Chiefs sign veteran guard Russ Hochstein


Chiefs General Manager Scott Pioli brought back another one of his old Patriots guys to help fill in for some injuries.

The Chiefs signed veteran Russ Hochstein to a one-year conctract, according to Adam Caplan of

The Chiefs were thin in the middle when center Rodney Hudson suffered a knee injury and left guard Ryan Lilja shifted to the middle.

Hochstein was released by the Cardinals this summer in final cuts. He spent the previous three seasons in Denver, the seven before that in New England.

6 responses to “Chiefs sign veteran guard Russ Hochstein

  1. If the fans really cared about the product on the field they would do something about it. They are paying the high prices to see the games and eat at the concessions and then getting replacement refs. The NFL does not care about the fan. The only thing they care about is getting every last penny from the fan. What the fans should do, is have everyone walk out on the field and stop the game and protest. Do it every week until the NFL changes its tune and they would.

  2. Clark opens up the wallet, only 28 million left.

    Better be careful.
    Yeah…would hate to foolishly spend it all and still have ten seasons below .500, like your Raiders.

  3. I’m not saying the Chiefs shouldnt have spent some more $, however what has overpaying Mario Williams done?

    Brandon Carr? Again, we screwed up by not signing Carr BEFORE he was a free agent. But, a number 2 CB isnt worth 50 mil.

    This upcoming offseason will tell us a lot. We have to resign Albert and Dorsey IMO. Bowe will likely get refranchised if I had to guess.

  4. Of course the 2 positions where they have least depth (OL and S) are the ones being exposed… and its still early.

    Imagine if Menzie and Kendrick Lewis were playing, that would really complete the nickel D

    Hopefully no one else on the OL goes down or its a problem

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