Joe Mays appeals one-game suspension for Mike Tyson hit


Joe Mays has a limited history of illegal hits.  The NFL typically uses a system of progressive discipline for illegal hits.  Joe Mays will likely rely heavily on that argument when appealing his one-game suspension for a helmet-to-helmet hit that sent Texans quarterback Matt Schaub’s helmet flying — with a piece of Schaub’s ear in it.

Mays will appeal the suspension, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, and the $50,000 fine that goes along with it.

And before anyone starts with the “judge, jury, and executioner” routine, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has no jurisdiction over this appeal.  Art Shell or Ted Cottrell will resolve the situation.  Both men were jointly hired and are jointly paid by the NFL and NFLPA to resolve appeals of discipline for on-field actions.

Last year, they upheld a two-game suspension of Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh for stomping Packers guard Evan Dietrich-Smith and a one-game ban of Steelers linebacker James Harrison for hitting Browns quarterback Colt McCoy so hard that, if his helmet had come off, McCoy’s entire head might have been in it.

The appeal most likely will be resolved before the Broncos’ next game, on Sunday against the Raiders.  If upheld, the message to other players is clear — the outcome of an illegal hit will in many ways drive the discipline that’s imposed.

28 responses to “Joe Mays appeals one-game suspension for Mike Tyson hit

  1. Steelers linebacker James Harrison for hitting Browns quarterback Colt McCoy so hard that, if his helmet had come off, McCoy’s entire head might have been in it.

    Am I wrong for laughing when I read that?

  2. Hmmmmm, I wonder how Art Shell (a former Raider) will rule on this given the Broncos play the Raiders this week.

  3. Hope someone is examining that helmet to see if there is a defect.

    Just a matter of time before someone goes to hand a player back his helmet only to find a head is still in there!

  4. Legislating or trying to control rage and men in

    competition is proving difficult. By now most NFL

    players know the league is serious about it. Yet it

    cannot be stopped. Great charity fund raising con-

    cept though. This is the roughest patch I can

    recall for the NFL (in terms of PR) in a long while.

    I happen to support the League in their attempts to

    reign in the “union” of ref’s and many of their out

    of control demands. Particularly the performance

    review aspects of their demands. They must be

    reigned in at some point or lost control will result.

  5. The guy hit him like a ram, with his head/helmet. He wad obviously trying to hurt him. Suspend him another game for appealing.

  6. All the players are pushing the envelope to see what they can get away with. If the NFL is not careful, they will end the season with all the stars hurt and scab refs and scab players.

  7. Why bother? We all know its going to stand.

    Lets face it every single quarterback in the NFL is a totally soft wimp. Please don’t hit the money makers too hard, please the league might just want to throw bright red practice Jerseys on them and call it a day.


  8. Off topic because no one cares about this story: did anyone see Tom Brady ripping is WR a new one on the field and tugging his face mask for a busted route? Im not a Cutler fan or anything, cant stand him actually, but where is the coverage on the Brady thing.. I know the commentators saw it and said nothing

  9. He shouldn’t be appealing, he should be thanking God Schaub wasn’t hurt worse…And one game ain’t enough, anyway.

  10. It’s now obvious that his apology to Schaub was just lip service. If he were truely sorry and wasn’t intending to injure…he’d show some integrity and suck it up. The replay is obvious in that the hit was dirty. Notice I didn’t call Mays dirty…just the hit.

  11. Mays can appeal but I think it will be for nothing. The real hit with intention to injure happened the play before. Miller rushed in and grabbed Schaub’s arm and deliberately threw him on it. It was the same move that Jax did on Lienart last year that put him out for the year. It is a coached move to damage the shoulder and remove the QB from the game. The common denominator here is Del Rio. Until they start focusing the fines and suspension on the coaches or at least extend the penalties to them the players will continue to be coached and presumably rewarded for injuring a player in an effort to change the outcome of a game.

  12. wonder if the steelers mundy is going to be suspended for the hit on dhb? and the for another helmet to helmet hit on meyers in the same game?

  13. He should be suspended for longer.

    That hit was clearly intended to cause injury. The league needs to make a few examples out of guys who do this crap. It doesn’t get any easier to make an example out of someone than this.

    Also, the fines sound like a lot of money to the average joe working 8/5 but to an NFL player $50,000 doesn’t even equate to a full game check for a lot players.

  14. Mays should get one game and another for appealing. His appeal is groundless and without merit. His only intension was to hurt or mame an opponent. He could have let up, lead with his shoulder, or hit him lower. Instead, he lead with his head as a battering ram to the head of Schaub. There isn’t any other way to view this than vicious. Doesn’t belong in the game and I wish the suspension was longer.

  15. It should be done quickly and upheld…no question.

    Still waiting on word about a fine for Mundy’s hit on DHB…where is that Florio?

  16. I don’t blame mays for appealing this suspension and im not just saying that because im a bronco fan. Mays hit was no different from all the other helmet to helmets, Goodell is trying to protect the Texans, the favorites to get to the superbowl. As one mentioned above, what about the hit on the raider WR? Well since they’re not SB favorites, there wont be any suspension for the hit on him. Even tom brady received brutal hits but as I said, if you’re not favorites to make the superbowl, you’re not protected. Texans and niners are to two teams that the league is gonna protect, Goodell is a joke

  17. sullijo1 says:
    Sep 26, 2012 8:13 AM
    Hmmmmm, I wonder how Art Shell (a former Raider) will rule on this given the Broncos play the Raiders this week.

    hmmmm i wonder how anybody other than broncos fan would rule for a guy who was just fined the week before for another dirty hit, and then does it again taking off part of the dude’s ear… you almost sound like the steelers fan defending Harrison, or their bozo safety who said DHB must have just landed into my helmet…..there is no excuse for ignorrance.

  18. If the NFL knows good business and actually practices fair judgement then they will not uphold this suspension. The hit wasn’t helmet to helmet, and just because it was hard, and Schaubs helmet took a piece of his ear off doesn’t mean that he should be suspended. If you want to do the 21K fine or whatever to make people happy, then fine…. But 1 game check AND 50K, that is around 283k for Mays and this ONE hit. Bogus! Come on NFL, do the right thing here. Mays should be out there on Sunday against the Raiders.

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