Daopoulos: NFL, NFLRA deal is done

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NBC picked the right year to hire an officiating consultant.

Jim Daopoulos, a long-time official and supervisor of officials, joined NBC this season.  And he tells PFT that the NFL and NFL Referees Association have signed a new deal.

A crew is being assembled to work Thursday night’s game between the Browns and Ravens.  Then, on Friday, the officials will travel to Dallas to retrieve their equipment and receive their game assignments for Sunday and Monday, with the same crews working together as last year.

Details are still not clear, but Daopoulos says that the much-debated pension issue was resolved with the current defined-benefit plan remaining in place for five years before switching to a 401(k)-style defined contribution plan.

Also, it’s believed that the deal will cover five more years beyond this one, which means that we’ll potentially be doing this again in 2018.

UPDATE 10:56 p.m. ET:  Daopoulos has provided some more facts.  The officials will vote on the deal in Dallas on Friday, at which time it will become final.  They’ll then participate in a clinic, and head on Saturday to the game sites.  Also, the officials will receive a pay raise of four percent, with 12 guaranteed game checks this year and 19 in subsequent years (including preseason).  As to the checks they’ve missed this year, the officials will divvy up $2.5 million.

160 responses to “Daopoulos: NFL, NFLRA deal is done

  1. Fans. Never forget how much power you really have. It was our reaction to this nightmare that solved this. Never, ever let the Owners do this to us again.

    Well done all.

  2. Good news! Now we can get back to the regular refs missing holding, overcalling PI, mis spotting balls and occasionally affecting the outcome of games!

  3. I hope the refs leave their yellow penalty hankies in Dallas. Say what you want about the scabs, it was refreshing to see some good ol hits without b.s. p.f. Calls

  4. I wonder how long it the honeymoon will last until one of the Coaches is screaming at the regular officials over bad-calls, I give it less than 1 quarter.

  5. And all it took was the first 3 weeks of this season being turned into a circus sideshow which will be compared historically to the sham of 3 weeks of 1987 strike/replacement player fiasco.

  6. This just in, its reported that the Jets, Giants, Packers, Patriots, Steelers, and Eagles have banded together to foot the bill that covers the refs retirement costs. Power has now been restored to the proper franchises so that the standings will soon be righted once again. The NFL can now have 5 more years of harmony.

  7. Meh..the real refs arent a whole lot better..welcome back bad pass interference calls and ticky tack qb hit penaltys,give and take i guess.

  8. Leveraging the long term credibility of the league for petty short term gain is never a good idea.

    The owners locked the players last year and dodged a major bullet by only losing one meaningless preseason game. This year’s DEBACLE totally backfired and blew up in the owners face.

    However, never underestimate the greed and arrogance of these owners. They’ll find a new group to bully and lock out next. The only question is who: Chain gangs? Groundskeepers? Sideline reporters? Ball boys? Mascots? Anything is possible with this group.

  9. Couldn’t care less about the details. Glad it’s done. Cant wait for the complaining about the regulars to begin. Wonder if the NFLRA is going to be grading these officials and issuing press releases each time there’s a bad call.

  10. I’ll believe it when I see the regular officials on the field, calling the game. Until then, it’s a smokescreen, designed to relieve the pressure the fans have been putting on.
    giablommi–Next time, they’ll lock out the fans. And keep your money. Then whine about how much money they’re losing.

  11. You will probably never hear the refs get so loud a cheer than this Sunday! Then after that back to normal fan disapproval of this call or that call.

    Let the normal games begin!

  12. my money is that there will still be bad calls, there will still be penalties that are missed, still be phantom penalties called, replays will still result in wrong decisions, balls will still be spotted wrong and refs will still effect the outcome of games. but at least i won’t have to read anymore articles about replacement refs.

  13. Don’t blame Roger, the owners were driving this bus the whole time. The National rage reminded them how fast they could go from Hero’s to Zero’s. They didn’t like being Zero’s!

  14. This doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. The NFL realizes what happened Monday night could have had damaging effects if it had continued. Even if that was not the case, they may have been rushed into doing a deal anyway:

    There was a rumor that was flying around on Wednesday morning that the State of New Jersey was not going to allow the NFL to stage games in the state without the real refs. If that had been proven true, it would have had the NFL scrambling to move the 49ers-Jets game from Met Life Stadium Sunday afternoon most likely in my view to a Monday night game at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia (closest stadium to Met Life Stadium that Jets fans could get to). If that was true, it likely was the reason we saw sudden movement since otherwise it would have cost FOX their main early game on Sunday, with ESPN likely winding up with a doubleheader of 49ers-Jets in most likely Philadelphia at 6:30 (airing on FOX stations in New York and the Bay Area with any ESPN coverage in those markets blacked out) and Bears-Cowboys pushed back to 9:45 PM ET to accommodate an additional Monday night game. If that were proven true, once the NFL realized this, it forced a deal to get done quickly.

