NFL’s luck runs out, in a big way

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Even before Monday night’s Packers-Seahawks game, the officiating lockout had reached a tipping point.  Casual, Super-Bowl-only fans were buzzing about the brouhaha, and the NFL’s “remain calm . . . all is well . . . ALL IS WELL!” mantra was regarded as laughable.

But the NFL had been lucky.  No game had been decided by a bad call in a decisive moment.

So much for that.

The Packers lost a game they should have won because the replacement officials failed to call what happened on a last-second Hail Mary an interception by the Packers.  Instead, the officials deemed it to be a Golden Tate touchdown — and all hell broke loose thereafter.

The call was so shocking that few are even mentioning the blatant push-off from Tate, which immediately preceded the arrival of the ball.

It amounts to anarchy in the NFL, and it will get worse as Tuesday unfolds.  Even employees of the NFL’s in-house media company have started to break ranks, with NFL Network fantasy football analyst Adam Rank tweeting, “Well, now it’s time for WWE RAW, where at least I know what I’m getting from the officiating.”

The NFL’s official Twitter account actually retweeted Rank’s rip — and then deleted it.

We’ll have much to say about this one as the day unfolds.  But there’s really nothing the NFL can say, or do, at this point other than to work out a deal with the locked-out officials, bring them back to work, and move on.

The league took a calculated risk, and it failed.  The sooner the NFL owns up to its mistake, the sooner the league can begin to scrape off the shield the stuff about which Ravens fans were incessantly chanting on Sunday night.

In Green Bay, bringing back the officials may not be enough.  A vocal and spirited and zealous fan base has been stirred up by last night’s debacle.  Anything other than an apology from the league office could make Commissioner Roger Goodell as popular in Wisconsin as he is in Louisiana.

And then there’s the question of whether the NFL will change the outcome of the game.  During last Friday’s PFT Live, an astute reader asked via Twitter if the NFL would wipe out a game-deciding error by the officials.  I explained that it would be possible only if a horrible call that determined the outcome occurred on the final play of the game.

That’s what happened last night — and the next question becomes whether the NFL will consider doing what everyone except Seattle fans would consider the right thing and wipe the touchdown off the board and call the final score Packers 12, Seahawks 7.

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  1. I was among the first to post on this site back in August claiming how bad this would turn out. How did I know? Because I’ve played and coached the game at a high level. Anyone who has knew how this would turn out. It was always about the billionaire owners locking out refs in a union in an attempt to break that union.

  2. And then there’s the question of whether the NFL will change the outcome of the game. During last Friday’s PFT Live, an astute reader asked via Twitter if the NFL would wipe out a game-deciding error by the officials. I explained that it would be possible only if a horrible call that determined the outcome occurred on the final play of the game.


    Not saying last night’s call was right or wrong, plenty of people already have strong opinions about that but Ed Hochuli’s blatently incorrect call at the end of the Chargers/Broncos game a few years ago decided who won that game. When is that going to get overturned?

  3. It is truly amazing how the owners have let their own sport become a national joke.
    I expect Bob Kraft and the Rooney’s, i.e. the old ownership guard to get publicly engaged in ending this labor impasse disgrace.

  4. Here, here. The refs need to go to the 401(k) like everyone else that is an employee in the U.S. (besides some that are in hardcore union states) and exchange that for whatever bump in salary they want. Whatever job security issues they have for poor performance that the league is looking for shouldn’t matter anymore given the crap the league is willing to put up with from officials. The precedent for pitiful, yet acceptable officiating has been set. No real NFL ref will slip below that.

  5. The horrible part is not calling offensive PI on Tate for the shove. The TD call is correct, a catch is made when the player (def/off) maintains control through the ground. When both players were on the ground, both players had two hands on the ball…simultaneous…possesion goes to the offense…touchdown. Don’t like it , change the rule.

  6. I seriously cant watch this bs anymore. I thought the ravens pats game was terrible but this just takes the cake

  7. vegas called.. too much money on the 4 point favored packers. 4 penalties called in a row, the crazyest pass interferance call in history, and then the screwjob in the end zone on the hail marry. Vegas wins baby. These refs who blew these games have jobs waiting for them with the old refs

  8. The NFL has turned this into a big F-in Joke! 3 bad calls against the Pack and they gave this game to Seattle. WTF? The league better step up big and reverse this decision, because this has become a joke!

  9. The Packers got robbed, but wiping away the touchdown is ridiculous. If they do it for this one game they better be prepared to intervene in every single game for the rest of the season. Blown calls, missed penalties. Dumbest idea I have heard. Just sign the regular refs to a new contract and let’s get on with football.

  10. Anything other than an apology from the league office could make Commissioner Roger Goodell as popular in Wisconsin as he is in Louisiana.
    RG does not apologize

  11. Let’s also keep in mind that if the old refs come back at this point it won’t matter how many calls they blow because they are holding out for ZERO accountability. That means Ed Hochuli could blow every call for the next 6 years and there’s nothing the NFL could do about it. Nor would Ed have to worry about what fans think, salary and job guaranteed without regard to performance.

  12. Wow..I do not know….Reversing the game score may be quite the slippery slope. Something has to be done to bring the refs back and it is to bad for BOTH teams in last night’s game as it was well played especially on defense. The phantom interference call on Chancellor helped lead GB to a touch. Do you look back and change that?? Again GB got boned but I do not believe reversing the outcome is a good idea…

  13. Yeah really bad call last night. However, you keep hearing all the analysts talk about the integrity of the game. If they go and change the outcome that jeopardizes the integrity way more than a blown call. Blown calls happen all the times in sports. It’s part of the game unfortunately. Look at the Detroit pitcher a few years ago that lost his perfect game because of a blown call. MLB didn’t change the outcome because they care about the integrity of their game. But these refs are terrible and need to go.

  14. Nice try Florio, but the Seahawks beat the Packers like a rented mule last night, and had some pretty bad calls go against them to help the Packers score their only touchdown.
    Let’s face it, if this wasn’t the Packers, and their golden boy Rogers, the sports media wouldn’t be making this big of a deal out of it.
    Take away the win? C’mon man!

  15. Just cancelled NFL Ticket. This was just the tipping point NOT the entire reason for doing so. There has been a gradual degradation since Roger Goodell has come into office.

  16. omgeaichiban has it 100% correct. Failing to call the PI on Take is the grievous error. Simultaneous possession always go to the offense.

  17. Terrible officiating in that game… Clearly was a pick and touchback….come on NFL….. Have the guts to overturn that call…. No team should lose a game on a call like that.. the replacement refs can’t handle the speed of the game…

  18. Has Jerry Jones and his Owners Association finally seen enough of this debauchery?I have one regret and that is that it was not Jerrahs team that got robbed of a victory,that at least may have made them open their eyes and realize one percent of one billion really isnt that much compared to the laughing stock their league has now become with these replacement officials that dont know the rules. its time the fans start staying away in disgust.

