Golden Tate: I pushed off, but I’m no cheater

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Seahawks receiver Golden Tate is admitting the obvious: He pushed Packers cornerback Sam Shields on the infamous play in which Tate was awarded a game-winning touchdown pass that most fans thought should have been an interception.

But Tate adds that he wasn’t setting out to break the rules, he was just setting out to get the ball.

I’m not going to deny pushing him,” Tate said, via Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times. “The evidence shows on the film. But like I said, I never had intentions on cheating. I wasn’t trying to cheat. I was competing, it was in the moment. Things are happening so quick. I honestly didn’t even notice I did. I didn’t try to hurt him or push him down to the ground, but it happened. It was so quick. It was just a reaction kind of thing.”

And although few people outside Seattle agree with him, Tate still believes that he and Green Bay’s M.D. Jennings simultaneously possessed the ball.

“I personally felt like I had the ball,” Tate said. “We both fought, we both competed for the ball, and the call ended up going our way and winning the game.”

Tate did exactly what every NFL coach would want his wide receivers to do on a Hail Mary: Fight for position and then fight for the ball. The officials — regular or replacement — never call offensive pass interference on Hail Marys, so it’s hard to fault him for pushing off. And although the video sure looks like Jennings had the ball first, Tate was right to fight for the ball and hope for the best.

Tate also said there’s a nice little bonus to scoring one of the most controversial touchdowns in NFL history: He gained Twitter followers.

“I moved up in followers by like five or six thousand,” Tate said. “I’m kind of becoming a big deal here.”

Five or six thousand Twitter followers is nice, but Packers offensive lineman T.J. Lang, who went off on the NFL with a series of profane tweets after the game, has gained 90,000 followers.

160 responses to “Golden Tate: I pushed off, but I’m no cheater

  1. He did nothing different than ANY other receiver OR DB does on every pass downfield…this one was just more obvious than the others…

  2. BS call, the NFL owe’s it to Green Bay and the sport to strip Seattle of the win and give it to the Packers. I’m not a Green Bay fan but the NFL created this problem and its up to them to set it right.

  3. Tate did absolutely nothing wrong in the game. He did what he was supposed to do. After the game, though, I could have done without him or his coach running their mouths.

  4. And thats the most important thing here folks. Gaining thousands of Twitter fallowers….Twitter Hall Of Fame Class Member 2012

  5. Earlier I commented on “unabashed dirtbag” coaches… add Carroll to that list – he may be the definition.

  6. Did PFT write 50 articles on the Calvin Johnson debacle last season? Hmmm, I wonder why not…

    Michael David Smith: Search our archives. We wrote many posts on the Calvin Johnson catch. (Which was two seasons ago, not last season.)

  7. Perhaps Mr. Florio might want to ask Seattle’s KCPQ-TV for their end-zone tape of the touchdown, in the interest of accuracy and all. KCPQ managed to be the only media source present that got clear and decisive footage of what happened in the end zone. I’m sure Aaron Levine, sportscaster, would be more than happy to make sure you got it.

    Just sayin’.

  8. Another sad lesson that ranting like a 2-year old gets you far more attention than simply trying to explain yourself.

    Dude and his dudes gave up 8 sacks in 30 minutes of football. All GT did was try to catch a pass.

  9. Symantics? Really? That is what he wants use t0 justify a horrible call. He ought to apply for job with the league office. He could be a spokesman. They sound a lot alike. Full of BS!!!!

  10. As a Packers fan, he’s not a cheater. Sure, he committed what should have been a penalty, but that doesn’t make someone a cheater. It doesn’t even matter if he did it with the intention of breaking the rule. In my mind, to “cheat” he’d have to do something outside of regular play, and pass interference is definitely part of regular play.

    I’m a little annoyed he still thinks he caught the ball, but oh well. He has nothing to apologize for, almost all players would do the same, especially if they knew it wasn’t going to get called. The refs (and at a larger level, the NFL) are the ones who should apologize.

  11. Tate did everything any other receivers would try to do.. no one is blaming him, this is the Refs and only the refs fault. But Pete Carroll jumping up and down, laughing and running his mouth after the game saying that it was a good call and that the refs did a good job gave me a bad taste.. If he had been humbled and just said.. “it is what it is and we’ll take the win.. next question”

  12. That’s funny how he possessed the ball. I could’ve sworn the replay shows him taking his right hand off of it and readjusting it for better position to strip while it’s in Jennings chest. Then again, I didn’t have the assistance of having a seeing dog aid me in making the right call from the booth.

  13. What he’s saying is that he made a mistake in the moment and he isn’t a habitual cheater and manipulater.

    I believe him.

