NFL, officials try to get deal in place before Thursday night’s game

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Nearly 12 hours after a report surfaced that a settlement of the labor dispute between the NFL and its officials is “at hand,” no one’s hand is holding a pen that would be used to sign a deal.

Mark Maske of the Washington Post reports, citing an unnamed source, that it appears a deal will be done tonight.  Another source said it “looks promising” that a deal will be struck tonight.

The challenge will be to get a crew of regular officials to Baltimore for Thursday night’s game between the Browns and Ravens.  As NBC officiating consultant Jim Daopoulos told PFT earlier today, issues of competitive balance arise if a replacement crew is used for one game, and if the regular officials are used for the remainder of Week Four.

So stay tuned.  The real officials could be back soon.  And we’ll all spend the rest of the season scrutinizing them more closely than ever before, thanks to this fiasco.

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  1. But if the regular officials are back in time for that game, us Browns fans won’t get any entertainment of it at all.

  2. They have to Mike. I can’t imagine a replacement ref in the world that wants to ref the Green Bay vs. Saints game at Lambeau this weekend.

  3. Good. They deserve scrutiny! Hopefully the negotiated deal has some means of holding them more accountable. I can’t wait to see how many make-up calls the precious packers get from their old buddies.

  4. The funniest line I’ve ever seen on PFT and I don’t believe it was intentional:
    “issues of competitive balance”
    So, uh, what? Randomly deciding a game for a west coast team in one game and an east coast team in another isn’t enough “balance” for the league??

  5. I really hope the NFL slips a “you have to do a media interview after every game” clause into the ref’s CBA. The replacement refs have been a breath of fresh air as they haven’t adhered to the code and have often stepped up and admitted mistakes.

    I’d also like to think someone at Fox throws it to Perrera as much as they have the first 3 weeks when the regular refs make their bad calls based as much on reputation as what they see with their own two eyes. Although I am sure he’s going to blame it, all the way to the playoffs, that the regular officials have rust from 3 less NFL games, it’d be nice to see him do something other than gloat as he has so far, making an embarrassment of himself.

    Finally, one has to wonder how big Hochuli’s arms have gotten with an extra month or so of gym time this offseason.

  6. Please get this deal done before Thursday. My Ravens already got robbed a game (Eagles) because of these replacment refs, I can’t imangine if they get robbed of another one especially against the Browns.

  7. “Another source said it “looks promising” that a deal will be struck tonight.”
    And there’s a chance my wife will let me get some tonight. Sorry, not holding my breath. 🙂

  8. I know there have to be some smart folks in the league office who see that the first face, the first call on Thursday Nights game must be Hochuli, and then have his crew do Monday Night.
    Start with the face of the officials and end with the face of the officials for this first week of games.
    Then everyone can go back to saying how bad the officials are, and all the sports tv shows and radio guys can week in and week out bore everyone to death with stat comparisons of the replacements vs regular officials( that sounds right up the Herds boring alley).

  9. This doesn’t surprise me.

    There was a rumor earlier on Wednesday that the State of New Jersey was not going to allow the NFL to stage games in the state without the real refs, which would have had the NFL scrambling if that proved to be true to move the 49ers-Jets game from Met Life Stadium Sunday afternoon most likely in my view to a Monday night game at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia (closest stadium to Met Life Stadium that Jets fans could get to). If that was true, it likely was the reason we saw sudden movement since otherwise it would have cost FOX their main early game on Sunday.

  10. I hope every whiner sees the light when the stuffy overrated refs call a bad call against their team. These older game controlling refs control the game more than the owners and coaches. I admit there were some bad calls due to lack of experience but they let the boys play football. This is FOOTBALL people not golf. Here comes the ticky tack fouls and defensive pass interference calls until the cows come home. Let em play.

  11. That’s the one good thing I’ve been saying will stem from this lockout even before the season began. Regardless of whether these replacements were good or as horrid as they are, it will lead to heightened scrutiny and likely accountability for the regular refs, which we all know was desperately needed.

  12. “issues of competitive balance arise if a replacement crew is used for one game, and if the regular officials are used for the remainder of Week Four.”
    The NFL is concerned about competitive balance? Then why are the packers allowed to raise 100″s of millions of dollars by printing funny money but the other 31 teams are not allowed to do so…..the other 31 owners have to reach in their pockets. Why are the packers the only team to be allowed to have their players jump into the stands after a TD but other teams are penalized for such actions. Seems to be these two examples are much bigger examples of “unfair competitive balance” than replacement refs for one more game.

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