Browns’ comeback falls short in Baltimore

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In the end, the Browns made an often dull defensive struggle against the Ravens interesting. But Cleveland’s late fourth-quarter comeback attempt fell short.

On the final play of a 23-16 Ravens win, Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden threw a pass out the back of the end zone, preserving the Ravens’ win.

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco completed 28 of 46 passes for 356 with one touchdown and one interception, and he also ran for a touchdown in the third quarter. When Baltimore cornerback Cary Williams intercepted Weeden and raced 63 yards for a touchdown to give the Ravens a 23-10 lead, it appeared that Baltimore was putting the game out of reach.

But Phil Dawson hit field goals of 50 and 52 yards in the fourth quarter to bring Cleveland a touchdown and extra point away from sending the game into overtime, and the Browns had a real chance of tying it at the end of the game.

Unfortunately for Cleveland, Weeden missed on that pass into the end zone on the last play, and the Ravens held on to win a game that was much closer than Baltimore expected.

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  1. Never seen so many drops in one game as the browns had. They should have won, just as much as the Ravens lost it. Good game in the end. Brownies just a little bit short

  2. Greg Little cost them the game. That final drive would’ve been for a FG to win. What’s the record for dropped passes in a season? He just might give it a run for the the money!

  3. Browns were in the game because of 3 really long field goals on their part and a botched extra point and a missed field goal on the ravens part. Shouldnt have been as close, but the Browns have improved vastly.

  4. I’ve been a Weeden doubter since he was drafted, but I think he could be very good for the Browns. Richardson is a beast and the offensive line is pretty good. The big problem is that he doesn’t have any great receivers. All of those drops were inexcusable.

    Since they’ll most likely have a high pick in the draft, they should use it on a receiver.

  5. Too bad for Weedend teh replacement refs were gone. I am sure they could have figured out some rule to award a TD on a incomplete pass.

    An incomplete pass is better than an interception, so I assume there has to be a way to give a TD!

  6. As a Texans fan, I love the Ravens new offense. Why give the ball to one of the most explosive backs in the league when you can let your mediocre QB throw the ball all game. Flacco and their peebrain offense coordinator will be the Ravens downfall…

  7. What the Hell! Two guys pushed the receiver out of bounds on the last play. Cleveland should have had one more play from the 1.

    I want the replacements back!!!!!!!!

  8. How many times are the Browns going to draft Braylon Edwards? He might be wearing the number 15 now but he isn’t fooling anyone.

    Weeden kind of impressed tho.

  9. The ravens did what they had to do. This was their 4th. Game in 18 days and the were coming off a huge Sunday nite game against the pats. The browns have a nice d and Richardson is a beast, but there is not one receiver on the browns that would even make the ravens team. This game had let down written all over it, but the ravens did what was needed and won. Time to rest for a while and then start the next quarter of the season. I’ll take three wins and a loss for every quarter. 12 wins means playoffs almost guaranteed”

    The sad part for the clowns is that their new owner will want to put his stamp on the team which means they will be starting all over again. They are a bad team but they do have some good pieces to work with. I am not convinced that weedon is the answer at qb, but he is already better than McCoy. Very little athletic ability in the pocket and his long ball is only fair. And foe goodness sakes how long till they cut little? He drops more passes than he catches. That is the difference between the ravens and browns. They could have taken Torrey smith who has become a number one receiver and instead they took Greg little. That captures the difference between the two organizations in a snapshot

  10. Weeden should have been around 30 for 52 for 400 yards instead of 25 for 52 for 320.

    Greg Little is a joke. He makes one or two athletic plays a game that apparently make everyone forget the 3-4 drops of easily catchable balls that could have changed the outcome of the game.

    I said that Weeden would be the third best QB in this class after RGIII and Luck. Nothing I saw tonight changes my mind about that.

    It’s a shame that we don’t get to see every play of every game and have to rely alot on what shows up on the stat sheet.

    Because I guarantee that Weeden is outplaying his stats right now.

  11. That game really escalated quickly towards the end. It felt like we were in control throughout the game, and then out of nowhere the Browns were in position for a game tying touchdown. Nice job of hanging around and earning a shot at the end. With Richardson and Weeden developing, that team is going to be dangerous soon.