    Let’s cut the kid some slack. He owned up to it.

  14. No one said he cheated. What every says – including the tape and multiple photos – is that he didn’t catch that ball, and he did not share possession of it with MD Jennings. He simply put a hand on it, then added another one later. Just stop talking about it.

  15. The only thing worse than the push off was the whining that’s come out of Green Bay by Rodgers and their fans. Lost all respect for that organization. The Pats got screwed, the Steelers got screwed, a bunch of teams got screwed. Maybe not as bad as GB but quit crying…you’re embarrassing yourselves.

  16. So you’re not denying that you pushed him, which was cheating, but you say that you weren’t cheating. That you just wanted to get the ball……by cheating.

    Future politician.

  17. Meh. At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter.

    It’s not like anyone in the North can beat the Packers, and it’s not like the Seahawks are going to challenge the Niners or even the Cards for the West.

    Plus, now the reigning MVP is pissed off. They’ll probably lose @Houston, and the Cards game will be a bit of a challenge, but the Packers will go 13-3 or 12-4.

    In the end, things will be the way they should be, with the Packers easily in the playoffs, Seahawks watching from the sofa, and Minnesota fans sleeping with their own relatives.

  18. This guy did what he was supposed to do in that situation. Packer fans and football fans as a whole either do not or should not have any issues with him.
    The game is over and lets hope the real officials are here on Sunday.

    As a Packer fan my only issues are with Rodger Godell and his 32 puppet masters ruining this game with short sighted and greedy actions that have impacted all 32 teams and their fanbases.

  19. Five or six thousand Twitter followers is nice, but Packers offensive lineman T.J. Lang, who went off on the NFL with a series of profane tweets after the game, has gained 90,000 followers.


    Please read previous paragraphs in your own articles. You very clearly printed ““I moved up in followers by like five or six thousand”. That means he increased by that many. So, unless he started with 0, he has more than 5 or 6 thousand. While his 45k followers isn’t 90k, it is much more than the 5 or 6k you mention.

    That should pretty much sum up what I think about the article, the call, and the overwhelming media freakout about the game in general. It happened, it can’t be changed, man up and accept it already.

  20. I just cant wait for the Seattle fans to come on and try to justify the call. They usually spout some nonsense that while Jennings had initial control, by the time they landed on the turf Tate obtained joint control. Essentially they argue that the point at which joint catch is to be measured is at the time of possession. That is incorrect.

    What they don’t realize is that they are confusing “Possession” with “Control”

    According to the official nfl rules “Possession: When a player controls the ball throughout the act of clearly touching both feet, or any other part of his body other than his hand(s), to the ground inbounds.”

    The rules clearly delineate the concept of possession and control. Possession requires control plus touching in-bounds.

    NOW, read the simultaneous catch rule:
    “It is not a simultaneous catch if a player gains control first and an opponent subsequently gains joint control. ”

    Notice the word “CONTROL” and not possession is at play here. Thus, by admitting that Jennings had first control of the ball, you clearly admit that simultaneous catch is the wrong call. Possession is not a factor.

  21. He shouldnt even have to answer the question of being a cheater. That is obsurd. I dont care if he yanked the guy by the face mask. He is a receiver, not a referee. 100 calls a game go uncalled. The refs blew the call, but Golden Tate did exactly what he shouldve done. Any team in the league, PACKERS INCLUDED, would’ve gladly taken that victory. No matter what they want to say after the fact!

  22. skittlesareyum

    Please change your name from something obviously related Marshawn Lynch before claiming to be a packers fan

  23. Good job getting extra twitters, who cares he didn’t catch the ball. He’s a cheat and a liar and I am not a fan of either team. Green Bay were cheated out of that game, no doubt about it, and so was Las Vegas big time. It was a disgrace.

  24. The difference between Tate and Lang’s twitter hauls simply highlight the moral makeup of Americans and generally humans today.
    Nothing more, nothing less.

  25. A refresher on the 5 stages of grief:
    Denial: (it was an interception.. well, it really kinda was)

    Anger: (I am done with the NFL.. I quit.. blah blah blah)

    Bargaining: (at least we’re going to be the reason that the NFL Ref lockout is done with).

    Depression: (But we’re still 0-2 vs. the NFC West.)

    Acceptance: (Sunday is conveniently 4 days away.)

    Clearly some are progressing through this more quickly than others.

    Let it go. Live longer.

  26. either 1998 or 1999, Buffalo-NE,

    Drew Bledsoe threw a hail Mary at the end.

    Pass interference was called

  27. It’s only cheating if you get caught. Just ask every offensive linemen who has ever played the game.

  28. 1) The doughnut burglar now suddenly knows what the interviewer is talking about. Where is the lie now?

