UFL season begins, no one notices

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It may come as a surprise to some (OK, most . . . OK, all) of you that the UFL still exists.  The replacement-official-level league, which somehow has survived through multiple seasons of multi-million-dollar losses, launched its new season last night amid no fanfare, no buzz, no attention.

After about 10 minutes of searching, I discovered that the Las Vegas Locomotives defeated the Virginia Destroyers at Sam Boyd Stadium, 19-6.  That information didn’t come from the UFL’s website, which still contains the now-inaccurate announcement that the season was going to start on September 19.  It also didn’t come from the website of the Locomotives, which after some clicking brought me to a page that says the game ended in a 0-0 tie.  (The Destroyers don’t even have a website; their link from the UFL home page goes to a Facebook page.)

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has several photos from the game, including a few crowd shots that are hard to call “crowd shots” because, well, there’s no crowd.

According to the Review-Journal, there were 2,500 in the 36,000-seat stadium.  Which based on the photos sounds like a gross exaggeration.

The Virginian-Pilot has a whopping three-sentence game story.

Here’s the only relevant news:  Linebacker Brian Banks made his professional debut for the Locos, but he injured a hamstring while covering a kick in the first quarter and did not return.

It’s amazing the UFL returned, and it’s impossible at this point to believe that it will continue beyond this season.  If it even completes this season.

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  1. Although i’m not a self-proclaimed “someone”, i did notice it was on last night. But Denny I didn’t see Denny or Daunte, so flipped to my dvr and watched Tremors for the 15th time.

  2. I saw the Dead at that venue in the summers of 94′ and 95′.

    These leagues will never flourish while the NFL has the NCAA and chooses to rely completely upon that. If the NFL had any foresight they’d use this league much like MLB uses its minor league system and like the NHL uses the various minor leagues to develop talent. Plenty of great players in those leagues are late bloomers and have the minor league development system to thank. But the NFL isn’t interested, they weren’t even interested in paying to have qualified officials running their games on national tv. That would cut into profits.

  3. If the UFL marketed itself to be like a minor league for the NFL rather than trying to directly compete with the NFL I think it could have been a success. I like the idea of it.

    They had their chance with a few big names (Culpepper, Garcia, Green, Fassel) but wasted it. Now three of those star names are gone and the league has no shot to survive.

    They blew a golden oppurtunity 2 years ago.

  4. We tried to buy out the UFL but they wanted too much control. Eventually they’ll go under and we’ll just start our own farm league.

    We’re going to call it “The San Diego Chargers Football League”.

  5. If they started their season after the nfl season it would have worked much better. I would love to have some offseason football to watch. Plus how can you draw fans without advertising the league? I have seen more advertising for the lingerie football league than the UFL.

  6. The League would have HAD to be a Spring league, and it would have had to be in cities that have no direct sporting competition…

    Like, for example…

    Birmingham, AL
    Memphis, TN
    Little Rock, AR
    Las Vegas, NV
    Portland, OR
    Louisville, KY

    ect, ect, ect…

  7. It needs to do what the USFL did many years ago. Play in the spring, play mostly in markets with no NFL compettition (save for the must have media markets like NY) and have rules to allow for things you don’t get to see in the NFL anymore. Had the USFL kept out the likes of Donald Trump, they were doing fairly well.

  8. Is there still an arena league? I used to watch it at the gym on Saturday or Sunday mornings. It was amusing. They used to play in late winter/early spring after the NFL season. That made some sense… unlike this UFL business playing in direct competition to NFL & NCAA.

  9. I find it amusing that people think the UFL is competing directly with the NFL…

    Does the NFL have teams in Las Vegas, Virginia Beach, Sacramento or Omaha?

    The whole point of the UFL is to put professional football into non-NFL markets. Las Vegas has never drawn well. That game Wednesday night is not an indication of the popularity of the league.

    The other teams will fill…or nearly fill their stadiums. Let’s see what happens in Sacramento Friday night.

  10. Maybe Tebow should go to the UFL. He would definitely start, and it would increase ratings and sales for the league. They both kinda need each other. It’s a win-win.

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