Rex says Reggie misunderstood “hot sauce” comment


Jets coach Rex Ryan said before his team played the Dolphins that he wanted his players to “put some hot sauce on” Miami running back Reggie Bush. Bush, who got hurt in the game, said this week that he wasn’t happy about that, and he suggested that the injury to Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis could have been karma.

Now Ryan want Bush to know that he wasn’t saying his players should target him.

By no means do I ever want to see anybody leave the field due to an injury,” Ryan said, via the New York Daily News. “I think he definitely misinterpreted my comment.”

Ryan said that when he talked about Bush before the game, he was just pointing out that the Jets had to make him the focal point of their defense.

“The next time we play him he’s going to get attention from us because he’s a great football player. It’s almost a compliment,” Ryan said.

Even if it’s not a compliment Bush appreciated.

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  1. Yeah and everyone misunderstood his superbowl guarantees too.

    I remember Bart Scott said he “put some hot sauce” on Reggie Bush’s ankle when he was on the Ravens, Rex was the D coordinator, and Reggie was a rookie. Bart literally twisted Reggie’s ankle after a shoe string tackle near the sidelines. I’m no Reggie Bush fan, but Rex has been inciting his teams to “put hot sauce” on this kid everytime he plays him.

  2. “Each game we might also designate an opposing player with a dot. Players don’t want to be dotted by the New York Jets, because that means we want that dude knocked out of the game.”

    Actual quote by Rex Ryan

  3. Reggie Bush’s injury was due.

    Regardless of who you are, the incessant downward pull of gravity alters your anatomy, your physiology, and your intellectual and emotional responses.

    Due to mankind’s two legged stance, the constant downward pull of gravity alters our inherited physical structure. This is why we are taller in the morning than we are at night

  4. I can’t imagine how totally embarrassing it has got to be being a Jets fan. Personally, I’d quit being a fan.

  5. By no means does he ever want to see a player leave the field due to injury?

    That’s hilarious. If only I could dig up those quotes he gave after the rumblings about whether the Ravens intentionally took out (the old) CJ’s ankle at the bottom of a pile after CJ torched them for 100 total yards and a TD in the first half of that divisional playoff game with the Titans a few years back.

    Rex could hardly wipe the smile off his face when asked about CJ having to leave the game afterwards.

  6. the hot sauce comment goes back the saints/baltimore days with bart scott. That’s why he misundestood you rex. BTW rex you were scott’s coach in baltimore at that time.

  7. Surprised he didn’t say this comment was taken out of context and that he simply stated he used to put hot sauce on each of the seven plates he’d stuff full at Old Country Buffet before games.

    At least he’s consistent, he’s never showed signs of knowing when to shut up

  8. Rex Ryan doesn’t deserve to get suspended and Sean Payton did because Sean let his defensive coordinator say mean things behind close doors and Rex made direct threats in public. There is a difference.


  9. NY bias, Rex knows he’s got a free pass from Roger Goodell. If this involved an NFC South or AFC West team, you can bet that coaches and players would be summoned to Park Avenue post haste.

  10. This is not the same as the Saints. If a coach says “Pick a good lick on that guy” is that a bounty?

    Rex didn’t say “Here is $10,000 to anyone who decapitates Reggie and then puts hot sauce on his head and eats it.” (now that is a bounty).

    Reggie is crying and doesn’t like to get hit too hard.

  11. “OK everybody, this guy is a great player and is hard to take down, but still go easy on him. do not hit him hard because he might hurt his foot or something… We are playing football out here not a rough, tough sport where we hit each other all the time” – What everyone seems to want coaches to say these days

  12. I hate the jets and think Ryan is a blowhard who hurts his team more than helps. In this case however, I don’t see anything wrong. Of course the ‘hot sauce’ statement wasn’t a public proclaimation of intent to injure; that he’s now backpedalling from. He just thought Bush was the guy to stop in an offense bereft of skill players. Are you guys serious?

  13. rex ryan’s dad buddy is the creator of the modern day bounty system. jeff fisher was buddy’s def coor in philly. buddy also coached the houston oilers who became the tenn titans with jeff fisher as their HC. gregg williams of the infamous new orl bountygate was on the staffs of both buddy and jeff fisher. and of course fisher most recently hired williams as the stl rams def coor. rex, jeff fisher, gregg williams — all coaches of tough, physical defenses that wouldn’t think twice of knocking someone out of a gm with a cheap shot — and all from the buddy ryan chic 46 defense, eagles gang green, eagles bounty bowl tree. the apple doesn’t fall far…

  14. “This is not the same as the Saints.”