  19. Folks act like this is the first controversial call. The NFL should continue to expect that ref union to have realistic demands. I mean, over the weekend it was reported that the union wants their ref’s to be paid for the weeks they weren’t on the field. Who, again, is being unrealistic? If there wasn’t so much bias in the reporting we’d see that pushed to the top and demands for the union to be realistic. Instead the agenda being pushed is pro-union regardless of facts (and indeed, being presented as if it was fact).

  20. Can’t go back and changed the outcome from one play. That would mean you’d have to look at the whole game film and change throughout the game as you evaluate each call. Ex…take away packer TD for bad interference call on GB late TD drive which would have resulted in GB punting….score would have been 10-6 as Seattle would have kicked field goal last in 4th quarter instead of going for TD. Same result…SEattle wins.

  21. “The horrible part is not calling offensive PI on Tate for the shove. The TD call is correct, a catch is made when the player (def/off) maintains control through the ground. When both players were on the ground, both players had two hands on the ball…simultaneous…possesion goes to the offense…touchdown. Don’t like it , change the ”
    What replay were you watching? Tate had only one hand in The area of the ball and that was after Jennings fell on him. His other hand is pinned under Jennings.

  22. Everyone who say they are done with the NFL are full of it. NFL is still King the new refs are just learning on the job but the old refs quit on them what is the NFL suppose to do cry to the refs to come back with huge unjustified raise and 0% accountablity.

  23. Roger Goodell, you and your owner buddies are pathetic old white rich conservative p.o.s.!! You are trying your best to be a union buster!! Slowly but surely it is blowing up in your face! I can’t believe this is the product you want to put on the field for millions to see. The one thing that is good about all of this is its a direct reflection of the commissioner. Whether he cares or not well, that’s another story. I mean his $20 million a year probably takes away a lot of care. As long as he has gas money (player fines) for his G6 he is fine with these pathetic officials. That call was horrendous, it looks like the ref that called it a TD thought the other guy was going to do the same thing. That’s just like Goodell, one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing. Fans could put a stop to it very easily by not going to,
    Or watching for a whole Sunday. Of course that will never happen. I also wonder what would happen if the players snap the ball and both offense and defense just stood there holding up the index finger. Let the time run out, what could the officials do? That what be a great sign of solidarity. It’s wired that things that are going on in this country are the exact things going on in the nfl. Unions need to stand up and let themselves be heard!!

    P.s. I am white so that wasn’t a racial slur it was just the truth!

  24. I have to admit I really enjoyed that game last night. For those of us who have watched the refs job Packer opponents for years, this seems like a small dose of poetic justice. I couldn’t stop laughing for about an hour.

    This might help Goodell get back to the negotiating table because this officiating crew obviously didn’t get the NFL memo about how you screw Packer Opponents and NOT the Packers. This is likely unacceptable.

  25. Goddell publically needs to apologize to the Packers, their fans, and football fans everywhere and state that the Packers did in fact win the game and take away that “touchdown.” The Seahawks should also apologize for acting like school girls over a win they never actually won. Classless, I will never be able to have respect for that team ever again otherwise.

  26. Oh, and I do love how they are getting refs that are either locked out or have a vested interest in the locked out refs to criticize the current officials. For all the talk of Jerry Austin, if you don’t have bias and look at the replay they BOTH have their hands on the ball. Both hands. That is clear in the replay. The whole “brought it to his chest” part is irrelevant.

  27. The NFL can change the outcome of last night’s game in Seattle right after they change the outcome of the 1975 playoff game where Drew Pearson pushed off…Phil Luckett’s coin-toss in 1998…the Seahawks-Steelers Super Bowl in the 2005 season…the Ed Hochuli debacle in the Chargers-Broncos game in 2008…the 2009 NFC Championship ‘Bounty’ game where they missed the roughing the passer play against Favre…etc. I guess they’ll have a lot of other NFL outcomes to change first before they consider changing last night’s.

  28. When is the Vikings/Saints NFC Championship going to be overturned for the high/low below the knees INT that should have been overturned & the personal foul not called. Or being stopped short on 4th & 1 but called a first down or the phantom P.I.?

    In fact give Shainco his TD against the Pack that would have made them 8-8 the year the Packers won the SB. They wouldn’t have made the playoffs.

    Cmon. Shut up.

  29. Both players hands were not on the ball,Tate had one hand on it while Jennings had full possession and was squeezing it with both arms,Packers ball period,game over.

  30. @vman0626 i really cannot believe you played or coached anything at a high level. You cant even promote a coherent thought in your post. Also the “billionaire owners” are not the ones who locked out the ref’s. Get a clue before you come here and act like you know what you are talking about.

  31. Okay Roger your fake refs have finally screwed the pooch. Do the right thing and change the outcomes and bring back the real refs. If you want to talk about integrity then do the right thing Or else the fans may hit your league where it hurts.

  32. I’m a Ravens fan who could honestly care less about either the Packers or the Hawks, but the NFL needs to do the right thing and give the Packers the victory by fixing that call.

    Much respect to the Seattle defense, who much of the country learned about and fell in love with last night, but guys, cmon, you all are world-class sportsmen and the best athletes humanity has produced – don’t let this episode drag your good name down. Admit right when it’s glaring you in the face. This time you came up short.

    As for the NFL, yeah we’ll keep watching this clusterfcuk you 32 owners have created and insist on calling ”professional football.” Yeah the regular refs make mistakes too. And yes, most of us have no clue what y’all are arguing about with the refs. But know this, no politician, or event in over a decade has managed to unite this country in near-universal hatred towards a given enterprise. That isn’t good company you guys are willfully joining.

  33. SKOLHAPPENS that is a TD u moron!! U must not watch football because the rule is the ball can touch the ground as long as the recover never loses possession of it, it’s a catch. That is exactly what happened.

  34. gronkspike802 says:
    Sep 25, 2012 7:56 AM
    ESPN should start showing more Rugby, I’m done with the NFL.


    I’m curious. If you are done with the NFL, why do you keep posting in every thread that you are “done with the NFL”. Wouldn’t you just go away?

  35. @eagleswin:

    No no no, that call never gets overturned because that was a “real” ref that made it.


    Ashame what the NFL has become. Giants Eagles on Sunday better not come down to some blown call like this, especially when the Eagles lose.

    Snowballs at Santa, imagine what they would do if they lost because of a bad ref job?

  36. Godell better stay out of Wisconsin for the next few decades. Better yet, he should step down and let someone that knows what they are doing have the job. I’m done watching until something is done, Godell’s policies and gambles have taken away from the integrity of the game and made for a terrible product.

