Goodell deserves a raise, not ridicule

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Some have suggested that Commissioner Roger Goodell’s handling of the officials lockout should result in the termination of his employment.  The more accurate position is that he should get a raise.

Though Goodell is the ultimate steward of the sport, in some circumstances he is simply a minion.  In this specific case, Goodell is doing what the NFL’s owners want him to do.

That’s the fact that remains to be lost on fans who spew venom toward the league office but none to the folks who hold the title to the team that holds the keys to the fans’ hearts.  But it’s the owners of the various franchises who are trying to break the union, and Goodell is taking the heat on their behalf.

And if any owners disagree with what Goodell is doing, they should say so.

Of course, that applies to only 31 owners.  The thousands of owners of the 32nd team definitely have been speaking out.

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81 responses to “Goodell deserves a raise, not ridicule

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I almost consider this guy to be irreplaceable. Absolutely necessary to have a disciplinarian present who holds people accountable and keeps the integrity as high as it can possibly be. Unions and their strong arm tactics are a thing of the past. Those were union refs that officiated (or failed to officiate) the 2009 NFC Championship between New Orleans and the Vikings!! Don’t have a short memory for the favoritism and non-calls given out to the big market teams. It is so obvious when you watch teams like Green Bay actually act surprised when they get a call! A little too spoiled for a little too long. That tells me there was a systemic problem of favoritism and non-calls by the union refs and not a problem with the scab refs.

  2. It’s not all the owners that are greedy scumbags, just some of the biggest scum, like the Glazer Kids, Jerry Jones, Dan Snyder, etc. All they care about is money and power. They hate honesty, integrity and player safety. They also pretend to care when they are being sued left and right.


    No sir he doesn’t. His business practice has been lock out for everything so far. I will applaud him on player conduct, but other than that, its been a joke.

    First players, and now the refs. The refs that now apparently dictate games. No screw that.

    He had every chance to fix everything wrong and failed. He deserves what he gets.

  4. Can’t have it both ways, dude. You’ve repeatedly called into question the procedural tactics of the bounty investigation. Are the other 31 owners (besides Benson) behind that, too?

  5. A raise?

    He deserves to be fired.

    Destroys the Saints with no evidence.

    Gives the Jets a total pass after they brag that they are going to injure Reggie Bush, they injure Reggie Bush, they celebrate over his wounded body and then they have the gall to brag about the whole thing afterward.

    And this gets nothing from Goodell.

    He is a joke and his favoritism for New York/New Jersey teams is a joke.

    Anyone remember the targeting of Kyle Williams in the NFC Championship Game. Intent to Injure was admitted to by the Giants players and NOTHING happened.

    And voicefreason, you are still on the freakin 2009 NFC Championship. Two things stand out:

    Penalties; Vikings 5-32yards, Saints 9-88yards.

    Fumbles Lost 3
    Interceptions 2
    Total Turnovers 5

    Fumbles Lost 1
    Total Turnovers 1

    Try not having five turnovers next time…..

  6. Most of the public wants him fired and the players do not like him. A raise, he is lucky he has his current job that over pays him. The players and referee lockout are already black eyes for the NFL and you want to give him a raise. The NFL needs to hire a new public relations department because no one wants to hear about Goodell getting a raise when football tickets are overpriced.

  7. He deserves jail time just for lying about the bounty evidence that the league still hasnt produced because they dont have iy. Thats called purgery. Give him a year and a day like they did Lil Kim

  8. Agree with the article….although headline is pure troll.

    Goodell is getting rich(er) from a big ol’ fat salary merely from doing the will of the (majority of the) owners and absorbing the ill-will, if not outright hatred, of all the fans.

    So he technically is doing his job very well: it’s like store customers getting mad at the store manager, not the store owner, so the owner keeps making money when the customers keep coming back time and time again.

  9. Unless he’s an indentured servant, he’s doing the owners bidding willingly. You disappoint me, Mike. Do you think he’s doing what Tom Benson wants?

  10. He deserves ridicule for Bountygate alone, and you, Florio, are the one who kicked that hornet’s nest.

  11. Get off Goodell’s junk and why all the little BS smart a$$ remarks about the packers every chance you get??? I’m a shareholder and proud of it why knock us for being a true fan.

  12. That is precisely why the NFL will miss the late Al Davis, who truly cared about his players, and the game. There is no dissenting voice among the owners. For every Snyder & Glazer & Brown, there needs to be a Davis. I’m certain, if Al were alive he would have already spoken publically about the integrity of the game. Goodell should be blamed, just like Bettman in hockey, both the figure heads of the owners.

  13. WOW! i seriously doubt many fans would agree with that statement. they guy has been terrible. when us fans are talking more about the commissioner and the decisions he has made rather than the players teams and games something is wrong!

