of even understanding NFL rules. You seem to be the first person to post on every single PFT article and somehow tie in the Redskins. To take a line from the big lebowski, Are you employed, sir?
    Get a life, if you don’t recall the NFL reviewed the Rams game against the Redskins and said there were no dirty plays, or missed penalties, and they didn’t take the game from your team.

    Maybe if there wasn’t so much nepotism in the locker room and you didn’t have a 45 year old man cursing at referees, setting a horrible example for your younger players, you wouldn’t have to worry about Josh Morgan taking the bait from an experienced veteran like Finnegan, and you wouldn’t have lost the game by a COMPLETELY boneheaded error by the REDSKINS, not the replacement refs. OH, and what did they miss in the Bengals game? Your Secondary that decided not to show up for the game?
    Maybe you will win more games if you try something other than Bubble screen, bubble screen, qb draw, option every series.

    RGIII will be good for 2 years just like Vick had 2 good years in Philly getting tossed around the field before his body breaks down. (Unless you can find a bunch of 1st/2nd round draft picks sitting around somewhere before 2015).

  122. After the simultaneous catch, Bears, Vikings and Lions fans simultaneously spit out their beer in laughter.

  123. When does the NBA season start because I’m done. I’ll find other stuff to do next weekend. This is beyond a joke right now. Every fans should get refunds for all games played with replacement refs and all games and records should be wiped clean and the season cancelled until the regular refs come back.

  124. I have a few questions for packer fans and other who watched the game:

    Do you think your OLine was, well, “offensive”, in the first half, causing 8 qb sacks?

    If you get a 1st down with less than 2 minutes to play WHEN YOU HAD THE BALL, wouldn’t this all be mute?

    What about the phantom call on the seattle DB on the drive where you scored your only TD? The same play where even the biggest packer aplolgist, Gruden, admitted was NOT pass interference. It was a bing/bang play……would have been 4th down, and the zebra makes a mistake…..IN YOUR FAVOR??!!

    Bottom line, there were plenty of opportunities and “gifts” from the refs for EITHER team to put the control IN YOUR OWN HANDS. Both teams failed at that, and you end up ‘relying” on the zebras to make a call.

    Get over it…….gbay is the NFL pet, and the replacement refs never got the memo from the “real” refs that gbay gets the calls—-SEE NY GIANTS last year.

    Quit the whining……this wasn’t even a playoff game.

    ask the vikings about the drew Pearson push off Hail Mary game that cost them atrip to the Supe!!! Now, THAT, was a travesty!!!!

  125. You know, Tate should have been flagged in the Cowboys game, too. Instead they flagged the Cowboys for touching Russell Wilson as he was going out of bounds. The result is a 30 yard swing of field position and an automatic first down (instead of 2nd and 27 inside the Seahawks’ 10 yard line) in a two possession game and over 13 minutes left. Instead the Seahawks went on to score.

    Basically, what I’m saying is “welcome to 1-2, Packers hahahaha”

  126. I’m done with the NFL, I’m going to watch a football league with more credibility, like the Lingerie Football League.

  127. Everyone seems to be forgetting how much they complained about the “real” refs. There have been so many controversial calls the last few years, and it’s no different now. The replacements are not significantly worse. Long before replacement refs existed, the NFL issued so many apologies for blown calls. It’s time to move on with the refs we have and quit complaining.

  128. The only way the NFL will learn is to:

    1. quit watching the games until the real refs come back.
    2. do not attend the games
    3. Do not buy NFL apparrel

    Tell the NFL through your wallet that this has to change. that is the only thing GOODELL understands!

  129. Not shocking really. When I first saw the play I said he pushed him and if he catches the ball it should be a flag. If not then game over. Either way, not a TD.

  130. Not surprising that the NFL comes out in support of the refs. This just makes them look worse in the eyes of the fans. They’re the BIG BROTHER and they control everything now. Oh, I wish there was some way to make them realize what they’re doing is going to cost them eventually.

  131. I know most people disagree with me, but I saw Golden Tate have two arms around the ball from sometime in midair until five or six seconds on the ground. I agree with the simultaneous possession call. Yes, Jennings had more control (as the ball was against his body), but that doesn’t negate any simultaneous possession. The rule stinks as applied here, but I think it was applied right.

