No “pitch count” for Jerome Simpson in return from suspension

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The Vikings get back a piece they expect to play a major role in the offense this week with wide receiver Jerome Simpson’s return from suspension.

Simpson wasn’t able to practice or play with the team during his three-game suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy, but the team isn’t expected to ease him back into the lineup. Coach Leslie Frazier said Friday that Simpson will be full go this weekend in his return to the lineup.

“We don’t have a pitch count for him,” Frazier said, via Tom Pelissero of “We’re going to let him play. We’ve got some things in there for him.”

Percy Harvin has 27 catches through the first three games for Minnesota, but no other Vikings receiver has caught more than nine passes so far this season. Simpson’s presence should allow the Vikings to stretch defenses a bit more than their opponents have had to stretch in the opening weeks of the season. That would open up more opportunities for Harvin and tight end Kyle Rudolph while also giving the team an option to try for a big play down the field with Simpson.

The Vikings face the Lions this week in a game that will help set the stage for the NFC North race a quarter of the way through the season.

16 responses to “No “pitch count” for Jerome Simpson in return from suspension

  1. Stiller43 says:
    Sep 28, 2012 3:38 PM
    The only thing simpson has ever done is that awesome flip into the endzone…thats about it.


    Yeah, but it was a pretty sweet flip.

  2. Simpson. AP. Percy. Rudolph. Who you going to cover? All of them? Fine. Ponder scrambles up the middle for 25. Simpson reverse for 20. Percy everywhere. AP everywhere. Rudolph one handed catches for TD’s. Ponder with zero interceptions. 1st round pick at left tackle. Hey, maybe this team isn’t so bad after all!

  3. Stiller43 says:Sep 28, 2012 3:38 PM

    The only thing simpson has ever done is that awesome flip into the endzone…thats about it.
    You mad bro? Flips or not he opens up opportunities for Harvin and Rudolph.

  4. Every year, there’s one or two teams that come out of nowhere and surprise all of the so-called experts……who’s to say that Minnesota won’t be one of those teams this year?

  5. The Vikes have major talent! But the Lions do as well! I see this game coming down to who has the least amount of mistakes! Be it Penalties,Fumbles,Interceptions or Blown assignment’s Close game a field goal could decide the outcome! Simpson has had a good a connection with Ponder, Ponder now has his deep threat!!

  6. Ponder really surprised me vs San Francisco. I’ve never seen him play before but he is very fast. If Jerome Simpson can stretch the field then AP and Ponder can run and keep things off balance. I hope the Vikings do well this year. They by far have the best mascot in the league. It was funny last week when he took a field goal off of his chest. I think the Viking mascot inspires Jared Allen.

  7. rg3andout says:Sep 28, 2012 4:36 PM

    im glad i picked up Ponder in FF and dropped cassell (dont laugh, im in a 14 team keeper league, and all the top qb were keepers)

    Who’s laughing? You may be keeping Ponder for the next decade.

  8. Watch the YouTube video of the catch last year when he flipped into the end zone. He caught the pass near the sideline and blew pass everybody on the way to the end zone. I didn’t realize he was that fast. Exactly why the Vikings acquired his services.

  9. He’ll help open up the field which good. Can’t ignore him. I also like check down passes to AD in space. Many things Ponder can do. Can our D keep us in the game? Will be fun to watch. I’m thinking we steal a W here.

  10. Who foresaw that the offense would actually be our strength, special teams would be competent and the defense would be the weak link? Not me.

  11. Thats funny, Simpson should stretch the defense more? Evidently you haven’t seen WR Jenkins run the go route, looks like he’s running with ankle weights. Not only will he stretch defenses, he’s going to break them. This is a dimension that has been missing in the passing game since Sidney Rice bolted for the Northwest rehab center in Seattle. The thing is, Simpson can take a short catch to the house. With a improved OL, run game with Peterson, Harvin and Rudolph prowling for short and intermediate routes forcing the back seven to choose their poison. He’s going to get looks. Damn skippy their going to play him and ride him like a two hump camel.

  12. Sometimes players take time to “find their groove”. I sure as hell hope he finds his while wearing a Vikings uniform. I would love it if he finds himself in a position to demand big bucks next season.

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