  37. Love the clip above of the packer/vikings game where vikings lost td on reversal (and I believe there was a 2nd one in that game)…..and these were regular refs. Leave the replacement refs alone. Read an article comparing refs from 2011 to replacements 2012. Appears the only difference is….there are more offensive holding and interference calls. Appears the replacement refs are not letting this type of crap go on.

  38. Was anyone really surprised by the botched ending? It was like parking your car on a railroad crossing, crowing for a few hours that your car was fine (even though the neighborhood kids were egging it), then having a freight train blow it to smithereens.

  39. If I’m in the ref union right about now I am suggesting maybe we tack an extra 5-10% onto our demands.

  40. It’s tough to be the replacement pukes and the opposing team (on the road) at the same time. But, we’ll be fine – defense is clicking and eventually our receivers will start holding onto the ball. Don’t worry about us.

  41. As a life long seahawks fan I agree the call was bad. Bad calls are and ALWAYS will be part of football. I remember 10 or 12 years ago againts vinny and the jets, the full time refs blowing a touchdown call that cost us an actual spot in the playoffs. that being said… pay the d@mn refs and get some integrity back in the game.

  42. Omega is right. A catch is not ruled solely with the player in the air. When they came to the ground both had their hands on it.
    Also what happens when the real refs come back, and blow a call that costs a team a win? Who will you blame then?

  43. Everyone is forgetting the NFL is standing firm because they want the refs to be held accountable for bad performances when they come back.

    The same people screaming to bring back the refs are the same ones that will be screaming when the real refs come back and make terrible calls too. The NFL wants the ability to replace bad refs with good ones, but the Refs dont want to be held accountable.

    The NFL is sacraficing short term right now, for long term quality.

  44. “The refs need to go to the 401(k) like everyone else that is an employee in the U.S.”

    Funny how you anti-union folks NEVER demand that Congress gets rid of THEIR pension. They can collect their pension even if they are expelled from Congress for violating the law. Yet, strangely, you never hear the politicians who demand that everyone else go on a 401k, ask the same of themselves. You may want to ask yourself why they get to be the exception to the rule.

  45. The rules are fine. Anyone who thinks that was a touchdown needs a trip to the eye doctor. Tates arm came off the ball while in Jennins possession, why is that so hard to see? To reply the call and still confirm TD was ridiculous.

  46. If the lockout ends soon, the NFL ought to pay the replacements for a full season just for the position they’ve put these guys in and for crap these guys are enduring.

  47. The ball must be in the Offense’s possession first and if both players go to the ground fighting by rule the ball belongs to the O; not the other way around. The next time I see offensive PI called on a Hail Mary will be the first; that never gets called.
    The NFL asked for this mess, now they got it!

  48. omegaichiban – that is the rule… however that isn’t what happened. The DB back came down with it. Tate got a hand on the ball and then wrestled more control of it on the ground. It was an int.

    These guys can’t keep up with the speed of the passing game. For example during the Pats-Ravens game the kept killing momentum during no huddle hurry up situations by taking forever to spot the ball. They also don’t seem to have the reaction time needed to make proper calls down the field, like the Tate push off, the Brandon Lloyd push off, the Edleman Phanton PI, the missed Reed hit to the head on Edleman, the Phantom defensive holding on McCourty, The Offensive PI the week earlier that negated a Raven TD, and obviously last night.

  49. What I don’t understand is why everyone is blaming the Owners for the officials not being on the field. Why aren’t we blaming the officials? I wish I was looking at the increases they are already being offered but are not good enough for them.

    Also, there’s the matter of “safety of the players” I heard an discussion on a certain 4 letter station this morning that the safety of the players is in jeopardy because in essence the players are breaking the rules because they feel they can take advantage of the temp refs. To me, if the players are so concerned about their safety STOP BREAKING THE RULES! They control their own actions, why should any ref (regular or replacement) be responsible for the irresponsible actions of the players. If a player hits another player helmet to helmet, and paralyzes that player, but there wasn’t a flag thrown on the play, is it the Refs fault the player is paralyzed???

  50. omegaichiban says:
    Sep 25, 2012 7:56 AM
    The horrible part is not calling offensive PI on Tate for the shove. The TD call is correct, a catch is made when the player (def/off) maintains control through the ground. When both players were on the ground, both players had two hands on the ball…simultaneous…possesion goes to the offense…touchdown. Don’t like it , change the rule.

    Are you blind my friend? both players didn’t have possion of the ball! It’s amazing to how some see only what they want to…. geez…


    Let it sit there, a huge scarlet “W” to mark Goodell’s and the owners’ collective shame.

    They have put greed and a pissing contest with the refs ahead of the integrity of the game.

    Now that players know they can’t rely on the refs to get something this big, all hell (might) break loose.

  52. Per the NFL rulebook:

    “It is NOT a simultaneous catch if a player gains CONTROL first and an opponent SUBSEQUENTLY gains joint control.” [emphasis added]

    It’s pretty clear that Jennings had control first, and then Tate subsequently gained control. And note, it says CONTROL; not POSSESSION. That’s significant. Jennings may not have had possession (feet hadn’t came down yet), but he clearly had control. Therefore, once Jennings had control, Tate cannot establish control also.

    So there’s no way it could be a simultaneous catch. The very fact that Jennings clearly gained control first, which I don’t think anyone can debate, negates any possibility for it to be a simultaneous catch. The whole “simultaneous” part wasn’t met.

    Refs got it wrong, and didn’t have the balls to fix it by going against the home crowd. Also, it’s a disgrace that the ref that ruled it a TD ran it from about 15 yards away — the guy standing right by the play ruled it incomplete.

    Total disgrace. Then again, so was the Packers offense in the first half. Score more than 12 points, and then these pathetic replacements can’t screw you over.

  53. I am trying to remember the last time that pass interference was called on either side during a Hail Mary pass. Not to mention… you expect a ref, any ref, to overturn the home team catching a Hail Mary touchdown pass to win them the game on an offensive pass interference call? Please.

  54. Man people are stupid. 1. Last nights debacle has less to do with the replacement refs as it does with the replay refs, which are the regular replay refs that have been there for years. Those refs aren’t locked out. Are the replacement refs terrible? Yeah. But if anyone “cost” the Packers the game (which nobody did except for the Packers, since the call was correct) it would be the replay officials fault for not overturning the call. 2. GOODELL HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE REF LOCKOUT. My god why can’t people bother reading once in a while. Go google the referee lockout and it will clearly explain to you mentally incompetent people that the refs are locked out because of a dispute between the owners and the refs, and last time I checked, Roger Goodell isn’t an owner or a ref. Stop calling for his head like he can do anything about it. So please all you people saying you’re done with the NFL, please just go because you complaining about how you’re done with the NFL on a football site makes you look like a hypocrite and quite frankly are really annoying.

