Dropped passes continue to plague Browns’ Greg Little

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Even before Thursday night’s game against the Ravens, Browns receiver Greg Little was in danger of losing playing time because he was dropping too many passes. Then he went out on Thursday in Baltimore and dropped the ball five times.

Dropped passes aren’t an official statistic, and not everyone agrees on what constitutes a “drop,” but Little, who caught four passes on Thursday night, had five more catchable passes touch his hands. One of those was a beautifully thrown ball by Brandon Weeden into the end zone in the fourth quarter that Little acknowledged after the game he should have had.

“My job is just to beat the guy and get through the middle of the field,” Little said of the play. “[Weeden] moved around in the pocket, kept it alive and threw it up so that I could make a play on it. I just have to come down with it. It’s a tough catch and I don’t even know how to categorize it. It’s a tough one but if you want to be a great player then you want to make plays that people will remember, and put your team in a position to come back and win the game.”

There has been talk of the Browns benching Little, but Cleveland may not have any better options, at least in the short term: Mohamed Massaquoi missed Thursday night’s game and Josh Cribbs suffered a concussion during the game, so the Browns are thin at receiver.

So for now, Little is right: He’s just got to come down with it.

57 responses to “Dropped passes continue to plague Browns’ Greg Little

  1. As long as the Cleveland garbage like Tony Grossi keep Art Modell out of the Hall of Fame the brownstains will lose to the Ravens and be the bottom feeders of the NFL.

    Greg Little represents the ELITE of the Cleveland Browns…basically a LOSER

  2. Browns had a chance to win that game. I’m not impressed by any afc team except the texans. Afc is wide open! Who wants it???

  3. If Weeden would start throwing the ball to Little’s hands, instead of right between them, the Browns would have won that game.

    Yes, I’m using sarcasm. BE Jr. needs to have a juggs machine aimed at his nuts until he starts catching the ball regularly.

  4. I wonder if the picks they got for Julio Jones would be come close enough to compare as far as value.

  5. The Browns Receivers’ Coach has go to find a way to put him in simulated ‘pressurized’ situations in practice, then not let him off the field until the catches become automatic. Any moron can just make fun of the guy…

  6. Drops in Madden 13 are a statistic, why can’t the NFL make it an official stat? Drops are a very underrated stat if you ask me.

  7. Its his second year, catch the d*mn ball! That game belonged to the Browns save for a pick six and dropped balls in the endzone or close to it. And BTW, how many times did you hear them call Ray Ray’s name?

  8. As a Ravens fan Greg, I do think you gotta start catching those things, I’m just glad you waited until after our game.

    Great talent and skill to get open at all levels against tough talent in Lardarius. Just gotta haul that ball in.

  9. I can remember all of the Browns fast saying they got a receiver that is just as talented as AJ Green in the 2nd. Well, last I checked AJ doesn’t drop many passes and is a game changer. Greg Little apparently needs a better work ethic and possibly he could be a talented receiver but he will be nowhere near the talent of Green.

  10. what was even funnier was that when he did make catches he was slamming his chest like no one could stop him.

  11. He’s focusing on his post-reception celebrations instead of actually catching the ball. The coach and a player veteran need to pull him aside and tell him he hasn’t earned the right to celebrate anything.

  12. Activate Josh Cooper from the practice squad. He was Weeden’s possesion guy in college. That is saying a lot because Blackmon was his #1. The pundits raved about Cooper’s hands in training camp. Send a clear message to Little. Bench Little, activate Cooper and give Gordon a bigger role.

    That is all.

  13. Maybe his hands were tired from tweeting how much he doesn’t care what Cleveland fans think? This guy is garbage. Jimmy should clean house now.

    Whoever gave the thumbs up on this guys’ attitude should be the first to go. He’s T.O. light…the difference is T.O. catches the ball.

    If the Browns like receivers who celebrate like they’ve been there before (even though they haven’t) on every play, then why not sign Plaxico, Ocho and T.O.?? At least then they’d have players with attitude who can actually CATCH the ball!

  14. This guy must bathe in butter! I mean seriously….if the ground isn’t slipping away from under him…the ball is slipping right through him. The guy who scouted him should be taken out back and flogged.

  15. I didn’t think Weeden was all that good, but it damn well didn’t help that Little refused to do what he is paid for. It was nice to see Cleveland hang, perhaps they are headed in the right direction(this time?).

  16. I know it sounds like a knee jerk reaction, but I would cut him this morning.

    Number one, it would send a message to the rest of the team that this isn’t the Old Browns where poor performances are acceptable.

