NFL fines Bill Belichick $50,000 for grabbing official


Bill Belichick’s decision to grab an official as he left the field on Sunday night is going to cost him $50,000.

The NFL announced on Wednesday afternoon that Belichick has been fined $50,000 for his actions, which came just after the Ravens had beaten the Patriots 31-30 in a game that had players, coaches and fans of both teams ripping the NFL’s replacement referees.

Belichick’s fine is the hardest any coach has been hit yet for actions toward the officials this season. Broncos coach John Fox was previously fined $30,000, Broncos defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio was fined $25,000 and Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan was fined $25,000.

Immediately following the game on Sunday, an obviously angry Belichick said he didn’t see any reason he should be fined. A day later, Belichick softened his tone toward the officials, saying he meant no disrespect and just wanted to ask whether the Ravens’ game-winning field goal would be reviewed on instant replay. The NFL’s fine is a statement that no matter the reason, a coach putting his hands on the officials won’t be tolerated.

81 responses to “NFL fines Bill Belichick $50,000 for grabbing official

  1. I ❤ Belichick. But he deserves a fine.

    At least we won't have to worry about replacement refs anymore. *fingers crossed*

  2. I could care less who got fined but I have a hard seeing fines for Belichick and nothing for either or Hairbaugh’s.

  3. The NFL’s fine is a statement that no matter the reason, a coach putting his hands on the officials won’t be tolerated.

    And no matter the reason for the lockout the fans, players and coaches will no longer tolerate the incompetence of the replica zebras.

    Wonder how much a Wet Willie will cost…

  4. Well, that really makes a statement! That $50k is REALLY gonna hit him where it hurts! (sarcasm) If they really wanted to make a statement, they should have suspended him for a game. Chasing a ref down on a field and grabbing him, that really shows the integrity of the game. These guys should be held to an even higher accountability than the players, but we can’t risk upsetting the owners…..they pay your salary….as they pay Belichiks, (and I am sure his “fine”)!

  5. So because the refs basically suck, the players and coaches will now be fined.

    Why don’t they fine the people that really suck…aka replacement referees.

    For the record, I don’t disagree with Bill’s fine.

    It’s just that everyone from the players, coaches, announcers, to the fans is fed up with bad officiating.

  6. $50,000 is a lot of dough even for Mr. Kraft. No one believes BB is going to pay it himself, do they? He would never do that to Ed Hochuli, because the situation wouldn’t have happened like it did here. The real refs know how to deal with these situations, although they, too, ake mistakes. Also, BB is looking like his wardrobe choice have changed.

  7. You really want to make sure Belichick knows that touching is bad, force him to be alone with Andy Dick in a closet for 5 mins.

  8. Yeah he shouldn’t have “inappropriately” grabbed or touched or however you’d like to word/phrase it but why didn’t any of those officials take the time to explain the call and the rules, he did deserve that.

    No one can argue that it was an extemely close call and one that should by rule have been reviewed, at least according to Perriera because the entire ball was not inside of the post. I’ve looked at the kick straight on numerous times and I still can’t tell how that official immediately raised his hands good, unless of course he thought to himself, this is a gimme of course it’s going to be good. It doesn’t look good from what I can tell. Yeah it’s old news now but in the heat of the moment one can understand Belichick’s reacton. Maybe he should have run after the referee and demand an explanation but he didn’t and it cost him $50K. People here think it’s pocket change because they’re not writing the check. $50K is $50K and it hurts to write that type of check no matter how much you make.

  9. Before this is all over and considering that a team only plays 16 games during the regular season, some coach is probably going to get fired. Some teams may not make the playoffs, and other teams may lose home field advantage. All over the bad decisions on just one or two games.

    All because of crappy refs.

  10. I have no problem with his being fined, it’s the letter of the law so to speak. But what will be amusing is that even though this is the worst fine for any coach for this type of thing…watching all the special people who come on here to say he got a “slap on the wrist” etc.#delusional

  11. Sorry to all the hater kids out there who wanted to see a suspension. To the people who actually thought he SHOULD have been suspended, well…I really don’t have a response for you besides laughter.