  55. Ok owners and Mr. Goodell, you tried this replacement thing and it has failed. Eat some humble pie. Please give in and pay the money. Lets get these games back to some semblence of order.

  56. Perhaps the Packers defensive coaches ought to teach their players to knock the ball down on a last second play and not try to pad their stats with a meaningless interception.

  57. I agree the Packers got hosed. That was a B.S. call.

    It was the replay official who made that call though not a replacement ref!

  58. If you suggest the NFL gets into the business of reversing scores and outcomes, how about they take a look at the Vikings/Saints championship games? Clearly the refs gave that to the Saints cause of a hurricane.

  59. The NFL franchise owners own Goodell, the NFL Brand and the game. Right or wrong they can and will do what they want in the face of outrage. The correct thing is what they say it is. This is true of every private business entity that exists in this country. The owners are united in their efforts to do what is best for NFL ownership.

  60. This is becoming silly with the over-reaction of people, particularly the media (espn)
    They blew the call last night the same as regular refs blow calls every week they officiated. Hochuli made a call that determined the outcome of a game, but nobody was clamoring for the replacement officials to take over then.
    Umpires in mlb blow calls every game that determine the outcome. If replacement officals were used in baseball, would everyone be screaming to get the regular umps back in the same manner?

    I want the regular officials back as well so I can scream at them about bad calls, but the scrutiny being placed on these guys is way over the top at this point.
    This will be settled when both sides realize they need to work to make a deal. In the meantime for those who will stop watching football over this, were you really fans to begin with?

  61. skolhappens says:
    Sep 25, 2012 7:54 AM
    Bad calls happen all the time. It all depends which side of it you are on.


    Remember that if the Vikings had been awarded that touchdown like they should have, and the Packers had their controversial TD taken away in that same game like they should have, the Packers don’t go to the playoffs and don’t win a Super Bowl.

    This is the way it goes Pack fans, just because you don’t like the outcome because a ref jobbed you doesn’t mean you get to change it – other teams have been on the receiving end of this under MUCH worse circumstances and changing the outcome of the game wasn’t even an option, nor should it be here.

  62. eaglesfanintx says:
    Also, there’s the matter of “safety of the players

    Good point…If the players were so concerned over their safety and the integrity of the league, they could have gone on strike over the lockout in support of the regular refs..instead they chose to keep the checks coming. That’s their decision, but you can’t have it both ways.

  63. Having played football and having coached football, a call is a call and you’re on to the next play/game/season. Period. That’s it. It is obvious to (nearly) everyone that this call was terrible, but I don’t personally think it can be overturned. Folks (me included) are going to be upset for a long time, but it’d be worse if the decision (and the results of the game) are altered. The NFL needs to suck it up and bring back the real refs NOW of folks will begin to mutiny.

  64. So, are the fans on here who keep saying they are “done with football until the real refs come back” going to keep visiting this site and posting indignant comments? Are you going to sell your licensed NFL jerseys and start following English Soccer?

    I’d like to see some of you put your money where your mouth is. If this lockout continues indefinitely, are you really not going to watch highlights or follow your team anymore? I doubt it.

    Like it or not, the NFL is probably getting more pub from this labor dispute than they ever have for anything else in week 3 of a regular season. The league office and commissioner may look like fools for the on-field product, but the only way this thing gets settled is if the players walk out and there are no more games.

  65. Maybe Seattle finally got even for the Vinny Testaverde TD that wasn’t, which cost the Seattle franchise so much all those years ago…A shame for Green Bay fans it happened at the expense of the Packers though…

    We will always have refs, no getting around it, they will always have an impact on the game. I wonder if this situation hasn’t caused TV ratings to actually increase, because people want to see what’s going to happen next!

  66. I did not see this live. I just watched the replay. It is understandable how the refs made this call. I’ve seen worse from the legacy guys. If the league brings the legacy guys back now they’ll be more arrogant than ever. Fans who feel wronged will be whining for replacements.

  67. The Packers got robbed, period. But you absolutely CANNOT change the score. It sets a terrible precedent and creates a slippery slope. I don’t blame Seattle, not their fault the call went their way. Just so sucky this happened.

  68. The worst thing,even beyond the terrible replacement officiating this season, the league could do is overturn the victory and award it to Green Bay.

    If they did that, then you would have to review all games in leagues history and start overturning games that had controversial endings or plays.

    Game is over, controversial call, the teams and fans have to move onto the next opponent, it will just be one of those remember that game conversations amongst sports fans over some beverages.

  69. blackfootkiller says:
    Sep 25, 2012 8:03 AM
    Nice try Florio, but the Seahawks beat the Packers like a rented mule last night, and had some pretty bad calls go against them to help the Packers score their only touchdown.
    Let’s face it, if this wasn’t the Packers, and their golden boy Rogers, the sports media wouldn’t be making this big of a deal out of it.
    Take away the win? C’mon man!
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    You really believe the Hawks won this game?????
    Green bay got robed by wanna-be refs that threw the game. Even the interference call that got the hawks on that end of the field was a bad call. There is no way the hawks won this game to believe in that is just wishful thinking – it was very clear who the refs were pulling for and GreenBay got robbed. That game should forever carry an * next to it – as it was a cheaters win.

  70. Boycotts wont work (we cant do it and we know it) What we need is a SINGULAR symbol of our disgust with this. Someone out there smarter and with more means than me, design a logo/symbol that represents our disgust with Goodell the handling of this whole matter. Tweet, FB, get this out there and lets get behind whatever it is. If they see the millions of us unifed, it MIGHT make a difference to them. Although I am now convinced that Jerry (because he keeps opening that hideous plastic mouth) Jones and Goodell are both so arrogant and stupid, it may not.

  71. They cannot change the outcome. It will open Pandora’s Box….maybe even beyond the NFL.

    There was an issue like this in MLB last year where a pitcher (I cant remember who it was) pitching a perfect game. It was bottom of the 9th, and on the last out, the ump blew the call. It didn’t change the outcome of the game, but because of the blown call the pitcher lost his perfect game. There were calls for Bud Selig to make an exception and change the call after the game was over. In the end, the call stood as called.

    Sorry Packer fans… you got screwed. But it is what it is. Blame Goodell. Blame the refs that are striking. Go demand resignations. But the outcome CANNOT and WILL NOT be changed.

  72. As a Lions fan… I hope they DO take the win away but only because it would tell the idiots that truly believe dual possession comes from hugging the man with the ball that it was not even close.

