Ahmad Bradshaw expected back in Giants’ starting lineup Sunday


Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw is expected to start on Sunday night in Philadelphia.

Bradshaw suffered a neck injury in Week Two and missed Week Three, but the New York Daily News reports that Bradshaw has been cleared to play Week Four.

The question now is whether having Bradshaw back in the starting lineup is an improvement for the Giants: Andre Brown has played so well in Bradshaw’s absence (33 carries for 184 yards and three touchdowns) that it’s not clear Bradshaw is actually the Giants’ best running back.

But while Brown may have earned a larger share of the workload going forward, from all indications Bradshaw will be on the field with the starting offense when the Giants take the field against the Eagles.

14 responses to “Ahmad Bradshaw expected back in Giants’ starting lineup Sunday

  1. He’ll be the starter but Brown will most likely get the bulk of the carries, Bradshaw will be out there for most of the 3rd down plays because he can pick up the blitz pretty well, i just hope he isn’t rushing back because he feels his job is in jeopardy.

  2. Comes down pretty much to pass protection. As we saw on Thursday Brown doesn’t have this down yet and Bradshaw is really good at it. Probably be a time share with Bradshaw handling most passing downs.

  3. I’m thinking that awful defense is more of a problem for them right now. They’re giving up 6.5 yards per play so far. Only three teams have given up more 20+ yard plays. Only two have given up more 40+ yard plays.

  4. Brown runs with a lot of patience. Bradshaw tries to blow through a hole that isn’t there.

    that said the Giants line has been blocking much better now that Deihl is not in there.

    But Bradshaw is very, very good at blitz pickup.

  5. funny how your too hurt to play, and then when your backup outplays you, THEN you are suddenly ready to get back on the field.
    Brown has outplayed Bradshaw, keep him as the starter

  6. Not to mention a #1 draft choice to get into the mix. Nice problem to have if you figure out how to use the pieces correctly. Bradshaw never gives up on a play. No one expected Brown to do what he did – twice. And our #1 looks like he has the speed and elusiveness once he learns to hold onto the ball. Hynoski doing his job is not exactly chopped liver and the O line seems to be jelling. Might just get interesting.

  7. These comments are why I do well in fantasy football every year.

    You’re telling me a guy who got cut 7 times is a better player than one that has 3000 career yards and 30 TDs, and a 150 total yards and a TD in two Super Bowl wins?

    Oh, and that the WORLD CHAMPION Giants couldn’t figure that he was better in training camp? Or that one real good game against arguably the worst run defense in football somehow invalidates what we’ve seen from these two guys the last 5 years?

    Uh, let’s hold off on the ‘Andre Brown to the Pro Bowl and Ahmad Bradshaw to the bench’ talk for a little bit, ok?

  8. Bradshaw is the junkyard dog of the team. Always grinding away and a tough SOB. Two time champion. Brown looks like a fine addition to the 2012 squad and Wilson will continue to improve.

    G-men have a full stable of wRs too.

    Oh yeah, and a black unicorn and a white bear at TE.

    Did I mention Eli at QB??


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