Paul Kruger accuses Joe Thomas of flopping for flags


Browns left tackle Joe Thomas played college football at Wisconsin, but Ravens outside linebacker Paul Kruger’s got him pegged as more of a Duke basketball player.

Kruger accused Thomas of acting to draw a penalty that gave the Browns a last chance last night.

Kruger shoved the Browns left tackle with both hands on his shoulder, and Brown went down like he had been shot by a cannon. The result was an unnecessary roughness penalty on fourth down, which gave the Browns another play with two seconds left.

“I was just getting held pretty bad,” Kruger said, via Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “I threw my hands at him to get him off me and he flopped pretty bad. Unfortunately, they called it. I wish I was that strong. I would be doing that every play. Yeah, he just flopped pretty bad.”

That Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden fired up an airball under pressure meant it ultimately didn’t matter, but Thomas’ Christian Laettner/Shane Battier-worthy dive meant Kruger was close to being the goat.

“From what I have been told, there wasn’t much there,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh said. “I’ll have to see it first, but we talked about it. And that’s always a concern. That’s always something, as a football coach, I think you have to look at.

“Sometimes, the smallest thing is going to be misinterpreted, maybe in your eyes, and you just have to walk away from everything. You walk away from everything in that kind of situation. He knows that.”

In other news, Mike Krzyzewski was hanging around outside the Browns locker room, checking if Thomas has any eligibility left.

22 responses to “Paul Kruger accuses Joe Thomas of flopping for flags

  1. What a terrible call! Its a disgrace to the game and both the refs and Roger Goodall should be FIRED! What a joke!

    Oh, wait, that was last week. Now that the overpaid union guys are back, all is well.

  2. And even if Thomas did flop, so what. Doesn’t excuse you from a stupid penalty that put your team’s chance to win in jeopardy. If anything, Thomas made the smart play by exaggerating and exploiting a situation in an effort to keep their drive alive. Especially when Cleveland’s offense had gained a little confidence later in the game.

  3. You do what you need to do to help your team win. We don’t know the situation. Whatever it was though, it gave the Browns another (poor attempt) shot to win the game.

  4. Kruge, we love ya kiddo, but ya can’t do that to us in situations like that. Yeah he held you too long, but the replay shows he let go and you turned around free to vent your frustration after the endzone drop.

    Gotta keep your head in the game at all times! Even sometimes after the game.

  5. Yes it was a flop, but check the replay again…I might be mistaken, but I thought I saw Kruger’s hand hit J.T.’s face-mask. If that is what also happened after the whistle, then it is not unusual to get the flag for hands-to-the-face/U.R…regardless of the flop.

  6. I’ve been following JT since he was in HS getting full ride bball scholarship offers to UCONN, but there’s no doubt about it the boy flopped.

    However, who cares? Was there contact at all? Yes. Did he exaggerate said contact? Absolutely. Happens all the time and he got a call. Move on.

  7. Have you watched the play? Clearly Kruger shoves Thomas back. You don’t have to be bigger than someone to knock em down, it is really all about momentum.

    Thomas is a pro bowler that has never had an issue in the past…..Kruger and the Ravens have been called dirty on numerous occassions.

    Open and shut case of a player never wanting to take blame for their own dumb actions.

  8. Kruger must not have heard that old addage, “They always catch the 2nd guy.” If Kruger would have controlled himself, it wouldn’t have been an issue.

    Getting 15 yards and a 1st down is worth a flop attempt, and everyone knows that. At least it wasn’t like the Raiders trying to figure out which DL is going to play injured.

  9. he’s lucky the Browns didn’t tie it up or he would have been as famous as a replacement ref in Green Bay.

  10. True. And maybe you should just just, I don’t know, NOT push him well after the play is over. That way, his little girlie soccer-flop wouldn’t be an issue that potentially leads to a game winning play.

  11. “I was just getting held pretty bad,” Kruger said, via Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “I threw my hands at him to get him off me and he flopped pretty bad. Unfortunately, they called it. ”

    Hmmm , the replay showed you taking a couple steps away from him and then abruptly turning around and shoving him .
    Did he flop ? …Yep.
    Could you have costs your team a W ?

    Ravens showed that they are a good team – but not yet a great team last night against an over-matched opponent .
    Now that the regular officials are back – if they keep playing like they did against the Browns , the “L “s are gonna mount .
    Real Refs won’t be bailin’ ‘ Flacco & Co. out anymore .

  12. At least he didn’t fake an injury like Giants players Deon Grant and Jacquian Williams last season. Now that was a classic.

  13. As a Ravens fan I say this, if you don’t touch him he cannot flop. It was dumb for Kruger to push him after…after the ball was knocked down. Did he flop, probably but you pushed him he flopped and got a first down I say the flop was a smart pro bowl move by a pro bowler. Stupid move Kruger.

  14. Was there a push yeah, was Thomas be overly dramatic sure. The blame should be on Kruger for shoving or pushing him in the first place. Kruger was being dominated and pancaked the whole game. Yeah he had a pressure or was it a sack, but he was getting killed out there.

  15. Wow talk about sour grapes, Yea he flopped, but you were an idiot. Its not like it was as bad as Jerome Simpsons flop last year. He didnt even get touched by Scott fujita and he goes flying with his legs flailing through the air.

  16. @queenfoxboro

    You mean like the ref’s bail out little Brady every time he ask’s for a flag? Or maybe how Goodell bailed out the entire patriots organazation after they were caught cheating with some meager fines and a couple lost draft picks? Those three SuperBowl’s are as stained as a coalminers underwear in February!

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