Healthy Maclin not happy with all the second-guessing in Philly


After missing the Eagles’ Week Three loss with a hip injury, receiver Jeremy Maclin is healthy and back at practice. But don’t ask him if having him on the field on Sunday against the Cardinals would have been the difference between winning and losing.

“I don’t know,” Maclin told reporters when asked that question today. “I’m not a psychic. I don’t know.”

What Maclin does know, however, is he’s getting tired of hearing all the questions about what’s wrong with the Eagles, whose fault the problems on the Eagles are, and who’s going to fix them. Maclin thinks Philadelphia should be pleased with a winning record, not acting like the sky is falling.

“The fact is that we are 2-1,” Maclin said. “You would think we are 0-3. That’s not the case. So if you want to say whose fault it is or whose fault it isn’t, there’s lot of things that go into one football play that the average eye doesn’t see. But the people who know football know that nobody is to blame for anything. There’s always protection. There is always route running. There is always the quarterback throwing the ball. There is always handling the ball. So there is never one person who can obviously be causing your team anything like that. So I don’t really like to get into stuff like that.”

Maclin is right: The Eagles are 2-1. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t tough questions to ask after their dreadful performance in Arizona. And those questions will be amplified if the Eagles don’t play a lot better against the Giants on Sunday night.

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  1. The only thing is many teams would love to be 2-1, but the bottom line is: you and your WR corps can’t seem to have a successful passing game.

    And your OC (Marty) doesn’t understand that you must have a balanced attack (run/pass) to have a sufficient offense. He really needs to be fired along with Reid instead of waiting the next 12 weeks to come up with a decision, because you’re not making the playoffs by passing alone.

  2. rollore says:
    Sep 27, 2012 7:46 PM
    Jeremy, you barely won those 2 games by 1 point each. You should be 0-3!


    Should doesn’t mean a thing. That’s like saying I should be the president. Just because I should be something doesn’t make it mean anything.

    They ARE 2-1.

  3. Not happy with second guessing in Philadelphia? Take the diaper off and put your big boy pants on. Philadelphia has been VERY nice so far.

  4. To say they should have loss those first two games are ignorant. If you ACTUALLY watched the games the Eagles outplayed both the browns and ravens. Their turnovers are what kept them the other teams in the game. Lets not also forget the Eagles forced turnovers too

  5. So every team has been dreadful against Arizona? Or could it *possibly* be that Arizona outplayed them all?

    Of course, such talk is ridiculous. East coast teams are invincible.

    Aren’t they…?

  6. “But that doesn’t mean there aren’t tough questions to ask after their dreadful performance in Arizona. ”

    Well considering right now Zona is 3-0 and looks to have a pretty damn solid defense I’d say that had a lot to do with it. That game is in the past and on to the next week. What happened against Zona has no bearing this week because they aren’t playing Zona.

  7. Jeremy, you are completely missing the point as to WHY people in Philadelphia are questioning the overall potential of this team and its ability to make a run in the playoffs.

    The Birds have had 12 turnovers in 3 games. TWELVE. Not only is it the highest amount of turnovers in the league this season, but if the Birds stay on this pace they are looking at 64 turnovers in the regular season. Not that I nor anyone else expects it to be that high, but between the turnovers and the amount of penalties this team is racking up, they appear to be a very undisciplined group of players. That NEVER bodes well for any NFL team.

    In addition, the Cardinals game brought out the same issue that Eagles fans have been griping about for years – a balanced approach to the offensive side of the ball. 25 pass plays to 5 run plays in the first half. They have arguably one of the best running backs in the league, and probably the strongest amount of depth at running back I have seen during the Reid era if not ever. Yet regardless of that fact, there’s games like the cardinals game where they completely ignore the run game. This has been the Reid/Mornhinweg M/O for years! That is what drives us crazy more than anything else.
    Not only would a balanced attack keep defenses honest, but it would also help take some of the pressure off of Vick and what currently consists of a patchwork offensive line.

    If these glaringly obvious issues weren’t ignored EVERY SINGLE SEASON under Andy Reid, we wouldn’t complain about the Birds nearly as much as we continue to do today.

    Personally, I like Andy Reid. I truly feel for the man especially with the passing of his son. This town wants the Eagles and wants Reid to succeed. All we ask is that you stop making the same exact mistake over and over and over and over again every friggin season. The pass/run ratio isn’t exactly a new problem. Run a balanced attack!

  8. @dogluver – Sorry, which of those guys play in the Eagles division again? Two of them aren’t even in the same conference!! None of them are competing with Philly to represent the NFC East in the playoffs. I realize as a Philly fan you don’t understand this, but the whole point is to make it to the Super Bowl and win the whole thing.


    Eli Manning 2-1

    Tony Romo 2-1

    But they don’t turn the ball over nine times in three games.

  9. Maclin’s right. It’s a dumb question. He’s not going to throw Vick or any other teammate under the bus and the Eagles do indeed have a winning record. Not to mention most NFL games are decided by 3 points and the season is still pretty early…

  10. I like Maclin as a player but maybe he should realize that when the team plays like crap. fans are going to get upset.

    If mr maclin doesn’t like hearing that maybe he should go work at a job where you aren’t in the spotlight. Remember this, you make millions because of the fans but we aren’t allowed to criticize you or your teammates? Yet we get paid nothing to be fans (in fact most of us spend a ton of money to show that we are fans) and you think you have the right to criticize how we act.

    How about just shut up and play football.


  11. @East96st the Eagles owned the NFC East last year in a season we only won eight , five were in the division. Swept the skins , destroyed the Cowgirls and split with the champs….we’ve turned it over 12 times in three games and are STILL 2-1.

  12. rollore says:
    Sep 27, 2012 7:46 PM
    Jeremy, you barely won those 2 games by 1 point each. You should be 0-3!


    The only way a team should be 0-3 is if they scored less points than their opponent each of the first three weeks.

    You only have to win games by one. One point margin or 30 point margin, and W is a W. The fact that the Eagles win games when they average a turnover per quarter is pretty impressive. Imagine what the scores would be if they stopped giving the ball to the other team all the time….

  13. @dogluvers

    He’s lucky to be 2-1 with the plethora of ways Vick has managed to turn the ball over this year. The Eagle defense is the reason they are 2-1, certainly not Mike “the turnover machine” Vick.

    Of the 4 QB’s you mention, all are potential hall of famers, all have had back to back winning seasons, all 4 have won championships. None of which describe or define Mike Vick. Perhaps we should wait for him to have least 2 winning seasons in a row before we put him into a class he has no business being mentioned with. Mc Nabb belongs in that category before Mike Vick.

    What’s really pretty is watching Vick fans defend his career underachievements.

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