Saints coach says team may not have handled distractions well


Give Saints interim-to-the-interim coach Aaron Kromer credit.

Not for coaching a team that went 13-3 last year to an 0-3 record, but for his keen analytical eye.

There’s a lot of reasons why,” Kromer said, via Nakia Hogan of the New Orleans Times-Picayune when asked for his theory on their winless start. “It could be we didn’t practice hard enough in training camp. Maybe we had too many distractions at times and didn’t handle them correctly. We think we’re handling them correctly. We say we are, and I want to say we are. My job is to make sure we are handling them in the correct way.

“Playing fast on offense and playing fast on defense, that’s all we need to worry about. If we keep thinking that way, good things will happen in the long run.”

So, the suspensions of head coach Sean Payton for the season, general manager Mickey Loomis for half and interim coach Joe Vitt for six games, the contract drama of quarterback Drew Brees, the constant talk about bounty related suspensions, all those things might have detracted from their focus on one-on-one drills during OTAs?

Imagine that.

The thing that’s become most obvious in the Saints start is something most people already knew — Payton’s pretty good at what he does.

The idea that Brees was so mature and so much of a leader that they wouldn’t miss their real leader missed the mark by a mile. It’s not that Brees isn’t good at what he does, he just can’t do the job of another man that’s among the best in his field and his own task as well.

And bringing in respected defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo doesn’t mask the fact they lack impact players on defense.

So yes, the distractions on top of all that makes obvious one thing.

They’re not following Payton’s instruction to “Do Your Job,” terribly well.

14 responses to “Saints coach says team may not have handled distractions well

  1. Drew Brees cannot make up for Payton’s absence by himself, and Kromer has not been great taking up the slack. He’s kind of like a robot. I think the team will have more fire when Joe Vitt is back – he is way more like Payton than Kromer is. But still, no excuses. The team should have had a chip on their shoulder, but they are playing with no passion.

  2. KC Chiefs, they are who we thought they are!!!!
    Saints need to turn this crap around like 2011. They have too many weapons to be down with an egg. Drew I have no words. Your play ability has taken a different turn. That defense OMG, KC Chiefs!!!!!! Somebody have to take responsibility and no excuses about distractions.
    Packers are upset about Monday night and you are going to their house. Good Luck…

  3. Or maybe Drew Brees really is the punk he appears to have become over the last six months and Gregg Williams really was a good coach. That defense looks bad without him.

  4. I know I’ve knocked on the Chiefs’ holding, but the Saints defense has been awful, even by their standards. They were actually above-average against the run last year(I believe 11th), added Bunkley and Lofton, and now they’re dead last.

    Turmoil or not, there’s no excuse there. Hopefully Vitt will turn things around if there’s even time to when he gets back.

  5. I think Spags and Williams work very differently with their defenses. Honestly, I think Williams allowed the Saints D to get extremely undisciplined, and it shows whenever they’re not blitzing (missing tackles, etc)

  6. Why doesn’t Brees just give another one of his pointless Katrina speeches to get the team going? Seems like the only thing he ever say’s now a days other than, give me my money & losing in the playoffs are not my fault.

  7. As a very frustrated Saints fan, I struggle with who to blame for the horrible start of the season. I started off (like most fans) with Roger, then with the Saints office for not locking up Brees during the 2010 season, then with the Saints office and Brees for not getting the contract done and out of the way THE DAY AFTER the lockout ended.

  8. Your qb is the one providing those distractions because of his greed and selfishness acting like he is some sort of NFL executive. He needs to stop seeking attention on every darn hotball issue raised and shut his mouth.

    This guy was hurt in San Diego and cast aside and was darn close to being shunned by all teams when NO stepped up, gave him a shot and paired him with a coach that brought the best out of his talents. But he acts like he is some self made genius.

    go ahead and prove it without Payton….After holding the team hostage go ahead and show us your worth mr. 0-3.

  9. Does it really even make sense to bring back Sean Payton?

    The most logical thing would be to blow it all up after this year. Just seems kind of ridiculous to me to install Payton back in as if nothing ever happened.

    Yea, him and Brees are a good couple. Yea, the Saints won a Superbowl with him. But still – it just seems kind of unreal that a coach can sit out/be punished a full year and be inserted as the HC after the season.

    I would’ve just let him go after the NFL suspended him.

  10. this is one of a few games I am with you guys for winning go beat the packers on there turf sorry I am a vikings fan but you are not in our division but conference so I am all for you beating the lions bears and packers but not when you play my team skol vikings

  11. Most teams suck with a first year coach but the saints don’t even have a new coach they have a backup backup coach so how you like your chances with that? Godell wrecked this season for the saints there is no way around it. He took away the competitive balance from the franchise.

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