    2) After this scandal, there will be pass interference called on such plays in the future. The NFL must enforce it now.

    3) Some foolish people will actually listen to the twittering lies of a burglar; was that small unthinking segment of the population the target of the immoral statement the NFL released Tuesday?

    4) The honest heartfelt emotions expressed by Mr. Lang on Twitter obviously resonated with the large majority of people that seek truth, justice, and the American way.

    5) It is a shame that the NFL with its substandard officiating is putting out an adulterated product at higher prices.

    6) The 31 NFL owners obviously do not believe in truth, justice, or the American way or give them any regard.

  29. I cannot fathom why people are criticizing the guy for trying to make a catch that would win the game for his team. Or criticizing his coach for celebrating a victory for his team.

    You play to win the game.

  30. He seems to be under the impression that people are “hating” because he cheated. People find him annoyingly stupid because he brazenly lied about catching a game winning TD on MNF and continues to do so. At least Marhshawn Lynch and some of his teammates are mature and savvy enough to acknowledge the truth of the situation.

    What makes him and his douchenozzle coach a perfect match is they both freaking celebrated like they had won the Superbowl after benefiting from one of the most atrocious officiating debacles in the history of the game. Eat some more maple bars you freaking idiot.

  31. call me crazy, but for some unkown reason i keep getting this wild idea that gambling is some how some way at the very heart of this whole fiasco. I hope some watergate style reporter is looking a little deeper into this angle. follow the money… did vegas do ok this week?

  32. Dude. Jennings caught the ball and you caught Jennings neck. You “personally felt” you caught the ball. That sounds sooo convincing. Maybe you could comment on what the video evidence clearly shows. Yeah, I didn’t think so.

  33. No problem w Tate’s effort despite the push off. Who isn’t pushing off when it comes to receivers and db’s?

    Of course they should of thrown a flag. Not throwing a flag because it’s a hail mary is BS.

  34. @Julie Brannagh

    I looked at the video you describe as “clear and decisive footage.” From that angle you can’t see Tate’s hand leave the football before reapplying it in an effort to rip it away that the other camera angles show. I don’t think that can be the definitive view. The video you reference looks to confirm Jennings has the ball clutched to his chest and is trying to roll away from Tate. I’m old so maybe I am seeing things.

    Glad Tate finally admitted he pushed off not that it matters. It was ludicrous when he acted oblivious in the immediate aftermath. I don’t expect him to say he didn’t catch it.

  35. He’s not a cheater. He did what he was supposed to do, fight for the ball and hope for the best. The referees are the ones that called it a touchdown, not Tate. Why blame it on him?

  36. According to the rules, a player catching a ball while going to the ground has to maintain possession all the way TO the ground, and while any settling or rolling once he hits the ground. Jennings indeed had the ball at first, but he DID NOT maintain sole possession all the way to the ground. By the time he and Tate hit the ground, Tate had managed to partially take possession of the ball.
    Since it technically wasn’t a ‘catch’ until they hit the ground, and by the time they did hit the ground, they had simultaneous possession, the call on the field was correct, AS FAR AS THE CATCH. The no-call on the push off is a different matter, and happens with the ‘regular’ officials on a fairly common basis, although it is acknowledged that it does happen more with these replacements.

  37. what he did was wrong and yes it happened cant really change it now they got the win and packers didnt(they should have) but the real refs have got to come back now

  38. Roddy White said it best, no defensive player better ever cry about Pass Interference on a Hail Mary because defenders knock people down, hold, and tackle receivers on that play and it’s never called NOR should it be. You just har to go for it.

    But with that said, it flat out was an interception. Packers win, game over. I’m mad the refs blew the interception but I’m satisfied they didn’t call pass interference. Nobody ever calls that in the nfl, college or high schools on the last play of the game

  39. One thing we all learned…Dont ever WRONG The Greatest Team in the History of all sports. The Green Bay Packers! They have never really lost a game, just ask them!

  40. Calling him a cheater is going too far. Is every OL that holds a cheater? Is every personal foul in the NBA tantamount to cheating? Come on. He did what he was supposed to do to try and catch the ball. It’s not his fault that the refs missed the PI and blew the call on the INT.

  41. Tate is delusional and needs to watch the video if he really thinks he caught the ball. Goodell should be replaced as comissioner. He is responsible for starting this mess. He is arrogant and egotistical and cares nothing about the integrity of the game. He is also a liar, claiming there was ” simultaneous” posession on that play therefore associating it with a rule in the rule book. I give him more credit than that to actually believe that he truly believes that. What’s done is done and he should just be a man about it and admit that a mistake was made. He puts people out on the field to officiate games who should not even be doing it and are making huge mistakes out there and then fines coaches for complaining? The continuation of their jobs depends on their performance, so they have a huge stake in the outcomes of these games.