  15. I’m happy to hear this. I didn’t really have a big issue with the replacement refs though. I understood that they weren’t prepared for the job they were about to start. I think they did the best they could. Imagine yourself starting a job that you haven’t been fully trained for and having it scrutinized by millions of people. It would be like throwing a rookie free agent QB in the starting lineup against the
    85′ Bears. You know he is going to get killed but at least you can still play the game. Imagine being in a stadium filled with 80,000 screaming fans, the bright lights of SNF, Ray Lewis and Belichick screaming at you and being expected to do your job decently without much experience. I don’t even think I could take a leek in that situation much less ref an NFL game. Lets cut these people some slack and just be happy that the Professional Refs are back. I do hope that a few of them get hired on as part time refs. The middle school teacher from Boise, the one that was the head official for the opening game, actually did a pretty good job that game. Anyway, hopefully it will be a while before we have to relive this scenario again.

  16. They can all thank Phil Luckett for making the replacements look bad by not overturning the booth review.

    Back to bias officiating and knit picky calls.

    Back to listening to everyone complain about bad calls without a scape goat to blame.

  17. Great news, but that update has me worried…If the union refs don’t vote ’til Friday now, who will work tomorrow night?

  18. Hallelujah! Thank GOD I had all but given up on football and the NFL….Whew I was worried I’d have to find something else to do on Thursdays, Sundays and Mondays.

  19. Here’s hoping this entire thing will lead to the same scrutiny and accountability of regular officials as we had for the replacements from the media

  20. Great. Back to predictably incompetent officiating, versus the unpredictably incompetent officiating that lit up the football world for a few entertaining weeks.

  21. Gah! I hope this is true…

    But I’m reloading on ESPN and on Twitter, etc… Half the places say a deal is done. The other half say a deal is NOT done… I hope something official is said soon, one way or another…

  22. It just occurred to me. Finally, I just figured it out. As I read the post about “being hetero but wanting to kiss Ed Hoculi”, I was going to comment that they’ve actually found a way to make us happy to see Ed Hulkuli again, as a joke. Then it dawned on me. They’ve ACTUALLY found a way to make Ed Hochuli a folk hero. Could this have been a ploy by the NFL to try to win 2 wars at once. By locking out the NFLRA, the owners can negotiate for a more lucrative deal, but they also re-establish credibility for a group of officials that was, quite frankly, losing credibility. People will still complain about the officials, but they’ll be quick to say, “At least it’s not the replacements”. The owners have found a way to bring even more attention to the league, gain negotiating leverage with the union, and make the ‘real’ refs seem like a true and righteous band of flag throwing super heroes compared to the bums who replaced them. So, remind me, how did the NFL lose? What did all of you proud fans win? Lower ticket prices? Lower cable bills? No, we get the same old refs who blew calls and impacted outcomes of games just like the other guys. Now, we’ll get some pace and order and control back in the games, but the calls will still be bad. Only now, the bad calls will somehow be ok, cuz it’s the ‘real’ refs. NFL Never Loses

  23. Now watch as the “real” refs botch the Thursday game just as bad as the replacements botched Monday’s game….

  24. Now what excuses will the crybabies Packers use if they lose again or ahem…….. beat themselves. Of course they have such cake games from here on out save for 1-2 which will let them not only win but win by big numbers and pad their stats.

  25. so this means there will no mistakes and the players and coaches will all be happy right? no yelling or bumping officials or calling them out on twitter if they do not like the calls right? of course the replacements did a lousy job but people are acting like there was never any controversy with the real ones.

  26. I love it that 13-17 people voted thumbs down on every post, these miserable minimum wage workers always hate to see anyone other than the billionaires at the top get some of the pie.

  27. You can just see it now. Players get tossed from games, benches get penalized galore for unsportsmanlike conduct, and the Monday morning headlines read, ”the sheriffs are back in town.”

    Time to lay down the law and fix this mess!

  28. Crap !!!! Now the Raiders are going to have more penalties this Sunday than they have had in the first two games combined. I liked the replacement refs made everyone play on a even field. Us raider fans have been dealing with this kind if officiating for years. I’m kidding…. Kinda.

