PFT Live: NFL nearing return of refs as Goodell lays low

Reports are that the NFL is close to agreeing to a deal that would get its referees back to work. Mike Florio takes a look at that and why, contrary to what most think, Roger Goodell is in no jeopardy of losing his job as commissioner. Goodell deserves a raise for taking heat off NFL owners, Florio said. Also, find out why Ben Roethlisberger is making smart career moves by speaking out about Steelers’ offensive coordinator Todd Haley.

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2 responses to “PFT Live: NFL nearing return of refs as Goodell lays low

  1. If there is anyone out there who thinks that the NFL owners give a flying turd about the fans – I’ve got some ocean front land in Arizona I’ll let you have for a song.

    No matter HOW much you scream about the beyond-awful officiating you all know that you’ll be there in front of the tube on Sunday or at the game and you’ll scream your heads off and some of you might even think of some clever signs to catch the attention of the cameras and you’ll pay exorbitant prices for the brew, the hot dogs, the jerseys. the parking places, in addition to the exorbitant prices you’ve already paid for the tickets. And you’ll do the same next year because if you don’t renew your season ticket next season you’ll never see a penny of the personal seat license money you paid whenever – basically you pay once for the right to buy a season ticket forever and ever and if the team sux year after year, guess what – the owner of the team doesn’t really care.

    They want the MONEY


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