    That said, Green Bay got screwed either way. The OPI, the Shields PI, and the roughing call were enough to turn the tide, even if the 3% of people who agree with me that this was a catch are right.

    The replacement refs are just awful at identifying PIs and teams are starting to exploit this. They need to go.

  132. Not that it would help their position, but if the NFLRA wanted to endear themselves more to the fans, they should issue their own statement.

  133. Well there is a bright side at least it won’t affect the playoff
    Green bay will still win the NFC north and Seattle even after stealing this game will still be last in the the NFC west

  134. So when the replay official saw:

    – Jennings with the ball secured against his body.

    – Tate wedged underneath Jennings with one hand on the ball and the other one sort of flailing around grabbing at the ball and Jennings

    – 2 other Packers on top of Tate, between his body and the ball, also with their hands on the ball

    He thought, “we’ll that’s not conclusive”.

    Really the travesty is the guy who was 5 feet away from the PI not calling it, and then who comes in 5 seconds late and unilaterally rules a TD.

    At that point it became bedlam with guys running on the field, and any semblance of order was lost.

  135. I realize this was awhile ago, but the Packers lost a Wild Card game against the 49ers when Jerry Rice obviously fumbled a ball and it was called an incompletion. So, it isn’t exactly like we haven’t gotten screwed by the refs before. The difference there is that we still had a chance to stop them and didn’t, but on this one its just game over.

  136. kattykathy says:
    Sep 25, 2012 12:37 PM

    That is exactly what I said in 2 previous posts.
    “When the players hit the ground, BOTH players had possesion of the ball.

    Just cause Jennings had the ball in his hands first doesn’t mean anything. He was still in the air, and that means the ball was still in play.
    Both you and the NFL might wanna read the rules again with a focus on the distinction in the rules between the terms “POSSESSION” and “CONTROL”.

    Control is an element (or part of) possession. The rule clearly states that “It is not a simultaneous catch if a player gains control first and an opponent subsequently gains joint control.”

    Notice the wording of the rule – it says “CONTROL” and not “POSSESSION”

    Therefore, the focus on the joint possession rule is clearly on who controlled the ball first.

    By your own admission according to the NFL rules, Jennings had an Interception.

  137. quit whining all u Green Bay babies. Just because you are the darlings of the NFL who cares. Its usually us in Seattle that is getting screwed over. If it had been the other way around nobody would have cared and people would have said how great Aaron Rodgers is. Nobody even cared that our defense totally pummeled them in the first half and then in the second half they got away with holding on every play. So don’t call us cheaters when you all cheat just a little more.

  138. This is just in.. According to the NFL the replacement refs did a remarkable job on that game.. lol

  139. Dear NFL fans, stop complaining, really I have no time for all of this whining, MY office has issued a atatement MY office knows what’s best for the NFL as long as the owners have my back (and yes they do) I will continue doing what I do best keeping anyone out that defy’s MY rules, hey old ref’s remember this, It’s MY way or the highway but I guess you already know that.come back crawling on your knees maybe will talk
    regards,Roger the dictator Goodell,head of the NFL

  140. Suck it up Packer fans. If your boy Jennings had made the smart play and just batted the ball away instead of being greedy and going for the meaningless interception, GB would have won and we wouldn’t be having this conversation. As far as I’m concerned, Jennings lost the game for you by not playing smart football.

  141. The NFL and the Owners have made it clear that the only thing they care about is money. That being said, they have absolutely no incentive to back down and give the regular refs what they want. Think about it:

    1) Stadiums are still selling out
    2) TV ratings are still huge
    3) Bad officiating makes games last longer, which means more commercials, which means more advertising dollars
    4) They are saving money by using these cheaper, replacement refs.
    5) While the calls have been bad, this whole replacement refs issue has made the NFL more popular than ever. People I know who don’t care about football are chiming in, and watching to see what the fuss is about.

    Basically the NFL and the Owners are taking this ref debacle and turning it into huge profits for themselves, at the expense of the fans.

    The players aren’t blameless either…I’m fed up with WRs asking for a PI call on EVERY FREAKING PLAY. It’s getting old.

  142. I’m either a Packers or Seahawks fan, but the call that was made on the field (last night), and the subsequent release of a review of the game (today) by the NFL (The No Fairplay League), is total BS and these people need to have their heads examined.

