Raiders dump another third-round pick

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The new regime in Oakland continues to break with its not-too-distant past, by cutting Al Davis draft picks.

Specifically, the Raiders had two third-round picks in 2011.  And they’ve now cut both of them.

Cornerback DeMarcus Van Dyke, the fastest man in last year’s Scouting Combine, was dumped earlier this month.  Now, tackle Joseph Barksdale reportedly has been dumped, according to Adam Caplan.  As pointed out by Jerry McDonald of, Barksdale was inactive for all three of the team’s 2012 regular-season games.

The Raiders also have cut 2011 fourth-round defensive back Chimdi Chekwa.

Quarterback Terrelle Pryor, a third-round pick in the 2011 supplemental draft, has to be wondering whether he’s next.

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  1. Chekwa has since been re-signed to the practice squad.

    As for Barksdale: He was a symptom of Al’s later years. Al saw an athletic 325-lb SEC starter, and didn’t care that Barks had feet of concrete and couldn’t handle an outside speed-rush to save his life.

    And so Reggie continues to get rid of the scholarship dead weight.

  2. Wow- Big Reg is putting his stamp on this team. Surprised Chekwa wasn’t given another look given the fact that the RAIDERS are sans starting CBs.

    Carry on Reggie.

  3. As many times as I have read it on the site, it seems more like you want TP to be cut… pretty clear at this point that the Raiders don’t see it your way.

  4. Please, if this isn’t an example of anti-Raider bias I don’t know what is. Other 2011 draft class players: Chekwa on the practice squad, Wisnewski and Denarious Moore are starters, and Gordon, Ausberry and Jones all play regularly either on the offense or special teams. So Al Davis doesn’t get credit for drafting Moore and Wisnewski?

  5. Another CB let go – surely Reggie doesn’t think Huff and Lee are the answer. Collectively that position is like “Toast II, the reincarnation of Elvis Patterson”. If the DL isn’t in Mannings jock from the start he will exploit that glaring weakness all day.

  6. It was not the most stacked roster in the NFL from the beginning. Also, the 2012 NFL draft class does not have anyone starting so do not blame that on Al Davis.

  7. dalucks says: Sep 26, 2012 2:05 PM

    It was not the most stacked roster in the NFL from the beginning. Also, the 2012 NFL draft class does not have anyone starting so do not blame that on Al Davis.

    LB Miles Burris is starting. and looks very good and like he has a great deal of untapped potential.

  8. Alot of these changes are due to the fact we are running completely different schemes offensively and defensively then these guys were drafted for.

  9. More people that don’t know anything about football spout off about the Raiders than any other topic in the NFL.

  10. Wow … “the Raiders cut a third round pick” … really they must be the first team in NFL history to do so if it makes a headline.

  11. DVD and Chekwa should have never been cut. Those were “Big Reg” mistakes, not Al Davis mistakes.

    Barksdale looked good at first, but either his heart wasn’t in it this year, he’s a bad fit for the ZBS, or probably both.

    And Taiwan Jones is being ridiculously underutilized. Guy could be one of the most explosive players in the game, but he’s riding the pine because he bobbled two balls, which he recovered, in the opener.

  12. Pryor is in the plans of the new regime. They loved him as the preseason progressed. As long as Pryor continues to show progress, they will keep him.

    I’m super excited for Pryor potentially starting next year or the year after.

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