Another setback in James Harrison’s comeback from knee issue


Steelers linebacker James Harrison was feeling hopeful after practicing Tuesday.

When he left the team facility before practice Wednesday, the mood hand changed.

The left knee problems that have bothered him all summer cropped up again, a worrisome issue.

It’s a little bit of a setback,” agent Bill Parise told Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “Hopefully, it’s not something that will derail our plans.”

Tuesday’s was Harrison’s second full practice of the year, after he had surgery on Aug. 15. Now, getting back on the field after the bye for their Oct. 7 game against the Eagles appears in doubt.

His other practice was the Monday before the opener, after he was removed from the physically unable to perform list. But he was limited the following Wednesday, and didn’t practice again until trying Tuesday.

The knee’s a huge concern for the Steelers, whose defense doesn’t look the same without him.

Former fifth-round pick Chris Carter has started all three games, rotating with former second-rounder Jason Worilds.

Between them, they have a sack, one pressure and two batted passes in three games. The Steelers have just five sacks as a team.

“James is an amazing player, so we take it as a badge of honor to be able to step in for such an accomplished player,” Carter said.

It would be even better if they’d step up their production to something even vaguely resembling his level.

16 responses to “Another setback in James Harrison’s comeback from knee issue

  1. Guy makes a jump from being a nobody to being a rage-filled freak of nature, then when in the spotlight starts to see his skills diminish while minor injuries crop up and he can’t quite seem to get over them.

    Nope, not a roider at all. Couldn’t be.

  2. fordman84,

    Harrison was a “nobody” because he came out of a small school (Kent State) and because he lacked discipline and didn’t respond to coaching well.

    Harrison was always known for his physicality, his fiery temperament and his strength — even back when he was a “nobody.”

    Once Harrison properly responded to coaching and became more disciplined – in LeBeau’s defensive scheme that requires both — his career began to take off.

    You need to better educate yourself on the issues before making such accusations.

  3. Fordman84,

    Yeah those injuries ALSO started happening when he was after 31 years old….ya know, when many guys bodies start to break down in football.

    And go do some research. The reason he was cut multiple times is because he couldnt learn teams defenses, not because he didnt have ability.

  4. @ Fordman84:

    Tony Romo, Fred Jackson, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Arian Foster, and Russel Wilson are among those players that were considered ‘nobody’ when they entered the NFL. Some players do not receive the hype entering college but that shouldn’t classify them as being nobody. Kent State is not a hotbed for football, I get that, but, James Harrison was a diamond in the eyes of the Pittsburgh Steelers and for anyone to dispute that is either being biased or lacking football sense. And how many times do people have to use steroids for a weightless argument?

    Just look at how the Baltimore Ravens are faring without Terrell Suggs. End rushers such as Suggs and Harrison are invaluable and most times you don’t realize their importance until their absent such as these cases.

  5. Hope the news gets more positive by the time they have to play the Eagles and he can finally play, even if not for the entire game. Defense can sure use him. They are getting minimal production from Carter or Worilds. When the Steelers have Harrison coming from one side and Woodley from the other, it drives offenses crazy.

  6. joemammy says: Sep 27, 2012 9:36 AM

    Can you say 1-15, Steeler fans? Even my Cleveland Browns will beat them this year.



    I’m no Steelers fan but I will gladly take that bet!!!

  7. If the steelers suck bad enough this year, they can get a high draft pick. That could then be used to draft a young beast linebacker and dump Harrison to clear out some money and maybe get Wallace long term.

  8. fordman84 …

    I’m impressed with your knowledge of Harrison. Can you enlighten us on his upbringing, the personal things that drive him, when things began clicking for him as a player and why, what prompted him to turn his career around, the workout routines he uses? You must also have intimate personal knowledge of the man to be so well-versed on his “rage.”

    Apparently in your world professional athletes have no drive or ambition to succeed, no motivation to improve themselves. They just wake up one morning and take a shot or pill. And they never cultivate an image as the killer on the field that has nothing to do with who they are as people. Thanks for the update from Stereotypes R Us.

  9. This is so awesome. Where are all the fans clamoring that James Harrison is a beast and an awesome player. As far as I can see, he’s an overpaid, contract restructured, not producing, bench warmer. Have fun missing the playoffs. Somehow I bet their fans still claim they’re elite, hah!

  10. @ravenator …

    James Harrison is a beast and an awesome player who is injured. What part of “injured” doesn’t compute?

  11. Ravenator – you are such a jacka$$. Please, for the sake of the rest of the readers of this blog: go get a friggin job so you don’t spend so much time online & taking satisfaction from Steeler injuries.

  12. I completely agree with grant444. And yet, how many of you have had reasonable discussion posts deleted here, while people like raventor continue to post their meaningless, incorrect and irritating tripe?

    I wonder if this post will last long?

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