Fast-starting Falcons lead the league in early points

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The Falcons are the fastest-starting team in the NFL, which is a large part of the reason they’re off to a 3-0 start.

Atlanta leads the league with 20 points scored on their first possessions this year,  which sets the stage for the fact they haven’t trailed.

“It’s something we’ve done the entire time I’ve been here and we take a lot of pride in it,’’ Falcons coach Mike Smith said, via Pat Yasinskas of “We put a lot of emphasis on first impressions and a fast start is the best impression. First impressions set the tone. You don’t want to ease into it.’’

It’s not a one-year trend, either, as the Falcons lead the league since 2008 with 193 points on their first possession. The Saints (185) are second.

Of course, there’s no indication that’s going to change either. This week’s opponent, the Panthers, have given up an 80-yard touchdown drive to opponents to open the game in all three this year, rolling out the red carpet to a team that doesn’t need an invitation.

7 responses to “Fast-starting Falcons lead the league in early points

  1. Loving my falcons this year. That’s all I said last year, it was our coordinators. Now they got the team with loads of talent to play to their potential. As long as it keeps up all year I think this might be their year

  2. Shocked that there wasn’t a follow-up to Monday’s John Abraham story here at TMZPFT yesterday afternoon & the revelation that the star DE was drunk at the scene where a woman threatened to jump off a building down south.

    Also it’s good the Falcons are still chugging along well even on defense without their fine 3rd year DT Corey Peters (until next month?) & now without Brent Grimes at CB the $10 million kid the rest of the year. Thumbs up to the massive Julio Jones trade. Cut it out Gantt, my posts are stella.

  3. What…no snarky comment that it doesn’t mean anything until they get a playoff win?

    Also, normally by now there would be a bunch of non-relevant comments on here from Packer & Saints fans. Loving the crickets.

  4. Before the season started all you heard was Ryan is over rated, weak arm,check down charlie. Not hearing that so much. They have a real good team this year.
    I took my kids to training camp last year, Julio came and signed stuff when he did not have to, told adults to “please stand back, I’m doin this for the kids”. He was great with the kids and gave his time when he had just finished practice. Tony G, same thing. Ran into Roddy at subway gettin lunch, he talked to my 12 yr old son while we waited in line. Great bunch of guys. My son had a day he will never forget. All the players were polite,funny and humble.
    Falcons have the makings of something special. It changed my thinking of some pro athletes.

  5. Feeling pretty good about the Falcons at the moment but it’s been the defense that has made an impression on me.

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