Fairley seeks placement in diversion program


As the Lions try to dig out of a 1-2 hole to start the season, some players continue to try to dig out of the legal hole into which they fell during the offseason.

Defensive tackle Nick Fairley has asked to be placed in a pre-trial diversion program to resolve charges of drunk driving and fleeing police.  According to the Associated Press, Fairley’s lawyer has filed paperwork offering to stipulate to a DUI in exchange for attending an anti-DUI course.

A judge will have to approve the move.  For now, though, the offer was enough to pull the plug on a trial that was due to begin on Wednesday.

Instead, Fairley was at practice.  “I’m glad to be out there on the field,” he said, while declining to address any details of the case.

Though a first offense DUI ordinarily doesn’t result in a suspension, Fairley has a pending marijuana charge that could, depending on how it’s resolved, result in a temporary ban.