Titans’ Harris fined for cheap shot on Lions’ Tulloch


Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch was furious on Sunday when Titans offensive lineman Leroy Harris plowed into his knee after a play. The league office has now confirmed that Harris was in the wrong, with a $10,000 fine.

Still, that fine seems pretty light for going after a guy’s knees. Tulloch says he’s stunned that Harris attempted to take him out like that, especially considering that he and Harris have known each other for years as teammates both with the Titans and at North Carolina State.

I’ve got a family to feed, man,” Tulloch told the Detroit Free Press. “I play the game clean. I want everybody else to play the game clean. Play within the whistle. When the whistle blows and somebody goes to take out your knees, you protect yourself at all costs.”

Adding to Tulloch’s frustration was that he shoved Harris after the cheap shot, and the replacement officials penalized Tulloch for the shove — but not Harris for the initial cheap shot.

And furthering Tulloch’s frustration is that he was fined even more than Harris: Tulloch got fined $21,000 for a separate incident, a shot to the head of Titans tight end Craig Stevens.

Also fined was Titans defensive end Scott Solomon, who was docked $15,750 for hitting Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford below the knee.

I am going to try and correct that so it doesn’t happen next time,” Solomon told Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.

And with that, we have a rare example of a player admitting that a fine might get him to change the way he plays.

8 responses to “Titans’ Harris fined for cheap shot on Lions’ Tulloch

  1. Why is there a strike zone on where to hit a QB? WR, TE and RB’s knees are fair game, so why limit defenders where they can hit a QB? Can’t hit below the waist, and you can’t even brush their helmet or shoulder area or you get flagged and fined.

    If old timers like John Unitas were around today I have a feeling they’d be having a cow.

  2. Chalk all of this up to the replacement refs not being able to control the game as well as the real refs. Harris and Tulloch have a lot of history together (going back to college), so hopefully Harris will reach out and apologize.

    Football is an emotional game and I can see where players might forget common sense when the level of nasty play wasn’t being kept in check.

  3. Where is the fine for the Seahawks player that layed that cheap shot on Jennings 30 yards downfield? Layed him out with a blind side shot a good 30 yards downfield. That was cheap.

  4. I’ve noticed a stark contrast in tone and language the writers employ on this site for small market vs big market teams in terms of describing hits and their inherent dirtiness.

    If the offensive lineman in question played for the Pats, Giants, or Cowboys, Cheap Shot would not appear in the title of the article. But because it’s just Nashville (how many Nashvillians can there be on this site?) you don’t care.

    Noticed this for years. It’s lame.

  5. i was at this game….Harris completed ran and rolled at Tulloch about 5 seconds after the play was dead…had nothing to do with being in the heat of the game/play/moment…it was just a plain dirty cheap shot.

  6. Because the “Inept” officials didn’t see the cheap shot and caused a personal foul on Tulloch, this kept the drive alive and resulted in a critical score. Glad to see the Scabs gone!

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