    Clearly it was a pass interference by Golden Tate (totally overlooked), and a interception by Jennings, both Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles saw that. The ref that called touchdown clearly did not have a clear line of sight of the catch, if he had to run 10 yards (from the front of the endzone to the back of it).

    The executives (Goodell and Aiello), are mucking up the integrity of game—PERIOD!

  143. Let’s see. The NFL supports the wrong decision?…yeah. That sounds about right. Goodell: Quick for justice. (unless it’s inconvenient)

  144. Is Goidell really what’s holding up the referee strike? Seems to me he works for the owners, shouldn’t we as fans be telling our displeasure to the owners of the teams we root for??

  145. I’m sorry, did they play one play or 4 quarters of football. Like the “Great” coaches always say, never put the game in the refs hands, replacements or not. There were plenty of chances for Green Bay to win earlier and they didn’t. If you put yourself into these situations you get what you get. Let’s give Seattle a little credit, their defense played great, i hear they got a couple of sacks, and their rookie quarterback looks very promising. Don’t ever make excuses, take a page out of Mike Tomlins Book and be men!!!!!!!

  146. Tate did all he could to help his team get the W. I’d bet that inside his head he’s thinking “There’s no way I’m catching this ball but maybe if I make a grab at the ball and maybe get a hand on it…who knows what could happen..” And he actually gets that 1 in a million call…?

    I’m by no means saying things ended like they should. That was the ‘Packs game, but you can’t blame the Seahawks or Tate for his response when he was asked about the push-off.

  147. Translation:

    Mistakes happen. It’s part of the game, like it or not. Players make ’em. Refs make ’em. Coaches make ’em. We’re not overturning the result of this game, or any other game, because of a bad call.

    Get over it. Get back to work- especially members of the NFLRA.

  148. Self serving,meaningless, ridiculous statement by the NFL. The replay clearly showed Jennings, not Tate, caught the ball and came down with it and pulled it to his chest.

  149. someone tell me when the real refs are back. until then, i record ncaa games on saturdays and watch them on sundays. and thursday already belongs to network tv.

  150. Jennings clearly had control first, and by the rule stated here, there was no simultaneous catch. In an interview in the locker room Tate even said that Jennings “caught the ball first, but that [he] took it away from him.” Well Tate, if that was the case, then you just admitted there was no simultaneous catch yourself, because it’s obvious you never took it away. This is just PR from the NFL, that won’t budge until it hits them where it hurts — monetarily. They don’t care about the fans, the players (or their safety), or the integrity of their product when it comes to money. If somehow a boycott of the Thursday night game were organized to get the real officials back, I’d totally do it. It’s the only way the NFL and the owners will care about this issue. Sad, but true.

  151. A prime example of why most defenders are told to bat the ball down in that scenario. Bad things happen when you go for the pick.

    Not saying the ruling was right, but the defender probably should have batted the ball down. Game over.

  152. @barkngshns

    I agree that Jennings made a bonehead play. You always bat the ball down in those cases, BUT that doesn’t cover the issue the NFL is facing game after game… there is no consistency in officiating from a call by call basis. Everyone points to the handful of glaring mistakes the “real” refs have made in the past, but it is exactly that… a handful. There have been head scratching calls made game after game, week after week. In the NFL more so than the other ‘big 4’ team sports, every game is important. The Week 3 Ravens-Pats game could determine playoff seeding, same with last nights game. While a company that made 3 billion dollars profit last season fights with men that make 150K per year, the integrity of their game and it’s championship gets murkier by the week.

  153. Yes, GB has been the beneficiary of some horrible calls in recent years (think of 2 games just last year which were riddled with bad calls that favored GB), and yes this is possibly the worst call that ended a game since Calvin Johnson caught a game ending TD pass against the Bears, had clear possession, held the ball up showing it, then set it on the ground as he was getting up – and had the whole thing ruled incomplete (and then the NFL has lied about it ever since). But right, it was an interception, and it was pass interference, and lots of other calls were bad too. The old, regular refs definitely seemed to have an agenda that favored certain teams and players – so maybe the difference is that these replacement refs either have no agenda, or they are “equal opportunity” screwers – everyone is getting screwed, not just the teams/players who are already used to it.

  154. Goodell has just flipped off every NFL fan.

    I WILL be boycotting the NFL. I don’t know for how long, but I will not watch any games or buy anything with the NFL shield.

