PFT Live: Packers-Seahawks aftermath and Cardinals linebacker Daryl Washington


You don’t need three guesses to figure out the big topic under discussion during Tuesday’s PFT Live.

It’s the end of Monday night’s game between the Packers and Seahawks, of course, and NBC officiating consultant Jim Daopoulos will be joining Mike Florio to talk about everything that went down in Seattle. There’s no shortage of things to discuss beyond the botched final play and we’ll hear whether Daopoulos thinks that this will actually be the turning point in the lockout of the NFL’s regular officials.

Cardinals linebacker Daryl Washington had nothing to do with the end of that game, although we may find out if he watched it while resting in the wake of the Cardinals’ third straight win to open the season. The defense has been a big part of that start and Washington, who recently signed a long-term extension with the team, has played a leading role on the Arizona defense.

You can watch it all live at noon ET.

26 responses to “PFT Live: Packers-Seahawks aftermath and Cardinals linebacker Daryl Washington

  1. Unbiased Opinion here…..

    Seahawk fan…you have a product to be proud of. That defense is the closest thing to the 1986 Bears that I have seen.

    Having that said…you stole one. Not only was it pass interference, it was an interception.

    If I was a Packer fan, I’d be ticked off too.

  2. Best 2 tweets I’ve seen:
    1. Footlocker wants their refs back in the store
    2. Was this a Buffalo Wild Wings commercial ?

  3. You’re kidding right? The Pack should just tuck their tails and go home. A good team would have throttled them so badly that McCarthy should be run out of town. Go ahead and blame the Refs. But you guys stunk up the place. Super Bowl Favorites??? You are kidding!!!!!

  4. Ummmm stop blaming the Sub-Refs and start blaming the owners who refuse to pay the Real Refs.

    Why is everyone seemingly missing this point! Its like the white elephant in the room, everyone is ignoring it, the blame is on the owners, but no coach is going to criticize their owner.

  5. If the fans really want to get their voice heard UNLIKE and UNFOLLOW the NFL on FB and Twitter temporarily until the ref issue has been resolve. Currently NFL has 6.3 million fans in FB and 3.8 in Twitter. I would say dont watch the games but that wouldn’t have an immediate impact nor people will actually boycott watching the NFL games. Spread the word to all Football fans so we can have our Football back!

  6. Before we anoit the Seahwks as the next 85 Bears (lol) let’s see them play that good on the road ,without the noise, and with real refs..then well start comparisons..85 Bears, 86 bears?? Child please…

  7. Has any Packer player yet said, “it should never have even gotten to the point where a hail mary could win it. Our offense was offensive, our O-line fell asleep on the bus, and Seattle’s D played a HELL of a game.”

    No, because once you become the darling of the NFL and ESPN, you automatically assume a sense of entitlement. Ya’ll get paid MILLIONS to play a GAME. Listening to Young/Dilfer/Scott/any talking head last night, you’d think Hitler had just been reanimated and was initiating a siege on the western seaboard. Good grief, if people cared half as much about politics as they do the NFL, this country might not be going down the proverbial crapper.

  8. Baloney.

    If the regular refs made that same call, nobody would be saying a thing about it. It’s like the people in sports media completely fogey that the old refs made horrible calls all of the time. The difference now is only that the union NFL players and the union media want their buddies back on the job and desperately want to demonize the replacements. The funny thing is, the unionized media largely supported their union ref buddies even when they made the most horrible calls. It was insulting to the intelligence of fans everywhere.

    Frankly, I’m still angry with the old refs for their countless game-changing blown calls, and as far as I’m concerned they can sit at home on their sorry backsides for eternity.

  9. This does affect the Cardinals too. Suppose the Seahawks beat Cardinals later in season (doubt it, but you never know), and it comes down to tie breaking scenario based conference wins. This game could give the Seahawks the edge.

  10. Almost an even bigger question I have after last night’s game is….how in the world did Matt Flynn lose his starting job to a rookie that can’t hit the side of a barn?

  11. Perhaps Aaron Rodgers should spend less time shooting comercials and more time figuring out how to put the ball into the endzone?

