NFL will not fine John Harbaugh for actions toward ref


After a Sunday night game in which both head coaches made contact with the officials, it appears that one of those coaches will not be fined.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh, who picked up a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for bumping into an official, will not be fined, the league office confirmed to the Baltimore Sun.

The league apparently accepts Harbaugh’s explanation that he was just trying to get the official’s attention to call a timeout. Harbaugh said after the game that he thought contact with officials was allowed if it’s just tapping him on the shoulder to let him know you want a timeout.

“I guess I didn’t understand how [the referee] interpreted it. But, what we’re told is to get the timeout where they can see it in front of their face in those situations,” Harbaugh said after the game. “That’s what I’ve been told for five years going into this game. I think he took it as bumping him. I didn’t mean to bump him. I wanted to call a timeout, so I apologize for bumping, but the intent was to call a timeout.”

The other head coach in the Sunday night game, Bill Belichick, will probably not get off without a fine for grabbing an official after the game. Another NFL coach, Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, has already been fined $25,000 for a profane tirade directed at an official after Sunday’s game.

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  1. This is now the THIRD incident involving John Harbaugh and referees. (The other two? One 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty for using profanity, and one fine for grabbing/touch a ref.) He’s racked up more ref-related incidents in his short 4+ year head coach career than any other head coach in NFL history. (If only he could be racking up as many Lombardis.)

  2. Harbaugh said after the game that he thought contact with officials was allowed if it’s just tapping him on the shoulder to let him know you want a timeout.

    So, after five years he’s never laid a hand on an NFL referee until now? It’s an obvious sign of disrespect for the current referees and should have been dealt with harshly. The league needs to support these refs while they’re out there.

  3. At least they are consistent in giving everything in Ravens favor. Some one really trying to get Harbaughs for the SB.

  4. Thank God. I mean, all he was doing was trying to get a timeout and he gets penalized 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct. He shouln’t be fined. It was a ridiculous call.

  5. What a phuking joke, if you’re gonna fine them, fine them all. If you’re gonna suspend a player one game for helmet to helmet hit, suspend them all. I used to think Goodell was doing a good job and defended in his honor with the bounties but now, I lost all total respect for him. He’s not being fair and he’s making the nfl his bytch. Players shouldn’t have gave him all the power because he’s taking advantage of it, the RR clearly foster the packs the game and he dares anyone to criticize his precious refs. When is the next election? Get him out of hear

  6. Why should the other Harbaugh be fined again? Oh yeah you’re still butt hurt about last year. Well apparently the powers that be don’t really care about your goofy little vendetta.

  7. stlrldyfn says:
    Sep 26, 2012 6:26 PM
    I hope I’m around when that horseshoe falls out of the Ravens ass.


    It’s called having a elite team, and as long as Newsome or DeCosta, Harbaugh, and Flacco are there you’ll keep seeing an elite team in the Charm City.

  8. Elite? No, not really. They keep trying to achieve that, and they’re a very good team, and for years they had an elite defense, but they’ve yet to put it all together to be a truly elite team, BECAUSE of stupid FO moves that have held them back.

  9. Say, sbaltimore:

    I just happened to look back on this…do you remember making this comment? Did you ever think that this team that makes stupid FO moves would have surpassed all of the others in the AFC and go…wait for it…to the Super Bowl again?

    How does that crow taste?

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