Bears list Matt Forte questionable for Monday night in Dallas


Despite concerns that Matt Forte’s sprained ankle could force him to miss several weeks, the Bears are giving their starting running back a 50-50 chance of playing on Monday night, after missing just one game.

Forte is listed as questionable for Monday night’s game against the Cowboys. Forte practiced on a limited basis today, and the Bears at least think there’s a chance that he can make the trip to Dallas and play in a little over 48 hours.

That seems like a surprise to everyone but Forte: Not only were there media reports that a high ankle sprain could keep Forte out for several weeks, but the Bears brought in several running backs for workouts, suggesting that they were concerned about their depth at the position. But Forte has said all along that he expected to be back on the field quickly, and it’s looking like he may have been right.

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  1. I hope Forte has been in the game plan all week an practicing cause I would really like another look at the offense that beat the Colts in the first game. If the offense shows up an the defense that played the Rams come to Dallas together this will be a monday night route 47/3 Cutler an Marshall will light up the score board. It Time Chicago…. Lovie its Time

  2. Bears fan here guys, and let me tell you 2 things.

    1- It might not seem like it, but Matt Forte is such a pivatol part of our offense. Yes, on a team where we have Cutler, Marshall, Hester, Bush, Knox, etc, the only man that really puts it all together is Forte.

    He’s an all-around back and is huge for us. People were saying our offense looked stale against the Rams, well Forte was out. Sure our offense looked like trash against the Rams, but was 100% b/c of our o-line.

    Cutler should take some blame too, but really, Packers ate him alive. I felt bad for the dude. His internal clock was all messed up and that o-line was so zift.

    2- You know last season, I was on board w/ the slogan PAY THE MAN b/c he deserved it. Than it kinda got out of hand but luckily Bears and Forte got it figuired out.

    And even after getting paid, homie still wants to play even though he already got his contract. Gotta love ’em.

  3. Can I get a thumbs-up for the wonderful website police that see fit to delete over half of my comments without explanation or any discernible reason? As Bush said, “You’re doin’ a heck of a job. “

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