Cold water being dashed on reports of NFL-NFLRA agreement


As if on cue, the brake-pumping has begun.

With the first wave of reports that a deal between the NFL and locked-out officials was close, next comes the wave of reports saying “Not so fast.”

Sports Illustrated’s Peter King just tweeted: “NFLRA negotiator Scott Green has notified officials that a deal is not imminent.”

That dovetails with the NFL Network’s Albert Breer’s report this morning, which acknowledged progress but noted substantial differences on the pension issue.

Perhaps the truest words of the last hour were uttered by NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith, who also took to Twitter.

Having done this before, everyone needs to wait until the ink is dry.”

Again, all signs point toward this thing being finished, and perhaps soon. Our long, national nightmare is almost over.

But as we approach the finish line, the urge to mark territory runs strong in the media, and sometimes needs to be curbed.

37 responses to “Cold water being dashed on reports of NFL-NFLRA agreement

  1. Me first journalism raises hopes as fast as they dash them. Does anyone believe anything coming out of pundits mouths anymore until there is actually something concrete? I sure hope not, seeing as every reporter’s “reporting” is pure conjecture.

  2. Mort is always full of crap on his scoops. Too bad Glazer is taking the day off for Yom Kippur. He’s the guy I’d trust to break news on the NFL.

    Hey, maybe that’s why Mort chose today to lie. His rival won’t be able to call BS until sundown!

  3. “But as we approach the finish line, the urge to mark territory runs strong in the media, and sometimes needs to be curbed.”

    Perfectly said, Darin.

  4. In an attempt to turn the tide of public opinion, NFL comes out with their “leak that we’re almost done to the media, then blame the union when it turns out we’re not” strategy again.

    IIRC, They did this once or twice with the players last summer, as well.

  5. there’s a reason they leaked this to Peter King, do you think he knows he’s their stooge or just doesn’t care?

  6. I think I read that the pension amounts to 3 million a year total and I’m pretty sure the NFL has already fined coaches over 3 million for complaining about the replacements just get it done

  7. “Again, all signs point toward this thing being finished, and perhaps soon. Our long, national nightmare is almost over”. //Perspective check needed on aisle 4!!! Good grief guys c’mon. Breaking stories based on tweets, half baked facts and national nightmares?? It’s a GAME.

  8. Want to know the quickest way to end this….fire the refs and garantee the div 1 refs 5 years employment for coming in now. Will it screw the colleges, yes but they are in a position to recover quickly with the hiring of ex-NFL refs. This stalemate is ridicules…..part time employees ruining a great game. News flash to REFS…YOU ARE NOT THE GAME!!!!

  9. Darren, being an over-50 old fart, I recognize the Watergate reference (“our long national nightmare is almost over”). In that spirit, I say: IMPEACH GODDELL!!”

  10. Sweet, we can almost get back to the NFL utopia, where blown calls don’t exist!! Oh man, I’m so stoked!!! The infallible real officials will end this horrid stretch, and never make a controversial call. Whew. So…what will the media, pundits, bloggers, etc. write about the rest of the year?

  11. “Our long, national nightmare is almost over.”

    A little over dramatic aren’t we? Maybe try “the media created football nightmare is almost over.”
    I reserve “national” nightmares to things that effect people’s lives such as 2008 financial crisis, 9\11 and high unemployment rates.

  12. If this deal goes through now that a game was lost over a bad call, it is going to enrage me even more. When will the players take a stand and realize that Goodell is ruining this sport?!

  13. This is not the media doing this. This is the NFL being the NFL. Its a damn shame some of you people don’t see what the NFL is doing here. Trying to get the majority of the public opinion on their side so it looks like the refs are the bad guys. The NFL did the same thing with the players last year, and with the Saints bountygate BS this year. It is so sad that some of you actually believe ANYTHING AT ALL that the NFL says.

  14. All this media hype, trumped up by ESPN, about replacement refs is only going to place more pressure on the regular refs once they return. Everyone is going to expect the regular refs to be perfect. We all know that ain’t ever gonna happen.
    BTW: The worst call in NFL history was the “Tuck Rule.” I don’t recall ESPN or any other news outlet making a big deal over that farce of a call.

  15. Mort’s report is currently under review and after further review it was simultaneously reported, even though he pushed everyone out of the way to say it first which is a no no, we still support everything he says.

  16. ALL NFL fans needs to push the dimwitted NFL leadership to end this idiotic lockout and restore the integrity to the NFL. I don’t believe the ref’s deserve everything they are asking for, but I do know that a couple more weeks of the garbage going on right now and you may not have an NFL worth watching.

  17. Goodell got made “an offer you can’t refuse”.. The mob took a $300 million swing on Monday… The odds makers made it clear that this mess is messing with the game odds.. And you don’t mess with the Mob…”Leave the gun, take the cannolis”…

  18. thestewman3 says: Sep 26, 2012 1:57 PM

    So I guess when the regular officials come back no one will be complaining about bad calls right?


    Nope. We’ll be complaining, but not because they are complete idiots, unaware of the rules, but because the calls screw our teams. And we will love doing it, like we always did.

  19. Why would people think that the refs are eager to end this mess? Their case was strengthened dramatically in the last second of the Packers-Seahawks game. Remember, they didn’t strike. Owners locked them out. Referees have no obligation to the NFL other than the game to which they are assigned. Integrity of the league is the responsibility of the club owners and the commissioner. This entire affair is the work of the owners and commish ~ let them stew in their juices for a while. Contract notwithstanding, I fail to see why the NFLPA doesn’t walk. There is no way they would have ratified a contract with this situation being part of the agreement and since it now is, there is probably justification to refuse to contribute to this circus.

  20. “BTW: The worst call in NFL history was the “Tuck Rule.” I don’t recall ESPN or any other news outlet making a big deal over that farce of a call.”
    Yeah, that call went virtually un-noticed, never mentioned since. What a dolt. The thing about these replacements is they made horrific calls on every series, against BOTH teams!! You know what? Having watched that last play 8 bazillion times on ESPN has led me to believe it was simultaneous possession. No, seriously, watch it again with the presumption Tate caught the ball and see if it isn’t at least plausible.

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