John Fox laughs off questions about Peyton Manning’s arm


Questions have been raised this week about Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning’s arm, and whether he can throw the football as well now as he could before the neck surgeries that cost him the 2011 season. Broncos coach John Fox finds those questions funny.

Asked about Manning’s arm today, Fox suggested that the questions come from ignorant people who haven’t really watched Manning play.

The people that look at the tape and study it would think it’s semi-comical,” Fox said, via Paul Gutierrez ‏of

It’s not surprising that Fox doesn’t want to give any credence to the questions about Manning’s arm, but the reality is that people who do know what they’re talking about and have watched tape, like former NFL quarterback and current ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski, have said Manning isn’t throwing as well as he used to.

The best news for Fox, however, is that even if Manning isn’t throwing as well as he used to, he can still play quarterback at a high level. Manning threw for 330 yards and two touchdowns, with no turnovers, against a good Texans defense on Sunday. If that’s what a bad day for Manning looks like, that’s pretty good.

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  1. Three interceptions in five minutes against Atlanta, and those balls were wobbling like canned cranberry sauce.

    The word is out. Peyton can’t take downfield effectively anymore. Just cover the first 20 yards.

  2. “Asked about Manning’s arm today, Fox suggested that the questions come from ignorant people who haven’t really watched Manning play.”

    Right John, like that nice stretch against the Falcons where his arm wasn’t strong enough to beat the downfield coverage. C’mon, Pennington – I mean Manning’s arm at 36 after those neck surgeries isn’t what it used to be. It doesn’t mean he can’t be effective, he’s just not what he was. To deny that is what is “semi-comical” coach.

  3. Two things I can’t remember seeing from Peyton Manning: 1) extraordinary arm strength/50-60 yard pass in the air. 2) consistent spirals

    He has always thrown short to mid-range wobblers. I don’t really see a difference other than scheme/personnel around him. No news here

  4. More indications, this is a coach that is a loser.
    Shut up. You over reacted to the refs as you were hacked off at Peyton throwing three gobblers that were intercepted. You are a crappy coach and Denver made a mistake in hiring you.

  5. I’m a Raiders fan so I’d love to see him suck but he’s still in rehab so I’d say you have to give him time to get back 100% before saying he will be as good or not.

    And you definitely did not quote Jaworski accurately. He explained further exactly what I just said and that he was not saying that he would NOT return to full strength.

    Trying to pump up your story by taking things out of context is unprofessional… but then this is PFT.

  6. Of course his arm is not the same. It is clear that some of his throws lack zip and float for a bit too long. Not only that, our receivers drop routine balls and our pass protection has been iffy at best. Despite all of this, he has still brought the team back and given us a chance to tie the game during the past two losses. Peyton isn’t going to put up 30+ points a game like he used to but he is still the smartest qb in the game. As the season progresses I think he will gain some strength back in his arm and also better understand the types of throws that he is able to make. He will make adjustments knowing he can no longer hit those tiny split second windows.

  7. 9-7 made the Super Bowl last season. I don’t think 9-7 record is out of the question for the Broncos. All you have to do is make it to the playoffs. This will be a much better team toward the end of October.

  8. he is a different player now, thats all. c’mon, 4 surgerys around his neck area is quite a few for that sensitive area. he is straining that neck on every throw he is making. and unfortunately without good pass protection, being the smartest qb can only take you so far when the opposing defenses know you can’t throw downfield effectively anymore and they really just have to focus on the first 15-25 yards….an thats if he has the time for those throws.
    i wont hope for 3 interceptions in the first 5 minutes, but i sure will hope for 3 game changing interceptions through out the whole game.
    Dennis Allen will hopefully mix up some D packages to help in those interceptions.


  9. Peyton is fine, can we just stop talking about it already?! He is with a new team into their 3 game. It’s going to take more time. It all depends on how you finish, not how you start.

  10. Right…nothing wrong with Manning’s arm. That’s why the back-up QB gets ready when Denver may need a Hail Mary pass.
    By the way, John Fox…. Matt Schaub sends his regards and says your defense hits like girls.
    Wonder what would happen to Manning’s arm “strength” if he took a shot like Schaub? I think he’d lose more than part of his ear.

  11. I have also watched every game Peyton has played. He never had a “$100 million arm”. His ball always fluttered. What he has is a “$100 million football mind”. Give him some time to get game experience with his receivers and they will be a SB contender.

    Also, they need to quit huddling and run the no huddle. He thrives on the pace and reading the defense from the no huddle.

  12. Peyton has never been a strong arm guy…

    but what he has been is a top of the line strategist and great at throwing the ball where it needs to be… maybe it’s not always pretty..

    but he can do a lob over a defender just fine, which he did last game…

    and he can throw it 45 or so pretty accurately, which he did last game….

    he got picked x3 when he’s on his third game after
    1- being out an entire year
    2- having a buncha medical stuff done
    3- playing on a new team for the first time in his ENTIRE career
    4- playing a team that’s almost certainly a top 3 team….

    I don’t like him, but it’s probably not the best bet to underestimate Peyton Manning…..

  13. bro15360 says:Sep 26, 2012 5:45 PM

    9-7 made the Super Bowl last season. I don’t think 9-7 record is out of the question for the Broncos. All you have to do is make it to the playoffs. This will be a much better team toward the end of October

    I dont see Manning lasting that long with Denvers Oline

  14. So its surprising that Peyton can’t quite throw it like he used to at age 36, and coming off of three neck surgeries and a year of re-hab?

    I think this was kind of expected. The Broncos need to make some adjustments on how they will attack and go from there.

    Denver has real good talent, they can win with a Peyton Manning that is 80%

  15. Even before the surgery Peyton showed some decline. I remember watching an NFL live at the end of the 2010 where they were asking if teams have figured him out.

    Anyone who is expecting a Peyton Manning in his prime is not being realistic, but I would still place him in the top 15 QBs in this league.

  16. Yeah, and I’m laughing at Fox’s lifetime 50% winning percentage.
    He’d better tell Peyton to get to work instead of appearing in practically every commercial on television.
    Tebow, Tebow!!!

  17. John Fox laughs off questions about Peyton Manning’s arm

    Wait until the end of December when they finish 8-8. He won’t be laughing then.

  18. I said it a year ago … manning is done and he himself knew it last year. He greedily signed the largest guaranteed contract he could con someone into offering. It’s almost as maddening as seeing him in every other commercial run on television. Greedy.

  19. Idiot ass people giving him hell for 3 picks after missing an entire year even after he settled down and still had a chance to win the game in the end. Just goes to show some people are truly moronic. I guess Peyton isn’t allowed to have a bad game. Must be tough to be considered that good.

  20. John Fox should be laughing at how he even has a job. Denver isn’t going anywhere with him. Also 95 mil went to manning with no help at the receiver position.

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