  29. I wonder who fans are going to blame now for their teams mistakes. These replacement refs were thrown into the fire. The backlash they have been getting is ridiculous. Just shows how much teams lean on refs for wins.

  30. aliensshoot1st says:Sep 26, 2012 10:48 PM

    Just can’t wait for a regular ref to make a controversial call now. What will you guys complain about then?

    I can take a a few bad calls, I understand, but when you have weak roughing the passer or PI.

    But when MNF plays out “roughing the passer”multiple challenges in a short sequence the “defensive pass interference,” and then the cherry on top of the Fail Mary.

    Its way different.

    There also NO way that the NFL could let a championship game be decided by those people.

  31. The real refs better make every call right with no bad calls deciding games or the media will start calling for the “other refs”.

  32. Bring ’em back for the next game. Even without practice, training, etc. they’re better than the clowns masquerading as refs.

  33. Regular refs blow calls/games, all the time and will in the future. The only reason this became an issue was that the media and fans endorsed a mob mentality, devoid of any critical assessment.

  34. Now everybody can go back to hating on the refs who are favoring NE, GB, PIT, etc.
    Oh, the NFL owes GB a game and they are playing in Lambeau on Sunday. Against NO.
    Should be fun

  35. I’ve taken notice of the time of the post above re: this major news story. Well done, ProFootballTalk.

  36. Regular refs blow calls/games, all the time and will in the future. The only reason this became an issue was that the media and fans endorsed a mob mentality, devoid of any critical assessment.

    Of course they do! However, they do not blow calls/games at the same rate as them replacements do — they blew more games than the Packer’s…

  37. According to NFLRA sources, the real refs were offered more money, but instead opted to each get an opportunity to slap Goodell in the ball sack! Now show us those biceps, Ed!

  38. I like Green Bay but I think it would be funny as hell if they were screwed by the real refs this weekend. I would even consider creating a Twitter account and follow/troll TJ Lang.

  39. Well that sucks, I was just beginning to like the replacement refs, they let the WR and DB’S battle for balls unlike the regular ones calling pass interference throughout a game.

  40. I will take the blown call of professional craftsman vs what we’ve seen for seven games… F O R E V E R

  41. packerhater says:
    Sep 26, 2012 11:38 PM
    “Now what excuses will the crybabies Packers use if they lose again or ahem…….. beat themselves. Of course they have such cake games from here on out save for 1-2 which will let them not only win but win by big numbers and pad their stats.”

    Packers crybabies? … You don’t see any whiny spiteful poster trolling here as “Viking hater69” …. Packers win a clean game 45 – 7 , you’ll still hear “They had the refs on their side!” crap… Packers actually do get jobbed by the refs, now we’re babies? …duck a bag of sicks.

  42. “There also NO way that the NFL could let a championship game be decided by those people.”

    Yea because the regular refs have never made bad calls that have decided playoff games and super bowls right? ahem tuck rule or seattle/pitt..
    but hey enjoy having these refs back. I hope all you people calling for the replacement refs head give these guys the same scrutiny. Coaches and players included.
    Can’t wait for every tick tack penalty being called and not letting the defense play the game without calling pass interference.

  43. Sooooo part-time employees will divide 2.5 million, for part-time work, that they didn’t do, because they decided to strike.

    If these details are true, it’s simply a five year band-aid. Why would they strike for their pension, then accept the 401 k in 5 years? Let’s hope everybody puts the same scrutiny on these refs compared to the replacements, and in five years we’ll see how much these refs truly deserve a pension

  44. Let me get this straight.

    The replacement officials did such a good job and made the correct call to end Monday’s game, that the NFL caves in Wednesday and now a deal is done.

  45. Wow, a compromise by both sides got it done! Who would ever thunk it!


    Perfectly said! Succinct & accurate.

  46. Finally, enough is enough.

    I really don’t think money is a real issue during the lockout; the league really wants the NFLRA to know who is the boss.

  47. They had to. Nobody respected the replacements. Not the players, not the coaches, not the fans. It would have gotten ugly.

  48. Now I believe the creator would be against football, but I believe he would understand these “wicked times in this crime land” and that this is one of the few escapes we have that isn’t damaging to your health, so I say Thank the creator this is done.

  49. anyone who couldn’t see that there were totally BS (misplacing the ball by 12 yard, giving a coach two extra challenges that he didn’t have, 9 4 plus hour game and the bad game winning call Monday night) calls by these JUCO refs is not living in reality. yes the real refs will have bad calls but they know how to even it out and how to keep the players from taking advantage of them. You would have to be blind or stupid not to see these guys were not anywhere close to being able to handle NFL games!

