NFL VP Ray Anderson says (hopes) Packers loss won’t matter


Last Monday’s Seahawks-Packers result sparked the end of the league’s lockout of its officials.

Now they can only hope it doesn’t spark a riot.

Asked if he feared the Packers losing a game they shouldn’t will impact the playoffs, NFL executive vice president of operations Ray Anderson chose to whistle right on past that particular graveyard.

We are not overly concerned,” Anderson said, via Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune. “That was the third week of the season. We have 13 more weeks to go. There are a lot of things that impact how teams do overall, including their own performances. We will let that natural laws of the NFL take care of themselves and we’ll see where we are at the end of the year.

“We hope the whole thing is behind us now because we played with the regular officials on Thursday night and did a good job. Part of our message to this group was we are delighted to have them back and we’re excited about this weekend’s slate of games so we can get back to pure football.”

Translated, that means: “Please, please, please, pretty please don’t let that game be the difference in a playoff berth.”

All the league can do at this point is hope. They gambled that replacement officials wouldn’t have a material impact on the standings. They lost.

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  1. If we’re going to make that play (media right)? Then make the entire game (media right). Packers only TD drive was continued on a bs pass interference. Packers punt from the 50 yard line Seahawks still win. Eat a Dik

  2. Or the “greatest quarterback alive” could have scored more points to avoid a bad call or bounce changing the outcome of the game. Because that’s never happened before.

  3. This season will have an asterisk on it. Pretty much every team had reason to complain about the replacement refs. The bad calls and no calls changed the outcomes of virtually every game.

  4. The way the Packers players and their fans acted after a legit loss was very embarrassing.

    To every parent that wants to teach their children about poor sportsmanship, and being a sore loser…….just refer to the two above sad groups

  5. My invitation to the pity party must have gotten lost in the mail because I’m not feeling it. There were 59 minutes and 52 seconds in that game where the Packers could have and should have done more to “deserve” to win that game. Try scoring more than 12 points. Don’t let your QB get sacked 8 times in the first half. Don’t commit 10 penalties. If you leave it in the hands of the officials you “deserve” whatever you get. 16 games, 60 minutes each; if 8 seconds keeps the Packers out of the playoffs they don’t deserve to be there anyway.

  6. The fact is, bad calls have been a part of the game since pro football began. Obviously this one was magnified because of the intense scrutiny of the replacement refs and being on national TV.. But he’s right, there is 13 games left and the Pack controls their own destiny. I hope my Seahawks meet up with them in the playoffs!

  7. Christ Packers fans get over it! New England got robbed by the refs you don’t see them whining. A couple of other teams were shafted by the refs but they’re not whining. If you’re as good as you supposedly say you are maybe you could’ve prevented Rodgers from getting sacked 8 times. Oh yeah putting up more than 12 points would have made this whole thing irrelevant. Oh and BTW now that the real refs are back the packers will get back to getting they’re favorable calls just like the Steelers, Patriots and Cowboys will soon find out.

  8. Yeah and what excuse will the poor losers in Green Bay think up if these two teams meet in the playoffs?

    Because you know Russell Wilson is just going to get better each week, while our defense will continue to improve as well.

    And then that playoff game won’t be nearly as close. Seahawks, or any other NFC West team, will stomp the Packers in the playoffs easily. That team has no will and no character, they play soft and cry like babies when they lose.

  9. what about that no call pass interference in the final seconds of the giants 49ers game back in (02-03?)… that was the divisional round of the playoffs and cost Jim fassel his job as a head coach… all the nfl did was apologize in 2010 for not redoing the play on a double penalty…. and those were the all mighty regular refs as well

  10. @ aegis and Kathy

    I think you are misunderstanding the game. Those crucial 8 seconds weren’t in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 14:52 seconds of the 4th. It was the FINAL play of the game. The Pack, while playing terribly, did do enough to win the game. It was blow call on the FINAL play of the game that caused the loss. Sure they could have played better but they DID play well enough to win and it was stolen by the replacement ref.

  11. Just a thought……..
    If the Ref says it was a catch…….and after reviewing the play, still rules it a catch………….and the next day the leagues regular and permanent employees review the play and STILL rule it a catch………
    Then maybe, just maybe, it WAS A CATCH.

    The league knows the rules better that Fat Joe on the sofa.

    What is even more sad than the Packers and their fans inability to show class in defeat, was the media that helped fuel the lack of class by acting like they knew the rules better than the league

  12. Packer fan here & I agree wholeheartedly that the Pack should have not put themselves in a position to where that call cost them the game.
    However, if you are a Seahawk fan & feel good about that win then you are delusional, much like your coach.

