ESPN prepares “character study” of Jonathan Vilma and Gregg Williams

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With the lockout of the officials reaching a full boil, it’s easy to forget the pot that’s bubbling over on the back of the NFL’s stove.

Bountygate lingers, and a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that ESPN plans to televise this weekend a “character study TV feature” on Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma and former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.

ESPN has contacted players via letters signed by Barry Abrams, a Feature Producer.  Abrams invites players to call and “chat . . . for 10 minutes or so” on the subject, explaining that the story will run on September 29 or 30.

It’s unknown whether ESPN is hoping to demonstrate good character or bad character.  Based on the recent Outside the Lines profile of coach Sean Payton, chances are that Abrams isn’t hoping to dig up marshmallows with his shovel.

30 responses to “ESPN prepares “character study” of Jonathan Vilma and Gregg Williams

  1. Good character?
    Bad character?

    Why must it aim to demonstrate either?

    How ’bout they just accurately report
    what their research turns up?

  2. Yeah if one act (or even multiple acts) determined the character of a man, where would you stand? Doesn’t matter what ESPN or anyone says about anyone when you don’t truly know a person; the opinion will be baseless due to lack of knowledge.

  3. When will the media question the character of Roger Goodell or some of the greedy owners like Jerry Jones or Jeffrey Luria? Those are the guys whose character should be in question. Anyone who uses integrity as a sales pitch obviously has none. Protect the shield, C’mon man.

  4. Who pays ESPN more–Vilma and Williams, or Roger Not-So-Goodell and his gang of merry thief owners?

    Follow the money.

  5. They’re scum, we all know that already. I don’t know that anything is going to be revealed that is going to change anybody’s mind. It’s probably just going to have guys that have played with/for them piling on.

    I can’t believe the NFL let Vilma on the sideline in week 1; that lowlife should be banned for life. Him and Williams.

  6. Oh this should be good. ESPN is still so PO’d that they were left out of the NFL leak loop concerning Bountygate, that they continue to manufacture controversy. Outside the Lines has swung and missed acouple of times already. Another corn popping announcement. 🙂

  7. Players never, EVER do anything other than what is the best for the league. If they ever do anything wrong, it is most certainly due to the greed and corruption of the coaches, owners and/or Roger Goodell. Players may sometimes be jerks and do stupid things. But that is also not their fault, ever. Coaches are (directly or indirectly) to blame for any and all in-game mistakes. Coaches can always point to the greedy, manipulative owners and NFL league office as a way to explain their misdeeds. It is very easy to understand if you only listen to the pundits, columnists and bloggers.

  8. Why is ESPN doing this? Is it an attempt to make up to the NFL for they way they smashed them in their post MNF coverage?

    Ty Cobb, Michael Jordan, Lawrence Taylor, Mike Tyson, Micky Mantle, Tiger Woods and thousands of other famous athletes have engaged in acts varying from less than admirable to outright illegal activities at the height of their greatness, but it doesn’t diminish their achievements. So what’s the purpose of undertaking an expose on an above average DB that’s past his prime and a defensive coordinator that was part of only one super bowl winning team?

    Is ESPN going to show us that Gregg Williams is a jerk? News flash, if you have ever watched a football game you are probably all ready under the impression that the guys on the coaching staff are ego maniacs, control freaks, and in general not nice people to be around.

    Is ESPN going to shatter my world and report that Vilma isn’t as squeaky clean and doesn’t go to church as often as a priest? I don’t think anyone is under the impression that Vilma or most other players are the sweetest and nicest people you could ever meet.

    Give me a break ESPN. IF you want to do something interesting, why don’t you do this piece on someone who goes to great lengths to foster an image as a clean living, god fearing, do no wrong sort of person like Tebow?

  9. Doesn’t the “Worldwide Leader in Sports” have all its staff getting ready for another exciting, titillating NBA season that will, no doubt, continue to send us into ecstacy on every shot from the perimeter? Oh wait, Jim Gray is available. He’ll get to the bottom of it, just like he did with LeBron’s “Decision.”

  10. ESPN’s attempt to regain their blown credibility by continuing this vendetta against the same Saints players and coaches, rehashing the same information over and over again, is pathetic.

    My question is, after the incompetence shown by the Commissioner in the players lockout, the Bountygate non-scandal, and the referee lockout, will ESPN ever have the guts to do a “character study” of Roger Goodell????????????

  11. Jonathan Vilma is a cool dude, smart too, book wise… Idk anything bout Gregg Williams lol, whatever they report will be debated on first take the next day anyway though

  12. So you mean someone is finally going to spotlight the fact that some amount of evidence exists that Vilma participated in a bounty program at Miami U? And also spotlight that some amount of evidence exists that Williams had a bounty program on 3 different teams in the past? About time! Maybe people will begin to get the big picture here if some of this info, that has already been in articles, although only in small pieces that were fleeting and spread out. But to have them all gathered and focused in towards the big picture I think might sway some minds.

  13. The company that employed guys like Gary Miller and Steve Phillips is going to “study” someone else’s character? Laughable.

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