Matthew Stafford returns to practice for Lions


Lions fans can breathe a bit easier today, as quarterback Matthew Stafford has returned to practice, according to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press.

Stafford was held out Wednesday with what was described as a “hip” injury, which is actually a hamstring strain (hey, the hamstring is in the same neighborhood, but so are lot of other things).

They have a reasonably reliable backup in Shaun Hill, but Stafford’s proven to be able to play through pain, so if he’s on the field today, there should be little concern that he’ll be there Sunday against the Vikings.

11 responses to “Matthew Stafford returns to practice for Lions

  1. Stafford’s a good guy, glad he’s okay. It’s not like he relies upon his mobility like Mike Vick anyhow. All of that being said, I do hope he meets the Vikings’ D-linemen up close and personal several times on Sunday before he gets a chance to throw up TDs to megatron.

  2. As a Vikings fan, before the season I had this marked as a loss. However, looking at the way both teams have played this season, it should be a good game.

    We won’t make it, but I really think we can compete for a playoff spot.

  3. A colts fan taking a jab at the Lions? That’s like a 350 lb man calling a 250lb man fat…

    Also, I will be looking forward to Stafford shredding the Vikings up and LeShoure running through that defense. Back to reality Queens.

  4. Crazy refereeing notwithstanding, there have been alot of surprising outcomes this season so far, and we all should have learned to take nothing for granted or assume the outcome before a game starts. This could go either way, for sure.

    Lions have improved the run game and rush defense, while strangely have not played to their ability as a passing offense or pass-rushing defense. They have all the same guys but seem like a different team.

    Vikes have been surprising, Ponder is getting the job done better than expected, and Peterson…well, he is who he is.

    On paper the Lions are better but that could be said about the Rams who they just squeaked past, and the Titans who they didn’t. This could just come down to homefield advantage, I’m hoping for Lions win but not assuming anything at this point!a

  5. The Vikings defense can’t just load up on the pass, so it will be a different game than last year.

    It feels like the Lions have decided they are committed to creating a running game, but still tweaking how it is going to work.

    The biggest thing that concerns me is Stafford’s accuracy the last couple of weeks. It’s like he’s hiding an injury.

    I think you have to give the edge to the heartattack Lions in this one, just because it’s being played in Detroit. Regardless of the clock or the score, it’s always a bad idea to count out the Lions. That makes them fun to watch for sure.

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