    If that’s the only language he understands, so be it.

  155. You know, I’ve been waiting a long time to tell another team’s fans to “Quit your crying”.

    Bad officiating in Superbowl XL may (or may not) have cost my Seahawks a victory.

    Bad officiating in 1998 at the Meadowlands vs. Vinny Testaverde and the Jets DID cost my Seahawks a playoff berth, and is widely regarded as the reason we have instant replay in the NFL now.

    Cry me a river. What may have been a bad call ended up giving the Seahawks a victory. Waah.

    I’ll echo what someone else said earlier. That horrible PI call against Chancellor kept your TD drive alive. Who knows what happens if that’s a non-call and the Hawks get the ball back instead of a GB TD.

    Your team had its chances to seal this game up well before this, and they didn’t.

  156. Boycott Buster here… Everybody needs to quit crying and enjoy watching football…in the end its just a game. BTW had he batted the ball away instead of trying to pad his stats they would have won the game. Hate the player not the game.

  157. videinfra78:

    “Jennings clearly had control first, and by the rule stated here, there was no simultaneous catch.”

    No, that’s not the rule. People continue to misinterpret the rule. First doesn’t matter, it is simultaneous when the COMPLETED catch is done. In other words, it’s determined at the point of being a complete catch. It also doesn’t matter if Jennings had more control or not, that’s not determinable by the rule. It’s simply who has control at the point a completed catch is determined. By that regulation, it’s simultaneous and is a TD as a result.

    Personally, just like with the “Calvin Johnson Rule” a couple years ago, if going by the letter of the law, the call is correct. Most of the world, including myself, think last night should have been an INT and the catch by Calvin should have been a catch, but until the rules change and allow for common sense and not just the letter of the law, these calls will be made, and, unfortunately, are correct.

  158. Whats getting lost is the freaking epic defensive performance of the Hawks, they held Rodgers to 12 pts with the only TD resulting on a equally terrible 3rd dwn PI call on Chancellor, you can’t say the Hawks didnt deserve a win here, they handled the Pack offense and then some.

    That said it was a pick at the end and Im a Hawks fan, terrible calls on both teams all night…Hawks just got lucky to get the last one.

    MD Jennings should have done what he has been taught for years on a hail mary….knock it down!

  159. that was an INT if I’ve ever seen one. NFL is covering their own.
    green bay and their fans got robbed.

  160. You can argue that batting the ball down is the right play, but go ask Tennessee what happens when you bat a ball down…. The ref made a bad call

  161. It was McCarthy’s and Rodgers job to assure a game is never decided by one play. When you don’t control your own destiny, you are the only one to blame.

    It was Jennings job to not just lay there, but to rip the ball away. If he hadn’t just laid there but twisted away from Tate with the ball, the refs would have seen that and called it an interception – look at the delay before any call is delivered. EVERY defender is taught that simultaneous possession reverts to the offense (unless its a 4th-down scrimmage kick). That rule is consistent from Pop Warner to the pros.

    Saying Tate committed OPI is a sop for bitter GB fans, as they knew they’d be hooted for this ruling. The one thing almost every retired ref, coach and both active and retired receivers agreed when discussing this is that on a last-play Hail Mary, pretty much anything goes.

  162. This is why they tell defenders to bat it down in the endzone on hail mary passes. The rules favor the wideout. Since you can’t say that Jennings had full control before Tate challenged him for the catch, it’s impossible to say that Jennings had a clear interception. If Jennings had batted the ball down like he should have, GB wins.

    The rule favors the offensive team for a reason. I agree with the rule but disagree with how this one was called. The push off no call is more glaring in my eyes then the contended catch.

    I am sure every team in the league will be reminding defenders to bat down hail mary passes this week. The offense is favored too heavily in a contested catch.

  163. This is a typical of the NFL, run by owners familiar with large corporate accountability, or lack thereof. They addressed the direct question of the interception by acknowledging the non-issue of OPI. Statements like that never stand up in court. However, our banks and Federal Reserve would fully support the poor response. They even imply that it wasn’t even a “simultaneous catch”, which means that it was an interception. What we all need to understand is that the NFL has become too big to fail. As such regardless of their actions, there will never be any accountability.
    Other games this past weekend were just as poorly called. The Ravens were given a last second field goal that clearly was wide. That is just the tip of the iceberg. … the issue is that this WAS NOT a “simultaneous catch.” Jennings clearly caught the ball and came down with it, as was seen from nearly every replay angle.
    The NFL HAS BECOME TOO BIG TO FAIL. Just ask them, they will tell you how true it is.

