Ex-Baylor basketball player pleads guilty to extorting RGIII

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Former Baylor basketball player Richard Hurd has pleaded guilty to extortion, three months after he claimed to have damaging information about Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III and offered not to make the information public if Griffin gave him $1 million.

Hurd entered the guilty plea today in a federal court in Waco, Texas, where both Hurd and Griffin were athletes at Baylor.

After Hurd went to Griffin’s agents with his demand for money, they went to the authorities, who arranged a meeting at which they handed Hurd what they said was $120,000 in cash in exchange for Hurd signing an agreement not to release anything damaging about Griffin. Once they made the exchange, Hurd was arrested.

Hurd will be sentenced on November 21 and faces two to three years in prison. It has never become public what damaging information Hurd claimed he could produce about Griffin.

21 responses to “Ex-Baylor basketball player pleads guilty to extorting RGIII

  1. Remember on teh first season of Hard Knocks when they spoke of a player that got a call at 4AM with a woman who said that she was going to go to the press saying she was raped by him if he didn’t pony up like $500k and the player paid?

    People are shady. I hope he gets the stiffest penalty which he will surely receive at his next destination.

  2. rg3 the next vince young. so overhyped it is ridiculous. he cries more than tom brady when somebody dares hits him, what a crybaby loser. he even looks like a moron in those lame subway commercials

  3. choppa2lis says: Sep 27, 2012 7:05 PM

    rg3 the next vince young. so overhyped it is ridiculous. he cries more than tom brady when somebody dares hits him, what a crybaby loser. he even looks like a moron in those lame subway commercials

    Hurd is that you??

  4. When RGIII feels comfortable about being open regarding this “damaging” information then he will do it. When he does, hopefully his teammates and fans will show tolerance, continue to support him and accept him for what he is.

  5. It is obvious what it was about. His own coach through him under the bus and exposed his deep dark secret. He didn’t know if you carried through the fake on a handoff while running the option that you were probably going to get hit by someone from the defense. Shocking isn’t it?

  6. Is the big “secret” that he’s gay? Please! That’s old news. To come out of the closet is as “hip” nowadays that he should not worry. In fact, he could benefit from it.

  7. I’d bet money the “secret” is that he’s gay. It would ve a travesty to the macho minded fans and ego who boasts being the men of all men in sports; Nevertheless, i’d not be surprised that more gay players locked down in the closet exist more in their sport than on any other one.

  8. Turd is such a moron trying to get any money for something all of baylor already knew and I’m pretty sure rob’s fiancee knows and lets him do it!!! Heck he is her ticket to a great life. we all knew that RG3 was a ladies man and bedded at least 500 woman at baylor and even half the country knew that the night he won the Heisman he met Kim kardashian in nyc and they spent the night in a hotel room!! I heard there is a video tape never seen tho. he apparently met her again the night of the draft and his fiancee joined him and Kim that time!!! heard that dc’s most famous couple is also supposed to keep up with Kim again the week they play the giants!! I would he money that she ends up pregnant with RG3’s baby!! man I never see any man pull so many beautiful breathtaking pieces of tail. GOOD LUCK AND KICK THE BUS BUTT ON SUNDAY BOB TEACH THEM A LESSON OF HOW A PANTHER QB SHOULD PLAY!!! HTTR!!! MOST PPL WOULD UNDERSTAND A YOUNG COUPLE HAVING A BEAUTIFUL FAMOUS GF IN THESE TIMES!! GO FOR IT MAN AND DON’T CARE WHAT THOSE SOB CHRISTIANS HAVE TI TO SAY BC THEY ARE WORTHLESS AND YOUR FIANCEE IS A BEAUTIFUL GODDESS AND SO IS KIM REPRESENT THAT THEY ARE YOUR WOMAN AND IGNORE THAT PUNK SMALL KANYE!!!

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