  14. Honestly, it is stupid to fire Godell, when he is just the greedy owner’s puppet so they can hide behind him. They should have backup owners. When theowners do a bad job, they are replaced!

  15. If making money for the owners is the measure, then give Roger a raise.

    If the credibility of the NFL is the measure, then fire him.

    Goodell hands down dictates at his whim and the winds of public opinion. A clueless fan base doesn’t know that taping signal calling is legal? Act shocked and outraged and hand down fines, hoping no one realizes your own rules allow signal taping and only prohibited filming from the sidelines as of 2006.

    Most fans aren’t smart enough to know the rules anyways.

    Do the same thing in Bounty-gate and suspend players and coaches with little evidence and hope no one realizes that the NFL’s own strictly enforced injury reporting policy is the only thing that makes even a theoretical bounty possible.

    Then allow negotiations with the refs to languish while you hand down fines to players and coaches that have the gall to stand up for the integrity of the game expressing outrage at referees who can’t even follow Rogers’s own rules about accurately reviewing game deciding scores.

    That’s Roger. He owns that track record. He should fine himself for making a mockery of the game.

  16. Is it really the case that the thirty-one NFL owners are trying to “break the union?” While some owners certainly may not be thrilled with the NFLRA, I think most, if not all, have already accepted that the NFLRA—like the NFLPA—is here to stay. If the NFL owners are trying to break the union, then why have they reportedly offered annual pay increases that could result in a seasoned official making over $200,000/year by 2018? These cries of “union busting” strike me as nothing more than crying wolf.

  17. How is no one understand the point of this article?

    Goodell is doing what his job. We are all blaming him, not the owners. The owners are the ones who want to break unions. Start blaming your team’s owner, not the league, not the commish.

  18. I think Goodel is the most over compensated worthless turd in the business world. He took over something that was great and perfect, he is like Barry Switzer with the cowboys doesn’t matter what he does, the sport will do well. He is just lucky that they hired him, like when the lottery doesn’t take alot of talent.

  19. Roger Goodell is not worth Tom Brady money, yet he gets it. He does nothing but act like a glorified high school principal. The retard has changed the rules so much defenders can’t play defense. They literally lose the paychecks for doing their jobs.
    Or QB slides right at last .0005th of second and they get 15 more yards tacked on to their run ( and they expect the 300 pound man running at full speed to stop on a dump, or jump over the qb and possibly tear up his knee in doing something unnatural.
    If it would not be of RG3 on the Redskins I would not even watch football anymore.

  20. Love seeing him at Giants games. Roger Goodell is a solid commish. NFL is one of the biggest brands and best league in the country.

  21. You don’t have to be a suck up, lap dog Forio. If you bumped into Goodell in the hall, he’d probably toss you his keys and a Benjamin and ask you to pull his car around.

  22. No, he deserves ridicule for his arrogance and hubris. And at least one of the owners HAS said so (under the condition of anonymity of course). Go over to Yahoo Sports. The story was up about a week ago. Don’t just assume the owners are all in lockstep with eachother on this.

    And if he’s just a “minion”, then he’s a glorified PR mouthpiece… which case he’s overpaid. Not underpaid.

  23. Goodell needs to learn how to manage his bosses to some degree. Not unlike all of us in the real world.

    He is not doing a good job of balancing the greed against what is best for the game, the players, the fans, and his bosses…the owners.

  24. Even a little over a year ago, who would have thought that Roger Goodell would join the other (2) lame commissioners of major sports (Stern and Bettman) as ass clowns who cannot negotiate without labor strife and disrespect. I hate to say it, but Bud Selig is the best commissioner of the major sports. He was able to reorganize the MLB umpires, get meaningful drug testing enforced, make meaningful expansion to the playoffs and most of all, he seems to get the billionaires to agree with the millionaires without much hassle with continued labor peace. Baseball TV contracts are not like NFL on the national stage, but they are exploding in their local markets. Attendance is doing very well for baseball and struggling in many markets of the other sports. You just don’t hear any complaining about Bud Selig anymore. Who woulda thunk it?

  25. chrisdudley1986 says:
    “Yeah- and Obama should get another term.”

    Looks like he will.

    Things are so bad for Romney, I saw a guy scraping his Romney 2012 bumper sticker off his car, and it turned out to be Paul Ryan.