  164. It’s so obvious that golden Tate lost full possession of the ball when he let go of it with one hand and once he was on the ground regained simultaneous possession therefore it was even more egregious when they didn’t see this and overturn it on replay it was so clear you had to be blind. I plus the fact that it was in Jennings chest to begin with

  165. If you’re going to flag Goldent Tate for offensive PI, then you’d have to flag the three GB defenders who crash into Charlie Martin (illegal contact) while the ball was in the air.

  166. One more point – because of the ball’s location, football officiating mechanics say that is the side judge’s call on TD, INT and/or PI (the one who indicated TD in the game). The back judge (who crossed his arms overhead) runs the clock, so the idea that the back judge was simply killing the clock before calling a touchback is wishful thinking. The SJ would have called the touchback first.

  167. andit shouldnt of been reverse.. both players had posession (tates left arm the entire time).. ill go to my grave saying thats a dual catch. just bec he moved his right hand a fraction of a second doesnt discount his left arm in posession..weve seen crazier catches (fitz catching a football between his bicep and forearm, or tyrees helmet catch.) counting for posession. it was a dual catch and tate deserves that TD..outside that missed p.i..but like i previously said..stop me when u heard that one before

  168. Forget the offensive pass interference. The NFL is telling us both players had possession of the ball … even though the entire world could see Jennings had sole possession of the ball, pulled into his chest, and Tate’s hand lost contact with the ball. So … we’re supposed to ignore our eyes and believe this illusion they’re selling?

    Was this a football game or a Penn and Teller show?

    And I thought they couldn’t do any more damage to the integrity of the shield than they’d done last night. How silly of me.

  169. Paul Tagliabue just woke up from a six year nap! Looked at his family and said “You wouldn’t believe the nightmare I just had”! He then stated “I need to get back to work”, “can someone call Roger and have him get my morning coffee ready for me”.

  170. The million-dollar question is: at which point in time must both players have the ball for it to be deemed a “simultaneous catch”? And the answer is contained above in the definition of what a catch is. There is no catch until feet are on the ground – so it is at that EXACT point in time, when feet hit the ground, when you need to look to see who has their hands on the ball (not when they are in the air, and not when they are on the pile). TOUCHDOWN!!!

  171. I know there’s no way I can not pay attention to the Packers, but I can avoid watching the games and just check scores until the good refs come back. It’s just to painful to watch. Never thought it could get this bad.

  172. Am I the only one surprised that there was not a statement issued about the Patriots game? And that nobody seems to be as concerned with that? It was also a controversial scoring play that determined the outcome.

  173. to the people saying the db could have batted the ball down, look at the mass of people (including the guy tate pushed down) who may have had a chance to gain control before the ball reached the turf. that exact play ended a game last season as the batted ball went to the trailing wide. i know this because the nfl network showed the play a million times as one of their three commercials. the packers db did exactly what he should have, it was the officials who failed.

    the db gained control prior to tate. there is a point where only the db has the ball. after that control was gained, whether the wr also grabs onto the ball isn’t relevant, and joint possession isn’t applied.

    and for the nfl to say that the play could be reviewed because it occurred in the end zone is as incredible as the rest of the statement. and it seems peculiar that this supposed distinction hasn’t been mentioned by any of the retired officials (with great knowledge of the rules)working for the networks .

  174. the real question is how is everyone who sees the replay just so stupid you cant se his left arm in posession of the ball THE ENTIRE TIME.. jennings got posession first yes in mid air..but the time jennings landed on his feet tate got his right arm (that he removed originally for .3 seconds) back in posession.. how can you not look at the replay at see..

    they fought for ball in mid the time jennings and tate landed both players had posession..and jennings didnt rip the bal way until the refs alraedy made the calls..

    everyone is just jumpin on the replacement ref BS hype train and its ridicilous. it was a great call..and im a giants fan

    also its karma for packer fans..u guys have a history of winning by refs. enjoy this one for all the times u guys got gifts int he nfl..steelers are next

