Turf toe ends Roy Helu’s season

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The Washington Redskins have announced that running back Roy Helu will miss the remainder of the 2012 season. Helu was placed on injured reserve due to a “lower leg” ailment believed to be turf toe.

As previously passed along, Ryan Grant was signed to take his place.

Although Helu showed impressive burst, acceleration, and all-purpose running back tools during his 2011 rookie year, he was dogged by injuries late in the season and could not shake the injury bug in what amounted to a brief second season. Helu was used primarily as a passing-down back behind Alfred Morris in Washington’s first three games.

The Redskins will ride Morris, Evan Royster, and Grant at tailback for the foreseeable future.

10 responses to “Turf toe ends Roy Helu’s season

  1. There is no way Helu is that hurt to IR him and sign Grant off the street… especially with DY there as a serviceable emergency 4rd RB for a couple weeks.. as a RB, shanny feels he can prob. replace you anyways, so you better be nice to him and stay out his dog house 😉

  2. The Redskins are hardly the only team that does this, but when exactly did teams begin to abuse the “injured” reserve list so blatantly and just use it as an extension of the practice squad? A guy gets a minor injury but you don’t want to get rid of him because you know somebody will claim him 5 minutes after you release him? Simple–shut him down for the season even though he will be ready the second week of October!

  3. That’s too bad about Helu. I was looking forward to seeing him make a big difference on the field this year. He is a talented back and a good teammate, and I hope he can heal up and be back full speed next year.

  4. With the refs taken care of, the NFL’s next No. 1 priority needs to be coming up with a manlier name for turf toe. Turf toe is actually a really annoying and painful injury, but to those who haven’t seen/experienced it, it just kind of sounds like something a five year old would complain about. It needs a name that will justify players missing time for it, something nasty like “recurring plantar mutilation syndrome” or “compound subdermal dislodgement”. Come on PFT, let’s get some suggestions and pass them along to Roger Goodell. Because apparently he’s everybody’s hero now…?

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