  26. It’s obvious that most of the rubes posting don’t understand what Florio is saying. Just as the owners locked out the players over greed for more money, they are doing the same with the officials. Goodell is only doing what the owners want him to do…..make them more money. I would bet you that the owners of 31 franchises had a good laugh over the Packers loss because they have long wanted the packers to lose all of the financial competitive advantage that the packers continue to enjoy as a public owned franchise. If Monday nite’s fiasco would’ve involved a privately owned team losing on a bad call by replacement refs, you can bet someone like Jerrah Jones, Daniel Snyder, etc. would’ve been on the phone to Goodell and their other owners and the regular officials would’ve been back by noon on Tuesday. It may be a few years yet but you can bet that the other 31 owners will keep working at changing the packers exempt status. Suffice it to say that when 31 Billonaires have “skin in the game”, it doesn’t sit well with them that the packers aren’t required to have “skin in the game”.

  27. His failure and character showed itself early with his decision with the Patriots and destroying the evidence there. The hypocrisy to continue to this day speak about the so called evidence against the Saints speaks to his lack of credibility.

    No Mike, he does not deserve a raise. The game today may be in the best economic position it has been in in its history, but is also at the most peril point it has been in since the work stoppage of 87. Lawsuits abound, inconsistent player punishment for similar offenses, labor peace is a distant wish, and now the integrity of the game has been question to the point where the big NFL is very close to an agreement with the NFLRA only 72 hours after the fiasco on Monday night.

    Be honest, how much did they offer you to write this opinion? Its totally out of line with your prose for the past 5 years with this guy.

  28. Roger Goodell is a terrible commissioner. A commissioner is supposed to be the steward of the game, brokering fair agreements between labor and owners, maintaining the leagues integrity as well as the public’s faith in the league. Roger Goodell has repeatedly shown that he is not a commissioner, he’s actually just the hatchet man/lackey for the owners. At this he has done an excellent job and certainly deserves a raise for his efforts.

    This became apparent during last years negotiations with the NFLPA. Roger Goodell should have been the one to convince the owners to close the gap with players, instead it’s widely recognized that Robert Kraft was the driving force in getting the owners to make concessions in order to get the deal done. Since that time, we have seen him investigate and suspend players and coaches from the Saints, in a manner that can best be described as clumsy, from a public relations stand point, and at worst duplicitous, all in an effort to illustrate how serious the league is about player safety, most likely as a move to bolster the league’s position in upcoming concussion lawsuits.

    Fast forward to today and you have a league that has been under heavy criticism from it’s use of replacement officials, since the start of the preseason. The events of this past Monday didn’t just pop out of nowhere, the level of officiating kept slipping since week 1. Instead of realizing the potential impact, and work to convince the owners it was time to make some real concession and negotiate with the officials in good faith, he dutifully continued on the course of attempting to crush the NFLRA.

    I have no problems with Roger Goodell as a person, but I wish he would step up and be the commissioner rather than the owners hatchet man. While right now it seems as though the NFL is impervious to losing fans, bad management can catch up with even the most popular sport in this country. If you had told someone in 1965 that a heavyweight title fight would barely budge the needle in this country they would say you were insane. In 1977 if you told people that the Super Bowl would dwarf the World Series they would laugh in your face. But when you couple poor management, greed from owners, and just an overall feeling that you’ll always be on top, leads to you falling from that high peak.

  29. it makes me laugh how everyone is all against the owners and Goodell !! I dont blame them, All you hear is … pay the Refs… this lockout wasnt about the refs not making money .. it was because they are a union and didnt want thier job to be in jepardy if they screwed up. They dont want their cushy pensions for a part time employee messed with and turned into a 401k plan like the rest of America. The media kindly didnt talk to much about that, just that the owners were somehow trying to screw the Ref’s and not pay them. They got a pay raise and never discussed that part of it…. As all union employees, they don’t want to lose their job if they don’t perform it well. I own a company and I would be pissed and not willing to agree to terms of a union either. Maybe that is why most states that have them are broke and cant pay their bills because people dont want to do business with them…. the NFl is doing the right thing for the future of the NFL. They are one of the few businesses in America that has it right and are successful.

  30. This is my first snooping around PFT and I’m not very impressed with this piece. I’m not a fan of inflamtory headlines and this is clearly that.

    If you want to say that Commissioner Goddell is doing the job he is being paid for, then that’s a reasonable opinion if you see it that way. To say that he deserves a raise for his handling of this situation is a bit absurd.

  31. And I never thought I would agree with Florio. If he were the CEO of a publicly traded company, he would get and deserve a raise. Maximize owner equity — it’s that simple.

  32. If you watch HBO, Goodell deserves a golden crown. Regardless of what the owners wanted, Goodell is the one who assured them the league would find the best replacement refs and it wouldn’t affect the games, Goodell is the one who assured them the evidence against the Saints was strong and the suspensions would stick, Goodell is the one who told them they could get an 18 game season without backlash and that the players and refs would crumble against a lockout. Goodell is arrogant, and regardless of whether he is ‘just following orders’ he isn’t getting the job done.

  33. I have to disagree Mike.

    While the owners deserve more blame than they have received thus far Goodell still should be fired.