  175. Doesn’t the fact that Tate committed a penalty mean that the game should have ended? Since they do agree that there was a penalty before the catch, then the discussion about the INT/TD is moot. There’s no play beyond the OPI and the game ends. The NFL walked a very fine line here. They support that there was not definitive evidence, a very subjective idea, to overturn the call. That’s not saying the call was right or wrong, but in their opinion there’s not enough to change it. Okay I understand the logic, I don’t agree with the conclusion, but I understand the logic. At the same time that they tacitly supported the refs conclusion, they also tacitly supported everyone else’s conclusions by saying the OPI should have been called which would have meant the game should have ended. The fact that they don’t say “We support that there was a simultaneous catch” or “The head ref made the correct call”, but they do point out the uncalled penalty means they agree with everyone’s position, but they can’t give the refs any more leverage than they already have.

  176. eastsideballa says: Sep 25, 2012 12:34 PM

    Yes, the packers were robbed however I still want the NFL to ride out the rest of the season with the replacement refs. Let me explain why. Everybody reading my comment is most likely a hard working individual struggling to make ends meet busting their a$$ day in and day out. The old refs want 250K to work part time and benefits on top, that is eggregious, and an embaressment and slap in the face to every good hard working honest human being in the world. Do I want the old refs back? Yes, but at that price sometimes teaching these old refs a lesson they’ll never forgot is more worth it.

    This entire comment makes no sense to me. I get it, times are tough and have been tough for many people. But how do the refs trying to get the best deal they can have any impact on the welfare of any struggling American family? If the refs just took the first deal the NFL offered, how would this change anything for struggling families? Would property taxes go down, would there be a decrease in unemployment, would the average wage increase?

    The owners are making millions of dollars from the game, as are the players, the coaches, the networks that broadcast the game, apparel companies, beer companies, and a myriad of other companies. However, some people are loudly yelling about how greedy the officials are for trying to get an equitable cut of the NFL income pie. It’s truly laughable.

  177. This will now be known as the Golden Tate play. Put one arm on the receiver and ball and pretend like you have the ball to the ref, presto !! TD!!

  178. simplesimon1 says:
    Sep 25, 2012 1:42 PM

    “Jennings clearly had control first, and by the rule stated here, there was no simultaneous catch.”

    No, that’s not the rule.
    Yes it is the rule… Here’s the text of the rule right from the horse’s mouth:

    “Simultaneous Catch. If a pass is caught simultaneously by two eligible opponents, and both players retain it, the ball belongs to the passers. [b]It is not a simultaneous catch if a player gains control first and an opponent subsequently gains joint control. [/b]”

    As I posted earlier, re-read the rules with a focus on the distinctions between possession and control. Control is necessary for possession.

    Jennings had control first. Therefore there can be no simultaneous possession. End of story.

  179. Does this mean that Sean Payton is comming back? Or is that final too?

    This comish is a joke. The reffs and the bounty scandal that never was. Someone just finish this dude off please for the love of god!

  180. There were many bad calls in the game, one of them allowed the Packers to score a touchdown rather than settling for a field goal. Also many other blown calls for pass interference that wasn’t there. Packers fans need to get over it the end is what it is, move on.

  181. Ok Seahawks fans, you know this ruling was wrong but you take Ws as they come. This game shouldnt have been this close but it seems like the weaker teams (Seahawks) always play better when the game is nationally televised and face a top team. …As for the last play of the game, it doesnt matter who had the ball (although we know it was Jennings). The official near the end zone pylon clearly was not looking at the play. 1) He should have called offense pass interference, thus game should have been over 2) One blind ref ruled touchdown, while other guy who was poking his head to see who got the ball, signaled Interception, correct call….3) before calling touchdown or interception, both refs should have huddled together and came to one single verdict 4) the main official should have spoken to the other 2 refs to see what happened then should have gone to the replay booth… all this deserves a, COM’ON MAN!!!, moment.

  182. To everyone that is saying don’t watch the games on tv, the tv contracts are already done. CBS, NBC, ESPN, and FOX would be affected by that, not the NFL.

    If you want to make the NFL and owners feel it then do these things.

    1. Do not watch the Thursday Night game on NFL Network

    2. Do not go to the games this week(even if you already have season tickets) concessions make alot of money for the owners.