  42. who called him a cheater? so anyone who has ever committed a penalty and not been called is a cheater? ok well I guess that technically is true, who cares

  43. giantsfanlewis says:
    Sep 26, 2012 6:35 PM
    Randy moss pushed off on at least half of his 23 tds in 07 and was only called for pushing off once even after it was brought to the nfl and refs attention

    That is some ignorant hate right there – Moss in 07 was like Barry Sanders in ’98 – as close as football gets to art.

  44. It’s unfortunate that the play happened as it did, but this is just the bazillionth example in Sports History of a team playing itself into position to have the refs cost them a game.

    We are all quick to blame the culprit of the final important play of any loss, but maybe if this “One of the Best Offenses Ever” would’ve put up more than 6 points through 51 minutes of the game there wouldn’t have been a final controversal play, because GB had ample opportunities to put up a bigger lead. Or just convert the 2-pt attempt, and then they still would’ve gone to OT.

    There’s dozens of missed opportunities in every game that happen in the 1st-3rd quarters that are JUST as important as that last play, but everyone focuses on the final play — like a missed FG (“Stupid Kicker”, well maybe if the coach had some balls earlier and went for it on 4th and 2 from the 45 instead of Punting, you may have already had the lead or be in a tie, not putting the weight of NFL city on a soccer player’s shoulders). But the world doesn’t think like that, what happened most recent is most important, just like teams that win in December down the stretch are the strong team…when wins in September, October & November are worth the exact same in the standings.

    I understand the Officials appear to have “cost” the Packers the game, but when you score the second most points all time last year and are 1-2 with 57 points through 3 games — I think there’s a much deeper and larger issue in Titletown than the replacement officials right now even if they had held on in Seattle.

  45. The question I have to ask is that was the 80% to 20% for the Packers the Point Spread straight up or the Money Line included. Obviously anybody that knows anything about sports gambling knows that when betting on the Money Line the majority of the money will always be on the favorite. With a straight up point-spread bet bookmakers(legal or illegal will make sure that they have a 50/50, and if they don’t, they lay off the action to another gambling house that has the exact opposite problem and they always win). With the Money-Line, book making houses only make money when the underdog wins. Their goal is to make sure that they have enough action on the under-dog so that when the favorite wins, they at least have enough to break even. If the under-dog wins, which in every week always happens, they make money. If this was a straight up 80/20 split on the point spread alone, then Las Vegas has some serious problems. How could they ever let themselves get that exposed??? It never happens. Really strange.

  46. I am so tired of this story and I am one of the guys who was ticked off over the whole thing. The Packers should have won, this season has an asterisk on it already, and Golden Tate is just not stating the obvious. After the game when he was asked about the push, he said “I don’t know what you’re talking about”.

    Now all of the sudden, when there is a statement made by the NFL saying he pushed and should have been flagged, and the video has been played 10000000 times, he finally admits the obvious. He is such an honest guy we should believe that he caught the ball and our eyes are fooling us.

  47. The referee could have called a penalty on Tate on that play, but the fact that a player committed a penalty that was not called does not make him a cheater. If that’s the case, then every WR and DB in the league would be considered a cheater.

  48. Ninerdynasty said, “Tate did everything any other receivers would try to do.. no one is blaming him, this is the Refs and only the refs fault. But Pete Carroll jumping up and down, laughing and running his mouth after the game saying that it was a good call and that the refs did a good job gave me a bad taste.. If he had been humbled and just said.. “it is what it is and we’ll take the win.. next question”

    I’d love to see what Harbaugh would’ve done in that situation. I’m sure with all his classiness he would been the example of humble.

  49. Funny. His response after the game

    “Dont know what you are talking about….don’t know what you are talking about.”

    Ofcourse hes going to admit it after the evidence shows it was the most blatant offensive pass interference ever, called or not called.

    Nice job, chump.

  50. So when the Packers lose to the 0-3 Saints on Sunday, will the media start to talk about the real problems the Packers have?
    Or will they just continue to beat this dead horse some more?

  51. thetokyosandblaster says:Sep 26, 2012 6:51 PM

    Meh. At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter.

    It’s not like anyone in the North can beat the Packers, and it’s not like the Seahawks are going to challenge the Niners or even the Cards for the West.

    Plus, now the reigning MVP is pissed off. They’ll probably lose @Houston, and the Cards game will be a bit of a challenge, but the Packers will go 13-3 or 12-4.

