Jamaal Charles runs away with AFC offensive player of the week

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Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles rushed for 233 yards and a touchdown on 33 carries in Kansas City’s Week Three upset of the New Orleans Saints. Charles averaged over seven yards per rushing attempt, and chipped in 55 more yards on six catches. He became just the second player in league history, joining Jim Brown, to exceed 225 rushing yards and 50 receiving yards in the same game.

And for his efforts, Charles was named the AFC offensive player of the week.

The season remains young, but so far Charles’ 233 rushing yards and 288 yards from scrimmage are both single-week highs. He is now leading the NFL in rushing.

And Charles can expect to continue to receive voluminous workloads. Chiefs No. 2 running back Peyton Hillis suffered an ankle injury in Sunday’s win and did not practice on Wednesday. Hillis was seen getting around in a walking boot following the injury and seems unlikely to play in Week Four against San Diego.

16 responses to “Jamaal Charles runs away with AFC offensive player of the week

  1. Chefs fans are actin like they won the Super Bowl. Hate to break it to ya kids the team you beat by kickin 6 field goals is in the toilet. So I guess that means ya hovering around the bowl. Jamaal is cute though.

  2. “Shouldn’t it go to one of the linemen who kept bear-hugging defenders to give him holes?”


    With that Saint’s D, you do not have to hold anybody 🙂

  3. I am a Chiefs fan and season ticket holder. Even I saw the tackle that Branden Albert put on the defender to break Charles for the 91 yard run. I guess if they don’t call it, it didn’t happen. Still good to see the 2012 Charles looking like the 2010 Charles.

  4. @raidadon

    The Raiders lost to a mediocre Chargers team and got blown out by a terrible Dolphins team. The Steelers were playing without their two best defensive players.

    They aren’t much better off than the Chiefs.

  5. Without those under-the-table performance payouts, the Saints defense just isn’t that motivated lately. I keed, I keed!

    Also, talentwise Charles is absolutely elite. In 2010 he would also easily have busted Jim Brown’s YPC record if it weren’t for moron Haley giving all those touches to Jones. Missed it by a few inches per carry. For all the complainers, take away the 91yd run and you still have 197 total yards & almost 4.5ypc. And let’s not kid ourselves, he was going to get that yardage anyways even if it took a couple more runs than that 1 big one.

  6. Crazy part is he left a few yards on the field.

    On the 40 yd gain he probably could have beat the CB to the corner and housed it but he cut back instead. Either way, great game for Jamaal.

    As for the Albert block, he was blocking the defender when the defender spun around. It made it look worse than it was. What killed NO on that run was their 2ndary overplayed the run and put themselves in a bad spot.

  7. Charles had an awesome game. This is the explanation from Arrowhead Pride:
    Jamaal Charles best friend in this game (besides the offensive line, of course) was fullback Nate Eachus. Charles had 10 carries in this game without Eachus on the field, those 10 runs went for just 32 yards. With Eachus, Charles carried the ball 23 times for 201 yards. So 3.2 yards per carry without a fullback and 8.7 yards per carry with one, it isn’t a stretch to say that Charles and Eachus were doing great work together.

  8. I’m no nostradamus, but i’m pretty certain that Aaron Rodgers (or someone from Green Bay) is going to win it next week.

    Any team going against the new Saints’ “wet-paper-bag-defensive-scheme” is pretty much a runaway bet to be the conference offensive player of the week.

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