Bengals’ Michael Johnson is AFC defensive player of the week

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The Cincinnati Bengals’ defense played a lot better in Week Three against the Redskins than it had in the first two games. The primary reason was the play of defensive ends Michael Johnson and Carlos Dunlap.

Dunlap was coming back from a two-game absence due to a knee injury. His return sparked Cincinnati’s pass rush and Johnson capitalized on the other side, en route to a career-high three sacks for -17 yards. Johnson also had seven tackles, six of which were solo. The Bengals topped Washington 38-31.

It didn’t hurt that Johnson was teeing off on Redskins backup left tackle Jordan Black, of course. Starter Trent Williams suffered a bone bruise in his knee in the first quarter. Black is a 32-year-old journeyman who was out of football all last year.

But we suppose defensive ends can only beat the offensive linemen placed on front of them, and Johnson did that to Black. Since these player of the week awards are seemingly always given out based on box-score statistics, Johnson certainly earned it.

It will be interesting to see whether Johnson goes back to being a below-average pass rusher in Week Four and beyond.

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  1. Glad to see a D-lineman getting the credit they deserve.


    How come O-linemen never make offensive player of the week? I think Peyton’s o-line in Denver right now might be the best unit I’ve seen in a while.

    The way they picked up the blocks on Houston and Atlanta was really impressive.

  2. RGIII is gonna get hurt if the Skins don’t change some of their plays on offense. The kids saying his tough but soon enough he will feel what’s like to play football in the NFL week In week Out..By the way Good job M.Johnson

  3. Below average? Cincy has built a dominant front 4 in the last couple years. This has included Johnson who plays 90% of defensive snaps. It allowed people like Frostee/Fanene to get big contracts this offseason. M.J has been the foundation of that line for awhile now. Glad to see the league just now taking notice.

    p.s Johnson dominated Williams before he left and when he returned.

  4. It’s no coincidence that Johnson got better in a hurry on the blind side when Carlos Dunlap returned to the lineup on the front side. RG3 had to focus on the freight train in front of him and Johnson had a much easier time.

  5. I think its harder to get to RG3 due to his mobility…Manning’s release may be quicker Im sure but a mobile QB can he a huge headache…

    Below Avg pass rusher??? LOL Well he gave Joe Thomas all he could handle and got a sack on Joe…Its just like NYG when all of their pass rushers were healthy what did they do??? When we get ALL of our pass rushers back I don’t think any of them will look below avg…(Moch on his way next week) and Im not saying we are SB bound either Im saying all of your main players on the field allows for people to shine..Kerrigan could have looked better if Orakpo and Carriker were out there…

  6. Cheebus! Do they figure in the competition with these awards. Jordan Black is a disgrace in a Skins uniform… dude didn’t even play in the NFL last year. I’m not sure why the Skins have this donk on the roster.

  7. Come on, Justin Houston had 3 sacks as well, plus pass breakups and a SAFETY that allowed KC to get within 3 and force overtime. And it was against Strief, not Jordan Black who is a scrub.

  8. And for the first time in League history, a side judge from the officiating crew is ruled the Defensive Player of the Week in the NFC.

  9. woodg8 says:Sep 26, 2012 11:23 AM

    What does Tim Jennings have to do to win one of these

    He’s balled out hard every game this year
    What does Tim Jennings of the Chicago Bears (NFC) have to do with an AFC Defensive Player of the Week article?

  10. “JJ should’ve had it again this week. He had 2.5 sacks against MANNING”

    Have you watched MANNING this year? You get credit for sacking the PLAYER not the NAME.

  11. Kaz

    He didn’t dominate Trent Williams, don’t make stuff up. According to profootballfocus Williams graded out positive in the short period of time he was in the game. You don’t grade out positive by getting dominated. If you didn’t noticed the redskins offense was moving down the field until he got injured. Run game to the left, our bread and butter, was non existent after he was out on anything other than options or fakes.

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