Nick Collins’ career is likely over

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When the Packers decided to part ways with safety Nick Collins this offseason, Collins wasn’t sure whether or not he would try to continue his career.

It seems that his decision-making process has come to an end and that his choice is to no longer pursue a professional football career. Collins’ agent Alan Herman spoke to Jason LaCanfora of and said that doctors have advised Collins to put an end to his football career. Collins had been working out in Florida in hopes of catching a team’s eye, but, per LaCanfora, the doctors’ recommendations have “effectively ended the process.”

Collins had cervical neck fusion surgery last year after he suffered a herniated disc and did not play after the second week of the season. When the Packers released him, both General Manager Ted Thompson and Herman said that they would advise a family member with a similar injury to stop playing football.

If this is the end of Collins’ career, he ends it with seven years under his belt and three Pro Bowl nods. He also had 21 career interceptions, four of which he returned for touchdowns, and he won a Super Bowl ring after the 2010 season.

UPDATE 7:14 p.m. ET: Collins took issue with LaCanfora (and, presumably, his agent) on Twitter Friday.

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  1. Very few players have the career he had, even though it was cut short. Too bad. He was good and the Packers could sure use him now. Things were never the same after he went down.

  2. I’ll never forget Nick running that Ben Roethlisberger pass back for a touchdown in Super Bowl XLV. Bobbing and weaving, cutting and juking until there was six points on the board. An amazing player and a main reason for the re-emergence of the Packers dominance in the NFL. Packers fans miss you every Sunday, man. Go enjoy your life!!!

  3. I’m a Giants fan, but you hate to see really good football players careers’ end due to injury. He was fun to watch while he played. Good luck to him moving forward with his life.

  4. It’s a shame to see the athletic career of anyone cut short. Especially when it’s someone as talented as Nick Collins was. I hope he finds a new path in his life and he has my best wishes!

  5. Don’t forget, losing him really hurt the Packers last year and led to the worst pass defense in NFL history. Had he continued to play at his level of play he would have been in the Hall of Fame.

  6. Nick didn’t play for stats, he played for money. Where’s he at right now? Still, health comes first. All the best Nicki.

  7. Head up Mr. Collins, you had a career that 99 percent of us would love to have. I hope you invested wisely. I hope to never see your name on this blog again, unless you win a nobel prize or something.

  8. A very solid career and lots of accolades over that time. I’m sure he’s also made enough money to be set for life if he’s smart with it. Better off staying retired while he’s still able to walk.

  9. Great Player and Great Career. Sad to have his career end like this, but safety and quality of life after football trumps everything.

    He accomplished everything in this game and should retire with his head held high.

  10. I would like to see The Packers bring him on board as an assistant to the safety coach Darren Parry or something like that… He was very much respected by his teammates

  11. Smart move. All of us Packer fans miss him and wish him well. Our defense hasn’t been the same since he was injured.

  12. Sad for his career to end like this. Getting bit by the age monster, that happens to the best of players. From Ray Lewis, Mike Singletary, Ronnie Lott, Dick Butkus – all of them were done in by the age monster and they are legends of the game. To get bit by the injury monster where you are told that you cannot play is beyond tough.

    One member said you check the board, so I hope that the words on here bring a smile to your face. You were an amazing ball hawk. And for you to win your Super Bowl by beating the hated Steelers is even better for this Browns fan. May you do wonders in whatever you do next, be it coaching, teaching or whatever. If they weren’t so prejudice about having more defensive backs in the HOF I would say that you could get in on the Gayle Sayers career ending injury vote.

  13. …Wallace…pick off…Nick Collins….Nick Collins on the return inside the 10…LEAPS FOR THE TOUCHDOWN!!!

    Thank you for everything, Nick!

    Best of luck to you, wherever life takes you now.

  14. Lions fan here. I always liked and respected Collins’ game. He had a very stellar and successful career in 7yrs, majority of players that will play in the NFL will never see anything close to that.

    It’s ashame we won’t be able to watch it continue but the decision is all for the best, him & his family.

    Thanks Nick!

  15. Bar None says:
    Sep 28, 2012 5:21 PM
    If you follow him on twitter, Collins confirmed this on Monday or Tuesday. This isn’t new.


    Just check his twitter, and he says this story is NOT true….fyi

  16. Sad to see him go. However, I’m glad he got out with his health and despite being relatively young he pulled in a good pay day (made $10M last year).

    Also, what is it with the Packers and early career ending neck injuries.

    Tim Lewis (25) – Had 16 picks in 1st 3 seasons, before an ugly neck injury on MNF early in his 4th.

    Sterling Sharpe (29) – 5 Pro Bowls in 7 seasons, was right up with Rice/Irvin when he got hurt vs. the Falcons in 1994.

    Nick Collins (28) – 3 straight Pro Bowls, was able to take over for Darren Sharper as a rookie. Had almost 300 yards (!)of INT returns in ’08.

    Terrence Murphy (22) – Had a severe neck injury on MNF. Was a 2nd round pick @ WR that had to retire after 3 games.

  17. one if the superbowl heroes of a few years ago. he was one of my.favorite packers. hope he has a fufilling and joyful rest of his life.

  18. Another one bites the dust.. Collins is threw… The packers got cheated an lost. Ha ha ha… an now the SAINTS is coming to town hungry for a win 1/3 packers fans

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