Packers debacle has Wisconsin governor supporting referees’ union

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Labor unions view Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker as Public Enemy No. 1 after he championed legislation stripping unions of the ability to collectively bargain, then survived a union-backed recall attempt. But after the Packers’ loss on Monday Night Football, Walker has finally found a union he supports: The NFL Referees Association.

Responding to the Seahawks’ Hail Mary being ruled a touchdown for Seattle’s Golden Tate, rather than an interception for Green Bay’s M.D. Jennings, Walker went on Twitter this morning and wrote that the NFL should end the lockout of the NFL Referees Association and return the regular officials to the field.


There aren’t many people who would be more reluctant to back labor over management in a collective bargaining dispute than Scott Walker. That Walker is calling on the NFL to end the standoff suggests that the NFL may have no supporters left.

Or maybe it just suggests that Packers fans are furious this morning, regardless of their political affiliation.

39 responses to “Packers debacle has Wisconsin governor supporting referees’ union

  1. Are you kidding me!? Now that is affects him (or more importantly–affects his constituents) he supports this Union!? Typical hypocriticalness from this political party.

    Side-Note: Not this week but next week the refs will be back.

  2. There aren’t many people who would be more reluctant to back labor over management in a collective bargaining dispute than Scott Walker. That Walker is calling on the NFL to end the standoff suggests that the NFL may have no supporters left.

    Or maybe it just suggests that Packers fans are furious this morning, regardless of their political affiliation.

    He’s just being a politician, getting a few brownie points for the week.

  3. Nice try, but the referee union is a private union not a public union like the teacher’s union. This isn’t an issue of tax payer’s money. Scott Walker’s “support” of the referee union should not be a surprise of any sort.

  4. seriously this is getting a bit crazy – bad calls happen, sometime more than they should – but the integrity of the game is coming into question. just when i thought marking off a penalty from the lions 44 instead of the titans 44 was about as bad as it could get with the game on the line…pack won last night – no matter how you slice it.

    lions fan

  5. That side of the house has absolutely no shame in an attempt to win backers. None. “Yum. Grits.” What a douche. Another doesn’t know why you can’t open windows on planes.

    He supports the union of referees for a sport instead of the union of workers in his state? Talk about priorities. I know they love football in Wisconsin, but they cannot possibly care about this, can they? Well, they did vote him in twice. Now on his next campaign he can say that he supported a union and not be lying.

  6. Or it means politicians will continue to talk out of both sides of their mouth depending upon how issues favor them.

  7. Another politician getting involved in the private sector. Doesn’t he have more important work to do?

  8. I imagine after last night Seahawk fans feel better about these refs than the Regular Refs who stole a Super Zbowl from them vs. Pittsburgh

  9. I know people here are too dumb to understand but there is a HUGE difference in private sector unions and public sector unions. I believe we need more unions against private companies.

    The government is NOT a company. Therefore Unions should NOT exist- too much of a conflict of interest with a union “hiring” a politician that will later negotiate with the union.

    So walker seems like he has the same view. JUST LIKE FDR!!! (of course talking about FDR like anyone on this board is educated enough to know who he is —- hint— one of the main facilitators of unions and a great believer in social programs)

  10. The teachers union is alive & well in Wisconsin, they only lost the ability to collectively bargain — a power public unions never traditionally even had.

    Oh, by the way, no teacher has lost his/her job because of it and many more have been hired since, AND the budget is in the black.

    But why look at reality when bumper sticker slogans are so much easier!!

  11. It’s not just Packer fans that are furious! This was bound to happen, we have seen this coming weekly with blatantly missed calls, wrong calls and players out-of-control along with coaches taking advantage and manipulating the replacement refs lack of knowledge of the rules. This replacement situation was a ticking time bomb that exploded last night on national television for the entire football world to see and it’s time Goodell stepped up and took responsibility like a man. The Packers deserve an apology and this game, if not completely overturned as it should be, needs to be replayed and last night’s game voided. I suppose if you are a Seahawk, a win is a win, but I can’t imagine those players wanting this stigma to follow them along with the wrath of fans throughout the NFL. Come’n Hags…suck it up, admit you lost and move on. Just think it could have been the Superbowl! OUCH!

  12. JFK’s imposition of public sector unions on this country is one of the single greatest contributions to the public debt crisis. In New York, both parties compete for their favor by offering them a bigger and bigger piece of the public trough. It’s disgusting. God forbid unionized public employees in non-dangerous fields contribute one bit to their own benefits.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with private unions. Only shareholders and consumers are affected by private union negotiating, lockouts, etc. Public sector unions are too great a temptation for career politicians to violate the public trust.

  13. wow – it doesn’t take much of a genius to understand the distinct difference between a public union which works for the people, providing services to the people, paid by the people through tax revenues – the issue in wisconsin and supported by governor walker – and then a private union like the players and referees of a sports league.

    please lets not try to pull politics into something that is in noway political – and at very least if you want to try to stretch something to make a political point spend 5 minutes researching the topic online so you don’t look like a complete idiot.

  14. Typical politician, absolutely no integrity, says what is popular to get elected and seek favor then does what he wants. This is exactly why politicians are the least trusted people on the planet!

  15. “Oh, what a hypocrite.

    The irony is beautiful.”

    What irony? Are the NFL refs public employees funded by taxpayers? Are they members of a public union? Scott Walker never had any beef with private unions.

    What is that old saying about better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than open it and remove all doubt… you should do that.