  13. I love the ‘Packers should of done more and should have scored more points to deserve to win the game’ comments. With that mind set, what did Seattle do to win the game? They didn’t score many points either (one td in fact). This is the nfl, your going to have bad games, and packers had a terrible first half. But they adjusted and actually played a great second half. They did deserve to win the game. How many close games did the Packers have their superbowl year? Alot. To say they didn’t deserve to win is bs.

  14. The Packers are playing terrible offensive football right now and still were in position to win this game in a hostile environment on MNF. If Seahawks fans want to pound their chest like they are a dominant team go for it. I think this will be much like 2009 Packers team that started 4-4 because of a struggling offense than got on a roll til they were beat in Arizona 1st round overtime game.

    Not sure the Packers are a SB team this year but I still think they are the best team in the NFC North and I know they are a better team overall than the Seahawks. That games at Lambeau and its not close even with the Packers offense playing like garbage right now.

  15. The Facts? There were blown calls by the refs for BOTH teams that led to the score being the way it was.

    Was there a phantom PI on the Seahawks that “gave” the packers a TD? Perhaps, but there were phantom PI calls on the Packers that gave the Seahawks points. It’s not like it was blatantly Packers bias the whole game and then on the last play it changed.

    Also, if 90% of the world thinks it wasn’t a catch, and 100% of the world says it should have been PI on tate, the wrong call was made.

    I’m not crying. I think this actually a blessing for the Packers. The Packers will end up 13-3 or 12-4, win the division (easily) and the Seahawks will end up 3rd in their own division and won’t make the playoffs.

    The end.

  16. packfan1 they had the ball with less than 2 minutes remaining and went 3 and out. Get a first down and it’s over and THEN they earned the win. But because they failed they left it in the hands of the officials. They didn’t deserve to win; neither did the Hawks. It is what it is.

  17. PS… Kathy, your team must be a perennial loser. Only losers complain about “sportsmanship.”

    My guess? Vikings fan.

    Vikings fans are the scum of the flippin’ earth.

  18. Yup. Its the Packers players and fans writing all of the articles about this game. All the talking heads media, other players other than the Seahaks, and all the non packer hating general public are all wrong. If you still think it was a touchdown you’re just not that intelligent. There’s a reason the NFL scrambled to get a deal done. They know they screwed a team over.
    Can’t wait til this weeks games are played and we forget about this week….. until this one game swing matters

  19. I see a lot of fans of other teams telling Packer fans to stop crying, we have! Sure, the Pack were projected to score more points against Seattle, but the Packers did enough to win in a hostile Qwest Field. The greatest team and greatest fanbase in the world will come together. This can definitely be a positive moving forward that Green Bay will be given nothing. Earn it and go get it!

  20. Until the Packers begin to demonstrate how good “they really are,” I can’t feel sorry for them losing at Seattle. With the team they have, it shouldn’t have been close. Step up and do it soon. By the way, I’m a Green Bay season ticket holder.

  21. Uh, the Packers fans are over it.

    The only people I see who keep bringing it up are Seahawks fans who keep trying to legitimize their team’s win (to no avail).

    And you want to talk about team class? McCarthy handled the situation much better than Carroll who continued to lie to the media about it.

    Try all you want to reinterpret the rule book, but the play will always be correctly known as the FAIL MARY and one of the lowest points in NFL history.

  22. Chargers missed the playoffs due to Ed Hochulis screw up a few years back – who cares… The Packers played horribly and deserved to lose

  23. Seahawks played worse than the Packers did. They had less than 150yds in total offense until the last drive where they gained 35+ yds off a offensive a pass interference call that they called on Shields (JOKE) and 6 points from a INT (BIGGER JOKE). The Seahawks should have done more in the 59 mins 42 seconds in that game to win you tools. Just cause the refs gave them the win didn’t mean they won the game. There is a reason there is 60 mins in a game not 59 mins 42 seconds. Now go hug your Golden Taint that praises God then tells the world that catching a DB that intercepted a pass equals a catch for a TD.

  24. The Packers DID NOT do enough to win that game. They were gifted 9 points by the same refs they now blame for the loss. Even if the final play was the wrong call (and it wasn’t), the SEAHAWKS deserved to win that game.

    It will be interesteing to see how bad the refs pick on the Seahawks the rest of the season. I expect they won’t get a call the rest of the year.

  25. kattykathy says:
    Sep 29, 2012 1:48 PM
    The way the Packers players and their fans acted after a legit loss was very embarrassing.

    To every parent that wants to teach their children about poor sportsmanship, and being a sore loser…….just refer to the two above sad groups

    Get over yourself….

    Poor Sportsmanship is the way Pete Carroll handled himself after being handed a win and celebrating like the DB he is after the call standed.

