Korey Hall walks away from the Cardinals, retires from the NFL

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On Tuesday, free agent fullback Korey Hall signed with the Cardinals. After a couple of practices in Arizona, Hall decided he doesn’t want to be a professional football player anymore.

The 29-year-old Hall, who was a star linebacker at Boise State before moving to fullback in the NFL, told the Idaho Statesman that the wear and tear on his body is more than he can handle anymore.

“I reached a point in my career where my body wasn’t holding up and I couldn’t play the game the way I wanted to,” Hall said. “It was a good run full of great experiences and I have no regrets.”

A sixth-round draft pick of the Packers in 2007, Hall played four seasons in Green Bay and earned a Super Bowl ring after the 2010 season. He played last year with the Saints.

7 responses to “Korey Hall walks away from the Cardinals, retires from the NFL

  1. Young guy played all out as a lb at bsu almost every snap his college career. sad to see his career end this early, better to know when to call it quits, and still be able to walk.

  2. Good luck to you Korey! As a Cards fan I was looking forward to having you join our roster. It takes a big man to walk away from the game and keep his priorities in line. All the money in the NFL won’t buy back your health and retirement is best enjoyed when you are healthy enough to still enjoy it.

  3. I always wonder if these guys can wait a year, workout and diet really well, and then come back, if they can get a few more years of playing time? Like the stress of the games is the problem with keeping them going.

  4. I may envy this guy more than any other NFL player. Lived a dream. Earned a Super Bowl ring. Still very young and has a full life ahead of him.

    Best of luck to you Korey. I wish you success in your second career.

  5. I think a lot of vets are really concerned about concussions and what their quality of life will be when they are older. Korey has a ring. Doesn’t get much better than that.

  6. He probably could have squeezed out another year or two, collecting a paycheck all the while. Instead, he listened to his body and his mind and did the right thing for the team and, most importantly, for himself.

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