John Harbaugh says Terrell Suggs will be back


The Ravens defense has obviously been missing its sizzle.

But they still believe they’re getting T-Sizzle back.

“He is going to be back,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh said, insisting outside linebacker Terrell Suggs will be back this year after injuring his Achilles in April.

He has his target date,” Harbaugh said, via the team’s official website, without sharing the specific date. “He is doing well. The main thing we want to do now is make sure there is no setback, and he continues to get in shape and continues to get stronger.”

Suggs is on the physically unable to perform list, and would be eligible to return as soon as Week Seven.

Harbaugh said Suggs has been in every meeting, but will need conditioning work

“Football shape will be a factor,” Harbaugh said. “As soon as he gets on the field, it’s not like he is going to be back to Defensive Player of the Year form. We need to all understand that. Just give him a little space and let him kind of grow into this thing.”

With the way the Ravens offense has been playing, adding any degree of Suggs back in at any point this season will make them legitimate Super Bowl contenders, if they weren’t already.

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  1. I wish him a speedy return , but for now the “D” is just average. When he comes back they will become very good again. He has to take it slow or he can do more damage which would be very stupid.

  2. So he will be back late in the year (presumably right before the playoffs or during) and not in football shape?

    That sounds like a potential disaster for him. Hopefully it works out though (for him – except when they play the Patriots).

  3. blspears says:
    Sep 28, 2012 5:25 PM
    He should come back next year. Its a shame if he comes back to early and loses the rest of his career.


    The point is he won’t comeback until he’s ready and cleared to play. If that ends up being this year he will definitely come back. That’s not risking his career.

  4. By now if there were any doubters left, they should have their heads checked.

    Effective DEs that can constantly pressure QBs off the edge are worth their weight in gold.

    It’s pressure off the edge that neutralized Brady in the AFC championship. It’s pressure off the edge that neutered Rodgers against the Niners and Seahawks. Babin and Cole kept Flacco in check and kept the game close for the eventual drive by Vick against the Ravens.

    These are the guys that stand in the way of those record-setting QB numbers – and Suggs was the elite among them.

    So imagine what happens when he gets back…. and despair!

  5. Boom! Keep on hating haters. Ravens will keep on improving and get back to full strength just in time for the playoffs

  6. They def need him back, blitzing Webb off the corner every other play to get some pressure on th QB is compromising the coverage in the secondary. I’m a Bengals fan but the Ravens have always been a close second. Go Ravens! Also I hate the Steelers and to see them struggle so far this year is very enjoyable.

  7. All this means is that the Ravens are a LOCK for the Superbowl

    Any team that gets in our way will be crushed..

    Any team that faces the Ravens CHOKES anyway.

    Roethlisberger will be carried off the field on a stretcher…AS USUAL

  8. Lardarius Webb is playing his tail off this season, can’t wait to see what he’s able to do if Suggs comes back (or if Kruger, McCellon and Upshaw keep improving).

    I’m really excited about this Ravens squad this year. Lots of young players stepping up big time.

  9. Hopefully the medical staff does right by Terrell Suggs with this injury and allows him to return when he is able.

  10. Suggs will be back just in time to tear the achilles even further than the first time and be out for good. Max Starks stonewalls Suggs every game, and with a just healed achilles, Suggs will be half of what he was before the injury. BTW, where was the blowout of the lowly Browns in your own stadium ?

  11. The only reason the Stoolers don’t lose this weekend is because they don’t play. They will not win another game this year because they are OLD>>OLD>>>OLD. James Harrison is finished and so is Polahairdoooo.

    Max Starks is swiss cheese.

    The Browns will destroy the Stoolers this year.

  12. sixlombardisinyourface says: Sep 28, 2012 7:47 PM

    BTW, where was the blowout of the lowly Browns in your own stadium ?

    They left it in the same place the Steelers left their win over the lowly Raiders.

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