Devin Hester: I want the ball more

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Devin Hester’s offensive production this season has consisted of two catches for 27 yards, and two rushes for four yards. He’s not satisfied with that.

Although Hester is still the Bears’ primary kickoff and punt returner, he hasn’t been involved much in the offense, and he says he’s getting frustrated.

It’s hard being one of the top electrifying players in the league and you’re not able to get your hands on the ball as much as you want,” Hester told

But if Hester wants to get his hands on the ball more, he should be sure he catches the ball when it does hit his hands. Bears quarterback Jay Cutler hit him with what should have been a touchdown pass on Sunday against the Rams, and Hester dropped it. Bears offensive coordinator Mike Tice pointed that out.

“We try to get him the ball. It doesn’t always work out, like that one in the end zone [against the Rams] that was designed for him,” Tice said. “Basically it was a one-man route. We’re trying to find ways to get him the ball.”

Hester, who played only 11 offensive snaps against the Rams, told reporters that he doesn’t know any more than they do about why he isn’t a bigger part of the Bears’ offense.

“Hopefully it’ll come one day, but for right now I’m in the same boat as you guys,” Hester said. “I’m trying to figure out when it’s going to come. It’s a disappointing feeling. I know what I’m capable of.”

What the Bears need to know is that Hester is capable of making catches dependably when the ball is thrown his way.

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  1. Here’s a clue Hester maybe if you learned how to run a correct route and actually CAUGHT the ball when Cutler gets it to you, you might actually get more balls your way. Until you prove you’re more than just a lightning fast punt returner with no hands whatsoever, shut it!

  2. It’s hard to take his complaints seriously when we have all seen how mediocre he has been as a receiver over the years.

    However, I think the Bears could be more creative in getting him the ball in space (ala Harvin/McCluster/Cobb). Maybe line him up in the backfield on a regular basis.

    Not a Bears fan, but as a football fan I love watching Hester with the rock in his hands. Find a way.

  3. No problem, Devin. Just learn to do these two things. Preferably on the same play.

    Step 1: Run good route.
    Step 2: Don’t drop pass.

    Good luck with that.

  4. Do what larry fitzgerald does, aggressively grab and manhandled the football as it is entering your hards and you might see some more throws your way. Cutler is not trying to see if he can bounce the ball off your palms.

  5. Ask Steve Smith and Santana Moss how they did it. They seemed to make the transition from return guy to WR just fine.

  6. All the skill player in the world doesn’t matter if the Offensive line can’t block and player’s dont play their role

  7. “It’s hard being one of the top electrifying players in the league”


    This is 2012, not 2007 or 2008. You’re not one of the most electrifying players anymore.

  8. Why are these articles even newsworthy? ALL players want the ball more.

    Stop writing these, and only tell us when someone says “I don’t want the ball more” and it’s actually newsworthy.

  9. It’s simply the Peter Principle.

    We rise to the level of our incompetence.

    He is risen.

  10. PR, KR and… should be a backup CB. As a WR he has been pretty bad over the years. His routes are not crisp and he lacks hands/concentration when the ball is thrown his way. He is not dependable so he won’t get thrown to as much, and that gets worse with every drop. Now he is running his mouth. He has too high of an opinion of himself. He is arguably the greatest return guy in NFL history. That has not translated into a good WR. The two are separate but his ego thinks they are the same. The only reason he sees the field as a WR is because coaches and fans see the potential for big plays (based solely on speed/return ability) and they keep hoping he makes a play and they keep getting disappointed. He needs to shut up and make plays when he can.

  11. He’s not a true wideout, as has been pointed out. If he were on a Carolina, Miami, Philly, or Washington style team that can do more option plays, I feel he’d work better. He wouldn’t have his primary job as a receiver, and could be moved around more. Hell, send him to New England, The Hood will play him both ways, and on kick returns.

  12. The Bears are slowly phasing Devin Hester out ( although he sure isn’t helping his own cause). They realize the potential they have in Alshon Jeffrey. Also if Johnny Knox can come back healthy next season and still play the way he did before then that would be great. Knox’s speed is unbelievable we could probably put him as #2 or in the slot.

  13. Cutler should go to Jeffery more A LOT MORE!! Hester needs to catch the ball when he has the chance. Lovie has Jeffery coming off the bench AN HE SHOULD BE STARTING before Hester. The Bears need Touch downs an better field position from Hester on kicks an punts. To beat Dallas the O- line.. TE’s.. RB’s needs to keep Cutler on his feet. Use chip blocks ..double teams.. Chop blocks.. Holding .. an pistols if nessasary but give the man time

  14. Chicago has one of the most physical receivers in the league in Marshall (as well as another big kid in Jeffery), but Tice can’t throw in 4 or 5 WR screens to Hester with Marshall and/or Jeffery out front blocking? Seriously?

    There’s no excuse for that type of incompetence, especially considering it would open up the big play deep as defenders start to cheat or bite in on it. Plus it’s another aspect a DC has to spend time preparing for.

    How do you have 2 major playmakers with the ball in their hands, Marshall & Hester, and not treat the passing game like an extension of the run by throwing a handful of quick passes to them per game?

  15. The guy is a pure return specialist, he was a return specialist in college, and in the NFL. Taking away his time from returning in hopes to convert him into a WR over the last couple of years was a mistake on Chicago’s part. Continuing to hope that he would become a viable WR is beyond me. He looks out of place out there, his routes aren’t crisp, he has the attention span of a squirrel and loses track of the play, and he lacks body fluidity of a WR. He doesn’t look the part, and he’s not playing the part.
    Guys like Steve Smith and Santana Moss were actually WRs in college. Hester was a specialist player on offense and defense in college, where they sneak him in for a play or two, but never did anything worthnoting outside of being a return man in college. Why should it be a shock that he’s not WR material in the NFL? Chicago seemingly ruined the NFL’s best return man the last 2 years.

  16. “Guilty conscience” Florio? Really? The game I saw had Seattle pretty much manhandling one of the best offenses in the league. The Seahawks kept it close enough for the blown “Hail Mary” call to matter. Don’t look for much guilt. May in fact pitch a shutout against a Rams offense not comparable to Packers.

  17. People in hell want ice water!! Catch the ball when its thrown to you. Hester needs to come off the bench an Chicago needs to start Jeffery… Hes bigger an can catch better than Hester. Bring in Hester against a corner that you can see is tired an let him go deep.. Hester is too fast for most CB’s anyway so catch them slipping.

  18. Hester’s comments seem to indicate he his thoughts are only about Devin Hester and not about the Chicago Bears. I’m not a big fan of those sorts of guys.

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