  12. That #53 for Cle had a nice game and Richardson is a BEEEAAAAASSSSSS/michael irvined

    Weeden was impressive regardless of his stats. He stood in there and made some excellent throws (to a c-/d+ at best receiver corps)and some really good decisions. Also, I hope Cribbs is ok. What a scary moment! Cleveland has a better defense right now than my team for sure.

  13. Did Flacco get hurt on his last play? He was the NFL network Player of the Game and he didn’t show up on set. He looked like he was in a bit of pain when getting up.

  14. I’ve been really impressed with Brandon Weeden, especially with his ability to come back after that dreadful Week 1. That would be debilitating to a lot of guys.

    I know everybody loves to make cracks about his age, but the guy can play. He may not be an elite talent, but he’s a legitimate NFL starter, something the Browns haven’t had for a while. If he wasn’t saddled with the worst WR corps in football, he may actually be able to lead a Browns resurgence.

  15. vman0626 says:
    Sep 27, 2012 11:54 PM
    Brownies have a ways to go yet but this is the best Cleveland team in a long time….

    Wrong sir. They are on a 10 game losing streak dating back to last season. Shurmur is 4-16 in 2 seasons as head coach and Little led the league in drops last year. It’s the same story here in Cleveland. Tomorrow morning, our radio hosts like Tony Rizzo and Vic Carruci will be talking about how encouraged they are cause they hung with the Ravens.

    Cleveland is the cess pit of sports. Lebron left. Browns are garbage. Indians are garbage. Cavs are garbage. There is a reason they call this city the Factory of Sadness and the mistake by the lake.

  16. Other than Little, I’m just glad the Browns didn’t completely embarrass themselves on national tv. It’s a start. That being said, yes this team is VERY young, but after 4 games, I’m now convinced that with the right coach this team (with the current roster) could be at best a .500 team. Unfortunately, I don’t believe Shurmur is that coach.

  17. If Suggs were in this game wouldn’t have been within 20 points. Also give Joe Thomas an academy award for that acting job on that second to last play of the game (Mike Mayock even agreed on that one).

  18. 4 games 18 days, 3 wins, two in-division, no matter what shape, form or fashion is great start for the Ravens who now get 10 days off.

  19. browns lost at baltimore last season 20-14

    so this is nothing new

    i don’t think it’s accurate yet to say this is the best browns team in a while, because they blew the doors off a playoff pats team a couple years ago… saying an 0-4 team is better , doesn’t wash….

  20. also, no logic in saying the ravens are overrated

    i’m not a fan of theirs but divisional games are often quite close in the nfl, due to such familiarity…..

    i’m still surprised they destroyed the bengals earlier this season

  21. If Greg Little can catch a football, that game is in overtime right now. He doesn’t belong on an NFL team.
    The browns win it without overtime if Weeden doesn’t throw a TD……… the other team.

  22. OMG! I just read the entire article… No, it wasn’t that close…. at all…. B game beats the Browns… pathetic!

  23. i can see by the comments greg little had quite the game.

    how were the officials?

    did the game take 3.5 hours?

  24. Browns would have made things interesting if only thos Wrs can hold on to the ball..Penalties were a killer too from the Coach and players. This team unfortuantely has a few things to work on before they can win games. Defense played good though..try better next time..

  25. I’m thinking Heckert (sp?) might be regretting trading their pick last year instead of taking Julio Jones. He might have helped them last night.

  26. congrats to the ravens and their fans. the game was a lot better than i thought it would be. i am still trying to figure out my browns.

  27. 4d9erdynasty says:
    Sep 27, 2012 11:56 PM
    I know massaquoi is out but weeden needs some receivers or at least some guys that can catch the ball. good game tho.

    Plaxico Burress is sitting at home by the phone.

  28. This was a close game, for 3 reasons:
    1. Cary Williams. Yes he did have the pick 6 BUT he has absolutely no concept of what it takes to play CB. He gave up a 45 yard pass on 3rd down to Little with his back to the ball about 5 yards off. And that’s typical of him this year.
    2. Phil Dawson. The Browns only reached the redzone TWICE the entire game, and never even got close to sniffing it otherwise. Dawon has some fantastic long FG’s in this game.
    3. Ravens subpar Special Teams. Gave up a huge return by Benjamin late in the game, flubbed the extra point after Torrey’s TD, and the despite Kock’s great punts deep in the Browns territory, nobody could get down field to keep it out of the endzone.