    Number two, you’ve got a very promising rookie QB, who even though he’s 28, could still be a viable franchise QB for 8-10 years, and you are killing his confidence with clown wideouts.

    The Browns are the youngest team in the league and are obviously a couple of years from being serious contenders. NOW is the time to make the kind of statement about what is expected of these young players that cutting Little today would make loud and clear.

  17. Weeden looked pretty good last night. One big mistake but aside from that he was making quick reads and consistently putting the ball where it needed to be.

    Browns need to stop scrimping on wide outs and get the man some help because Weeden actually could get a team to the playoffs and Richardson is a threat.

  18. I found myself cringing more at the massive celebrations on the few passes he did catch especially the one when they were down 23-6 in the 4th quarter

  19. A few things to remember with Greg Little that nobody is going to mention. Let me preface the facts by stating that he MUST start catching balls that hit his hands. You can really tell that most his issues with drops are concentration, as he tends to turn his head upfield before securing the ball.

    1) Little was a RB turned WR. He is only 3 years removed from that
    2) Little lost 1 season of college then straight to the NFL
    3) Little only had 1 season as a WR in college
    4) Most WRs have a transition period to the NFL & a guy who was coming off a missed season & only 1 season as a WR is going to have a bigger learning curve.

    I would say Little will begin to be much more consistent around week 6 of this season & begin to cure his concentration lapses.

  20. This team is never going to be good until they bring in some quality talent, something they have very little of right now other than Joe Thomas and Joe Haden who isn’t even playing.

    They will regret not pulling the trigger for RGIII for the next decade unless they get Barkley this year which is very likely.

    It’s a shame that this team may struggle for another few years because a new front office should take over next season and even though Weeden doesn’t look that bad, he is absolutely not standing in the way of them drafting a top QB. Also no idea why they went with a RB in the top 5 when no one runs the ball anymore and you can’t establish the run in that division. This team is screwed.

  21. I see it as an ‘organization’ problem that the new owner Mr. Haslam will take care of. ‘Management’ is the one that ‘picks’ these guys.

    How long has Holmgren been in charge? What is his ‘record’ win – loss in Cleveland. When I saw the tv reporting on Haslam first visit, Haslam had Holmgren walking behind him as if he was ‘ignoring’ him. When Haslam gets NFL owners approval in October, I think he ‘relieve’ Holmgren of his duties. After all, even Haslam could do as well as ’32’ in the league.

    Holmgren is NOT what the media preceive of him. He won ONE, count ONE superbowl on the coattails of Brett Favre, AND lost his GM duties in Seattle and lost the SuperBowl to Pittsburgh a division rival to the Browns. Heck go back and watch the Steelers a year ago playing in Cleveland, they ran the same play that beat Seattle in the SuperBowl, receiver throws a TD Pass…. COME ON MAN

  22. There are 2 basic job requirements for wide receiver, even at the Pee-Wee level:

    (1) able to run
    (2) able to catch

    How does Greg Little qualify as a PROFESSIONAL (i.e., paid) wide receiver?

  23. Browns should have signed plaxico and TO the beginning of the year for a year rental

    Stupid heckert/holmgren!

  24. Send a draft pick to the Cardinals for a WR. They look like they are loaded with the addition of Michael Floyd. Roberts or Doucet would be a huge upgrade!

  25. Can we say he comes up small in the games.If I were the Browns I’d cut him and then that will send a message to the rest of the team losing is not going to cut it.

  26. He’s trying too hard. That’s what all the celebrating is about when he does catch it. He’s trying to psych himself out of the dropsies by over-compensating when he does well. It’s a shame, because he does have a very high ceiling as far as potential goes.

  27. Seriously i think the winner of the trade is atl by far. With those 4 picks they got one good player and hes hurt. Talents like Julio rarely come along. Theres a reason why little went in the 2nd and julio went 6th

  28. Mr. Haslam, When thinking about some front office/coaching changes, remember that they thought the biggest need after RB was QB… They gave up a lot to make sure they got a new QB. Do they sound like people you can trust with your money?

  29. I watch him play and drop easy balls inside 10 yards than make a tough grab 40 yards down the field and it drives me just as crazy as every other die hard Browns fan. I keep in mind he’s a 2nd year player who is a converted running back who didn’t play his senior year and is still maturing but but realize this is the big boy league where performance is the bottom line.
    That said, the thing that keeps hitting me in the face about Little is that nobody, even with his limited experience at the position, gets more wide open than he does. Yes, he drops a 7 yard slant that Mo likely would have sucked up but I guarantee you Greg will have more separation from his defender and that, at least for this season, makes Little worth trying to continue to develop.

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