    3. Do not buy NFL merchandise.

    The NFL is a product, and we are the consumers. The league and owners make a lot of money off of us and continue to treat us like it’s a privilege for us to enter their stadiums, buy their products and watch their teams……As long as we are willing to spend our hard earned dollars on a bad product then we will continue to receive a bad product.

  183. Are you people serious? Did you not hear their denial of any wrongdoing by the ref’s in superbowl xl?

    The game’s over. It was weak 3. Original ref’s have made worse calls to end games. Get over it.

    I have a hard time believing that if the roles were reversed and the Seahawks got screwed to end the game, it wouldn’t be an issue at all with the media or all of you outraged fans. 3/4 of the outrage is because the team that is used to getting the benefit of the doubt on plays like that, didn’t.

  184. When is the last time offensive pass interference has been called on a hail marry? The answer is never. Not once. Get over it. GO HAWKS!!!

  185. Can’t wait for the NFL to trot it’s stooge head of officials out to describe how this is the correct call. At most, they’ll detail how difficult the call is for “any official”.

  186. Dude stop crying allready, the replacement offcials have given me 3 weeks of more entertaining NFL, teams scuffle, not every panzy hit is called for unsportsmanlike conduct

    Man up and down vote me

  187. Get a copy of NFL Rule 8, Section 1, Article 3, and actually read it, paying attention to words like control and posession. Then watch the video again. It is clearly an interception. To see it any other way is to ignore the rules and disregarding common sense. The guy who has the ball held against his chest with both arms, for the duration of the entire play, has control of the ball, and certainly much more so than the guy who subsequently get one and sometimes two hands on the ball, but NEVER pressed against his body.

    Oh and by the way, all of you who said you are cancelling your Sunday Ticket, good luck with that. You can only cancel it prior to the first game of the season. You might not watch it, but you will pay for it. Read the fine print.

  188. Oh my how did those bad,bad,bad replacement officials miss that….along with those good,good,good sports commentators.

  189. rhammer21 says:
    Sep 25, 2012 2:38 PM
    When is the last time offensive pass interference has been called on a hail marry? The answer is never. Not once. Get over it. GO HAWKS!!


    When was the last time a defensive interception went for 6 for the offense????

  190. The call may be disputable but if Jennings would have played with the basic fundamentals of football the Packers would have won the game. Everyone knows in a hail mary situation at the end of the game you never go for the interception you simply bat the ball to the ground. If Jennings would have batted the ball down instead of trying to intercept it and pad his stats there would have been no duel possession to be reviewed due to him keeping the ball alive. On 4th down and on hail mary plays you should always bat the ball to the ground. Its the me first mentality and not playing with basic fundamentals that cost the pack the game.

  191. jibberator get over it the only team that cheated in the vikings games was the 49ers in the xtra time out you are just a sore loser cause you guys lost
    next game

  192. I love how the idiots chime in with “yeah, but what about this call or that call”. I am 44, been watching football since I was 7, played through high school. I cannot recall seeing such a singular, obviously erroneous call that changed the outcome of the game. Not one.

  193. tate should not have been flagged because there was no push off – the defender was starting for the ball. and no matter how many times they show the replay nowhere does jennings have control of the ball – tate has the ball in his hands. it was the correct call.

  194. And yet there’s no mention of the two egregious, drive-extending penalties that should’ve never been flagged: the bogus roughing the passer call, and the DPI. Two of the worst calls I’ve seen in a LOOONG time (especially the roughing).

  195. Everyone! – get over it. Could we talk about the actual games rather than the officials. Don’t let the media drive this thing. Bad calls happen all the time, both in life and sports. GET OVER IT!

  196. Lets see here you have jennings lying on top off golden tate but yet tate said he had caught the ball and had possesion the whole time but he is reaching around jennings with one hand clearly not on the ball and yet there are so called fans that think tate caught the ball your all idiots

  197. It is amazing how little most of the reviewers and footbal commentators know about footbal rules. Jennings may have “caught” the ball in the air, but posession happens when the play is dead; and to that end Jennings did not have sole posession. In the air, Tate had his left arm between Jennings and the ball and his right hand on the ball when they hit the ground. The ruling on the field was correct.

  198. Putting a hand on the ball after you are down while another player is hugging it to his body does not constitute “possession.”