    In the end, things will be the way they should be, with the Packers easily in the playoffs, Seahawks watching from the sofa, and Minnesota fans sleeping with their own relatives.
    LOL 1-2
    That explosive offense is really going to make that all happen for you huh? Enjoy the basement ladies.

  52. Really people, stop talking about the play.

    So obvious it was an int. Jennings established control before anyone else did. There is no simultaneous catch. You don’t have to have your feet on the ground to have control, just to complete the catch….which he did.

    Its just one loss. Move on.

    And I am not a fan of either team. Go Colts.

  53. He did nothing different than ANY other receiver OR DB does on every pass downfield…this one was just more obvious than the others…


    oh yeah he did…. he blatantly pushed off on a game winning TD with TWO refs standing right there and didn’t get flagged….

    that’s different….

  54. TO say that Pass Interference has never been called on the hail mary is false.

    1978 — [Atlanta Falcons] vs. [New Orleans Saints]: Just two weeks after the Falcons beat the Saints 20–17 on the “Big Ben” pass play, the Falcons beat them again by the same score on the final play of the game after an intercepted Hail Mary pass when Saint defensive back [Mo Spencer] was called for pass interference by side judge Grover Klemmer. The Falcons scored on a run from the 1 yard line on the next play. The play became known as “Big Ben II.”

  55. If pushing the defender is cheating then any pass interference foul is cheating? Or is it just cheating when it is not called. Or is cheating when it is not called by an incompetent official.

    Golden Tate committed a foul that should have been called and it was one of many missed calls in the game. He was also credited with a reception that was clearly an interception. There was no cheating going on in the game. Its pretty easy for Seahawk fans to tell everyone from Green Bay to calm down, but the fact is that this game is not the first one decided by incompetent officiating.

  56. Like my coach used to say, if you play the game you’re capable of playing, you should score enough points so that it won’t matter if the officials cheat, or (more likely) make a gross mistake on a crucial play.

    Green Bay lost, regardless of the controversy of the play (Tuck rule anyone? Immaculate reception anyone?), they lost. We can analyze and interpret and foam at the mouth over it and it will still come out the same. Green Bay lost the game.

    Officials are just human, an in this case also only semi-qualified. The best way to win a game is not to leave it to the officials to make a call that gives you victory, but to score many more points than the opponent.

  57. I can believe that. In the heat of the moment, all you’re thinking about is catching that ball and trying to get in position. Now all he has to do is admit that Jennings had more control of the football and should’ve been awarded the interception.

  58. word association

    Pete Carrol—— Douche nozzle
    Seattle———- pathetic
    Golden Tate—- Cheater
    Roger Goodle— Coward
    NFL———— Corrupt

    You get the idea, Im sure you can add plenty more

  59. jrmbadger says:
    Sep 26, 2012 6:52 PM
    I just cant wait for the Seattle fans to come on and try to justify the call. —

    WRONG! FANS IN SEATTLE HAVE NOT TRIED TO JUSTIFY THE CALL. On the main football boards we are all actually as boggled by it as everyone else. No, we don’t advocate giving back the win, that will happen when the Steelers give us the Super Bowl back the refs stole…. but as for this, it happened, it favored the Seahawks, and we’re moving on the Rams. The rest of you should move on, to.


  60. mnpacker says: Sep 26, 2012 7:24 PM

    I’m not a cheater, I just broke the rules in order to win

    Get over it. By your definition every offensive lineman in the entire league is a cheater. That’s why refs are on the field. They didn’t do their job.

    Don’t hate the player hate the game, er, refs.

    Oh and SCOREBOARD.

  61. There is the pass INT that occurs in every hail Mary, then there are blatant knock downs of a DB which cross the line.

    It’s not only that, but your comments after the game which caused the nation to lose all respect for you Tate.

  62. OMG!!! Reading some of your comments is comical!!!
    Calling him a Cheater?? & a Liar?????
    Are you Kidding me??? He did what any football player would have done in that moment! They got the Call! They won! Whether or not you agree wig the call is up to you! But, c’mon people! Talk about integrity & honor???? Get a life!
    That game had calls going both ways, if Green Bay was so Elite, it would not have come down to 1 bad call! Get over it & move on! I’ll laugh when the winless Saints win this week, and you whiners are 1-3!
    Move on! And why wouldn’t their coach be fired up! They got a win on a spectacular play! @ the time, his receiver took the ball and got the win! If Carrol wasn’t fired up, then I would be more worried! I love his enthusiasm , which our head coach had any sort of pulse!

