Hakeem Nicks won’t travel with Giants to Philly

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The Giants have proven they can win playing “next man up,” and they’re going to have to for another week.

The team announced that wide receiver Hakeem Nicks was downgraded to out and would not travel with the team to Philadelphia, according to Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger.

Foot and knee problems cost him last week’s game at Carolina, and Ramses Barden stepped in nicely in his place.

But Nicks had 14 catches for 237 yards in his first two games, and at some point, the Giants will need him back.

The Giants will also be without tackle David Diehl, linebacker Keith Rivers, and cornerback Jayron Hosley.

19 responses to “Hakeem Nicks won’t travel with Giants to Philly

  1. I believe in Jerry Reese, and the depth of the Giants’ bench.

    Glad Eagles are favored by Vegas- most of the action on Giants; point spread is just to entice Philly fans to gamble away their money and keep alive the illusion that this is even gonna be close.

    G-men clobber this dysfunctional Eagles team. The end is near for Reid & Vick’s fools gold.

  2. Philadelphia has the Giants # year in and year out. Take a look at their record against Philly the past 10 years, its about 85% of the time Philly beats them down physically and with the wins. Common sense says money goes to Philly winning.

  3. I’m a Giants fan, but I’m realistic…Philly’s had their number for a few years now. No matter how much it seemed like the Giants should win, Philly seems to make it happen. Last year with Vince Young starting, Giants were a LOCK at home…what happened?

    Would be nice to have all weapons at Eli’s disposal, but it’s not happening this time around. No excuses, because Philly has some key players out too. “Next Man Up” for both teams.

  4. It does not matter what Philly’s record against the Giants is the past 5 or 10 years, who gives a S**t what matters at the end of the day is NY has 4 SB’s To Philly’s 0.

  5. There was a time not that long ago the giants beat the eagles 8 straight times,it goes in spurts..also the giants may have stopped the bleeding by smacking them around in there own stadium last year..let’s hope we’re the team that ends Vicks miserable season,bring in hoying,oops I’m mean foles

  6. Well actually head to head is relevant because they are playing each other. So the Giants SB’s mean nothing in regards to this game or Nicks being out.

    And yes, they stopped the bleeding for about a month until Vince Young embarrassed them


    How typical of a new yawk name too. Lets hope the eagles end Mannning, bring in Dave Brown oops I’m mean David Carr.

  7. Hilarious, a cowboy fan popping off about the Giants or the Eagles. Giants beat Cowboys twice last year, and Philly beat that arse like a rented mule, twice! I hate Philly, but at least they’ve been Relevant. The worry about the Bears embarrassing you on Monday Night. The most entertaining thing about your squad is your pizza rapping owner. What a joke..

  8. Hakeem Who? The Eagles cut Chaz Henry and brought in Matt McBriar this week. Nuff said. Eagles win big. Suck it Giants fans!

  9. Tomorrow night the people of Philly get the honor to witness greatness they get to see the NFL Super Bowl Champions play at the Stink.

    Enjoy it Philly its the closest you will ever get to greatness at the Stink

    Eli is one of the toughest QB’s in the game you hit him he gets up and throws a TD you hit china doll vick and he sits down for 4 weeks.

    The only position that the Egirls are stronger at is RB and Andy does not run the ball so that takes that off the table.

  10. @njkid, if the only thing that matters is the Superbowl then why are you here? Just go back into your hole until February and let those of us who actually have some common sense enjoy the rest of the season.

  11. Neither side really has any right to say anything. the Giants haven’t had Philly’s number much at all these past few years but Philly hasn’t been playing anywhere close to their potential.

    This game is as much of a pick em as I’ve seen in recent years. Totally depends on which version of these teams shows up. If they protect Vick and he limits mistakes Eagles will roll. If JPP and the gang can rattle Vick and force mistakes, G-Men will stomp them out easily.

    It’s anybodies guess which outcome becomes reality.

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