    He needs to take what the owners tell them they want and make it into a workable situation. If what they are telling him they want is going to hurt the league it’s his job to use his judgement to find compromise before damage is done. He’s failed to do so two years in a row.

    He preaches to protect the shield to the players and allows this years disaster to happen. He continuously states that he’s for improving player safety, but also wants an 18 game season. The NFL had been the best run professional sport in the country if not the world when he took over. We have since had 2 work stoppages in 2 years. He is a failure

  34. You don’t seem to be getting enough oxygen with your face planted in Goodell’s ass. Who is considered the leader of the NFL? Goodell. If things aren’t going well, it should fall on him. If he can’t handle it, he’s not much of a leader.

  35. He’s doing his job well representing the billionaire club & their interests….everything that is real with half a brain knows that he’s just an empty suit collecting a big check to take the fall….

  36. I never thought in a million years that I wouldn’t care about football. I’ve been watching the game since I was a child. Had dreams of playing etc. Every Sunday I’d go to local sports bar and leave with a headache from the yelling etc. I still watch the game to hang out but I really don’t care who wins or loses anymore. This Goodell guy has taken the fun out of the game.

  37. Speak loud and proud Packers fans….we will stand with you! Goodell needs NO more money….and all you are doing is feeding his already too large ego! We know that the owners are greedy, but we also know that Roger has a real want for power.

  38. Actually, Florio makes a sound point. We may disagree with the way Goodell handles this or that, but keep in mind that Goodell’s position are really just an echo of the voice of the League owners (i.e., his employers).

    League ownership wisely seeks to project one voice, a voice of unity and solidarity. So though we may not see eye to eye on where Goodell is coming from, he may just be being a good soldier.

    As for Goodell deserving a raise, not too sure about that. Last I heard he made $10,000,000.00 a year. So it’s hard to say (IMO) that he deserves a raise. Just sayin’.

  39. All professional sports would be lucky to have a commish like this guy…Upholding the integrity of the game is obviously his priority. As a huge NFL fan, I love what he does for the game!

  40. Wow my grammar is awful at times. Anyway, so many people are still not getting the point.

    Commissioners have a lot of responsibilities, but the owners bidding is their highest calling. I know most of probably don’t think it should be, and this whole debacle is probably evidence that it in fact shouldn’t, but that is the case. The commish is here to represent the owners, not you or I as fans, not players, not refs, no coaches, and not even to protect the game.

    His main job is to get the owners as much money as possible. And not only is he succeeding but he’s doing so while at the same time ensuring none of the problems with the game are blamed on the owners, even if they are in fact the owners fault (both lockouts for example).

    Goodell deserves a raise because he isn’t around to please us. He is employed by the owners, for the owners, and they need to give him a raise because he’s doing a great job as far as they are concerned.

  41. You know, I’ve been a fan of the NFL for 40 years but I was thinking the other day, because of this episode, that I don’t really know who the “NFL” is.

    I mean I know the teams and I know Roger Goodell is the commissioner but the behind the scenes structure of the NFL seems a bit murky to me.

    Who are these people? Is it the owners who are truly the NFL? If so, they are to blame for this fiasco, not just Goodell.

    Maybe Mike you could do a story outline, you know, the general structure of the NFL so we can know better what this NFL actually is!

  42. The Commish is put into office by the owners to represent them,yes he is their butt boy and they are his employer and if he ever makes a move against their wishes he will find himself replaced.its just to bad that the teams dont get to pay all the fines instead of the individuals,the individual offender does represent the team after all,it would be the owners fining themselves and who wouldnt like that.

  43. sfsaintsfan, He is a joke and his favoritism for New York/New Jersey teams is a joke.

    Reason being: Goodell grew up in Western, NY. That is why he was willing to come to Buffalo to speak about keeping the team in Buffalo for years to come. I personally have no problem with the way Goodell carries himself, takes care of business or treats offenders. I think Goodell is doing a good job with what he has been given for resources.

  44. The owners are responsible for the ref lockout.

    The players have been playing dirty, taking cheap shots, trying to get away with everything they can, and then whining about the refs to the press.

    The coaches have been bullying and disrespecting the replacement refs, in some cases getting away with behavior and in-game practices that are against the game rules. And then whining about the refs to the press.

    But the comment-board mobs have been spending all their time bashing the refs and Goodell.

    Sounds about right for the intelligence of this league and its fans.

  45. @pakrbakr
    Share holder what did they give you a certificate cause they damn sure didnt give you NO MONEY. I know my enemy an the packers dont send a dime to none of you dummies. Get ready to cry some more cause everybody knows the Saints will get there first win Sunday when they beat greenbay an send them to 1/3…. Hold the cheese

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