    I can’t see any difference.

    “That money was paid only for LEGAL hits and clean play was encouraged.”

    “Players don’t want to be dotted by the New York Jets, because that means we want that dude knocked out of the game. Of course, it has to be LEGAL and by the book. “

  15. This is ridiculous, dude challenged his players to go after bush and they did. “getting him on out” is basically saying we were told to get him off the field and we did that. How is this any less significant than what the saints did? In this case a player was actually injured! You Ryan/Jets apologists are fans of a real dirty team. I’ve watched football for many years and I have NEVER seen a player cheering an injury until Sunday. That alone should be cause for a suspension. There are 5 players and 3 coaches who are serving suspensions for the same actions and less evidence of these actions. Goodell is a joke if he continues to ignore this

  16. There is a stink from Jersey, and its not the Giants, so that leaves the jets, I wonder if they will hired the SCABS after they are kick out of the building after tomorrow night. Bill p.s. you know, to clean up the stink, since SCABS will do any thing for a penny.

  17. What a crock of Rex.
    Backpeddling at its best to avoid a sit down with the sheriff. The more they open their mouths the more guilty they look.

  18. Every team has their own verbiage for this stuff. Scott said the same stuff when he injured reggie years ago when they played for saints and ravens. If the saints’ actions were detrimental to the integrity of the league, then this sure as hell is too. If no action is taken, then Roger’s only proving that he really doesn’t care about the injuries…only the lawsuits. But then again, we all already know that.

  19. I’M surrrre RR didnt want him hurt. ya right…and thus is why revis island is now atlantis….

  20. Pretty safe to say that this little Rex Ryan project is coming to an end… Him and Mr. T. need to go and they need to get a respected head coach that won’t make a mockery of himself and his team… ie. look at the way the Giants do business, Woody.

  21. Rex and his jets are just complete clowns – and a joke – can’t everyone just focus on teams that matter???
    They have won how many of their predicted super bowls – hahaha!!
    they should just pay attention to how their landlords conduct themselves – maybe – just maybe – they learn just a little bit about how a class organization runs their franchise.

  22. “what goes around comes around. -heisman trophy”

    These kind of comments crack me up. But, that’s probably because I think players should get a small pittance to survive on since they can’t work and they bring millions to some schools. So, for what Reggie lost the trophy for (which he willingly gave back to avoid a lot of hoo-hah).

    Nonetheless, the dude still was the best at his game at the time he was in school.

  23. I know that
    Rex knows that
    all you guys reading this know that
    Rex knows that
    the NFL knows that
    everybody in the freakin world knows that

    Rex was saying they were gonna take him out…

    this BS tap dance is exactly that… BS

  24. What about the play sheet with The pic of Eli’s bloody head muuhuhahahahaha that was just all in good fun huh Rexy. This guy needs to keep his mouth shut or we’ll soon be reading about bounty gate 2. BTW how did that Giants – jets game turn out again?

  25. You people’s are losing you’ll mind, the way Roger Goodell, and one of his witness said Gregg William said Kill the head and the tail will die. How the difference between Williams and Rex is Gregg William is hearsay, Rex was in public. Some people’s say it not the same as the Saints a bounty is a bounty and this player got hurt Rex and there is evidences the Saints there was know evidences just hearsay. So Roger Goodell treat all 31 teams like you did the New Orleans Saints and if you don’t Vilma lawyer can take that to the court if Goodell don’t drop the bomb on this one. They got they eyes on you Mr. Judge,Jury, and hangman now do your job like you done to the New Orleans Saints no excuses.

  26. A few years ago when that turd Bart Scott was playing in Ray Lewis’s shadow he put a mix martial arts ankle submission on Reggie’s ankle. Bart refered to it as ” putting a lil hot sauce on Reggie “. He twisted his ankle with HIS HANDS. Intentionally. He was laying on top of Reggie twisting his ankle. No Flag. Reggie missed the next 4 games and was ineffective, the rest due to the fear of being assaulted on the field.

  27. It is hard for Rex to have any credibility on this issue. His boasting and bragging over the years and his prior comments about knocking players out of the game tell a different story.

    I will leave the door open to the fact that Rex is just oblivous to the impact his comments have on his teams behavior, but even that is a stretch. To watch LeRon Landry gleefully clapping over Reggie Bush when he was on the ground, seems to smell like a deliberate act to me.

    Watch the video and see for yourself.

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