    Otherwise, this game was not even close.

    Note- Joe Flacco has nearly 1400 yards, 7 passing TD’s, 1 rush TD vs. 3 picks through 4 games. QB rating should still be over 100. But he sucks, right America?

  29. There is no doubt the Steelers will destroy this hyped Ravens team and win the AFC North. Hardly beat the pathetic Clowns, who are the dregs of the league! Joe Whacko is such a brilliant quarterback they needed a defensive TD and numerous Clown’s WR drops to win the game. As the Steelers get their All-Pro walking wounded back, the Ravens better get prepared for a massive beatdown Nov 18 at Heinz Field.

  30. steelernator

    Remember when Flacco drove 92 yards with 2 minutes left against the whole, healthy Steelers defense and threw a game-winning TD pass in Heinz field last year?

    That was fun.

  31. rabbi187 says: Sep 28, 2012 12:09 AM

    As a Texans fan, I love the Ravens new offense. Why give the ball to one of the most explosive backs in the league when you can let your mediocre QB throw the ball all game. Flacco and their peebrain offense coordinator will be the Ravens downfall…
    Wow where do I start? 1st off…ravens are 7-0 vs your Texans. 2nd…Flacco has almost 1700 yards so your hate is so obvious.

  32. As a huge Browns fan I feel the Browns are improving due to Weeden and Richardson. However the coaching is terrible, and the receiving corp is undeserving a job on my high school football team. Cut Little,Norwood, and whoever this tight end Cameron that can’t catch a cold. I think free agents that are castoffs from other teams and are unemployed are a better option than these 3. And lets face the reality that Massaquoi is our #1 Wideout????? Really???
    I should have packed up and moved to Baltimore when I had the chance.

    Go Browns!!

  33. yelix

    You mean when you won your Super Bowl last year? Yeah, I remember that too. Do you remember when the Steelers won 6 real Super Bowls? And remember when the Steelers beat the Ravens 2 out of 3 times in the 2010 season including in the playoffs?

    Those were fun too.

    Like I said, Ravens are the most hyped team in the league and won’t stand a chance against the Steelers this year. Patriots should have beat you also, you know that don’t you? Enjoy your big win against maybe the worst team in the league last night. They beat themselves more than the Ravens beat them.

  34. Did no one else notice that Weeden closed his eyes for a second in the face of the rush on that last play? It was clear as day in that slow motion, close up replay they showed right after the play. That may be the reason he over threw it.

    I know hail marys almost never work but an overthrow in that situation from that distance is absolutely inexcusable.

  35. As the first quarter of the Browns season ends, the following are my observations:
    1. The defense is pretty good and will improve with the return of Phil Taylor.
    2. The tragic trade that allowed the Falcons to draft Julio Jones rivals the one that sent Paul Warfield to the Dolphins. (Mike Phipps and Brandon Weeden ).
    3. Pat Shurmer needs to go and he needs to go really soon.
    4. With the new owner comes the real opportunity to bring Bill Cowher to Cleveland.
    5. There is no viable WR or TE on this team.
    6. Six different starting QBs in 6 years is a recurring disaster that may not be over yet.
    7. The Giants are next.

  36. steelernator

    Yeah, you’re right. The steelers were good 2 years ago. But how about actually recently? Like less than a year ago when we swept you and you lost in the first round of the playoffs to Tebow? Or like how yelix said, when we came into Heinz field against the completely healthy Steelers team and won on a 92 yard drive with 8 seconds left. Oh, and this year it should probably be the same because we’re #4 in total offense and Flacco’s #1 in the league in passing yards. Good luck, though, to your joke of a team.

  37. tonyarnold2, like I said, enjoy your Super Bowl win last night. You say the Steelers were completely healthy last year? Funny, I thought Aaron Smith was out for the year, etc. But no matter, you won that Super Bowl game also, it’s in the books. Meanwhile, Steeler fans will count our real 6 Super Bowl wins in the last game of those seasons. And come Nov 18, after the Steelers get their All-Pro players back, all Ravens fans will be looking up at the Steelers in the standings, just like you have done for most of your franchise’s existence. What more can be expected from the original Cleveland Clowns, right?