  63. It’s funny to hear dismissal of the Packers’ offense from folks (esp NFC north folks) based on 3 sub-par performances, rather than the collective body of work the same personnel have put up over the past several years.

    Deep down, in places you don’t talk about at parties, you fear this offense. You need those refs on the wall!

  64. “I did not have sex with that woman” – Bill Clinton

    On Monday he said “I don’t know what you’re talking about”.

    Now he says “I’m no cheater”.

    How does he know? He has no idea what anyone’s even talking about. Maybe no cheater but his narcissism is well into the pathological range. But next to Pete Carroll, who talks like he’s Bill Walsh or Chuck Noll, even Tate seems normal.

  65. Not really sure about how much of a big deal he is becoming is true but I have zero problem pushing away the defender during the final play. Hell, how often due ‘Hail Marys’ work?? Normally slim to none. You do what you can to give your team a chance to win. Cheater?? Nope………..

    Look…The NFL screwed the pooch with the whole matter. No Seattle player need apologize for this…..It’s unfortunate that this took away from the Seattle defense domination of Green Bay…

  66. @themokoda

    Read your own post. A “Catch” and “Possession” are 2 different things. You can possess the ball at any moment in time, but is only considered a catch after possession is first established.

    “It is not a simultaneous catch if a player gains control first and an opponent subsequently gains joint control.” has video footage and analysts talking about how Tate removed his right arm to try and strip thus giving up possession in the process.

    Please note that 31 other fan bases disagree with the ruling that came out and it is not an attack on the Seahawks or any of there coaching staff and we can all agree that they played 1 helluva game in a game that was improperly officiated with both sides benefiting from erroneous calls.

    However, flags do not give points. Rulings give points. The ruling was horrible and directly awarded points. If the ruling would have gone the other way, it would’ve been another near disaster the NFL avoided and wouldn’t have been talked about so much.

    There are only 2 groups of people that are saying hush up and get over it:
    1. Seahawks fans.
    2. NFL owners.

    So please find yourself in better company instead of trying to lie and justify yourself to the majority.

  67. Tell you what, when the Steelers give us the Lombardi Trophy that the real refs stole from us we’ll give the Packers this win.

    That sounds fair right?

    Please, ask a Seahawks fan if we feel bad about being on this side of bad officiating for a change. Grow up Packer fans and stop whining, you didn’t play well enough to win this game anyways.

  68. OK. Let me get this straight. Taint intentionally broke the rules, but isn’t a cheater. Carroll isn’t a liar, and USC never paid off any players or their families. Got it.

  69. This story is getting boring now…for those of you saying Carrol was smug smiling and running around after the game. (full disclosure: I did think he was a used car salesman when they hired him, not so much anymore) No one could see the replay, they didnt show it in the stadium so we ALL thought is was a catch including the Packer fans attending the game. We all thought it was the best ending we had ever seen in Seahawk history, minus @Kansas City win in the 80’s (we dont have many fyi) It was only after we got to a TV could we see he pushed off and it wasnt called. Yeah Im a Seahawk fan and yeah I think it was a pick by the D BUT I have also seen a reverse angle that makes me think I am not 100% sure it was a D pick. Its over, lets move on. PS Golden Tate has been a good dude here (except for the doughnut thing which some think was staged for Top Pot publicity) and we in Seattle hear his interviews all the time long before the Dallas block last week and the “pick/TD” catch. He is not the punk you all are making him out to be and Im not saying that just cause he plays for the team I root for.

  70. Pete Carol is annoying. Herm Edwards said on radio that it was embarrassing how he was on the field waiting for ruling. Said he should have been on sideline with his players. Especially to restore order if the call got reversed. I must say, I totally agree.

  71. Tate is half way there on being truthful. Now if he could admit that he couldn’t have had possession when the defender had it tucked on his chest and was on his back on top of Tate.

  72. definition of a cheater… someone who knowingly breaks the rules to gain an unfair advantage…
    sounds like exactly what you did Golden…
    what comes around goes around…

  73. As the only commentator with any common sense pointed out….KNOCK IT DOWN. Why would a moronic DB try to intercept a pass on 4th down with no time left, stats don’t mean a thing except in the loss column. Do your job DB and there is no controversy. A great defensive game by both teams has been lost to all the defenders and whiners. KNOCK IT DOWN and move on people!

  74. I’m sure Greg Jennings or Donald driver have never pushed off. This whole focus on golden Tate is ridiculous. He did what ANY reciever has done at times, its part of the game, if you are trying hard and competing you occassionally find yourself outside the rules. And its not his fault the refs favor the offense. Imagine if a DB pushed like that. There would be five flags flying simultaneously for PI, hail Mary or not. But that’s a whole seperate issue.