    If the GB players were that bad of sportsmanship that you describe em to be, they would have stayed in the locker room and not come out for the PAT.

    You obviously have no clue it is like to play organized sports

    never mind…i’m talking to someone with the word Katty in their screen name

  26. ” Just cause the refs gave them the win didn’t mean they won the game.”

    Right. The final score means they won the game.

  27. I wish Steve Sabol was still alive. The “Tuck Rule”, “Immaculate Reception”, and the “Music City Miracle” each got their own shows. I would love to watch NFL Films actually break this down instead of hack bloggers, arm chair quarterbacks, and has beens on ESPN.

  28. Aegiswolf. Seahawks didn’t have a first down in second half until 8 mins left in 4th wtf..and that was on a gimme roughing passer call on third down when packers intercepted it (works been game over). And then a phantom PI call where it would have been 3rd and 25 after that. This is all before the final play/interception. They played a great second half, everyone in America except seahawk fans and haters knows packers won that game, and deserved to.

  29. for all of you using the logic of the nfl said it was a good call, think about it. how many times in the past has the “nfl” agreed with a bad call just so they would have to say the ref blew it? megatrons non catch come to mind but there are hundreds more. and then we had pierra(sp) tell us bs logic on how it was right. this call could not be called wrong for a couple of reasons. one is the nfl would have had to admit the rep refs were a mistake. the other is if the replay official had reversed the call, there would have been a riot. think about it, a full stadium estactic over an called winning td on minute, losing the game the next. not good for anyone

  30. OH NO!!! the packers lost lets all sit around a cry ogver it wahhh. get over it already btw not a fan of either

  31. This game could keep the Packers out of the playoff and put THE GREAT DETROIT LIONS in.
    It could be for home field,what about draft order we should think one game could have a larger effect later on in the year.

  32. God, I’m so sick of this story. Not only is there an argument to be made that it was the correct call, but even if you think it was not the Packers are certainly not the first team to lose a game they “should” have won because of debatable officiating. With 13 games left in the season the Packers have only themselves to blame if they don’t win enough games to make the playoffs. I’ve always liked the Packers as a team and respected their fans, but if there’s any wailing and gnashing of teeth at the end of the season if the Pack miss the playoffs by 1 game they will instantly become my least favorite team/fans ever.

  33. @kattykathy

    Yes you moron it was a catch and Jennings caught.

    And for the rest of you talking about BS calls. The other two huge ones were the pass interference call on Shileds which should have been on rice and the roughing the passer call on Wladen which if not called would have ended the game.

    I’m over but tired of the incredibly stupid comments.

    On to the New Orleans game and getting back on track. Offense needs to improve Defense is looking much better than expected.

  34. Ray Anderson already realizes that the “natural laws of the NFL” have already been violated with the scandal in Seattle.

    After whistling in the minefield next to the graveyard on the league’s decision to have substandard officials in charge of their games, perhaps the NFL ought to have a better strategy for entering minefields than producing shrill sounds and crossing fingers.

    Perhaps the best thing the 31 owners could do is hire a commissioner who has worked his way of in the NFL with a team (like Pete Rozelle and Bert Bell) instead of hiring the NFL’s lawyer (Tagliabue) or some league office employee (the current commissioner).

    The skill lacking in the last two is a commissioner who has been answerable to fans as well as owners.

  35. Can we please STOP with the whining and worrying about the poor Packers and their game with Seahawks. There have been countless teams that lost a game because of a bad call ….what makes this any different??? Perhaps because it’s the first time the Packers have ever lost a game like this…….join the rest of the league GB. We know the Packers get all kinds of special treatment from the league (excessive celebrations after a TD like jumping into the stands which no other team can do without a penalty, having the ability to print ten’s of millions of dollars worth of funny money which no other team can do, etc. etc.). If the Packers want to be treated like the “big boys”, maybe they should start playing on the same level field as te other 31 teams.

  36. Instead of the Seahawk people saying there was only a blown call against them too, perhaps some honestly would would remind them that the Packers had TWO game ending INT’s taken from them and the Seahawks had one huge bogus pass interference call call favor them to get on the Packers end of the field late in the game.

    If not for multiple blown calls by the officials, the Packers would have have at least two more scores in their lead at at the end of the game.

    All of those blown calls artificial kept the Seahawks within range.

    That’s what led to the national outrage that convinced the 31 owners to clean up their poor product.

  37. claymatthewshairplugs says: Sep 29, 2012 1:56 PM

    Christ Packers fans get over it! New England got robbed by the refs you don’t see them whining.
    Where have you been hiding Clay? Your boy Brady is the biggest whiner in the NFL, the dude cries foul if he gets a hangnail!

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