Cameron Jordan earns some trust, makes some plays

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Since he wasn’t being asked to rush the passer last season, Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan ballooned up to 300 pounds.

But now that he has a coach who trusts him, and needs him, a slimmed down Jordan is beginning to justify the first-round pick they spent on him.

It’s awesome to be able to have the trust from the coaches to be able to do all these positions,” Jordan told Alex Marvez of

Jordan might be the one qualified pass-rushing defensive lineman to truly fit into defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo’s system in New Orleans, and he’s getting plenty of chances.

Pigeonholed a year ago as a run-stopper only, and subbed out on third downs, Jordan bulked up.

“Halfway through the season, it was like, ‘I’m going to be stuck in this role, I’m going to hit somebody in the mouth [on running plays],” Jordan said. “I don’t need to worry about pass rush anymore. It was a bitter moment.”

But unlike former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, Spagnuolo isn’t going to blitz as much, wanting to get all his pressure from his front four.

And he’s using the now-285-pound Jordan all along the front four to try to get some push, the way Spagnuolo used to use Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora in New York.

“Everyone has comparisons of what I could be or can do,” Jordan said. “It’s more along the lines of, ‘What do our coaches think I can do now?’”

He leads all NFL defensive linemen in tackle. That’s partly because the Saints can’t get off the field, allowing the fourth-most plays from scrimmage in the league. But he’s also been noticeable in his impact, something that wasn’t being said last year.

7 responses to “Cameron Jordan earns some trust, makes some plays

  1. That d line has potential. Jordan has been looking good. I like watching him play against Cam “The Scam” Newton. We know what he have with Will Smith and Ellis which has never been great. But we need to see more of Martez Wilson and the rookie Nicks in the rotations. I also think Lofton has done a great job. We just need to put it together and make plays on third downs. Would also help if the offense would try to get a first down once in a while a let the D get some rest.

  2. This is a lost year for the saints thanks to Godell’s silly crusade. The best that can happen is players get more familiar with the Spags system and they can make a run for it next year.

  3. To all my fellow Saints fans, stop with the Goodell bullcrap. It’s week 4 and its time to not only turn the page but close the book on suspenions this and suspension that.
    It’s no way this veteran team should be dropping passes, missing tackles, missing kicks, missing blocks, throwing ints, dropping ints, having no passion, blowing leads, throwing the damn ball every down like its the arena league, etc. Do I need to continue?
    Stop making excuses. The Saints should be playing better, period!

  4. Jordan weighed 300???

    Why was this not reported or acknowledged more frequently???

    I thought ‘Outside the Lines’ runs New Orleans Saints smear campaigns every other episode.

  5. Hopefully Cam Jordan is this week’s Bruce Irvin. I just want the Packers to keep losing so they eventually run out of excuses of why they lost. Also, I would like to see Jordan put Rodgers FLAT on his back because you know….He’s so good he doesn’t even need to have a running back.

    Believe it or not, signed 49ers fan.

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