    Also, it wasn’t a “push off” on that play by Tate… it was a shove in the back and the defender went flying 3 yards away from the ball onto the ground. Push offs might happen on hail marys…. but that was a pushoff 2.0

  73. Md jennings caught the ball, and had two hands on it with the ball pinned to his chest the entire play. Golden tate NEVER had two hands on the ball. How is that simaltaneous posession when one player never had posession at anytime?

  74. All I’ve heard from Packer fans for years is “Only pathetic losers complain about the refs.”


    Only pathetic losers complain about the refs. And besides, if you let your quarterback be sacked 8 times in the first half, you don’t deserve to win the game.

  75. Don’t change the result of the game. The Packers should have taken advantage while the Seahawks were being penalized FOURTEEN times. The pendulum was going to swing back eventually, its how it goes.

  76. More like the Packers luck ran out. This is karma like I’ve never seen before.

    Green Bay benefited from bad calls last year, specifically in both games against the Giants.

    Now everyone in Titletown is up in arms?

    Go cry.

    GB fans said the Giants were lucky to even be in the Superbowl, because they lost to teams like Seattle during the regular season… SO, if the Packers make it this year, I’ll be sure to call you lucky, etc.

    Again, go cry.

  77. I’m a 49er fan so if the TD is wiped off the board I wont lose any sleep at all. I don’t think it should be though. Bad calls have happened in every game up until and including last night. While it may not have been as obvious as it was on MNF, some of those bad calls have been the difference in games. You can’t go back and change the results. That’s a bad precedent to set.

    It happened, it’s awful, and the only people to blame are the owners and their reps.

    Also, most ‘Hawk fans I’ve seen/read have been pretty willing to admit they lucked out and one even said she thinks they should pull the TD. So props to them for not falling victim to fan bias.

  78. No matter what way you look at it the Packers got robbed and that’s from someone who was rooting for the Hawks. Even if it was a TD (that can be debated from now until hell freezes over) there is no debate as to the offensive PI that should have been called which wipes out the TD.

    BUT to even talk about altering the result after the fact is a complete joke and opens up a whole can of worms, if they do that…
    Seattle should demand that the Super Bowl be totally reviewed and the Steelers stripped of one of their wins.
    Tampa Bay should demand that the the offensive PI call called on Winslow against the Lions in 2010 which wiped out a TD should be reversed (Bucs got a letter saying the refs messed it up), add that TD to the score and Bucs win the game, go 11-5 and make the playoffs instead of the Pack, if Green Bay doesn’t make the playoffs who won the Super Bowl?
    You simply can’t start messing with results after the fact unless you want to go back and alter other moments of bad officiating that cost teams games and rewrote history.

    As far as the comment of “But the NFL had been lucky. No game had been decided by a bad call in a decisive moment.”
    Did you not watch the games this week? At least 2 others were decided by mistakes on the part of officials, it could be more but having not seen all the game I wouldn’t like to say.

  79. The refs got it wrong, no doubt. From the no call on the blatant offensive PI to who had possession to the stupid rule that makes who had possession unreviewable. But this idea that we should be able to reverse a call retroactively after the game has ended is more asinine than any group of Enrico Palazzos the NFL sends out there pretending to be referees.

    We have to live with terrible calls made at every other point in the game. The last play should be no different. The NFL has already lost enough credibility due to this lockout. If they start determining winners and losers on Tuesdays in Manhattan, I will stop watching all together.

  80. They may have gotten the Hail Mary call wrong, but they also got several others wrong that would have changed the outcome of the game. Two examples…the P.I. call in Seahawks favor on the last drive and the P.I. call against Chancellor (for the Packers) on their drive. Both calls would have stopped drives.

    So lets not say THIS call won or lost the game for anyone…ALL the bad calls affected the outcome of the game. No way to know who would have won if they’d gotten them all right. Time to bring back the professional refs. Period.

    (And Seahawk fans don’t forget the Jets Testaverde TD when his helmet crossed the goaline to beat them in the playoffs. THAT is the reason replay is now part of the game. I’d call last night Karma.)

  81. I know the regular refs make bad calls but there have been so many obvious screw ups with last nights call taking the cake. I will admit that live I thought it was a touchdown but then after seeing the replay it was obvious it was an interception. How the replay booth didn’t overturn it is beyond me.

  82. Rewatching the replays it appears to me that Tate actually takes his right hand off the ball and starts tugging on the crook of Jennings elbow. That would, on second thought, eliminate his possession or control.

    That said, I still say screw the old officials for being greedy and this bad call changes none of that.

  83. As I saw it, both of the refs were willing to let the other decide. Finally, one ref raised his hands over his head and waived his arms in a crossing pattern to signal dead ball/touchback. As he was starting to raise his hands, the other ref thought he was going to signal touchdown, and was only intending to agree.

  84. As much as I feel that Green Bay got hosed (They Did), and as much as I think they really won that game (They Did), I don’t think the league can set the precedent, and open up the proverbial can of worms that would come if they reversed the outcome of the game today.

    Like it or not (I hate it) part of the game is calling the play through the refs to make it an official result, and it can’t be backed out. The time to back it out was during the replay review.

    And that to me is the scariest part, I can see a call on the field going wrong, but how did the replay hold up the call on the field? That is where the system really broke.

  85. As horrid as that call was you cannot overturn it. That isn’t just a slippery slope it is a sheer drop-off!

    As for the regular refs… They want more money and less acountabil…. How is that better? They can fight for the pension. I don’t have a dog in that fight.

  86. vikesfansteve says:

    It was the replay official who made that call though not a replacement ref!

    Misconception. The on-field official still makes the call.

  87. Lets all not to forget the league, and I’ve stood behind them on the bounty decisions, did not prepare the replacement refs for the lockout.

    Cities have back up police and firefighters who are trained to do the basic job like everyone else.

    These replacement refs do not even know the rules of the game. I understand these guys have real jobs – attorneys and such, so they could not attend a lot of training. So why didn’t the NFL provide a group of experts on the sidelines to assist these guys with the rules. I know their is one person but only one at each game.

    Funny a jump ball can’t be reviewed and a field goal can’t be reveiwed. Two teams lost games this weekend over bad calls. Those games could be season enders for these two teams.

  88. I always watch football on Sunday from Kick off till the final play of the late game. I’m was a football junkie until now. I only glanced at a couple games Sunday. I didn’t even turn the tv on last night.
    I opted to cook dinner with my wife instead of watch Monday night football. I’m sure i’m not the only one this is happening too. I’m completely disenchanted with the nfl.

  89. I am not saying it was or wasn’t an int in this post, but have a question….. we all saw tates right arm come away for a split second, where was the left? One handed catches are enough to gain possession in any other situation so does jennings just have MORE possession or could it actually be a simultaneously caught ball? Just some devils advocacy here.