  12. So a player gets fined 7 grand for an illegal hit which sends another player to the hospital, but Belichick gets fined 50 grand for grabbing an officials arm AFTER a game.

    Seems fair.

  13. If you hate New England, just say so instead of commenting about a should-have-been suspension. And yeah, I dont like the Patriots but any coach that’s been jobbed by those fake refs should lose it.
    Sorry NFL. The fake refs are like equipping a Ferrari with moped tires.

  14. I love all the trolls on this site, just absurd. The fine is just to make it clear that this kind of behavior is intolerable. You think they are going to fine him 2 million for grabbing a ref? Everyone might say 50k is nothing, but Bill will surely not be doing that again.

    Also, what justification would there be for suspending him for trying to get the attention of a ref after a game is over? Did he go about it the wrong way? Absolutely, and that’s what the fine is for.

  15. Should have just gone with a roundhouse kick to the sternum, we were all thinking it. And if you think he can’t pull that off physically, there’s a lot you don’t know about Bill Belichick.

  16. Bellichek is a Billionaire and a Millionaire he should be fined 47% of his salary, just like everybody else if I get a second term.

    I am BO and I approve of this message.

  17. The “suspend him” people make me laugh. He didn’t hit the guy, he grabbed his arm trying to get his attention. FTR, I have no problem with the fine.

    Grab a paper bag, put it over your mouths, take a few breaths, and calm down. I know you hate BB and the Pats, and that’s fine. But seriously, calm down. The more you drone on with the “if it were (insert favorite player, coach and/or team) they would have been suspended the rest of the year!! Suspend him!!” nonsense the more you sound like an illogical, unreasonable rage monster.

  18. Bill Belichick tries to grab a referee’s attention and see if a highly questionable field goal is able to be reviewed and he gets a fine.

    John Harbaugh swears at the referee’s all night and chest bumps an official and gets no punishment whatsoever. Seems fair.

    I thought the league always bends over backwards for the Patriots? Not that the facts to the haters really matter their hatred for the Patriots stems from jealousy. Success breeds envy envy breeds hatred.

  19. I’m so tired of people who post knee-jerk Belicheat Belicheat reactions instead of considering the situation. I don’t like the Pats, either, but we’ve all been told there will be a review of EVERY SCORING PLAY. So the coach had a right to know whether that scoring play was being reviewed. In a sane universe, the refs explain these things to the coaches. No, he isn’t supposed to grab the ref, so I understand the fine. But he wouldn’t have grabbed the ref, if that official had simply told him there were be no review because field goals don’t fall into the every score rule. And I’m sure the people criticizing Belichick would have been just as livid if their team had lost on the final play to a FG that was difficult to judge with the naked eye and no review had been conducted.

  20. A fine? Why, he should have been given a Medal of Bravery and awarded the win. And they should rename the Lombardi trophy after him. And he should be the NFL commissioner. Hell he should be awarded a Presidential Medal of Honor, a Purple Heart and a Nobel Peace Prize too.

  21. Geeze, some of you people must get up in the morning and just hate the world. I bet you’re real fun to be around at work.

    Do you watch football for fun and entertainment like real fans or just to come on forums like this to scream your trash? Enough with the hate.

  22. It won’t make a difference to his wallet, he makes too much anyway, and Mr Kraft will probably pay it. What goes around comes around, it’s not over yet. These temporary refs are awful, this needs to be over.

  23. Harbaugh was trying to call a TO. He touched the ref on the shoulder to get his attention.

    BB was having a temper tantrum after his team lost and grabbed the ref’s arm and tried to spin him around.

    Not the same.

  24. Grab a replacement officials arm so that you can ask him a question: $50,000

    Perform an illegal hit that’s so violent that it sends a guy to the hospital and nearly causes permanent and debilitating damage: $21,000

    Something’s wrong with the NFL.

  25. Thanks Bill – we won’t forget you stood up for us! It’s just too bad most other coaches are bullied by Goodell into keeping quiet.

    Warm regards,

    The NFL Referees Association

  26. @dowhatitfeellike …

    Harbaugh wasn’t trying to call a timeout. That’s what he came up with later. He was having a hissy fit just like all the other coaches are having. I don’t think he should have been flagged because I don’t blame these guys for having hissy fits. Better for the league to fine them than for the refs to do even more to impact the game. But if you bought the part about him trying to call a timeout, you’re being a little naive.

