Packers offense should share part of the blame with refs

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The final play will get all the scrutiny all day today.

But for the Packers moving forward, they better spend a lot of time looking at all the ones when they had the ball leading up to the disputed simultaneous catch which cost them a game in Seattle.

I thought the offense didn’t do our part in the first half,” Packers coach Mike McCarthy said, via Mike Vandermause of the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “I should have adjusted plans earlier. I’ll take responsibility for that.”

The Packers scored 12 points in the loss, with just one touchdown.

They gained a meager, by their standards, 268 yards, only 87 of them coming in the first half. Their first five possessions ended in punts.

Perhaps the most mind-blowing number is the eight sacks allowed, all in the first half.

They had exactly one play of longer than 20 yards, a 31-yard pass to tight end Jermichael Finley.

“Frustrating,” quarterback Aaron Rodgers said. “Couldn’t get in a rhythm.”

They haven’t been able to all year.

The Packers have just four offensive touchdowns in three games, although they have played defenses which rank first (Seahawks), fifth (Bears) and 11th (49ers) in points allowed.

That’s why as frustrating as the final play will remain, they have other issues to worry about.

“Shouldn’t have been in that position,” said Rodgers, the man from whom so much more is expected.

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  1. It’s tough to be the replacement pukes and the opposing team (on the road) at the same time. But, we’ll be fine – defense is clicking and eventually our receivers will start holding onto the ball. Don’t worry about us.

  2. If it wasn’t for the bad pass interference call on Seattle on GB’s late TD drive…..wouldn’t be talking about this. The Hail Mary pass is a toss up and I think called right….except missed PI on Tate. Jennings crabed the ball but before putting it away Tate got his arms in their and crabed the ball as well…TD. But… GB has offensive problems…not scoring with that high profile offense.

  3. I said it at the time, the Packers were taking a huge gamble, and IMO, a big mistake by not taking a Safety instead of punting from the endzone. Sure it took a totally ridiculous call for them to lose the game, but they put themselves that position and risked a loss by; 1)getting the punt blocked, 2)giving up a return TD to a good punt return team/player, 3)giving the Seahawks a short field, and 4)getting burned by a stupid call from the hack replacment officials (which is exactly what happened and has been happening since Wk1).

    They should have taken the S, at which time the score would have been 12-9, and then kicked-off and made the Seahawks drive the field. Worst case they give up a FG and the game is tied and into OT. Instead, they gamble on losing (and again it took a ridculous call to do so, but still…) instead of gambling on a tie and OT.


  4. The Packers former offensive coodinator is now the head coach of the Dolphins.

    His replacement sure took a long time to realize some changes are needed.

    The receivers just run to a spot on the field and stop this season. If they kept running things would look different.

  5. For the majority of the Packer players, fans and staff to be whining like this, when the team played like 13 – 14 kinds of dog crap most of the night is embarrassing.

    Jennings went for the glory of an interception.

    And lost.

    4th down and no time left on the clock – YOU KNOCK THE BALL DOWN.

    For a defender to try to catch a jump ball in that situation is just wrong.

    It’s either poor coaching or poor execution by the player.

  6. Seattle’s ‘D’ in the first half was amazing. Green Bay doesn’t look the same and J. Finley is a prima donna. It shouldn’t have came down to that last play. Side-note: Now that it affects something they hold dear, how are anti-Union people feeling now?

  7. Completely agree that in a perfect world, the Packers would have been up by more than they were and the junk TD the Seahawks were gifted wouldn’t have mattered… but none the less, the score was what it was and MANY games EVERY week come down to a 3 point difference or less in the last minute of the game. To then lose because of such an obviously blown call has got to be crushing.

    They share *zero* blame with the refs.

  8. In all fairness, GB did make the necessary adjustments at halftime and their offense didn’t have any trouble moving the ball or protecting Rodgers in the second half.

    And if you take into account the earlier interception that got wiped out by a bogus roughing the passer penalty and the phantom pass interference call after that, Seattle did absolutely nothing in the second half…

  9. I completely agree that a HUGE difference in the first half was McBonehead’s arrogance about his passing game. Seattle was teeing off on Rodgers because they knew the Pack wouldn’t run. Are you kidding me, “offensive guru”, that it took you till halftime to figure out that running the ball will help slow that pressure. WOW.

    And Driver, as you stand at MM’s side all game lobbying for more plays, HOW BOUT YOU CATCH THE DAMN BALL WHEN IT HITS YOU IN BOTH HANDS IN THE ENDZONE! Settle for 3 instead of 7 and lose by 2. Maybe you should stick to dancing and smiling.

  10. I think we can all agree the Seahawks defense whipped the offensive line of the packers. But sometimes that happens. What shouldn’t happen are phantom defensive pass interference calls being called, but a clear offensive pass interference going uncalled. A a fan and a referee in other sports, consistency makes a big difference. Either ref a loose game or a tight game, but be consistent!

  11. The whole “well maybe the Packers should have scored more points so they couldn’t lose by a Hail Mary” argument is ridiculous. It doesn’t matter how poorly a team plays for the most of a game. At the end, they still deserve good officiating, which the Packers clearly didn’t get.

  12. it’s ridiculous to say the packers deserved to lose because of their offense, couldn’t you say the same about the Seahawks?

  13. Low scoring games often means good defense, which is also good football. This was a close low scoring game. Look at the olympics. Competitions at a high level often come down to small differences. If there was bad timing for a swimming event you would tell Michael Phelps you are partly to blame and next time swim faster?

  14. It will be fine.

    The Packers, who many believe to be the best team in the NFL, are now pissed off.

    No team in the North is going to win more games than the Packers. The Seahawks are not going to win the West.

    If the two teams DO meet again, it will be at Lambeau, and then the story will be different.

  15. Looks like the Packers Offense in general, and o-line in particular, miss Joe Philbin. Remember that Philbin’s area of expertise is the offensive line.

    While Miami’s offense is weak, the offensive line is gelling like it never did under Sparano, and you are only going to score so many points with a rookie QB and perhaps the least dynamic collection of passing targets in the NFL.

    It appears Philbin is having a noticeable, tangible affect both through his absence in GB, and through his presence in Miami. Count me among those who think the Pack are in serious trouble, at least in terms of being a real super bowl contender.

  16. Give Seattle’s defense the credit for shutting the Packers O down. Why do I say this? Because I actually watched the game.

  17. What about the Steelers..lost a fumble last year in the end zone, but supposedly no visible evidence?

    How about Calvin Johnson with an obvious TD last year with the Lions?

    How about the Raiders and the Tuck Rule, giving Tom Brady the win?

    How about almost any given Sunday against the Ravens?

    The only thing different now is that the teams that usually get the calls, are also now not getting all the calls in their favor. Now that the Las Vegas Darlings are getting screwed, NOW IT is a problem?

  18. All the Packers had to do was to take a safety, squib-kick back to Seattle and run out the clock with Seattle starting on their 20 instead of GB’s 40.

    Too bad nobody on the Packers sideline thought of that, eh?

  19. Give credit to Seattle’s “D”. In reality this game had some calls go PACK’s way, in fact I dont think they should’ve had even the TD they got – that was on a bad REF call.

    That game was bad for everyone BUT Seattle’s D. They were a force.

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