  90. I truly do hate the Packers as you might guess from my handle, but they got bent over a barrel. This is the type of call that makes any sane man question if corruption is ALREADY a part of these ref’s calls. I mean look what happened at the Vikes game, thankfully they won regardless of the extra timeouts and bad fumble calling.

  91. None of you guys/gals are ever going to stop watching NFL football, no matter what you say here. And the NFL offices know this and completely ignore your opinions on the matter of the replacement refs.

    Second, Goodell is not the only fool keeping this joke of a situation alive. Every single owner is sitting in the little clown car along with him. They care less about what the millions of fans want, because the fans continue to foolishly open their wallets and buy the product — replacement zebras or regular zebras, it doesn’t matter.

    This is only about the owners killing the union. They could not kill the NFLPA, but they will get their revenge on the refs.

    And you are going to continue to watch and buy the NFL. The owners know you are addicted, and there’s nothing you can do about it. And they laugh all the way to the bank, every week.

    Sheep, the lot of you.

  92. Hey JMUG. How the hell was that the correct call???? Wow, talk about mentally incompetent!! And Goodell has a huge part in this lockout!! The nfl wants there to be more responsibility for bad calls being made. They want to add more refs so they have replacements for refs who make bad calls. Almost like having bench players in case your starters aren’t doing the job. And that’s the NFL that wants that in the new collective bargaining agreement. And the last I check ROGER GOODELL IS THE COMMISSIONER!! So the next time you want to call people incompetent or tell people they are stupid make sure you have the whole story!!! And oh yeah by the way Goodell is for the owners!! That’s another reason people are calling for his head. He is against unions it’s so obvious. You probably are to hence your position on this subject.

  93. You cannot change the outcome of the game now. You do one,

    What about the Bears with the Instant Replay game?

    What about the Lions with the Calvin Johnson process?

    What about the Seahawks with the Super Bowl?

    Seriously, let’s not get carried away.

  94. The players should strike until the NFL brings the experienced refs back to the league. Game outcomes are becoming compromised, the refs are losing control of games, and honestly it makes a dangerous game even more unsafe.

    I mean seriously, a player slipped on a hat in the cowboys game because the idiot ref threw his hat in the endzone. Players are playing dirtier because they know they can get away with it. And now the NFL wants to start fining and ejecting coaches because of their level of frustration?

    A coach puts in over 60-70 hours a week to prepare for a 3 hour assessment of their preparation. The results of these games are tied to their ability to retain their position as head coach at season’s end. At in one fell swoop, a ref can make all of that hard work and preparation worthless due to their inability to meet the standards of what is expected as a ref.

    I don’t know about you, but if I put in over 70 hours for a presentation and during the presentation, some idiot ruined it, I would be majorly pissed off. It’s easy for us to say that the play should stand or that bad calls happen, because this isn’t our job or livelihood.

    It’s never too late to do the right thing. And that is to bring back the locked out refs. This meeting once a week thing is BS. But hey, these are the magical negotiating tactics the NFL used to resolve the lockout in a short, reasonable amount of time.

  95. There were no less than 4 absolutely terrible (significant) calls on that last drive.

    I’m a Packers fan and this hurts, but I’d think it’s a bad idea to change the final score. It was a blown call, but nevertheless was a call that is subjective. If you change the outcome of this game, you’re setting yourself up for disaster in the future when something like this happens again.

    The only time changes should be made to the final score is if there is a 100% objective blown call at the end of the game. Like giving an offense an extra down, and then they score. Or if time ran out before they score, but a clock malfunctioned. Or if a player is clearly down at the 1 yard line, but the refs give the TD. Something like that.

  96. FOR STARTERS – Seattle did NOT cheat. I don’t care if the Ref made a bad call or not, it has NOTHING to do with Seattle. That being said, all Seahawks fans that thought the Steelers got some questionable calls in Super Bowl XL, now have to stop.

    To all of you people that SAY you are done with the NFL until the real Ref’s are back – BYE!!!

    To all of you people saying that the score should be changed, NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. MANY more games were decided by a bad call, and games that are a LOT bigger than this regular season Week 3 game does not compare to a playoff game, or a game that keeps a team out of the playoffs or kicks them out of the playoffs. GET OVER IT!!!

    To all of you people saying the NFL should just pay the regular ref’s, do you even understand what they are fighting about? If the NFL is actually trying to do what MANY people have said they want for as long as I can remember. The ability to get rid of a ref that is doing a horrible job. Does that really sound like a bad thing?

    The ref’s have been offered a very fair raise, they would have all of their pension money, plus like $10 grand each started in their 401K. Would you take that if your boss offered it?

    To all of you people blaming the replacements for a bad call last night, can you HONESTLY tell me the last game you saw that didn’t have a couple horrible calls one way or the other, or both? It happens EVERY GAME. If you want to be mad because of the play not being overturned, for 1, it was the regular replay ref’s that called that, 2 -WHILE they were with a member of the league rules committee.

    I didn’t see the game live, but when I saw the replay for the first time at real speed, I thought they both had the ball, which would have given the TD to the Hawks, and that would not have been over turned.

  97. lucky5936 says:Sep 25, 2012 9:49 AM

    The players should strike until the NFL brings the experienced refs back to the league


    They can’t, the CBA specifically prevents it.

    While I don’t know if it’s accurate or not, I also read somewhere that Goodell can’t overturn judgement calls, even if that judgement was incorrect. The league will simply issue an apology just like it did to the Vikings in 2010 when two scoring plays incorrectly went the Packers way, thus giving them the undeserved win.

  98. Do this in order:

    1). Fire Goodell for conduct detrimental to the league.

    2). Bring back the real refs.

    3). Vacate the first three games of the season for every team and just start over with a 13 game season. Every game has been tainted by the stench of Goodell’s lingerie refs. (Does Goodell EVER change out his crotchless thong underwear?) The flow and/or outcome of every game has been changed by these clowns. Many games have had their outcomes changed as a result of totally inept officiating. Time to reset the clock.

  99. I agree it is time for the replacement officials to be gone. And I am a lions fan that truly believes get the call right, and the Packers should have gotten the call last night.

    That being said, a game was decided on a call. You all act like this never happens. Earlier in the game there were terrible calls both ways that could have also decided the game. For example, on 3rd and 2 the Packers got a first down on a PI call that was completely bogus. That led to their only TD of the day.

    Bad calls happen all the time with these replacement officials. They happen also with the regular officials, but not to this level. There were many terrible calls in the Lions game that helped the Titans win as well. In the end, though, the Lions put themselves in that position, to lose due to a call.

    You can’t change the outcome of a game. It shouldn’t be a bigger deal just because it’s the Packers in primetime and not the Browns or Lions or Bucs on Sunday morning, when the calls are just as bad and cost other teams games, but don’t get National attention. This was bad, and the NFL needs the regular refs back (even though they’re terrible too), but in no way can this game outcome be changed.

