Lions can’t help but respect Allen’s play, dancing


Lions wide receiver Nate Burleson was going to steal Jared Allen’s dance.

He didn’t know he was going to get lessons too.

Burleson said he approached the Vikings defensive end prior to the 2010 regular season finale, and told him his intentions.

“So I didn’t know Jared, but I just thought, ‘He’s a Minnesota Viking, and I don’t like the guy,’” Burleson said, via Carlos Monarrez of the Detroit Free Press. “I go up to him and I say, ‘Hey, when I score I’m going to do your [calf-roping] celebration,’

“So he’s like, ‘All right. They say imitation’s the best form of flattery.’”

Burleson did score, did Allen’s dance, and looked at Allen to say “What’d you think about that?”

Allen replied: “Um, it was OK, but you’ve got to get a little bit lower. Your base is too wide. I’ll show you how to do it.”

Then Allen took a Shaun Hill interception back for a touchdown, did the dance his way, and looked at Burleson and said: “Now, that’s how it’s done.”

Likewise, the Lions can’t help but respect the job Allen’s done against them, and they know they have to game plan for him.

He has 12.5 sacks against them, along with two touchdowns and a safety.

“He’s a guy that can make a play at any time,” Lions coach Jim Schwartz said. “There are a lot of plays where it looks like he’s out of the play — he’s stymied in the rush, he’s been chipped or something like that.

“He’s very good at making the off-scheduled play. A lot of guys can make the plays that come to them and he can go create a play somewhere.”

And then he dances, and you can’t help but take your hat off to him.

20 responses to “Lions can’t help but respect Allen’s play, dancing

  1. I’m a lions fan and Jared Allen scares the crap out of me. He always kicks our rear when we play him. Should be a good game… Ponder is on fire right now but Stafford is heating up as well. Should be close…

  2. I imagine Allen is bummed Gosder Cherilus is now playing RT. I’m still scratching my head trying to figure out how that guy’s mom came up with the first name “Gosder”. Anyway, I agree that this game will be close, but likely in favor of the Lions given the home field.

  3. Should be a great game. I think this will be a great test for the Vikings because this is the first time their defense will be facing a powerful passing attack so far the defense has looked okay against teams with young quarterbacks and Alex Smith but they need to be tested to see how they fair. After this game is when we can see how good the defense really is. I can’t wait for the game!

  4. @jmoonraker
    you should also be scared of Everson Griffen and Brian Robison… and also Kevin Williams. I’m sick of hearing of Leshoure after he had one good game and can’t wait to see him get stuffed all day.

  5. Now this is a good fun story to read. I love the camaraderie between all the players in the NFL. If more players respected each other, the NFL wouldn’t have people getting suspended for stupid things.

  6. If Allen has a big game, then your tackle is not that good. I’m a huge Vikings fan but in the interest of objectivity, Allen has big games against weaker tackles. He will not get near the QB when lining up against the top 5-7 tackles in the league

  7. The 49ers were a team built to loose to the Vikings because they play a ball control offense and don’t really throw deep or have enough receivers to spread out the DB’s. The Lions are a team built to destroy the Vikings with their go deep big play power passing game. The Vikings have repeatedly shown they can not stop the pass. It could get real ugly for the Vikings D. Hill can light it up just as well as Stafford. The Vikings need to play the same attacking D they did last week. If they decide to try that zone Cover2 that they used against the Jags and Colts the Lions will carve them apart. Now can the Lions stop the Vikings with Wright & Simpson playing with Harvin and AP? Who knows but the Vikings have a lot of weapons now. Wright and Simpson coming back from injury and suspension is like making a trade for 2 speed burners at WR. This Vikings team could be real good real fast. If they can solve one problem, the Swiss cheese pass defense. The Lions have a awesome pass offense. This is going to be an offensive battle. This is too close to call. If the Lions start getting hot in the passing game though I don’t see the Vikings poor secondary being able to stop them. The Vikings need to hope the Lions start off cold and the Vikes build up a big lead then hold on for dear life or the Lions could blow the game out immediately.

  8. saintsfan26 says: Sep 28, 2012 11:17 AM

    its so cute how these 2 perennial loser teams try so hard to create a fierce rivalry, but their complete lack of success has taken away from it.

    It’s so cute how quickly Saints fans have forgotten that they were ranked just behind the cardinals 5 years ago amongst the biggest loser franchises in the league. And at 0-3, it looks like they are on their way back there. Do you still have your paper bags?

  9. Historical winning percentage by team:

    Detroit – .459 (25th best)
    Minnesota – .543 (9th best)
    New Orleans – .437 (28th out of 32)

    What exactly does perennial mean to you?

  10. It’s going to be a real good game, contrasting styles. Smash mouth old school football(Vikings) vs. Pass first, run second just to keep them honest(Lions). Matchups to watch, the addition of WR Simpson and the long ball to vs. Lion banged up secondary. Megatron vs. Cook, this is definitely tilted to the Lions, the guy is just unstoppable. Viking run game vs. Lion run D, the Lions are a good pass rush team but Ponder is a adept scrambler accompanied with a revamped OL, Lions can’t stop the Viking run game and the short/intermediate pass game of Harvin/Rudolph at the same time. Stafford vs. Viking pass rush, he’s hurt and is a immobile target, hope he plays the whole game vs. Back-up QB Hill(the guy scares me). Vikes played the Lios tough last year with a sub-par roster. Allen should show Burleson the dance in person, on a consistent basis and yeah I’m a Viking fan. End result, Viking VIC-TOOOOR!!!!!!

  11. Backus has gotten better with age, and is now an above average LT, but for some reason Allen consistently destroys him worse than any other DE in the league. I’d be interested to see how the young gun Riley Reiff does against him, because he probably couldn’t do any worse than Backus.

  12. One problem the the 2 “new” fast WR for the Vikes MAY reveal. That Ponder does not have the arm to get it there with any zip on the ball.

    He may have it but I am just not sold on his arm streagnth on the long ball yet and if he does not have it, he does not have it. Beyond a doubt WEB does have it.

  13. Case in point. The last play of the Colts game. I do not think Ponder could make a throw to the endzone from that distance, WEB can.

  14. Burleson is too nice a guy to try to act all bad ass…”I don’t like the guy.” He always does a good job of being a homer for the team he plays for. Wouldn’t mind seeing him be a Viking again.

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