  50. Look at you ignorant sheep… 2 weeks from now you will all be complaining about blown calls from the regular officials. But, whatever. It’s better than no football at all.

    No, probably not, but here’s an idea: As a gesture of goodwill to the millions of fans that you and the team owners thoughtlessly brushed aside these past eight weeks, how about putting the Browns/Ravens (NFL Network only) game on ESPN, and let us all watch it for free? Just simulcast it. Hell, put all of the NFLN games through October on ESPN, and market it as just that, a gesture of goodwill.
    Just a thought.

  52. This is great news – unfortunate that the Packers had to be the sacrificial lamb, but so be it.

    For those of you dogging Packer fans and saying “get over it”, “stop crying”, and the like, get real – this issue affects ALL of you, especially if you’re a fan of an NFC team. Any NFC fan should be upset that there’s a team out there with a fake win – your team is competing with the Seahawks for a playoff spot. Bet you won’t be on your high horse saying “get over it” when your team loses a wild-card tiebreaker to Seattle and their one fake win, and is sitting home for the playoffs.

  53. Never before have I so looked forward to seeing Jerome Boger’s feminine sounding voice, Mike Carey’s assertive calls, and Ed Hochuli’s massive pythons. Welcome back, boys!

  54. “Regular refs blow calls/games, all the time and will in the future. The only reason this became an issue was that the media and fans endorsed a mob mentality, devoid of any critical assessment.

    I disagree. It’s not the blown calls – you’re right, the regular refs blow calls and I’ve even seen some that (in my opinion) cost one team or another a win. The bigger issue with these replacements in the way they have to huddle up over every single flag thrown for 5 minutes or more, unsure of what to call or on whom. Then they’ll actually blow the enforcement of the call, giving more yards than they should, extra downs, or coaches challenges that they don’t have. It’s a ridiculous production from top to bottom, WAY beyond just ‘a few blown calls’.

  55. “What it was, was football”…. at its’ most hilarious and unpredictable. I will miss the replacements for one reason. Every time they gathered to refer to the pocket rule book they kept on the field and then broke huddle, it was just like having the drunk new brother-in-law grab the mic at the wedding dinner. The next words spoken could be solemn, hilarious, unintelligible, and could definitely lead to a quick end of the romance. Sad to see, but , fascinated by the possibilities, we watched and listened….

  56. That bs chant you heard Sunday night during the ravens game is not the first time it’s happened. The real refs are just as bad. I don’t mind them making some good dough, as long as they are held accountable. I’m a union worker and can still get fired for poor performance easily. Probably easier then most because I do make more. Adjustments need to be made game to game, not season to season. And every call needs to be reviewable.

  57. The Parking Lot Attendants Union contract expires in two weeks. The NFL is threatening a lockout! This could mean no parking for games, no tailgating….

  58. What do we do when the real refs blow a game on Sunday? Everybody who complained about the replacement refs, will be complaining on Monday that the refs are against their team. Glad the deal is done now. Anybody remember Drew Pearson with the Cowboys against the Vikings? Or the Saints beating up on Brett Farve and the refs not calling it?

  59. I don’t feel SORRY for packers.That was the same crew that cost my team a victory in week 2. hip hip hurray.!!!!!!!!!!

  60. In some neighborhood gym Ed Hocholi is vigourishly pumping iron and staring at his biceps in the mirrors while blowing his whistle over and over again.

  61. At least we will see offensive holding calls again. Have you seen what these O lineman have been getting away with? When was the last game were there was an OH call without the lineman Literaly taking a player to the ground. You’ll see what teams have been getting away with it as they will be highly penalized this wknd.

  62. And in a couple weeks we’ll all be complaining about the crappy officiating. Congratulations fans, you just went from horrible scab officials to horrible professional officials.

  63. mgdsquiggy17 says:Sep 27, 2012 12:54 AM

    “There also NO way that the NFL could let a championship game be decided by those people.”

    Can’t wait for every tick tack penalty being called and not letting the defense play the game without calling pass interference.

    Please explain to me how that is ANY difference from what happened to Sam Shields on MNF?

    Its one thing to be ticky tack, its another to be completely wrong.

  64. spunjmunke says:Sep 27, 2012 7:33 AM

    And in a couple weeks we’ll all be complaining about the crappy officiating. Congratulations fans, you just went from horrible scab officials to horrible professional officials.

    There is a huge difference, if you can’t tell your not being honest with yourself.

    People like you that are blinded by the game and would continue to fill the Owners pockets and not mind how horrible the product is.

    Are the reason they didn’t care what fans were seeing anyway.

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