  27. Deb –

    Regardless of the reason, both coaches were penalized for inappropriate contact with an official. Belichick can’t be flagged after time expires, so he was fined.

    IMO, Harbaugh probably would have chosen a fine over a flag because the fine doesn’t potentially cost him a win.

  28. Kyle Shanahan’s the one that got off easy; he chased a referee all the way down the runway toward the locker rooms, berating him the entire time. To me, that’s a lot worse than just grabbing an arm, then not pursuing.

  29. He shouldn’t have touched the ref. Period, end of story. He’s been in the league long enough to know that. So any punishment the league handed down on him is fair.

    I don’t understand why Harbaugh didn’t get punished, though.

  30. Bill, all is good with me. The league should be apologizing to you, not fining you. Refs screwed the Pats out of a victory. I would have shoved the ref myself. These refs are a joke, these games are a joke, all games should be cancelled until the regular refs come back.

  31. hawkforlife says:
    Sep 26, 2012 2:46 PM
    Geeze, some of you people must get up in the morning and just hate the world. I bet you’re real fun to be around at work.

    Do you watch football for fun and entertainment like real fans or just to come on forums like this to scream your trash? Enough with the hate.
    This is what Saints fans have been thinking for the last several months!!

  32. Would be cool if we could take up a collection from fans to pay this fine and make a big public ordeal about it. $20 from 2500 people would not be hard. That’s coming from a Raven’s fan who is tired of this ref situation. BB showed restraint and only wanted the same type of communication he, and other coaches, have grown accustomed to from the pro refs.

  33. Oh sure..this is all reasonable discussion. The Replacement Refs should know this is the Patriots; the regular refs sure know that.

    The refs will screw Jim Harbaugh for throwing a challenge flag when a play could not be challenged.

    The refs will screw John Harbaugh with a 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty in the last 30 seconds of the game.

    However, for Bill Bellichek, for somebody who has never got screwed, but instead does the screwing, lets just assume it is a friendly conversation. Bill and the Patriots should be afforded that luxury because they have been spoiled for the last ten years. However, for everybody else in the league…don’t screw with the refs. We need different rules for the Patriots, that is what the Replacements haven’t learned yet.

  34. Let me explain…Harbaugh didn’t get a fine, because he did nothing. I know that is hard to believe for Patriot fans, because they are so used to seeing the Ravens just take it.

    Let me give you some other examples:

    Low blow by Suggs on Carson Palmer in the final drive to give the Bengals the game…No fine…in replay, it was not a low blow.

    Blow to the helment on Kerry Collins during the final drive by Terrell Suggs to give Tennesee the victory. Yet..not fine…in replay…he missed the helmet.

    That is the problem! The Ravens would get penalized and lose the game, but then not fined because they did nothing. The Steelers would not get penalized during the play (just like Heywood Bey play) and the next day they would be fined. I wish the Ravens would get fined and not penalized – like the Steelers, instead of penalized and not fined.

  35. Not nearly enough, especially since he’s a repeat offender of league rules. Goodell will of course deny it, and the Patriot fans out there will deny it, but there are clearly different rules for the Patriots.

    Any other coach out there (well, maybe not Coughlin) would have been spending this coming Sunday on the couch.

  36. You know it’s kind of funny, thinking about Belichick grabbing the ref., and giving him the what for. Come on man! from the reporters, ex-players coaches and all the rest, your all wrong! You need to be taking your aggression out on the NFL. It’s the commissioner and the owners trying to turn a profit and bust their union, that’s the problem. Let’s say you didn’t have these ref’s. then guess what, their wouldn’t be any game’s. What’s the problem, player’s and reps make so much money, they dare to open their mouth’s. So get on the commisioner’s back and leave those poor ref’s. alone, their doing the best they can in a messed up situation, they didn’t cause.

  37. I think the fine is overkill… Why did the ref turn and bolt away like that in the first place and not explain the FG call. The ref’s actions made it look worse than it was. Fining Belichick might be the greatest thing that ever happened to the Patriots… A total rallying cry.

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