  38. They’d be halfway dangerous if they had some WRs.

    Richardson looks good, they D was pretty impressive, even without Haden, and Weeden looked solid, for the most part.

  39. Was anyone else confused why the penalty on the Ravens resulted in a first down for the Browns?

    From the rulebook:

    A dead ball foul is enforced from the succeeding spot, and the down counts.

    A.R. 14.9 Fourth-and-8 on B12. A legal forward pass is incomplete behind the goal line. After the incompletion:
    B1 knocks A1 to the ground.
    Ruling: Enforce from the succeeding spot (B12) as the pass was incomplete in the end zone on fourth down. B’s ball first-and-10 on B6.

  40. “That is the difference between the ravens and browns. They could have taken Torrey smith who has become a number one receiver and instead they took Greg little.”

    Since Torrey Smith was drafted the pick before the Browns were on the clock (where they drafted Greg Little), I think you might be subject to some more of that revisionist history that seems to permeate the Ravens fans recently.

  41. This Browns team, yet winless, has been in all the games that they have played this year. Mind you, they have a ton of rookies, and second year players starting, they’re without one of the better shutdown corners in the NFL, and they have an inept HC.

    If this team gets another CB, opposite Haden, a WR that can catch, and a HC that actually has NFL experience, they’ll be in the playoffs sooner, than later.

  42. Steelernator,

    You want to talk garbage, and remind everyone of the Steelers 6 SB wins, why don’t you remind everyone how bad they were for 30+ years!?

  43. Steelernator, your pathetic attempts to try and convince yourself your team is relevant let alone competitive are humorous at best. Your team is below .500 with losses against two other teams who are below .500, or have you forgotten already? Ignorance is bliss.

  44. ravenator:

    Things only count where you stand at the end of the year, regardless of how Ravens fans look at things. I realize Ravens fans like to celebrate Super Bowls during the year since it seems you have a hard time getting to the real ones, unlike the Steelers fans have enjoyed over the years. Keep pounding your bird-like chest about your smashing win against a league behemouth last night. Come Nov 18, you will be crying in your beer like Ravens fans have normally done for years after they got trashed by the Steelers. Go look at the records, and talk to me about ignorance. Enjoy things while the Steelers get healthy.

  45. ballboy48:

    No matter how bad the old teams were, at least they never had to tuck their tails between their legs and run out of town in the dark of night, like your team did. You used to be the Cleveland Clowns, or aren’t you old enough to remember that fact?

  46. A few things that stood out for me:
    -As a Ravens fan, I was pretty impressed with the Browns. I thought coming out of college, Weeden would not be a good QB in the league for at least a few years. Last night, he looked very good. He got absolutely no help from his WRs. Greg Little, for all the physical tools, doesn’t have the most critical thing a WR needs: HANDS.
    -Richardson, at times looked beastly, as he dragged several Ravens players at least three yards on a carry. Outside of a few dump offs that Richardson got decent yardage out of. I thought the Ravens held him pretty well.
    -The effects of Suggs not being on the field becomes more evident with each game. The CBs are being left to dry out there as the pass rush isn’t very good at all right now. Pees has to find more effect ways to get pressure on the QB.

  47. steelernator

    Why do you keep going on and on about how many Super Bowls the steelers have won? In case you’ve forgotten (seems like you have) here’s the seasons when the Steelers won their Super Bowls.
    Enough bragging about a 30 year old team. Your glory days (clearly) were the 70’s. The ravens are in their 16th year as a franchise. Why would a Super Bowl win that was most recently 4 years ago affect whether the ravens are going to beat the steelers or not this year? The ravens SWEPT the steelers last year. The ravens got to the AFC Championship last year (and should’ve made the Super Bowl) while your franchise lost in the WILD CARD ROUND to TEBOW. Oh, and this year? The ravens are sitting atop the AFC North at 3-1 with a 2-0 division record already, while your beloved steelers are sitting at 1-2, only 1 win better than those “Clowns” you hate so much. Yeah, keep talking fanboy.

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