Report: Kyle Shanahan fined $25,000


On Wednesday, the NFL is expected to announce fines against multiple coaches for antics occurring during Week Three.  Chick Hernandez of reports that Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan has been fined $25,000 for his verbal abuse of officials.

Kyle Shanahan chased officials into the tunnel, and according to ESPN 980 (which is owned by Redskins owner Daniel Snyder) used profanity toward them.  Kyle Shanahan apologized for his behavior on Monday.

After Week Two, the NFL reiterated a warning to all teams that the replacement officials should not be bullied or berated.  For their antics in Week Two, Broncos coach John Fox was fined $30,000, and Broncos defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio was fined $25,000.

With no sign of the lockout ending and the replacements giving coaches plenty of cause to bully and/or berate, the only good news in this mess is that the league’s charities will be well funded by the end of the lockout.

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  1. I am a big fan of charity and teach my kids the same, but can’t the NFL take all these fines and please put it towards getting the real officials back on the field. It seems most of these are a direct result of the officials NOT being there so why not have put it towards getting them back?!

  2. plenty of reasons to bully? there are no reasons to bully, ever. these coaches have a god complex and no person should talk to another person that way.

    and I don’t like Goodell all that much but you have to realize he is the mask the owners hide behind, and not single handedly keeping the officials out.

  3. I’m surprised he was just fined that much. Seems to me that what he said is probably worse than what Fox and Del Rio said in front of cameras and possibly hot mics, but since Shanahan was nice enough to do it off camera, he got less of a fine than Fox.

  4. @howsmyrash I agree that Kyle shouldn’t talk like that but from what Ray Lewis says these “officials” have a problem with talking down to the players and coaches as well. And everybody knows Ray Lewis would never obstruct truth or justice.

  5. If the story of the replacements wasn’t beat into us by announcers and websites…none of this would be much different than the norm.

    If the players/coaches just stopped all their whining and pandering…the players are the ones not “respecting the game.”

    Every week games are altered by officials, always have…always will.

    I pray the union officials will be watched as just as closely when/if they do return. ‘Cause they suck too.

    The “Lockout” isn’t about money/salary…it’s about Pension, Fulltime/part time and accountability.

    The refs need to be full-time…they need to replaceable/fireable/demotable at anytime…

    The blame for this “debacle” is the media…the players/coaches and the NFLRA. Their behavior has been unacceptable.

    The NFL is attempting to make sure that the best possible officials will be officiating NFL games…Now and forever…and they know a large percentage of the “regular” guys do not qualify.

    The NFL has the right-of-it in this matter…it’s the public campaign against them that’s screwing everything up.

  6. What happened to the fine for William? It looks like Kraft has called one in again, ala SpyGate.

    If William escapes penalty/fine it will be one of the biggest miscarriages of justice in the history of the NFL.

    If the fines for the other coaches was $25K, it should be $250k for William. HE PUT HIS HANDS ON AN OFFICIAL!!!

    I guess he was spot on when he said he didn’t expect to be fined.

    …kraft, william and the rest of the patriots can go tuck themselves…

  7. There are 2 ways to get the NFLs attention on this.
    1.Don’t watch the prime time games (unless they’re in the markets of the teams playing) the NFL (owners) thrive on the ratings. If we aren’t watching ratings are down, ratings are down networks get pissed because it affects their income.
    2.At the game everyone stands up and turns their backs on the refs intros. and the 1st play of the game.
    If the fans don’t get involved in this, this travesty will continue.

  8. drew05-You are wrong on many levels. This is the owners trying to save a buck. Maybe the officials have always affected games but last nights effect was nauseating in such a way as I never thought possible before. At this point I would not pee on the owners if they were on fire! Pay the real refs whatever cut of the 9 billion the NFL makes annually NOW!

  9. Every dollar the coaches are fined will be like a badge of honor for them when the real refs return.

    Goodell will be issuing a lot of hefty fines for coaches and players comments that undermine the “integrity” of the game but ultimately it’s Goodell who is undermining the integrity of the game.

    The players and coaches are just showing their frustration about it. That makes Goodell mad so he fines them.

  10. How the heck is telling someone they “suck,” following something they did that sucked, considered bullying? What an insanely stupid use of the word bullying. Is it safe to say we are just going to relate that term to any situation where someone gets their feelings hurt? If I tell Howsmyrash he is being a sensitive douche, am I a bully? I just want some clarification, I want to do my best not to offend someone’s sensibilities by bullying.

  11. The derivative, short of “fan” is fanatic, “an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal”. Whatever happened to professionalism, taking pride in your work and setting an example, as opposed to “turd watch”.? Is anyone naive enough to think that there is a coach in the NFL who hasn’t “coached” players to take advantage of replacement referee’s? I don’t care where you came from or what kind of winning percentage the program you came from had. At this level you’re expected to act like a man. That’s how you get treated like a man. I am equally ashamed for everything about football as I am for every “man” that chooses to do it…for a very good living, from the top down.

  12. That’s it, NFL – fine an assistant for stating the facts about your pathetic referees!

    Where is the fine and suspension for a head coach who not only verbally berated one of your scabs but also laid a hand on them as he was exiting the field?

    Do you condone cheating and unethical play as well as incompetence?

    This NFL is a joke – I hope the players all agree to kneel on the field and to have scoreless games until this charade is over. That Goodhell jerk is looking like a huge moron. Egotistical jerk! You are unflushed used toilet paper!

  13. Maybe the Redskins should just start whining about the officiating for their game against the Buccaneers now. It is inevitable.

    Some teams can handle adversity and some can not.

  14. Bad call yes, but it didn’t cost them the game. Supposedly, the Redskins have two of the brightest football minds of the era on their team, Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen. But you could have fooled me because I don’t think they know squat about football. For example, why in the world would you give away the store on a draft pick as they did with RGIII, but not beef up their o-line? The Redskins o-line has been the worst in the NFL for many years now and it will continue to be the worst until they get some quality o-linemen in there. However, that’s not even it. So a few years back they drafted a great LT, named Trent Williams to guard their QB, but then Trent Williams goes down last Sunday and who do the Redskins bring in for Trent Williams replacement, which is supposed to protect their number 1 draft pick which they gave away the store to acquire? A coming out of retirement LT who hasn’t played a snap in 3 seasons. WTF? “Bright football minds”. I don’t think so.

  15. Fine the refs .

    The nfl took our cap money and justified it by saying they were protecting the integrity of the game

    it is obvious integrity is not a priority when it. omes to the nfl
    its just a bunch of bs

  16. Kyle should be fined for his play-calling, at LEAST $25,000…..If the QB keeps holding the ball too long and getting beat up, you have to RUN the ball and call quick little dump off passes….I don’t get millions a year and I know this stuff, why doesn’t Kyle??

    As far as the refs, he’s right, they do suck, but what can you do?All the dirty cheap hits etc makes it like watching 70’s football again!

  17. What could Kyle have to whine about the refs tried to get the Redskins back in the game. Hell he even got 4 time outs.

  18. the players and coaches should just quit their whining,, the replacement refs are trying to do a job that runs a lot faster than they are used to. the college games run a fair bit slower and that is the pace these guys are used to. at least they are out there trying , without them no one would be playing { no play , no pay } the teams and the owners should be thanking them, not beating them up at every turn.

  19. Does anyone know what charities the NFL donates to?

    Does anyone keep a running total of how much is taken in each year?

    Finally how much does Kyle Shanahan actually make?

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