  75. These comments are absolutely mind-boggling. So he is a cheater because he commited a penalty? So is every lineman who gets a holding call a cheater? Every DB who gets a PI a cheater? This logic is astounding and you people should be embarassed.

  76. seattlereign says: Sep 26, 2012 6:52 PM

    Who’s T.J. Lang?
    He’s the guy who pointed at Rodgers, and then yelled at Clemons, “Not me…get HIM!”

  77. Can we please not add a “gate” to the name of this issue. The reason it was called Watergate is that it happened at the Watergate Hotel. Adding a “gate” to any of these… spy gate, bounty gate. et al makes no sense at all and is beyond stupid.

  78. I don’t understand why all the venom against Tate.

    Who here would have done it differently if they were in the same position as Tate?!

    Receiver’s first priority is to catch the ball.

    DB’s first priority is to BAT IT DOWN.

  79. conormacleod says:Sep 26, 2012 8:04 PM

    Mr. Tate,
    Your money is no good here. Drinks are on the house.

    Minneapolis, Minnesota


    I guess when you are working on your 2nd half century of futility and having an empty trophy case, all you can do is drink.

  80. thetokyosandblaster says:
    Sep 26, 2012 6:51 PM
    Meh. At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter.

    It’s not like anyone in the North can beat the Packers, and it’s not like the Seahawks are going to challenge the Niners or even the Cards for the West.

    Plus, now the reigning MVP is pissed off. They’ll probably lose @Houston, and the Cards game will be a bit of a challenge, but the Packers will go 13-3 or 12-4.

    In the end, things will be the way they should be, with the Packers easily in the playoffs, Seahawks watching from the sofa, and Minnesota fans sleeping with their own relatives. TYPICAL DOU*HEBAG PACKER FAN!!!!!

  81. Wow Packer fans on here are whining harder than ever everywhere online. Reverse the W and give it to the Packers? Really?? Seahawks admittedly were robbed by referees in 2006 Superbowl. I don’t think I ever have heard any Hawk fan say the NFL needs to reverse the game and take championship from the Steelers. Matter of fact where was the uproar from fans then at the biggest stage in sports? Calls went both ways in this game. Get over it

  82. giantsfanlewis says:
    Sep 26, 2012 6:35 PM
    Randy moss pushed off on at least half of his 23 tds in 07 and was only called for pushing off once even after it was brought to the nfl and refs attention

    132 52

    However, when he was a Raider, Moss had to give back 3 TDs for offensive pass interference. When he became a Patriot, he kept doing the EXACT same thing, but rarely got flagged.

    The regular officials are better than the replacements, but they’re still the weakest link in the NFL product.

    Raider Nation, beware! The bitches are BACK! You’ve been relatively disciplined by curtailing penalty yardage so far this year, but they’re 3 weeks behind in throwing flags on you, & they’re salivating to get started.

    I can see it now…

  83. Yes every player that commits a penalty is cheating…. happy Packers fans?

    This is not the worst call in the history of Football.

    But it is the most immature reaction to a bad call in NFL history.

  84. I was at the game. All of you armchair QB’s who have sat and watched 8 million slo-mo replays and now have shifted your anger to GT and PC…are forgetting one important thing. At the game, everything happened in real time.

    From my less-than-great seat, I could not see what exactly happened. Had no idea there was a “controversy”. Saw the TD signal go up and went nuts with joy. PC on the sidelines could not see what exactly happened from his vantage point. He saw the signal and celebrated like ANYONE would on a last-play TD/victory. Same as his players…or how ANY players would (Packers included) under the circumstances. The people that are pissed that he “danced” on the sidelines need to actually go to a game to experience it in real time. Feel the excitement of a last second victory. Because at that moment in time, we didn’t know there was a “debacle” happening.

    They showed the replay on the screen one or two times (in RT), and I still couldn’t tell what happened. You really think GT remembered every moment as it unfolded (in RT) without the benefit of 27 angles of slo-mo? He fought for the ball and felt he had equal share. Shame on him for such thoughts. By the way, since I’m rambling…if everyone that commits a penalty is a “cheater”, then the NFL is probably 95% cheaters.

    Who cares what they said after the game? That really matters to you? Makes the pain worse for you? Wow.

    Be angry at the Refs…fine. Be angry at the System…fine. Be angry at your team for only scoring 12 points and allowing 8 sacks in the first half….really fine. By the way, nice O line and public language, Mr. Lang. At least I try to keep those words where they belong….on the golf course.

    But to channel your anger at the Seahawks and GT and PC specifically, well, that just shows your level of emotional intelligence on this matter. But hey, whatever makes you feel better.

