Roger Goodell “certain” that regular refs are “ready to go”


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says there’s no doubt in his mind that, less than 24 hours after the lockout of the referees ended, the officials will be ready to perform at a high level tonight in Baltimore.

“I’m certain that they’re in shape and ready to go,” Goodell said.

There’s little doubt that Ed Hochuli stayed in shape during the lockout, but for the other 120 locked-out officials, that could be a concern. As NBC officiating consultant Jim Daopoulos has noted, some of the officials still need to pass their physicals before they can get to work — but Goodell sounded confident that everyone will be cleared to do their jobs before they take the field. And Goodell made special mention of the officials who agreed to drop everything and get to Baltimore for tonight’s game.

“I salute Gene Steratore and his crew for stepping up and saying, ‘Let’s get ready,'” Goodell said.

Goodell also noted, however, that there’s never any guarantee that the officiating will be perfect.

“You never want to see a game end like that,” Goodell said of Monday night’s Packers-Seahawks game. “You never want to see a game end on a controversial play. In 32 years as a league employee, that’s something you always would like to see avoided. But it happens in sports. Sports are imperfect, officiating is imperfect, life is imperfect. That’s why I think we all love sports. But you always want to try to avoid those controversial plays, particularly at the end of the game.”

If there is a close call at the end of a game this week, we can all be certain that the officials working that game will be more prepared than the officials working the first three weeks of the NFL season.

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  1. For all of those fans who keep making the “real refs make mistakes and bad calls too,” or “great, now they can start complaining against the real refs” argument. NO ONE has ever said real refs don’t make mistakes.

    You’re argument is akin to saying a DIV III QB makes mistakes just like Tom Brady sometimes does, therefore it makes no difference if the DIV III QB is the QB of the Patriots.

    Yes, the real refs make mistakes. But they’ve honed their skills and perception over years and years of officiating the game at its highest levels.

    Real refs screw up questionable and vaguely defined verbiage in the rule book.

    Replacement refs couldn’t spot the friggin’ ball correctly, or spot blatant PI. or spot basic false starts, or get in the middle of a scrum and pull guys off of each other, or, or, or ad nauseum…

    Let’s start using our brains a little bit here!

  2. Well, even if the real refs are not 100% ready, they could not possibly be any worse than the replacements.

  3. I hope the real refs are under the same scrutiny that the media gave to the replacement refs, hanging on every call. There’s no way the real refs are in full shape to run up and down the field or “game ready” to make bang bang calls in real time. They are being thrown in with no prep. This will be worse than the replacement refs for this weekend’s games.

  4. I’m pretty sure the real refs are professionals and knew the lockout would end at some point during this season.

    I’m also certain they have been watching the games like us and very likely critiquing every wrong call being made by the replacements.

    These refs may be slick but they aren’t dumb. The writing was on the wall with these replacements. They knew the NFL would cave sooner than later.

  5. “officials still need to pass their physicals before they can get to work”

    Are you kidding me??

    If that’s the case, I hope that the waterboy’s are also required to take physicals! We don’t want any broken arms lifting that heavy water bottle, do we???

  6. Rumor has it ex-NBA reff Donahee has had plenty of time to master the NFL rulebook & has been working his tail off at club fedd & is in mid season shape just waiting for a call.

    Gamblers Anonymous

  7. Great, regular refs are back. Time to start screwing over the Raiders again. The Tuck Rule was the worst call ever, even worse than the debacle last monday night.

  8. . . . .expect their knowledge of the rules and procedures to handle a game will far exceed the RepRefs . . . but I would hope that the scrutiny will now turn to silly things like, consistency across the officiating squads, consistency in the PI, illegal contact, holding, calls, etc etc etc.

  9. I’m sure they are ready to go as well. You know they’ve been watching all the BS the last few weeks, and the steady decline of sanity during games.

    Besides, would you want to look Ed Hochuli in the face and tell him your’re not ready to go? Arse first in a trash can might be too kind.

  10. @blacknole08,

    Your assumption is that the NFL caved. Reality is this could have worked favorably for the NFL – since the worst had already happened. Tired of this union PR/witch-hunt crap, everyone won and the referees certainly didn’t get more than they were asking for originally.

  11. ezcheese says: Sep 27, 2012 1:25 PM

    Yeah, you were also “certain” the replacements wouldn’t cost a team a game.
    Sorry, but 8 first-half sacks cost GB the game.

  12. No apology to the Packers, the immoral statement on Tuesday, the Scandal in Seattle, have all dumped piles of shame upon the NFL.

    The NFL got embarrassed into resolving the their employee lockout.

    The league was morally wrong in putting a substandard product on the field,

    morally wrong in the handling of the outrageous Seattle scandal,

    morally wrong in their continued lies called “clarifications”,

    morally wrong in not correcting the situation,

    morally wrong in not apologizing to their customers, fans, vendors, and the Green Bay Packers.

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