  100. Packer fan – and I don’t think they should (or will) overturn the result – too much of a slippery slope. That said:

    To everyone saying they should have batted the ball down – how’d that work out for Tennessee this weekend?

    To everyone saying the Viking game two years ago where Packers got two TD’s they shouldn’t have: valid point. Minor difference there though is that the Vikings at least had an opportunity to get the ball back and still win the game. I know, minor difference. The Packers had also been totally screwed by a phantom illegal formation play two weeks earlier in Miami that handed the Dolphins a win, so (like I always say) this stuff evens out. You can’t say they wouldn’t have won the super bowl without that Viking game.

    To everyone comparing this to the Denver Hochuli call – actually people WERE calling for Ed’s head and for him to be replaced after that game. Obviously that didn’t happen.

    And regarding the Packers getting a drive continued earlier in the game due to the bad PI call on Chancellor. The Packers were still in field goal range there and likely would have taken the lead. Meanwhile you had the awful roughing the passer call AND the worst PI call in history on Shields to even get the Seahawks in position for that hail mary. It’s not a tit for tat kind of thing – the Packers clearly were on the short end of the officiating stick.

    But even after ALL of that – I do believe the Packers will bounce back, and this thing will even out. Just like it always does…I hope.

  101. Both the owners (and attack dog Goodell) and the NFLRA are at fault. Although I’m pro-union, it’s time to resolve this situation. Here’s my suggestion:

    Fire all the officials, locked out and replacements. Start hiring FULL TIME officials from a pool of Division 1 officials, locked out officials, and competent replacement officials. Pay them well with 401k retirement and require ongoing training and evaluation. Have a pool of trained officials that would replace bad officials that continually score low during game evaluations.

    This is the only way to return the integrity to the game and improve the product at the same time.

  102. No, the outcome of the game should NOT be changed. There has been other games where the NFL has let what happened stay: Music City Miracle. If the NFL changes this game then I expect them to change the outcome of the Buffalo Bills/Tennessee Titans game where it was proven that the pass on the final play was a forward pass and not a lateral pass which gave the Titans the game. The Seahawks/Packers game should be left alone, unless the NFL wants to re-visit and change the Bills/Titans game too.

  103. The games outcome had nothing to do with GB giving up 8 sacks, or GB going three and out on the 4 to give the Seahawks the ball with such good field position to attempt that pass, or the GB defender not swatting the ball away instead of letting it go. Nope, had nothing to do with that.

  104. As bad a call as it was, you can’t overturn the game result. How many times have teams lost because of bad calls? It happens every week. This was egregiously bad, but still bad nonetheless. Can’t overturn a game based on officiating, because then we’ll get multiple appeals every week.

  105. @ supermariojosh

    You’re talking about a call made that simply kept a drive alive during a tied game. Those happen quite frequently. While the Viking game affected actual points being scored or taken away. If called correctly and the Viking game turns into a Packer loss the Packers don’t make the playoffs so they can’t get to the Super Bowl.

    I aslo notice you don’t include the constant holding by the Packers’ O-line during the second half. You’re not going to call all of it, but there was way too much blatant holding that simply had to be flagged and wasn’t.

    In any case, every team in the league has lost more than one game due to a bad call or calls, this one included. But this game doesn’t even hold a candle to some of the games I’ve witnessed over the years.

  106. Don’t forget, everyone, that the Packer’s only touchdown came just a few plays after a bad pass interference call on 3rd and long, so, in effect, the Packers were handed a touchdown by the refs too. Otherwise, it would have been 4th and long and they would have kicked a field goal. There were a few bad calls on the last drive, but there were already game-changing calls before that point.

  107. This is NOT what the sports media was fearing would happen, this is what they have been begging for since the first preseason game. The announcers and the sports media have been overly critical of every single penalty called, or not called from day one.

    Let’s look at last night from a non-emotional perspective (especially since it doens’t mean anything to the normal viewer anyway).

    Was there pass interference on the last play: Definately. But, both the broadcast former ref admitted that rarely if ever gets called on the final play, and Gruden has said many times that it doesn’t get called…even if he wouldn’t answer Tireco. Would the regular refs have called it PI…debatable, but probably not.

    Let’s not forget that GB was the beneficiary of a PI call that was not a PI allowing them to score earlier.

    Now for the catch/interception. Here is what I saw: The defender had his hands on the sides of the ball and the receiver had one hand between the defender’s arms under the ball, and the other on top of the ball by the time they hit the ground. That’s a tough call for anyone to make (let alone a nation of sports media begging for a controversial call to happen). The ruling was a simultanious catch. If you actually look at the replay and see the receivers left hand under the ball, it’s understandable to see that call being simultanious. From there, it doesn’t matter if there is instant replay or not. The call can not be overturned. It’s the rule. That rule doesn’t matter who is reffing the game.

    From there, it all got out of control…which is the biggest problem I had. The refs didn’t know what to do, but they also have league representation which must not have known either.

    It’s not like some regulars don’t know what the rules are either. Genius Belichick said he was trying to find out if the field goal was reviewed. By rule, all scoring plays are reviewed. They don’t need to take 10 minutes if the initial review indicates there isn’t enough to overturn the call.

    Gruden last night said that the touchdown should be reviewed. Really? Especially since, once again, all scoring plays are reviewed.

  108. BOYCOTT. It’s the only way the NFL will pay attention. Don’t know if anyone has mentioned this yet, but if so, I am all for it! Do you want to pay as much as you do for this quality of officiating?

  109. @ truthserum4u

    Don’t get me wrong, I agree with you for the most part – and like I said, I do honestly believe these (and this call specifically will even out). I cited the bad calls in that Viking game (and yes, they were bad calls) because I believe that was an example of things evening out from the Dolphin game. The Packers almost certainly would have won that Dolphin game without the bogus illegal formation play.

    All I’m saying is it’s not a direct comparison, as last night the awful call came on the very last play of the game, when the Packers had literally no ability to respond (outside of Twitter). While I agree lots of teams have lost games almost directly because of bad calls, it’s rare for events like last night to happen where you can literally pinpoint the one call that irrefutably decided the game.

    And again, all that said, I don’t believe they should reverse the call today or anything – and I do think it will even out over the season. The Packers will get a break sometime in the next 13 games that will likely benefit them to the point where it’s significantly easier to win. That doesn’t change how bad the calls last night were though.

    As for the holding in the second half – I didn’t see it (and maybe I had my Packer fan blinders on, to be fair) – but Clay Matthews gets held every other play and it’s rarely called. Not to mention that there was a ridiculous amount of holding (again) on that last hail mary play – in addition to the offensive PI non call.

