Report: Fox, Del Rio appealing fines for berating officials

The replacement officials have shuffled off the stage until Keanu Reeves makes a movie about them, but some housekeeping from their time in charge of the NFL’s games still lingers.

Ed Werder of reports that Broncos coach John Fox has filed the necessary paperwork to appeal the $30,000 fine he received for berating officials during the team’s Week Two loss to the Broncos on Monday night. Defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio is also expected to appeal the $25,000 fine he received for his behavior during the same game.

“It’s not like one freaked-out coach went nuts and there hasn’t been another problem in the NFL,” Werder’s source said. “This could have turned into 20 fines a week with coaches because they were all losing their minds.”

According to Jeff Darlington of, Fox is arguing that extenuating circumstances contributed to his behavior. The report indicates that Fox believes that the added strain of the responsibility for explaining the rules to the officials charged with enforcing them contributed to his sideline meltdown. Given how hard the NFL worked to make sure that no team officials or coaches publicly went after the replacements, we’re not sure that dog’s going to hunt even if it must have been endlessly frustrating for the league’s coaches to feel they needed to tell the guys in the striped shirts about the duties usually taken care of by the guys in striped shirts.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks on the fine front for the Broncos. Linebacker Joe Mays was fined $50,000 and suspended one game for a hit to the head of Texans quarterback Matt Schaub while linebacker Von Miller has been hit with a $15,750 fine for “unnecessarily driving” Schaub to the ground on the play before Mays walloped him. Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that Miller plans to join his coaches in appealing the league’s decision.

15 responses to “Report: Fox, Del Rio appealing fines for berating officials

  1. Seriously? Don’t you have better things to do Fox? Like prepare for a game? Or do you think the Raiders are some simple pushover?

    Such a loser organization.

  2. You deserve the fines so get on with it. both insulted the refs, so why shouldn’t you be fined????
    Green Bay lost a game they should have won, so what goes around comes around, get on with it.

  3. seems like every other story is a player or coach trying to get out of detention…. they should shut up and take their lumps….

    actually they should just do the right thing in the first place

  4. He went nuts on the refs for calling 12 man on the field and upholding that call after he challenged it – because they clearly HAD 12 man on the field. Everybody could see it. The replacement refs got it right (for a change), and he just went crazy. To get away with 30k is quite lucky, I’d say.

  5. I recieved a traffic ticket a few weeks ago, when I considered appealing it, I was told if I was found guilty, the judge could increase my fine and make me pay court costs. I decided to pay the ticket, as my case wasn’t very strong. My point is, if players/coaches want to appeal, they too should face stiffer penalties. That way, only those who think they can win will bother to appeal, lest they risk harsher punishment.

  6. Some of the coaches used the fact that the refs were replacements as an excuse to act like complete douche bags and now they are crying because they got fined for it.

    Pay your fine and shut the hell up.

  7. This idiot was going nuts over a 12 man on the field call when everyone in the world knew there were 12 on the field except he and Del Rio. He and his .500 career winning percentage. He’s foolish enough to think he’s gonna win the big one simply because they landed an old, former great player. What a fool.

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