  199. As an NFL fan, this is really spineless and sickening.

    As a Vikings fan (who reads plenty of anti-Vikings drivel on this site), I could read these comments and enjoy them ALL DAY (pun intended).

  200. I am not a fan of greenbay in the least little bit, but they flat out got robbed of a hard EARNED victory. With the exeption of half the seahawks fans, the nfl offices, and the ref who made the call on the feild. there is NOBODY on earth who thinks seattle “won” the game. I would gain a deep repect for Seatle if they stepped forward and did the right thing , refuse the win and award it to the packers… How many of you guys feel the same way?

  201. The refs didn’t see it. They can’t call what they don’t see. In fact, these scab refs never call offensive pass interference because they never see it.

  202. It’s part of the game. It happens every single game. There’s always missed calls and plus green bays players screwed up. Swat the ball down and away end of story Green Bay win. But they didn’t the push off was missed like holding is missed and every other penalty. Get over it and move on

  203. Let us not forget who is in the booth supervising these zebras. They are representatives from MANAGMENT. As such, they are to tow the company line to the best of there ability, in other words if they can support the on field guys by NOT overturning the calls, than do so. To do so will give management justification to keep the subs and continue the farce going with the real refs.
    The rules, as such, have enough gray area and wiggle room to justify almost anything and they proved it last night. I don’t expect the league to change their position one iota.

  204. The NFL owners are just a bunch of selfish rich businessmen who only care about themselves. We pay for their stadiums and they put this cheapskate act on the field. They think we are suckers, and we are if we keep quiet, call you team headquarters, bitch loud enough to b e heard. All teams will get hurt by poor officiating at some point……..hope its not my team next week.

  205. I think its time we hurt the NFL where it hurts, the pocket book. I propose that we start contacting the official sponsors of the NFL, of FOX Sunday, CBS, NBC Sunday Night Football in America, NFL Network and ESPN. Let them know that we will start boycotting their products unless the real refs are brought back. The official sponsors will respond to a boycott and have more power than us mere fans. Although not a Facebook expert I will try to start a page.

  206. No one but the NFL is looking at the rule. Everyone needs to stop and look to see that the existing rule on catches like this means the refs got it right. I know everyone will give me a thumbs down, but look at the rule yourself.

  207. Packers have no owner, now if this had happened to Rooney, Mara, or Jerry(I won’t piss anyone off so I can screw up Super Bowl L) Jones, we’d have the regular officials by Thursday night. By the way, this bunch of idiots has that game.

  208. @ytownjoe

    “In fact, these scab refs never call offensive pass interference because they never see it.”


    Tell that to Jacoby Jones of the Ravens and Julian Edleman of the Pats. Those were glaring examples of them calling Phantom PI’s against the visiting teams offense.


    You don’t get it… yes bad calls happen (see Ed Hochuli), but they have never happened in the volume that they are occurring over the last 3 weeks. It is nearly impossible to talk about a game without talking about the mistake after mistake that these officials are making.


    The Patriots on Sunday Night scored 30 points on the Ravens defense while the refs potentially took 8 points off of the board in the first quarter alone. They missed Ed Reed Personal Foul in the end zone and the phantom offensive pass interference on Edleman which each would have lead to first and goal situations. If that wasn’t bad enough Baltimore’s second to last scoring drive was extended by a phantom defensive holding call with 6 minutes left… Baltimore after turning the ball over would have needed to get 9 points in 4 minutes or under (not withstanding the possible 8 points lost to bad calls in the 1st quarter) assuming the Pats held on for about 2 minutes before punting away.

    How do you discuss the game without talking about the volume of terrible calls (including missed calls like the Brandon Lloyd push off on the side line that may have affected the Ravens)? That is a week 3 game that will almost certainly have an impact on post season seeding.

    I’d also love to see what volume of bad calls are going to the home team due to environmental intimidation… Pats got the worse of the bad calls (Away), Green Bay got the worst of the bad calls (Away), Ravens got the worst of it week 2 at Philly with the overturned TD due to offensive pass interference (Away)… last part is just an observation…

  209. The ref made the correct call.
    Tate had his left hand on the ball all the way to the ground. All people saw was his right hand moving to make a better grip on the ball.
    He doesn’t have to have both hands on the ball to make a catch.
    The ref that called it a touchdown was in position to see it. The ref behind couldn’t see the hands.

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