  16. Yep, Republicans only support worker unions if it benefits them. The whats-in-it-for-me (wiifm) party.

    Both Walker and Ryan are an embarrassment to Wisconsin and neither will be re-elected thank goodness.

    I feel so sorry for people like Scott Walker – born on third thinks they hit a triple – life is not fair for them. Their football team lost and they are having a hard time sleeping…poor baby.

    The workers of Wisconsin have lost a lot more sleep over more important things over Walkers reign.

  17. 1. He does not hate unions! He is against the corruption at the top level of public unions.

    2. Labor laws took care of most issues in work places, labor unions are an outdated notion.

    3. Walker was against public sector unions pulling an exorbitant amount of benefits from everyone else’s pockets, not private sector unions taking a few more dollars off a private company’s bottom line.

    4. I bet Walker has a few more supporters in Wisconsin by virtue of this tweet alone. That’s how crazy some people are about the Packers.

  18. It should be noted that Walker is NOT against unions. Rather it is the unions who are against Walker. Walker’s efforts were against public employee unions and not private ones. Safe as FDR was opposed to public employee unions. Please stick to writing about what you know, rather than what you think you know (and don’t). Or maybe you this was written by a Replacement Writer!

  19. Fundamentally, unions are unions regardless of if private or public. So I don’t want to hear the spin jobs about how they’re not the same. It’s irrelevant. Bottom line: it took football for Scott Walker to realize unions have a value in society.

  20. Unions are not all bad… Walker’s decision to cut their CB rights was to help save our state’s economy, which it is doing. The way the state unions had negotioated in Wisconsin, was literally backrupting us. For a state with a lower standard of living, we pay huge property taxes, yet had almost nothing to show for it. So, for an extra $20 bucks a paycheck from a teachers, for their own health care, he has literally turned around our states economy from the red to black. He did not do what he did, because he hates unions, he did what he did to save this state, because unions don’t actually care about the majority. The NFL is not in the RED after years of abuses and intimidation from labor unions, Walker is saying bring the right people in and pay them.

  21. yo suede: in your haste to proclaim everyone here stupid, your analysis ignores the more pressing danger politicians pose when discussing employment in the public sector.

    absent a contract, work rules, testing for promotion, etc. the workplace becomes the dumping ground for political hacks, relatives, friends and other special interests the pols want to reward.

    my guess is the gov is more concerned with the political leanings of the union leaders and the power they wield on behalf of their constituents, than any corruption. my guess is there is equal amounts of corruption in the unions as there is in the taxation of businesses and in the public contracting of goods and services from private firms. the only difference is the beneficiaries of the latter corruption are way more likely contribute to the governors side.

  22. Also, when Walker came into office, he promised WI he would fix our economic mess, then he did it. Atleast he didn’t get into office by promising “hope” then prove to do almost nothing four years later (1.5%, thats the magic number anyone could have achieved).

  23. If he’s such a hypocrite, how did he win the recall election by a bigger margin then his original election? You Pro-union Dems are just sore losers.

  24. Edward G. “Ed” Hochuli (born December 25, 1950 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin) is an attorney and National Football League referee.

    Outside of football, Mike Carey is also a co-owner of Seirus Innovation, a privately held company that manufactures ski and snowboarding gloves, face protection, and other cold-weather accessories. He holds eight patents.

    Jeff Trplette is Vice President for Risk Management at Duke Energy, a massive energy company headed out of Charlotte, North Carolina.

    I’d like good officiating, too. However, I don’t think we have to collect bags of donated food for these guys.

  25. achilles920 says: Sep 25, 2012 9:31 AM

    Are you kidding me!? Now that is affects him (or more importantly–affects his constituents) he supports this Union!? Typical hypocriticalness from this political party.

    Way to reveal your own ignorance. Scott Walker fought against public sector unions who were bankrupting the state government. He has never, not once, fought a battle against any private sector union. If you didn’t know that then it makes me very sad that you probably plan to vote this fall. The NFL referees are a private union. If you can’t see the difference between a private union that gets its money from a private corporation and a public sector union getting its benefits from taxpayers then you’re either ignorant or stupid or, more likely, both.

    Also, “hypocriticalness” is not a word, and there are at least 3 typos in your 3 sentence post. More support for the idea that you are just an ignoramus.

  26. pjm37 says: Sep 25, 2012 10:17 AM

    “Both Walker and Ryan are an embarrassment to Wisconsin and neither will be re-elected thank goodness.”

    You realize Walker was already essentially re-elected, right? Or did you sleep through the recall attempt where he increased his vote margin from his first election? Way to pay attention.

  27. see he isn’t anti labor after all!

    look up slime ball on the net and you are likely to see a picture of Scott.

  28. You’re kidding right? The Pack should just tuck their tails and go home. A good team would have throttled them so badly that McCarthy should be run out of town. Go ahead and blame the Refs. But you guys stunk up the place. Super Bowl Favorites??? You are kidding!!!!!

  29. One of the dumbest posts I’ve seen on this site. First, wanting the regular officials back doesn’t necessarily mean you agree with their demands.

    I want them back but if you look at what thy are asking for, most people would agree they are out of line. Somehow, some way this needs to be resolved but to say Walker supports Unions is a typical liberal attempt to start something and spin a comment.

  30. For the player who said “unions are unions” Bull. Public unions are dealing with public money, the people who pay taxes money. Private unions are dealing with the revenue derived from their individual work. Use your brain.

  31. What has Walker and the replacement officials have in common, both are SCABS, and now everyone knows all about the cancer that they are. Bill

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