    Nevermind…he is still running for his life

  12. True story (NOT): Imagine one day you show up to work, so you go to the restroom after your morning coffee, and realize the toilets are overflowing with crap. So you go to your boss and he explains that the janitors want a raise, but he is refusing to pay them, so all employees are going to have to deal with a little crap for the while. Who do you blame the janitors or your boss <<<< same thing with NFL right now…. I know I am idle

  13. Some points to take away from the MNF game:

    1) The Seattle defense put a beat down on Green Bay. Despite the score, Aaron Rogers spent more time on his back than the ladies at the Mustang Ranch. The Seahawks (insert normal injury caveat here), and especially the defense, look significant. Nice going, ‘Hawks… (and I dig the new uni’s. Oregon Ducks now affect the NFL…)

    2) Refs always suck. The replacement refs just suck a bit more. RG needs to make a deal for them to go away — this week — before next weekend turns into real carnage.

  14. The only reason the game was close is due to the fact the the Packers did not draft any Offensive linemen. Only second rate defense men who have not make a difference in the pass rush . This draft will go down as a bust and so will the season.

    The Packs problems have only started. Again where is the pass rush besides Mathews and where is the pass protection. Yes they have a clown who has not recovered at all from a broken leg last year and no idea if he will even play. My take is the guy got bigger than a bread truck and can’t stand on his leg.

  15. Stop standing up for the refs. This is not about money. Yes they want a bigger check, we get that.
    Yes they always ask for the moon but settle on something less. We get that.

    This is about contract language. The very ref’s that people are screaming to have back, want a no fire clause in the contract. This is what the strike is about, this is why there is no settlement.

    The owners and the league are willing to give them more money and some more bennies but they also want to be able to get rid of the bad refs.

    How many teachers did you have that sucked and it would have been nice for the school to can them?

  16. The ref made calls like his family was in danger, or he was in on the take.

    I feel like I just witnessed organized crime pull off a heist.

    NFL is making it easy using these guys. Their inaction and following statment demonstrates wilfull blindness.

    That said these are either the worst refs I’ve ever seen or the best ‘refs’ in the business. If you can’t spot the fish at the table you’re it. Bet accordingly.

  17. No one is going to quit watching the games. No one is going to stay home and waste their tickets. But what we as fans can and should do is not buy 1 single article of NFL apparrel this year especially during the holliday season. It would not cost the NFL 1 cent if people boycotted the games. They already sold their season tickets. Ad pricing has already been determined for this season so not to watch the games on TV will not hurt them. A drastic drop in NFL apparrel will light a fire under the owners behinds. The bottom line is if you keep buying their product quit complaining.

  18. I agree that the refs shouldnt be getting some of their demands. But, at what point did this multi-billion dollar business plan for the future? They knew there was going to be a ref lockout. Yet, this was the best they could provide? No training way beforehand? The NFL played this game of chicken poorly and it’s time to pay the piper. Next time, plan ahead!

  19. There’s a certain amount of apethy in the league too.

    Owners and players from other teams are (for the most part) keeping quiet. Why? Because it didn’t happen to them.

    If Dallas had lost a game to Atlanta, or New England had lost to the Texans, in the exact same fashion, you’d bet Jerry Jones / Kraft would be in New York today. And the papers/press would be running out of (virtual) ink with all the articles they’d be printing.

    But it didn’t so JJ is saying “I didn’t see it.”

  20. The Seahawks deserved to win this game, they played lights out Defense against one of the best offenses in the NFL. Obviously the officiating on the last call was horrendous, but it was horrible the entire game. If not for the blatantly bad Pass Interfernce call on Kam Chancellor, the Pack dont get the TD that gives them the lead in the first place. Horrible all around officiating. On that note congrats to the Seahawks!

  21. The Packers would have never seen the end zone but for some gift calls on there only supposed touchdown drive. The Packers needed some bad calls to go there way to even be in the game. If your gonna cry about the last call you have to look at the bad calls that gifted them their only TD. Seahawks were the better team. The right team won

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