    On to Week 4.

  85. I’ve been a Packer fan for about 50 years. People need to lay off of Tate. He did what any other player would have done. NONE of this is the Seahawks fault. They are a good team that played hard. This is ALL the fault of the NFL with their Replacement refs.

    Tate deserves not one single ounce of crap for this.

  86. Golden Tate should be a politician. And it’s just like politician to deny, deny, deny until the evidence is so overwhelming against you and everyone is against you, and then go and admit this much.

    Screw this guy

  87. A group of Packer players took the opportunity Monday night and their off day Tuesday to vent their displeasure with the outcome of the game, the poor officiating and mostly the NFL’s unwillingness to settle the referee lockout which created the whole mess in the first place. That hardly constitutes whining in my book. It’s unfortunate people have used this as an opportunity to bash the team and its fans. Are people not free to root for the team of their choice? Does being a Packer fan make someone a bad person? What if this happened to your beloved team? Grow up.

  88. Puke fans just can’t fathom being on the wrong side of the call!

    Keep crying Rodgers…….be a leader……MOVE ON!

    The pukes will get their woobie back, old refs coming back.

  89. does batting the ball down guarantee that someone on the offense isnt going to catch it? no, it doesnt. hail marys are just crazy plays where anything can happen no matter what anyone does. if jennings would batted it down into the hands of a reciever everyone would say y didnt he just try to intercept it, he out jumped evryone by a foot. enough of the bat it down crap.

  90. i’m not a cheater but i don’t always follow the rules and when i do the refs bail me out…. stay classy seahawks….

    what a dope…

  91. Quote: The evidence shows on the film. But like I said, I never had intentions on cheating.

    Whatever man, as soon as you place your hands on his back and pushed, you had intentions on cheating. As soon as you, jumped and missed the ball and went to the ground and then placed your hands on the ball like you catch that pass, you intentions of cheating.

    Once a cheater, always a cheater!

  92. Translation, every player who commits a foul, called or not by the referees, is a cheater, or every single person who has played any significant amount of a refereed sport.

  93. Come on people. Golden Tate goes to youth football camps in my community and conducts himself quite well. He looks like a kid in a candy store while helping these kids. He is not the bad guy you are all making him out to be. I am not a fan of either of these teams, but there is no reason to call him names. . Went up to grab a ball and win a game. NOT a cheater in my book . My son and I are fans after our experience with him. Leave him alone!

  94. If his pushing off was cheating then there are a whoooooole bunch of cheaters out there this season especially (with all these missed interference calls) and everyone knows the regular refs don’t even make those calls on a Hail Mary.

    With that said, if you ain’t cheatin’ you ain’t tryin’.

  95. It’s hard to disagree that Pete Carroll acted a little ridiculous (although at this point in his football career we really shouldn’t expect much in the way of class from him).

    But you’d have to be pretty ridiculous to blame Tate at all. He didn’t make the call, and even if he said “that was the wrong call” it’s not like they are going to change the result. Tate did his best, and he got a little lucky.

  96. For the rest of his career and even beyond that, this is the legacy that Golden Tate has secured. No matter what other successes he will have, he will predominantly be known for that play. The game has been given to the Seahawks and cannot be reversed, as there is no appeal process. Therefore, he should just come clean and admit that he did not catch a touchdown. Instead he continues to cling to this lie thus cementing his legacy as a liar and that he is someone that cannot be trusted. The honorable thing to do since it would not cost your team the game is to admit what really took place. Admitting the truth would go a long way to erasing this dishonor.

  97. dude is a joke. just another mediocre player who thinks he’s jerry rice. he’ll be an afterthought in a couple weeks when someone crushes him coming across the middle. paybacks buddy. and to think you are a big deal because of twitter followers shows his immaturity.

  98. Tate made the play of the year.

    People need to stop pretending that there was offensive pass interference on that play – OPI is not a callable penalty on a Hail Mary – ever.

  99. When the reporter asked if he pushed off, he responded with “I don’t know what you’re talking about”. I guess its ok now that he got the win* and the outcome can’t be reversed.

  100. All you people ripping Tate are imbeciles.

    He did EXACTLY what a WR is suppose to do on that play.

    Now some of you are wishing harm on the guy, talking about payback, calling him a cheater, etc..


    bunch of whiners. its the 3rd game of the season.

  101. Not only is this dude a walking contradiction, he’s also a straight up dellusional liar. As a packers fan, I long for a rematch in the playoffs.
    A perfect scenario would be if one of GB’s LBs took his head off 10 yards down the field before the ball was thrown and when that LB was asked about it, he could say, “I don’t know what you’re talking about”.

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