  110. There were many, many bad calls in the game. It is hard to say that the last bad call decided the game.

    A bad call in the 1st quarter can decide a game. If the game was another 2 minutes, Seattle could have lost on a bad call.

    The last call did not decide that game though. The whole thing was a mess.

  111. No matter what the outcome or how the outcome came to pass you CAN NOT reverse the outcome of a game. Can you imagine what kind of precedence this would start. If the NFL starts doing that I will turn to college football. Mistakes are made by both teams and the official. What ever the outcome it must stay that way.

  112. 1. The touchdown call was correct for simultaneous possession.

    2. The offensive PI was obvious in slo-mo replay but in real time on a jump ball in the endzone you won’t get that call 9 out of 10 from ANY official.

    What are u going to do when the “real” refs come back and blow calls routinely in the future as they have in the past?

    Congratulations on making everybody Raider fans.

  113. Reverse the game’s outcome? Has everyone gone crazy? Live with it, even those of you certain of your view and opinion. This isn’t exactly life-and-death and even bad calls must sometimes stand. At any rate, it must be again pointed out that ref calls form a statistical bell curve over a season–with thousands of decisions over hundreds of games, these things even out for all teams.

  114. I agree this is a crisis and a disaster for the integrity of the NFL. But aren’t the replay booth officials the regular guys who do this job all the time, i.e. not part of the lock-out?

    They didn’t overturn the call. No “incontrovertible evidence”? I would assume if the refs on the field ruled it an interception, the replay booth officials would not have overturned that call either.

    There is no guarantee the regular refs would have gotten this one right.

  115. First, the one official or semi-official had a clear view of what was a flagrant offensive pass interference….no call. And second there was not simultaneous possession of the ball but a wrestling match after they were on the ground. thirdly, the referee should have seperated the two semu-officials, that were making two different calls and sorted that out, then made a call. But like the rest od sundays games they had no control. It’s tough to have control when you don’t know the rules. Jerry Austin, retired, Ref was in the booth and made the correct call about possesion but of course he doesn’t count. If I was on that crew I would quit football and realize I don’t belong there. They have embarrassed themselves, the league, and football as a whole. And now this same inept crew will be doing the Baltimore games on Thursday. Can’t wait for the fans to rip these clowns a new a-hole. What a joke. The owners need to fire Goodell, NOW

  116. Let’s remember that the NFL is in the Entertainment business. It has progressively gone from being games on Sunday’s (way back in the day) to having the draft televised and games on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday.

    The old saying that “any press is good press” never holds truer. Would a “normal” Monday night game be splashed all over the interweb? Would a “normal” game essentially be “front page headline” material.

    While to the fan of the NFL this bad call is a “black eye” on the game, I’m pretty sure that the NFL home office isn’t really fretting too much. Their sport is getting talked about, it’s a great story arc to the season, and for the pure entertainment aspect of it, it’s wonderful.

    I’m pretty sure advertisers are not threatening to pull their commercials…jerseys are still getting bought. And while ticket prices for games are simply ridiculous, people are still gonna watch the games at homes, bars, etc.

    In 2 weeks this will be forgotten…hell, in about 3 days this will have been forgotten.

  117. Just like boxing or MMA. If you think the judges are biased or can’t figure crap out, you make sure you don’t leave the game in their hands. If you are winning/ losing by 3 points, you are just asking for them to screw something up.

  118. While they missed the PI call it is not reviewable. If you freeze the frame at the point of the catch there are 4 hands on the ball. The ref in the box that did the review was NOT a replacement ref but a regular official which is why the Green Bay HC did not comment. That is the rules folks. I don’t care about either team, but am not jumping on the band wagon. Sure the refs should be hired back. Separate issue to this call IMHO.

  119. As a Packer fan, I have to say there is no way that I expected the NFL to change the outcome of the game, as has been stated before, this is too much of a can of worms to open.

    The problem I see is that they take the time to make a statement and never admit the failure of the officiating. We need to understand that these officials range from HS refs to one that was let go from the Big Ten because of his performance. For those that think this is whinning, listen to the commentators from ESPN and the assesment they give; many of these people have a long history in the NFL and recognize the harm that this type of thing does to the game, players, fans and good officials.

  120. Every game I’ve ever seen where the defense and the offense get the ball at the same time and fight over it the call has always gone to the offense.
    But somehow since it happened to the Packers it was the wrong call.
    I think Green Bay needs some whine with their cheese.

  121. Hawks fan here. Three things:

    1) The incident at the end overshadowed a really good game. Seahawks defense breaking records in the 1st half and the Packers fighting back and taking the lead in the second. Too bad it got ruined !

    2) The Pack had the ball and the lead with less than a minute left. One first down and it was game over. They put themselves in the position for the outcome to happen. Also Jennings should have swatted the ball away like a well-coached professional player.

    3) My Hawks can make the plays, but they can’t make the calls too. Don’t trash-talk the players and fans for what Goodell’s flying monkeys have wrought.

  122. his left hand was inside of the DBs’, he tried to strip it with his right, and then put it on the ball as they were falling. Control in the air wasn’t a factor as both players had to control it through the ground. one ball, four hands touchdown.

  123. At this point the fans have to start a TV boycott of all football games. It’s not just Monday’s game, did anyone see Sunday night’s game? The same goes for most of the other games. If the NFL doesn’t care what the coaches say, the players or even the fans, they might listen to their sponsors who pay the bills and will not be happy to see no one watching their commercials. How many $Billions does the league need anyway!

  124. Goodell is destroying the NFL franchise value. Can the owners be so focussed on destroying the ref union that they would sacrifice the value of the NFL name to do it? They were the #1 sport in this country but not for long.

  125. Yes, Green Bay got robbed, Yes Roger Goodell is a dictator, but if you’re in Green Bay and you feel ripped, try being a Saints fan this year….maybe then you won’t feel so bad.

  126. whitemenace2 says: Sep 25, 2012 3:02 PM

    Just like boxing or MMA. If you think the judges are biased or can’t figure crap out, you make sure you don’t leave the game in their hands. If you are winning/ losing by 3 points, you are just asking for them to screw something up.
    The Packers were winning by 5. They attempted to go up by 7 points, but the replacement officials gave Rodgers a slick K ball for the 2 pt conversion. The Packers didn’t leave it in the refs hands by intercepting Wilson. Bogus penalty overturned it. They didn’t leave it in the refs hands by playing stellar pass defense. Bogus penalty negated that. They didn’t leave it in the refs hands by intercepting the final pass of the game. Bogus replay call overturned that. What more do you want?

    I’ll say one more time that I truly believe the calls will even out, and the Pack will be the beneficiary of a terrible call sometime soon – but in this specific case, don’t try to claim the Packers could have done more. They played very good football against one of the NFL’s elite defenses in the second half. Come on, man.

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